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Flipping the Bird in China

This is not an ordinary email. It contains subject matter

that may make you uncomfortable. Then again, it may

change your life for the better.

What I’m about to discuss with you may sound outlandish.

It may cause you to sneer or smirk. It may trap you in

your ego – where so many feel comfortable with the

idea that they already know almost everything – even

the things they clearly don’t. As the saying goes, “Don’t

bother me with facts, my mind is already made up.”

Well, I’m not going to “bother” you with facts today. I’m

simply going to give you a different view of things in

our world. Things we take for granted. Things that we

use every single day – yet know so little about. Things

like your hands and fingers.

Previously I’ve written about exercising your hands in

order to eliminate pain, as well as to strengthen your

ENTIRE BODY and MIND. I’ve hinted at how certain

exercises for the hands open the meridians of the

body and promote greater chi flow. I’ve even told

you that in China, I have studied many books and

courses on how to train your hands and fingers –

but not just for super-human strength. No. The

main purpose of many of these exercises is to

keep your mind and body sharp – even in your

latter years.

No Alzheimers. No dementia. No wandering around

in a daze, totally unaware of who you are and what

you’re here for. No breakdown of the internal organs –

which are the keys to great health.

Anyone who thinks his muscles are where his strength

comes from has never had a kidney stone, stomach

virus or some other difficulty that knocks the best of

the best on their can.

Okay, the above is all well and good – yet did you

know there are even MORE reasons to train your

hands and fingers – and even more benefits to

doing so than you can possibly imagine at this

very moment.

Including healing your body of pain; improving

communication; enhancing your career and

ability to earn a good income.

Here’s the deal: How you use your fingers has

a long, long, long history in Asia. Specific hand

positions, known as “shou shi” here in China –

contain automatic feedback to your brain and

central nervous system – as well as to the

Universe itself. Those who’ve reached the highest

levels of energy work will tell you that you can

change your life by changing the way you use

your fingers; even by placing your fingers in

various positions that don’t look like much of


Well, if you think putting various fingers together

doesn’t influence or affect you or anyone else,

then flip the bird to the next 10 people you see

and notice the reactions.

True, this is a crude example of what I’m talking

about, but I think it illustrates a point. Whenever

you see those big giant statues of various Chinese

or Indian saints, take a look at how the fingers

are positioned. Ever wonder why these positions

were chosen. They were chosen because they

affect your jing, qi and shen – aka your physical body,

energy body and spirit body.

With a specific hand seal or finger movement, I have

watched a friend in China turn a roomful of people

around. Without being conscious of what happened,

these people turned around, took a seat and began

patiently waiting for him to talk.

I have watched a kung fu master slice through bricks

with the insides of his fingers. He did this, by the way,

after preparing himself with a variety of hand seals or

finger gestures that increased the flow of chi in his

body. I have watched old men do amazing things with

“mind power” – and much of it they attribute to how

they train their fingers.

Bur HOW these people train their fingers is not the

standard “get a hand gripper” advice you hear about

today. In fact, the finger exercises that benefit your

mind, body and circumstances in seemingly super-

natural ways have nothing to do with gadgets, grippers

or anything like that.

They also don’t require hard, hard work. All they require

is your willingness to learn, practice and apply.

If you’ll do this, I can assure you that you will be blown

away with the results you get in your life – and not just

in terms of your health and fitness. I mean EVERY area

of your life.

Are you hungry for more.

I certainly hope so because I have a recommendation

for you. It’s called Finger Healing. I not only give it a

double-thumbs up – but I’m positive you will, too.

That’s why I’m telling you right now to use your index

finger to click the following link to order NOW.

Go to http://mattfurey.com/finger_healing.html and

see for yourself the difference a few non-obscene

finger movements can have upon your life.

Matt Furey

P.S. When you’re watching the DVDs in this program

and doing the finger movements, remember that the

Fure-cat told you so. Get this course NOW and change

your life forever. Go to http://mattfurey.com/finger_healing.html

and order NOW.

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