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Don’t Over Do Exercise

Here’s the sad truth – although exercise is great for getting you physically fit – if you overdo it, it may NOT extend your life.

After the age of 40 you’ll see many hard-core martial artists going to tai chi and other ‘softer’ forms. There is a reason.

The harder training is no longer giving them the HEALTH they seek – and after 40, priorities must and often do shift.

One of the things I love about the exercises I teach in Combat Conditioning and Combat Abs is the positive effect they have on your body, internally and externally.

They really do supercharge your system.

Thing is, many people have been sedentary for so long – or overtrained for so long, that their internal body is exhausted.

The average person gets up tired, goes to work tired, comes

home tired and goes to bed tired.

Part of the problem is the S.A.D. diet people follow.

But .. as I famous man once told me, ‘Exercise is king.’

Nutrition is important – but putting high-test fuel in an engine you never use renders it functionless. It can’t do anything for you unless YOU do something.

For a number of years many of the Furey Faithful have asked for a program that allowed their loved ones to ‘ease’ into exercise; a program that didn’t require so much athleticism or


Regretably, our answer has always been, just start with Combat Conditioning, do only what you can, then adjust accordingly. Or for a number of people, ‘our program will be too strenuous for you.’

Well, NOW we have an answer for the man or woman who is already beaten down, either from overdoing it for too many years – or beaten down from NOT doing anything. Yes, tis true: Your body does wear out fast from inactivity. Yet, it doesn’t need to be beaten up from doing too much or from doing nuttin. There is an answer for you.

And that answer is my new Chinese Long-Life System.

This extraordinary program is simple, gently and easy enough for virtually any able-bodied man or woman to get started. Afterall, how difficult is it to remember to press on 3 different pressure points for a few minutes per day.

That’s how easy it is for YOU to begin.

After working these three health points, you can roll right into some gently slaps of various areas of the body that you want to come alive.

Again, how hard is it to slap your arm or leg. Not very.

Then there are the free-flowing calisthenics, all done from your feet.

Nothing hard-core for those who cannot handle hard-core.

Now here’s something that is a major surprise to many: If a very fit person begins doing the exercises in the Chinese Long-Life System, his health will skyrocket, too.

I first tested the program on a group of hard-core athletes. Wasn’t sure if they’d see the immense benefits I was touting. But feel them they did and they begged me for weeks to release the rest of the program.

Finally, after six weeks, I relented. And NOW you can jump in with both feet with absolutely no fear of exercising.

Yes, you’ll still want to begin slowly. Yes, you’ll still want to talk things over with your physician.

But begin slowly has never been easier for you.

Not only that, but for those of you who are already at your peak, you really need something more to rejuvenate, repair and revive your body.

In China, I’ve seen men and women in their 80’s and 90’s move like young children. In fact, in many cases, better than young children.

What is their secret.

Go here and find out.

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

P.S. For a complete listing of all my products, be sure to visit Furey Central.

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