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“Old Man at 17” 10x’s Flexibility in One Workout

Yesterday I received an email from a very happy user of my Combat Stretching product. Here is what he wrote:

Dear Matt,

I’m 19 years old, and a neck injury during my junior year of high school ended my wrestling career and started a new chapter in my life of daily pain. At the ripe old age of 17 I was walking and feeling like an old man–in the beginning I literally spent a couple of months getting weird stares because my head was completely sideways, resting on one shoulder or the other, because it was just too painful to hold up. It was more than a year after my injury before I would even lean my head back to look up, for sheer fear of what would happen every time I started to.

I first saw your ad for Combat Stretching about a year ago after my brother told me about your website and fitness books. When I saw “double your flexibility in one evening,” I really thought you were full of crap.

Now it’s a year later, and after seeing that same brother use Gama Fitness (and trying it out for myself) I realized that you knew what the hell you were talking about.

When my Combat Stretching DVDs came I was blown away (both by seeing how flexible a big guy like you can be, and by seeing my amazing results after only minutes of stretching).

Despite my background in wrestling, I have never been flexible in any real sense, because I was never taught the right things to do (and i was especially inflexible after my injury–a reverse cervical curve will do that to you). However, after just a few minutes of the isometric stretches, I could touch my nose to my thigh in the hamstring stretch, and touch my nose to the floor in the bridge.

These are two things I really never thought I would ever be able to do before I got your program, but even with the program I expected it to take a few MONTHS if not a couple of years.

It happened in ONE night.

After one night, I’m not twice as flexible, I’m ten times as flexible as I used to be.

After my injury I felt like I had a vital part of my youth taken early from me; my aching neck and shoulders affected me every day, and even¬†¬† sitting or lying down offered me no comfort. Now my once-tight muscles are supple and strong, and I can’t imagine where they’ll go from here.

I’m much stronger, healthier, and more flexible than I was before my injury, and I can’t thank you enough.

Patrick Barrett

M.F.: Patrick, this is wonderful news. I wish you and your brother continued success with all my programs.

Matt Furey

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