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Giving Thanks

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

We’re quickly approaching Thanksgiving Day – that time of year in which, via a national holiday, we’re reminded of the value of gratitude.

But what about The Power of Gratitude – The Power of Giving Thanks. Not just on Thanksgiving – but

every day of our lives.

Recently I was listening to a conversation between two American women. One was telling the other about doing a Gratitude visualization or meditation each day.

“I have a friend back home who has been doing this every night for the past few weeks,” she said. “And the positive things coming her way are nothing short of miraculous.”

I don’t doubt this woman’s story for a single moment.

When you express gratitude for what you have – and really, really mean it, the energy from this helps to increase the flow of good into your life. Nature favorably responds to those who recall, remember and re-celebrate the good things in life.

There are always more good things than you can imagine – but most people rarely give any thought to what is working, what is good and what worked in the past.

If you want to get yourself into a truly positive frame of mind, sit in a chair and mentally picture everything in your life that you are truly grateful for.

Your body.

Your health.

Your friends and/or family.

Your home.

Your clothes.

Your food.

Your water.

Your transportation.

Your library.

And so on.

If you really take some time to honestly evaluate all the good out there and in there – it’s not possible for this exercise to last less than 15 minutes.

I am reminded of the young lady, Teresa, whom I trained many years ago when I had a personal training studio in California.

Teresa was a knockout. A perfect 10 by most peoples’ standards. Long blonde hair, stunning blue eyes, long slender legs – and so on.

Yet, she didn’t see anything good about how she looked. When I asked her what she was thankful for about her body and looks, she immediately began attacking herself with her index finger.

“I have this mole on my face. And I have this spot on my neck. And my skin is too dry. And my hair doesn’t set right – and I’m just getting warmed up here,” she said. “I can go on and on. Are you sure you want me to continue.”

“You’ve had a lot of practice with this fault finding, haven’t you,” I said. “And do you realize you have not answered my question. I asked what you were thankful for – not your long list of flaws and faults.”

“Well I cannot give you anything on that list,” she said.

“Really,” I said. “Well, let me get clarity on this. Do you like your legs.”

“No, I hate my legs.”

“So you’d rather have them amputated. You’d rather go without.”

“NO,” I wouldn’t want that.

“Okay, so you are somewhat grateful for your legs then.”


“Alright, how about your arms.”

“Oh gawd, I hate my arms.”

“So you want them removed, too,” I said.


“You mean you want to keep them. Well, if that’s the case, you must be glad to have them.”

“And how about the skin on your face – should I have that removed for you as well.”

“That would be scary.”

“Okay, so you want to keep your face, moles and all,” I said.


“And what about that hair. Why don’t we shave it all off,” I smiled.

“No way. I wouldn’t want to be bald.”

“Oh, so you do like your hair.”

“Compared to being bald, yes.”

“I’m the exact opposite,” I said. “I’m so grateful I lost part of my hair that I removed what was left. Not only that, I really, really like my cauliflower ears. They’re big and gnarly, but man they are cool. I consider them a trademark for a job well done.”

She began to laugh.

By the time we finished Teresa had a much deeper appreciation of her body than any other time in her life.

But that was only one day of gratitude. It wasn’t yet a habit. If she reviewed the list each day for a month, it would take hold of her and improve her life in seen and unseen ways.

You may not think this is so. You may think what I’m saying is some sort of mystical or esoteric teaching. If you think such a thing, you may be surprised to discover that the above is a very basic and fundamental truth. But you cannot and will not discover it unless you apply it.

Start your gratitude visualization today. Carry it out again during Thanksgiving – and afterward. Give yourself 30 days – minimum – and if you don’t notice any improvement – then delete this email – which was sent to you at no charge.

That’s it for today’s tip – which I’m giving to you in a state of gratitude to thank you for being on this earthly journey with me.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Matt Furey

Why I Don’t Get Flu Shots

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

I’ve gotten one flu shot in my life. Just one. Twas during my freshman year at the University of Iowa.

Two weeks later I got sick. Guess what the sickness was.

If you guessed “the flu” – you’d be right.

That was all I needed to know when it came time to make a new decision the next time flu shots were being given.

Each year I talk to people who get flu shots – and they still get the flu.

Maybe you swear by them. Maybe they work for you.

But then again, maybe you wouldn’t get the flu anyway, especially if you include a few powerful foods in your diet – on a daily basis – year round.

In the November issue of the Matt Furey Inner Circle newsletter, now posted on the member’s site – and going out by mail, along with your monthly DVD – you can read about the six Superfoods I recommend during the so-called cold and flu season – which seems to get longer and longer each year.

There are no guarantees in life regarding sickness, but I can tell you, when I include all six of these Superfoods in my diet – anything unhealthy in your system gets zapped pretty doggone fast.

You may feel a slight tickle in your throat. Tomorrow it may be in your chest. But if you have a zapper ready to blast the junk into nothingness – you need not be afraid. You simply eat from the list of Superfoods I recommend and chances are very, very high that you’ll wake up the next day feeling a lot, lot better.

In fact, in many cases, you’ll feel better instantly.

I know this to be true because I had that slight throat tickle a few weeks ago. After a flight to another city, an abrupt weather change and sleeping in a hotel room that probably hadn’t had its windows opened in decades, I woke up feeling a bit off.

But then I zapped that feeling with a powerful food – not the same as a vitamin supplement – and I felt

instantaneous relief.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to do the same thing. It’s not hard. Just a few simple basic foods, one of which comes from China originally, that are the best flu shot you can get – in my opinion.

Make sure you get your copy of this newsletter today. All you’ve got to do is agree to a test-drive of the Matt Furey Inner Circle and you can access the information.

Along with this info you will also get a copy of my international best-seller, Combat Conditioning – absolutely fuuu-reee.

Go to here and begin your anti-flu and cold season program NOW.


Matt Furey

Golf Lessons With My Neighbor

Friday, November 21st, 2008

The wave of support for my neighbor, Harrison Kowiak, and his family, has been HUGE. I wholeheartedly thank you and so does the family. They are already acting upon the tremendous outpouring of information sent in by so many of the Furey Faithful.

As you know I don’t regularly use my email messages for subjects like this – but I do feel that at times you need to stop whatever you are doing and show support for other causes – other than business. And being that I knew the young man personally and spent many precious moments with him, there is no way I can stay mum or not do every thing I can to be of assistance to the family.

When I got up yesterday I received a text message from the Harrison’s father, asking to speak to me live. This is NOT a privilege granted to many people – but I immediately replied and said I would call him after 10 PM EST.

Before making the call I wondered what I could say or do to be of help. What can you really say to console a father and mother who just lost their son. Words can help, no doubt, but when the pain is deep, sometimes they only get in the way.

Ultimately I chose to recall how Harrison listened so attentively when I spoke about success in sports – even in golf – something I am not an expert on. He not only listened to me – but he trusted and believed in what I said. And he took immediate action to correct the mental mistakes he was making – replacing them with powerful new mental pictures of what he wanted.

The turnaround in his game was so dramatic that he wanted to give me the credit. I passed it back to him. He did it – not me.

This was a bit unsettling, so he encouraged me to take up golf with him. I expressed an interest, saying, “I’ve often thought that I would begin learning to golf after the age of 40.”

The next day Harrison, my wife and my son, drove to a Golf Pro store in Tampa. I spent a couple hours looking at clubs and whacking the ball. Harrison encouraged me after the first few whacks – saying, “You’re a natural.”

“I don’t think so,” I said. “There’s much to learn.”

After my first lesson, my wife stepped in and said, “When are you going to have time for this. I know you want to play golf – but you’re already committed to so many things. And you don’t do anything half-way. When are you going to do this.”

I looked at her and said, “If I want to do it, I’ll make time.”

Then I thought about it a bit more, turned to Harrison and said, “I think she’s right. I don’t know when I’d be able to practice. I know my nature. If I start on this it won’t just be a leisurely activity. It’ll be totally insane commitment.”

“I can practice with you each day,” said Harrison.

“I know you can. It sounds and looks like a good idea – but let me take more time to consider all the details.”

We left the golf store that afternoon. Harrison was a bit disappointed – but he got over it fast.

On another occasion he dropped by our home in the after noon. He’d been following the exercises in my book, Combat Conditioning and his father encouraged him to get further instruction.

When I opened the door Harrison said one thing, “I’d like you to train me.”

I looked into his eyes for a long time without saying a word.

He stood motionless.

At first.

Then he began shaking with a bit of nervousness.

“Come in,” I said.

We sat on the couch. “If you want to train with me you’ve got to be prepared to eat bitter,” I said.

Harrison nodded.

I took him outside and gave him a workout that kicked his butt. He was still sore three days later.

A few weeks before he left for college he sat with his father in one of my MasterMind meetings. He took copious notes, came up to me on the break and said, “This is awesome. I can’t thank you enough for what you’re teaching. He handed me a book as a gift and wrote a note inside thanking me for what I had taught him BEFORE the seminar.”

I nodded.

At the end of the event Harrison told me how he was going to have his own website soon, and he started telling me all the entrepreneurial ideas spinning in his head.

“You’re a natural,” I said.

“Not yet,” he replied. “We’ll see.”

“Aaah, you listen,” I said. “Very nice. Very nice indeed.”

I will miss seeing Harrison on the physical plane – but as I have often advised to those who’ve lost loved ones – he is still hear – and he’d like you to talk to him.

I spent time talking to him last night – and all I could say were three words. I repeated them over and over. They’re the three most powerful words anyone can ever say to you – or anyone.

I’m betting you can guess what they were.

Whether said silently or out loud – they create more of what we want in this world.

Keep this in mind next time you see your wife, husband, son, daughter, father, mother or friend. Keep it in mind after the last time you see them.



My 19-Year Old Neighbor Killed

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Yesterday morning I got up and began to mentally prepare for a teleseminar with my Psycho-Cyb

coaching group.

Before doing so I checked for last minute emails from the office, to see if there is anything pressing I need to cover.

While checking my inbox I saw an email from my next door neighbor, Brian. In the subject line he wrote his son’s name: Harrison Kowiak.

That’s strange, I thought. Wonder what this is.

Then I began read:


Unfortunately, Harrison passed away yesterday at age 19. The cause of death was brain tissue damage

due to swelling caused by a ruptured artery. We were initially told that he suffered head trauma from a fall on frozen turf. I am having an autopsy performed to see if it was an arteral annurism and not head trauma because I’m not sure if a simple fall would cause so much internal brain damage.

He is an organ donor and they already placed 8 of his organs. He is in the hands of God now.


I began crying my eyes out. Oh no, not Harrison. He was the pride and joy of the neighborhood.

I called my wife. She began to sob. I called Caroll in fulfillment who knows the boy as well. She had the

same immediate reaction.

Although I’m in China, I tried to call Brian but the line was busy. I sent him and email. What can I do to help.

Anything. Just tell me.

Harrison was a kid that nobody had anything bad to say. He was someone that was loved by virtually everyone. Always had a smile. Always helpful. A great student. A super athlete. And a truly genuine human being.

A few years ago he was struggling with his golf game. His parents asked me to help him with the mental aspect. I spent time with him, teaching him how to visualize success – and he immediately started to win in competition after competition.

He dropped by my house after winning a big trophy in a regional tournament. He was so proud. He wanted to thank me for the help I gave him. I told him that he is the one who gets the credit. Not me. I only give advice. Anyone can reject good advice – and most do. He didn’t.

Harrison was in his second year of college at North Carolina College. He had a bright, splendid future ahead of him. And now it’s been taken from him.

When I first read Brian’s email I felt there was much more to the story. Tonight I finally spoke to him and he requested that I let out the word that he and his wife are looking for legal counsel on this matter. Word is Harrison’s death is connected to a “hazing” – which is illegal in the state of North Carolina.

According to Brian the initial story they were told has been changed a number of times already.

I told Brian I would do whatever I could to help – and if any of you out there can offer advice on who the family should contact for legal advice, please let me know so I can pass this information along to him.

God bless Harrison.

Matt Furey

Who’s Got Your Back

Friday, November 14th, 2008

So you want to drop some pounds, get healthier, eat better and improve yourself through and through. You want to work out on a regular basis, study some martial arts, go hiking, biking or skiing.

I applaud you for having these desires. At the same time let me forewarn you – many people will try to

interfere with you achieving your objectives. And so, in order to succeed you don’t just need to be mentally tough. You also need a shield of psychic protection around you as you pursue your goals; a shield that wards off those who want to disturb your mind or derail you on your path.

You may not realize it right now – but many people don’t want you to succeed because if you make it – they’ll look bad. You proved that within the same 24 hours of each day – you were able to do more than work, watch tee-vee, eat, complain and go to bed tired.

People love to congratulate a winner – after he wins. But on the way to victory – don’t expect or feel that

you need everyone’s support. You’re not going to get it – and if you need it to succeed – you will never make it.

Sometimes you must stand alone and defy the ideas others have about what you should and should not do.

When I was in high school I made a decision to become a champion athlete. I realized in order for this to happen I would need to train every single day – and not just once.

I realized two or three training sessions per day held the keys to greatness.

As I embarked upon my path – very few people supported me. At times I felt like I was all alone. But I didn’t care. I trained to achieve a goal – not to win friends.

When I returned from the state finals my senior year – it was amazing how many people who never supported me came out of the concrete – wanting to be my buddy.

There’s an old saying: “Be who you are and see who stays around.”

It’s another way of saying, “Be true to yourself.”

If you are true to yourself and what you believe – then the world outside of you will change to conform to what you think about and pursue.

So banish the thought that you must eat a certain way to be liked. Banish the notion that you can’t work out because people might think you odd. Get rid of the idea that others might think you foolish for training in martial arts or some other form of combat.

Go after what it is you want. And never stop moving toward the things that truly matter to you.

One thing is certain, although you may feel all alone at times, you don’t have to be. You can surround yourself with a group of success oriented fitness people – like those I have in the Matt Furey Inner Circle. And with the support of these like-minded folks, you’ll get where you want to go much faster

than ever before.

Ultimately you will still stand alone and make the decision to succeed or fail. But having a crew to help you out – an invisible crew even, is a great idea.

See what I mean here.


Matt Furey

P.S. Still in the mountains in China – and found a hook-up for the Internet. Finally. Having a great time. Thanks for all the kind words sent my way.

Montezuma’s Revenge in China

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

I’m over here on Hainan Island in China – and for the past four days I’ve tried to order one of my all-time favorite dishes. It’s called Lao Hu Cai. It’s a vegetable dish that tends to be quite spicy – with onions, peppers, parsley and some other foods.

Well, this Lao Hu Cai dish is not available. Nowhere. And after four days of deprivation, I began to wonder why.

Turns out that the vegetables that go into it have been pulled from the market because many, many people have gotten diarrhea or intestinal cramps from eating it.

I also received word that there’s been a problem with the milk over here. Lots of people have gotten sick from drinking this so-called health beverage. Maybe some of them will discover that milk may not be as good for you as the advertisers would like you to believe.

Diabetes is on the rise in China – along with a lot of waistlines. This once “lean” country is getting heavier by the day – even though so many of the older folks know all the secrets of staying physically fit and healthy, well into your 90’s and beyond.

Tis amazing to see knowledge that you’d think of as obvious – scorned for want of sweet food.

Don’t get me wrong. I love being in China. I love the food and the variety of choices. I simply know that I need to be careful – even when ordering healthy foods and beverages. Sugar is added to almost every thing – including an order for freshly squeezed juices.

Why you’d add sugar to orange, watermelon, apple, pear, carrot or celery juice is beyond me – but it is what you’ll get if you don’t specify – “Bu yao jia tang.” Don’t add sugar.

Tomorrow I’m off to the mountains for a couple weeks – so the available foods will most likely change – along with the climate. And there’s a good chance I may not have much in terms of an Internet connection.

Maybe that’s a good thing.

At any rate, while I’m contemplating in the woods – I’d like to keep you in the loop about my special report on weight loss – and many other goodies – that you will receive with your membership into the Matt Furey Inner Circle.

Matt Furey

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