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Weak Feet Lead to Injuries in Entire Body

Stop what you’re doing for a moment. Put away all your gadgets. Take a deep breath and focus on your feet. Move them around a bit, if you’d like.

How do your feet feel right now? Strong and powerful or weak and injured?

Many students of martial arts as well as top athletes have been lead to believe that your power comes from your center or core. And there can be no doubt that a lot of power is contained there. But where does the power come from in the body? Where’s the root of the power?

I asked this question to my mother-in-law some time ago, and without hesitating she said, “Jiao.”

“Jiao” is Chinese for “feet.”

Great power comes from your feet. If your feet are weak or injured, you can’t get things done that would normally be a cake walk.

As I’ve said for quite some time, neglecting the tendons in your body is one of the major causes of injuries today. And your tendons begin in your feet and move up the chain.

Many athletes break down in their shoulders, elbows and knees. But oftentimes it was e weakness in the feet moving up the chain. It could have been avoided if the athlete had a strong, stable and flexible foundation to begin with.

Strong feet lead to a stronger, healthier and more durable body. They give you the ability to push off the ground, to bounce, jump and move in all directions. And proper care of them energizes you in a big way.

I frequently get foot massage in addition to the training I do for my feet. Everything in the human body can be found in  the feet and one good knuckle on the underside of your foot will make you painfully aware of this truth.

Now let me tell you this: Last week a man who’d suffered with heel pain for almost a year, and purchased an $800.00 foot  brace, wrote to say that his pain went away within a couple days of receiving my DVD – How to Eliminate Heel Pain or Plantar Fasciitis in 2 Minutes a Day.

This DVD was created along with Dr. Trevor Neal, a top foot surgeon and fellow martial artist, who flat out said, “These  exercises are taking money out of my pocket.”

If you have heel pain, achilles pain or plantar fasciitis – the fix is here. And it’s also here if your feet are flat our weak and you want your entire body to be stronger.

Go here
and grab this pain eliminating, feet strengthening program NOW. It will change your  game for the better.


Matt Furey

P.S. For the first 50 people to jump on this offer – this product also comes with a FREE copy of the DVD Start Your Day Off With a Bang – wherein you learn to loosen your joints from head to toe, revitalizing your being at every level.

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