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I’ve Never Done This Before

This is no joke. I’ve done something that is shocking the fitness world.

What is it?

I’m practically giving away the whole store – for a fraction of what it would normally be.

For the next day or two, I’m testing something unusual.

And YOU have the opportunity to get in on this, at the ground floor level.

Here’s what’s happening:

Previously, the offer for The Combat Conditioning System included a three-month test drive of the Furey Faithful members site. After the three months, if you decided to stay, you paid a continuity fee, which ran you $20-$30 a month, or more.

Well, what I’m doing for the next couple days is this:

1. Everyone who snags The Combat Conditioning System gets an entire year of gratis content at the Furey Faithful site. This means there will be “NO MONTHLY FEES.” Those who are already on the monthly fee program can cancel it. No further monthly billings.

2. As of right now, the bonus content on the Furey Faithful site consists of 12 BOOKS – and more will be added later. These books alone have a value that easily exceeds $300.00. Three of them are from my best-selling collection.

3. As of right now, there are 46 videos on the site – and my intention is to add one new video each week. The value of these videos easily exceeds $1,000.00. And that’s being very conservative.

4. As of right now, there are 72 special reports on the site – included in these you’ll find time-tested information on weight loss, increasing speed and flexibility, gaining strength, increasing internal power, improving concentration, confidence and much more. The value of these special reports is easily worth over $1,000.00 once again.

5. As of right now, there are 17 different workouts on the site – and more will be added. What’s the value of each workout? A lot because each one is designed by a PRO – someone who knows how to get you what you want – FAST.

In addition to the above, I plan to have a new video added to the site each and every week. Think of it – no extra charge to get this content. All you do is become a member by getting The Combat Conditioning System NOW.

And in addition to ALL of what you’ve just read, I’m going to have tele-seminars where I answer your training questions LIVE.

My friend, I cannot make a better offer than the above – and I’m excited as can be about it.

Come Train With Me,

Matt Furey

P.S. Listed below are “some” of the many books, videos or special reports, you will gain immediate access to when you become a member by getting The Combat Conditioning System.

• The Definitive Guide to Burning Fat and Building Muscle

• How to Eat More and Weigh Less

• How to Drop 7-10 Pounds in 3 Days

• Taoist Secrets of Lower Body Strength

• Lost Secrets of Buiding a Powerful Grip

• How I Set Up A Garage Gym

• Total Body Strength Turned Upside Down

• The Only Weightlifting Exercise You Need to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

• How to Run Faster Than Ever Before

• How to Eliminate or Prevent Knee Pain

• The Fastest Way Humanly Possible to Burn Fat

• End Hip Pain Now

• Combat Walking

• Deep Inside the Royal Court

• Back Bend into Gymnastic Bridge

• Hand-Over-Hand Deep Breathing Torso Strengthener

• How to do Hindu Squats

• Bridging Gymnastics

• How to do Hindu Pushups

• The Key to Staying Young

• Close Quarters Training

• How to Keep Improving … All the Time

• Three Keys to What You Want

• What to Do When Angry

• The Get Tough Smile

• Mega Fat Burning Bodyweight Exercises for Your Home, Office or Gym

• The Paradox of Relaxation

• Can You Spare One Minute?

• Lose Your Fear of Death

• How to Drop 10-20 Pounds in Two Weeks While Eating Almost Anything You Want

• Burn Fat Faster with Animal Movements

• How To Build Super Strength, Endurance and Speed!

• Timeless Exercises for an Ageless Body

• Lost Agility Exercises for Flexibility and Power

• The Zen Way to Super Immunity

• The Fastest Way Humanly Possible to Burn Fat

• The Warrior’s Way to Fitness

• How to Get Stronger and More Flexible at the Same Time

• The Mind Power of a Shaolin Monk

• Master Pull-ups and Handstands While Developing Abs of Granite

• Sticking Your Neck Out – Strength Training from the Neck Up

• Bridging Chi Kung

• Laughing Buddha Squats

• Strengthen Your Weakest Link with Isometric Exercises

• Qi Gong Squats to Eliminate Knee Pain

• The Omega-3 Solution

• How to Eliminate Back Pain

• 7 Keys to Successful Fitness

• How to Eliminate Seasonal Allergies

• 5 Fatigue Busters

• 18 Ways to Lengthen Your Life

• Carpal Tunnel – What is it and How to Get Rid of It

• Expand Your Energy With Backward Training

• 43 Fat Melters

• Yes, You Can Succeed! 17 Ways to Make it So

• How to Boost Your Immune System

• Combat Swimming

• How to Remove Knots From Your Back, Neck and Traps

• The Power of Focus

• Furey Fat Loss Teleseminar

• Eat More – Weigh Less

• How to Drop 7-10 Pounds in 3 Days

• How to Stop Snoring

• Tendinitis – What it is and What to Do About it.

• Strong Mind – Strong Body

• Visualization Made Easy

• When Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work

P.P.S. This list isn’t even all of it – much less what’s going to be added each week. That seals the deal. Order The Combat Conditioning System NOW and be part of something BIG that’s going to get even BETTER.

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