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Expect to Win

My mind is my biggest asset.

I expect to win every tournament I play.

– Tiger Woods

The quote listed above reminds me of what I said

prior to going to China in 1997, for the World

Shuai-chiao Kung fu Championships.

Each member of the team was asked to say some-

thing to go into a souvenir program.

I said: “I never go into a competition expecting to lose.

I go expecting to win – and win I do.”

Twas cocky of me to say this. But it was how I felt in

my training – so I let the quote stand.

Glad I did.

Expecting to win is not the same as wanting to win.

When you expect to win you have amplified your

imagination. You’ve pushed your level of desire

up a notch.

Key thing to remember is that you have no right to

expect success if you do nothing to bring it about.

You imagine what you want, you see yourself excited

about achieving what you want – then you make a vow

to do WHATEVER it takes to make it happen.

This is true in sports, in fitness, in business – and in

everything else.

You don’t make excuses. You make progress instead.

You set your mind on a target – you get a mental picture

of it – then you MOVE.

Whenever you see someone who has goals but is not

succeeding, look at whether the person is willing to do

whatever it takes. I’m betting he’s not. He’ll do a little

bit and if results don’t come immediately, he’ll get


Wrong move.

Frustration is NOT part of the success process. Get over


Do what champions do.

When success eludes them, they focus MORE – not less.

They recommit. They “get tough.”

Today’s world is filled with sissies who want to baby their

way to the top.

Good idea, if applied properly.

What do I mean.

What I mean is this: Observe the baby. Falls down 1,000 times,

gets up 1,000. Eventually learns to walk. But not by a parent

who says, “Oh Johnny, you’ve fallen so many times. You’ve

worked so hard. I think you should try something else.”

The same applies to any endeavor. The more you fail, the

more you fall down, the closer you are to success.

This evening I’ll be sending you more information that will

help you on your journey. Stay tuned. It’ll be contained in the

email on The TRUMP CARD.

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

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