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Exercises that Age You FAST

You may know someone who started training at a gym doing hard-core workout routines involving heavy lifting, running and so on.

Next thing you know, they’re injured. Bulging discs, ruptured discs, torn up knees, shoulders and so on.

Maybe, just maybe, this type of training is more suitable for athletes and reasonably fit people under the age of 30.

Is it a BAD way to train? No and YES.

It’s bad for many people – but good for some.

If you’re one of the “some” – all the power to you. But if you’re not – well then, pay heed to what I’m about to ask you.

For many, many years, I trained in ways that would make most billy goats puke. I read the ancient Chinese wisdom that talked disparagingly about hard-core training methods, including running, weight training and so on.

And I DID NOT BELIEVE THEM when they said that these types of exercises “age your body faster” and “reduce the flow of chi or vital energy” in your body.

Today I KNOW that what I read so many years ago is true.

Last month I had a client come to me for some training. He said he was bigger and stronger than ever before and now he wanted to learn how to increase his CHI.

I did a couple exercises to test him.

He couldn’t do the most basic things that I asked him to do.

His body would lock up on him when he began to squat and lower himself toward the ground. His lower back and knees would tighten and his heels would come off the ground.

I told him that stiffness is one step removed from being a corpse.

On the other foot, a body that is supple and loose, it’s full of LIFE, it’s full of vitality and energy.

Last week this client sent me a video of himself doing the same bodyweight squat I taught him. Before I even watched it I could see he’d made progress.

This time he was able to go into a full squat without pain and with his heels flat. His lower back no longer locked up on him. He was much looser, much more flexible. I gave him a number of pointers to take him to the next level and he was immensely grateful.

So it’s amazing to me that people are in the gym lifting weights, making their muscles tighter and stiffer when they cannot do the simplest exercises with their own bodyweight.

The weight training is literally robbing them of vitality and energy as it makes them worse while giving the illusion that they’re better because their muscles are bigger.

The above illustrates just one of many reasons why the Furey Faithful is the best place on the Internet to learn exercises that are going to give you LIFE instead of taking it from you.

On this extraordinary Member’s Only Site – you’ll learn what my client paid big bucks for in private. You’ll also learn a TON of other INTERNAL EXERCISES that will change your life from the inside out.

These are exercises that will help virtually anyone, regardless of age or athleticism.

And as you read, watch, practice and improve – you’ll be given MORE instruction.

Many members have written to tell me that the Furey Faithful is the BEST fitness decision they’ve ever made.

This makes my day.

Come join us. You’ll be glad you did.


Coach Furey

P.S. Those who enroll this month will be eligible for a free fitness seminar I’m holding in February – and this alone will be worth 10x the amount you put forth to be a member of the Furey Faithful.

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