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"How to Be Unbeatable in Anything You Do"

Forget the "bubble-wrapped, mamby-pamby" advice about success you're getting from almost everyone today. Listen to someone who's been there and done it. Someone who wasn't any good and made himself into a Champion - and applied the lessons he learned to every area of his life.

Dear Friend,

When I was growing up in a small town in Iowa, I wanted to get good at something. I wanted to stand out, to be admired, to get so good at something that when I walked by people would say, "There's the guy who ..." If you're honest with yourself, I'm sure you can relate. All young people want to excel at something. For some it's sports, for others, music, mathematics, writing or art.

Then... LIFE happens. You have teachers or coaches who tell you that you'll never make it. You have classmates and "friends" who laugh at your desire. You may even experience conflicts inside your own family, with doubting parents or siblings.

And then what happens? In most cases, the young person gives up on his goals and dreams. He begins to doubt himself, to second guess his talents and abilities.

This doubt turns into fear and frustration. And as the years pass by, even though you've acquired news skills, abilities and talents, any time you attempt to tackle something new, the ghosts of fear, doubt, worry and frustration creep into your vision, and the keep you from getting what you want out of life.

"What happened to me?" you may ask yourself. "I used to be a person of confidence and courage. Now I doubt myself at every turn."

Two Different Groups of People

After Robert Fulghum, author of All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, became a best-selling author, he was often asked to speak before two distinctly different groups of people. The first group was kindergartners. The second group was college graduates at their commencement ceremony.

When speaking to the kindergartners, Fulghum would ask questions such as:

How many of you can sing?
How many of you can dance?
How many of you can draw?
How many of you can .... (fill in the blank?)

It didn't really matter the question. Whatever Fulghum asked, eyes filled with belief raised their tiny hands while saying, "I CAN."

Contrast this with the soon-to-be college graduates. When asked the same questions, nary a hand went up. The words "I CAN" were almost non-existent.

When I hear stories like this, I tend to wonder: I thought you went through school to get an education. You just finished 16 or so years of school. When you began you could sing, dance and draw - and now you can't???

The Greatest Motivator

A friend of mine often says that people today are so afraid of failure and defeat that they bubble-wrap themselves to avoid anything and everything that could make them feel bad.

And this bubble-wrapped mentality is being passed on to the youth of today, with dire consequences.

The other day a coach who works with my son asked if he could "ride" him harder.

"Your son has a lot of talent," he said. "Do you mind if I get on him and ride him to become better."

I said: "Coach, that would be great. I understand what it takes to become a champion, and babying someone isn't the way to get the job done."

"Thank you," he said. "You're one of only two parents who will allow me to give their son or daughter the edge they need to make it."

"Really?" I asked. "Are you serious?"

"Absolutely serious," the coach said.

"That's very sad," I replied. "Don't count me in that group. Put us into the group of two who are willing to be pushed. We want to get good. And if being pushed is what it takes, then push."

33 Years Ago

I'll never forget the day, some 33 years ago, when I was told I would never become good, that I would never amount to anything.

These comments were some of the most motivating words ever spoken to me. They forced me to dig deep, to make something of myself. These words challenged me.

I wanted to be a champion. I wanted to be good. And whenever someone told me I wouldn't be, it made me focus even harder to prove him wrong.

Additionally, whether I won or lost, I took inventory of myself. I asked myself how I could have done better. I looked for mistakes to correct. And then I got back to work.

A Mindset That Follows You

This mindset, this way of being, is still with me to this day. I didn't get left on the mats where I competed.

It followed me into the world of business. It followed me onto the Internet. It follows me when I go on stage to speak about success and achievement.

And it follows me, perhaps more so than anywhere else, in the gut-wrenching, edge-of-your-seat story I lay out for you in The Unbeatable Man.

Many who have read virtually everything I have ever written, have said that The Unbeatable Man is my best work ever.

Others who have been given The Unbeatable Man book and CD's from friends, and didn't know anything about me or the sport I wrote about, grabbed the book and were so completely hooked from start to finish, they finished in one sitting.

For example, here's what one baseball coach had to say about it:
"This book should be on the shelf of every winner's library. If you want to propel yourself to metoric levels of success and fulfillment then get The Unbeatable Man right this second. It will catapult you to the top of the medal stand!! One of the best inspirational books ever"

Paul Reddick
The Master of MPH
And here's what an Aussie from Down Under had to say about it:
"Hey Matt,
G'day from Australia. Mate I am PUMPED! I just got my copy of The Unbeatable Man in the post! I have already read the damn thing! It is an inspirational and mind blowing read. The strength of the mind is unquestionable. People MATT FUREY is the truth! Not only IS the book kick ass but the mind vibrations interview and bonuses that come along with it will floor you. As soon as I finished the book I hit a bodyweight workout straight out of combat conditioning! Ha-ha!

Get this book. It IS the business. The Unbeatable Man should be mandatory school reading world wide!

Thanks Matt. You're the man."

Lachlan McIntyre

And if the comments listed above aren't enough proof, he's more:

"Matt Furey's exciting story reads like an adventure novel. He writes with the grace of Ernest Hemingway while his ideas and exciting message floor you like a punch from Jack Dempsey. This book is TOTALLY INSPIRED. It shows how we too can do this... we can be unbeatable like the hero of this book."

Steve Chandler
Author of Fearless

"Matt Furey is a master and a don of self-development in the deepest sense. No one on the planet can teach you better than him how to be truly strong and how not only to acquire the essential discipline to develop yourself to your full potential but to actually enjoy it. This lovingly told, beautifully written account of how he overcame all obstacles to become the great teacher and man he is, will instantly inspire you to make the best of yourself. It's brilliant. Read it."

The Barefoot Doctor
author of The Man Who Drove With His Eyes Closed

"The Unbeatable Man had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. A riveting story of about desire, overcoming obstacles, blocking out the negative and the heartland work ethic. Gives a rare and unique inside look at small town America, including family and parenting. As I read I found myself looking back on my own 'glory days' and to my amazement, I found many similarities in how Furey and I were striving to accomplish the same, even though he wrestled and I played basketball. This book will motivate and inspire you."

Nick Nurse
NBA Coach

"The Unbeatable Man identifies two of life's most valuable lessons:

1.What inspires the soul of the person who dreams of becoming world class (whether or not an athlete)

2.Secrets which underlie a more meaningful life

You'll better understand and be able to emulate the principles that make Matt Furey such a successful human being. The book has taught me much. I highly recommend this well-written and valuable book. It is truly a joy to read."

Ted Nicholas
Author of Magic Words That Bring You Riches

Matt Furey is a man that defies easy description. He has had an amazing, multifaceted life, including being a World Champion athlete as well as a bestselling author.

His writings have long been used all over the world as "study guides" for great copywriting and his rare interviews are eagerly studied by "insiders."

He is one of the rare ones who is generous, gracious and yet completely unafraid to express an unpopular opinion. He will fight for that in which he believes and strongly convince others to do what he knows is right. And they love him for it.

But it is Matt Furey's passion for studying people and life's principles that has permanently raised the level on which he vibrates. And this is never more apparent than in The Unbeatable Man.

The Unbeatable Man is an astonishing opportunity to see a man move from visionary to creator. As you read you will discover how he overcame unbelievable barriers. Sometimes the secret came in learning, other times it required taking a leap of faith.

And with each chapter of The Unbeatable Man, you will discover how YOUR barriers can be overcome; how a road to peace, satisfaction, and success can open before you where only obstacles appeared just moments before.

It is a first-of-its-kind publication with life-changing value for millions of people.

Dr. Trevor Neal
CEO, NaturalPharmacy.com

So Powerful It Should Be Mandatory In All School's Curriculum - Worldwide

"Matt, In the 5 years I have known you, I have been privileged to spend quality, private, one on one mastermind and mentoring sessions with you and I will forever be a student of the 'Furey Method' . . . yet nothing and I mean nothing could have prepared me for the priceless lessons I discovered in The Unbeatable Man.

I devoured all 128 pages with more hunger than a ravenous dog devours a big, juicy steak. Once I started reading your story, I couldn't put your book down. It gripped my attention like super glue. For a few hours, the world stood still.

Never before has any one book inspired me, motivated me, brought tears to my eyes (due to my own childhood memories flashing back) and delivered so many life changing lessons until . . . The Unbeatable Man.

I truly believe your book, should be mandatory in the school curriculum - across the world, as your message will change people's lives and what better place to start than with children.

Your book isn't just for men, it's for women too and anyone who doesn't invest in The Unbeatable Man - is a bloody idiot!

Trevor 'ToeCracker' Crook - Copywriter & International Public Speaker

"Matt Furey's new book, The Unbeatable Man is an absolute must read that is bound to be a best seller. Once I read the first page I was so engaged that I could not put it down. I laughed, I cried, I was entertained, and I was inspired! I have already benefited from this book by deploying Matt's secret of supercharging my goals with emotionally charged vows."

Jim M Anderson
Executive Coach and Entrepreneur
Evergreen, Colorado

I found The Unbeatable Man to be a road map to pursuing goals and dreams with the confidence, desire and focus that lead to victory. Matt Furey, a world champion martial artist and author of several international best sellers, shares his riveting personal story with such emotion, passion and mental images that I felt I was there with him every moment. Hardly able to put this book down from start to finish, I went from smiles to tears and back again throughout the book as Matt intimately described facing each obstacle and challenge, internal and external. This is a profound and thought-provoking story where the end becomes the beginning, and where you discover the true identity of The Unbeatable Man.

This is a must-read for everyone aspiring to meet the challenge to be their best!!

Daniel J. Cardona, M.D.

ABPN Diplomate in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

The Unbeatable Man is a riveting real-life story of how one man's dream, desire and focus beat all the odds against him to become a champion. You don't have to know anything about wrestling or sports to ‘get' this book. As soon as I read the 1st chapter, I was so sucked in by the energy and emotion of the story that I didn't put it down until I had read it from cover to cover. I was on the mat with the referee, in the stands with the fans. And I was INSIDE the mind of a Champion. The life changing nuggets of wisdom Matt reveals in The Unbeatable Man will inspire you and challenge you to go after your own dreams...and never, ever give up.

Carol Brown
Plant City, FL

I finished reading The Unbeatable Man book this morning. Wow! Holy smokes! Where should I begin? It's even better than Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea! This book made me want to workout! Yep. Right now, I feel like training HARD! I'm totally pumped...and I intend to "beat the bag" here in a bit. It's kind of how I felt after I watched the movie Rocky for the first time. The lessons in The Unbeatable Man are timeless. And the central message is applicable to businessmen of all kinds. Athletes of every type. People who have had their tail whipped for any reason and need a high-powered pep talk, teenagers, martial artists, the military, etc. Virtually anyone will benefit from this book. The message is indeed a powerful one and the timing for it is perfect.

Rob Colasanti
"The Ambassador of Martial Arts"

"Matt Furey is the rarest of gurus: one that as I've studied in depth and gotten to know my respect for him continually deepens. I've known him for 5 or 6 years and spent many, many hours with him! I wish there was some way better than just my words to convey to you my years of experience learning from Matt so every cell in your body would know getting this amazing book is a no brainer."

Tom Hanson, Ph.D.
Author, PLAY BIG

The Unbeatable Man
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The Way of Unbeatability!

Everyone, once you get past the defenses, wants to be significant, wants to be loved, admired and respected. Sadly, damn few people in society today ever show you the WAY. But The Unbeatable Man WILL. The Unbeatable Man will show you the way to make yourself UNBEATABLE. He lays out the groundwork for what you can and will become if you follow the same approach he used.

The Unbeatable Man teaches you how to strengthen your spirit, your inner being, to the point where regardless of how many times you've failed or fallen, you can still get back on your feet and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

In The Unbeatable Man you will discover:
• The hidden power of silence and how it can give you unstoppable power to reach out and achieve the impossible!

How to handle critics or anyone else who tells you "it can't be done" or "you'll never make it."

• The right way to fight back if you feel that everything is against you or things aren't going your way.

What to be mentally picturing and imagining about your future in order to move forward with ease!

• The correct response to fear!

The Dan Gable secret - it's something no one teaches, yet it catapults the average and ordinary to greatness incredibly fast!

What to do if bad things ever happen to you!

• How to turn every disadvantage into an advantage, every negative into a positive!

Plus much, much more all laid out for you in the form of a parable that makes the information STICK!

Transform Yourself NOW!

The Unbeatable Man will help you transcend and transform yourself. He may help you become larger than life. Most importantly, he will help you get up after every mistake, every set-back, every knockdown until you've become virtually UNBEATABLE.

If you don't want this for yourself, then get it for your son or daughter, your niece or nephew, or a friend in junior high, high school or college who wants to be somebody but is continually tempted to give up his or her dreams in order to fit in and be liked.

Giving up who you are to be liked leads to emptiness. Sticking to your guns leads to feelings of personal power and invincibility.

That's why so many high-achievers have such high praise for The Unbeatable Man. They understand better than anyone how the principles in this book give you an edge over anyone and everyone.

Better Your Best

Praise for The Unbeatable Man has poured in from the day the book first launched. Best-selling author, Dan Kennedy, who seldom lends praise to anything, said, "It's TERRIFIC."

Steve Chandler, best-selling author of FEARLESS, wrote: "This book is TOTALLY INSPIRED."

But the comments I love most are from people like Ron, who told me his son, who won't read anything, grabbed a copy of The Unbeatable Man and read it from cover to cover. He couldn't put it down.

Place your order for The Unbeatable Man today and I'll send you a FREE copy of The Power of Thought Vibration, a riveting CD with a $49 value that you'll listen to again and again for ideas, inspiration and intestinal fortitude.

I look forward to hearing about how The Unbeatable Man and the FREE CD changed your life.


Matt Furey signature
Matt Furey

P.S. The most motivating, captivating and inspiring stories of all times, are usually those of young athletes who defied the odds. Everyone loves a WINNER! The Unbeatable Man is more than a book about winning, though. It shows you the way to the indomitable spirit that lies within you. Order NOW and keep me posted on your progress.

The Unbeatable Man
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