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In My Own Handwriting – On New Year’s Resolutions

January 2nd, 2016

Today I’m doing something you don’t see much anymore. I’m writing to you with an ink pen and a sheet of plain white – non-college ruled paper. See the image below – and enjoy what comes to mind as you read. Make notes – this is a life-changing letter….


Short and Quick Workouts

August 20th, 2015

Got a great question sent to me today. Here ’tis, followed by my answer:

The War on Fat

August 17th, 2015

So you see the hordes of exercisers at the gym – or out pounding the pavement, and the majority of them aren’t training to get fit, to become athletic, to increase their bodies functions.

They’re not focused on getting stronger, increasing endurance, improving flexiblity, gaining power and speed – all the attributes that make you feel good about yourself.


Instead of focusing on what they want, these people focus on fighting fat, burning fat. They’re at war with fat – and it’s is a war they cannot win.

Yet, with a simple change of focus, all the world of fitness and it’s many benefits, can come running in your direction.

What’s this change of focus?

It’s turning fitness and exercise into a game; it’s contemplating the idea of being a great athlete or martial artist.

Now, this may sound unreasonable to you. Afterall, you may have no desire to compete in a sport, a race or a martial art.

But hold on there my friend. I didn’t say you had to compete or that you should. I’m simply saying that if you contemplate on this idea, if you focus on it, that it would change your emotions, your intentions, your habits and your results.

I’ve tested this out with a number of men and women who were working out to “burn the fat off.”

And they hated every minute of the training. Thing is, when I switched their focus to becoming a good athlete – to making this a game – they started training harder, smarter and with greater enthusiasm.

You can focus on “not being a weakling” – or you can focus on being strong. You can focus on burning fat – or building athletic muscle and skill. You can focus on riding yourself of a negative – or you can simply create something so positive that the negative disappears without an argument.

One of the facets of practicing martial arts that I love the most is precisely what I’m talking about. You don’t start training in martial arts to lose weight or burn fat. At least most people don’t. You do t because you have skills you want to develop.

Along the road to developing these skills, you may realize that you could be a much better martial artist if you dropped some pounds, and so you do so IN ORDER to become a better athlete/martial artist. You do NOT just drop weight to drop weight. You connect it to a bigger goal or desire.

This way of approaching fitness is fundamental to your success, but it’s fundamentally absent from the approach of almost all coaches and trainers.

They’re fighting the war on fat or the war on childhood obesity – and the more you fight, the weaker you get.

Better to reach for something BIGGER than youself. A Goal. A Dream that makes you go, “YEAH, I WANT THAT.”

A goal of “getting rid of something” of “losing something” is not a goal.

Would you set a goal to lose your home? To lose a diamond ring? To lose your car?


You set goals to get a house, get jewelry or to own a new car.

Well, then do the same with your body.

Get rid of your “get rid of” goals and focus on being healthy, fit, athletic, strong, flexible, pliable, nimble, quick, powerful, electric, magnetic and so on.

Make sense?

Hey, there’s more of the above and a ton more coming your way when you’re a member of the Furey Faithful. For example, next month I’m going to South Korea, China and possibly Hong Kong. And I’m planning on covering the journey for my Members – giving them my unique insights on what I’m doing and how it’s working.

This will be a martial arts oriented trip – but guess what goes inside that whirld?

Greater fitness, focus, flexiblity, agility, power, energy and more.

I’m really looking forward to sharing the inner details with my Members – and hope you’ll become one so you can partake in the know-how that you won’t hear anywhere else.


Matt Furey

P.S. Part of my trip will include training in the parks in Beijing, Chen Village and the Shaolin Temple. It’s going to be awesome. Climb aboard.

The King of Supplements

July 14th, 2015

Several months ago I began taking an herb that is known as “the king of all herbs.”

The first day I took it I was up till 5. a.m. – which is waaaaay past my bed time. I was both relaxed and energized. Totally calm – yet buzzing.

Naturally, my body adjusted to this feeling, so I wasn’t up so late again, but the positive experiences of having greater energy and greater calmness remain with me to this day.

There are many other health benefits to this herb – many of which I’m not going to mention in this message. You can do your own research and discover what this remarkable herb is purported to do – but for now let me just say that it grows on birch trees in some of the harshest, coldest climates on earth.

And growing on a tree in sub-freezing weather isn’t an easy thing to do. So imagine the healing power it could have.

The name of this herb is *Chaga*. The Chinese refer to it as “the king.”

I do, too.

There’s also someone I get my supply from – and he has the most powerful chaga formula I have ever found, anywhere, and at a far better cost.

In fact, right now he’s doing his annual special on this herb, so you can get it for an even better amount than at any other time. I recently got three bottles of the latest formula and all I can say is OMG.

Be sure to go check out his no-holds-barred formula, which cuts no corners, right NOW and begin experiencing the benefits for yourself.


Matt Furey

P.S. So you know, I am NOT being financially compensated for plugging this product. It’s so good I simply want you to know about it. Maybe you’ll thank me some day for telling you about it.

No Tee Vee – No Workout

June 17th, 2015

The summer in between my freshman and sophomore year of high school, I worked up to 1,000 pushups per day.

Not in a row.

In sets of 25 – then 50.

I achieved this goal, in part, because I’d watched a boxing champion on tee-vee talking about doing 1,000 or more pushups per day. On top of this, Joe, a friend from my hometown, was doing 1,000 per day as well – and he told me first hand how to
accomplish the feat.

“Start with sets of 25,” Joe said. “And do them during commercial breaks at night when you’re watching television. Start with 100 a day in sets of 25. And when 25 in a row is easy – bump the sets up to 50.”

Within a couple weeks 25 pushups in a row was easy, so I started doing sets of 50.

Before I realized it, I’d get up in the morning and start doing pushups.

And this would continue throughout the day

When evening came around, I’d already done 250 or more.

As the summer progressed I found it easier and easier to knock out a set of 50 pushups. Doing 500 a day was no longer difficult because I was fully recovered within five minutes and could do another.

This lead me to really go for it in the evening. Watch a ball game – and at the end of each inning, when the commercials began – use the time to tune into a good set of pushups.

Using this method I reached 1,000 pushups a day and my body changed a lot.

My pecs got bigger and my triceps and shoulders began to really pop.

Eventually, I moved on to one-arm pushups, handstand pushups, diamond pushups and other varieties.

A year later, I was doing a lot less in terms of pushups as I was primarily lifting weights and running for my training.

I’m glad I did so because I learned the how’s, what’s and why’s of that method – but in the end, I always sensed there was a different level of bodyweight training that went way beyond the pushups I was doing.

Indeed, there are a number of levels of bodyweight training. Just like weight training, you can make progressive changes in your strength as well as in your appearance.

Today, the bodyweight training I do is very different from what I did as a youth. It’s also very different from what I taught in Combat Conditioning – my international best-seller, that literally started the bodyweight fitness craze we’re seeing today.

How is it different?

Well, for starters, I no longer do 500 or 1,000 reps of anything.

Not pushups.

Not situps.

Not pullups.


Instead, I do a lot of focused, concentrated bodyweight exercises that develop internal power, flexibility and relaxed strength.

Some of the exercises are done slowly. Others are done super slowly. Then there are those I do fast and super fast.

Regardless, being physically and mentally relaxed while doing is a large part of the training.

Training yourself to stay relaxed while doing something vigorous trains your mind and body to relax throughout the day, when stresses and tensions of the whirld can pull you apart.

Going through each day feeling stressed and tense is no way to live. And that’s one of the main reasons why I created my online member’s site – to give you instant access to exercises that do far more than strengthen your muscles.

Through specialized breathing exercises combined with rhythmic movements using Chi Force, students make great progress in not only feeling physically better, but emotionally as well.

Things that once bothered you can be swished away with a light movement of the hands. Areas of upset or concern can dissipate by changing your  breathing as you train.

It’s a wonderful whirld to be a part of – in the world but not of the whirld.

Come join me.

There’s nothing else even remotely close to it on the Internet.


Coach Matt Furey

P.S. Later this month members will get to listen in on a teleseminar on the Unrevealed Secret of Strength Feats. It’s going to be a mind-bender, that’s for sure. Enroll today so you’re on the call.

Shocking Longevity Secrets of 109 Year Old Combat Veteran Revealed

May 26th, 2015
Did you hear about Richard Overton, the 109-year old veteran, who also happens to be the oldest living combat veteran?

He’s NOT a vegetarian.

He’s very active, physically. Keeps the yard clean. Works outside,

Doesn’t watch televsion.

Smokes cigars and drinks whiskey.

Hold it. Wait just a second.

“Smokes cigars and drinks whiskey?”

That’s right. According to an article posted on Newsmax.com yesterday – Overton smokes “at least 12 Tampa Sweet cigars
a day” and has done so since he was 18.

That’s 91 years of cigars!

Some people contend that those who live long lives AND smoked cigars have “protective genes.”

Really? That’s the answer.

Maybe there’s more to this puzzle than meets the eyes, the ears and the gut feelings.

In China you’ll find people who practice tai chi in their 90’s and 100’s – and they smoke.

Stroll through some photos of people from the Caucasus mountain region and you’ll find these long-lived people with pipes in their hands or mouths.

Now, I’m not telling you to smoke pipes or cigars. I am questioning the so-called “facts” about smoking and longevity.

Personally, I think cigarettes, snuff and chewing tobacco are bad due to the chemicals that going into manufacturing them.

But then again, there are those who “defy the odds” in this area, too. So maybe the real answer is – “no one knows for sure.”

Maybe the real answer is MOVEMENT.

The 109-year old combat veteran MOVES. The tai chi players MOVE. The Caucasus mountain people MOVE.

Hmmm. Never thought of that, didja?

But how do they move? And how do they breathe? How relaxed are they physically and mentally.

With all ot the above said, written and almost sent – there is something urgent I’m going to be addressing tomorrow night to members of the Furey Faithful.

And I think it will give you a ton of insight into “hidden factors” about why some people live so long – are NOT obese – and are NOT sufferering from dis-ease.

Hint: It’s NOT necessarily the food you eat – but another factor that is right before your eyes on a daily basis – that you’ve probably overlooked or flat-out missed.

I’m serious.

You see and absorb every single day – but miss the obvious.

I beleive this one factor is literally destroying the health of millions.

And I’m going to reveal it tomorrow night.

Want to hear what I have to say? Then become a member of the Furey Faithful. pronto so I can hook you up.


Matt Furey

P.S. This teleseminar is not only life-changing for the better – but members also have access to a treasure trove – a virtual vault of information that no one else is getting. Take a peak inside and you’ll quickly and deliberately see what I’m saying here is RIGHT ON.

#1 Reason Millions Are Getting Fatter

May 18th, 2015

Americans are getting fatter.

You don’t need to read any studies to confirm this. All you need do is look around. Go shopping. Visit a mall. Go to a ball game.

There are many, many reasons as to why we’re getting heavier. Here’s a quick list of the supposed and alleged causes:

* We sit too much and sitting is the new smoking

* We don’t exercise enough

* We need to cut down on calories – eat less and exercise more

* We eat too much meat

* We eat too many carbs

* We drink too much alcohol

* We don’t eat enough fruit

* We eat too much fruit

* We don’t eat enough veggies

* We’re not getting enough fiber

* We eat too much fast food

* We drink too much beer, wine, booze

* We eat too much sugar

* We eat too much salt

* We consume too many fats

* We eat too late at night

* We eat too much dairy

* We eat too much – if we just ate less…

* We eat everything in moderation

* We drink diet sodas

* We drink sugary sodas

* We eat ice cream

* We’re not lifting enough weights

* We’re not doing enough cardio

* And the granddaddy of ALL reasons – gluten – we eat too much gluten

Confused yet? Pissed off, yet?

If so, I can certainly understand how you feel.

It’s like every single month you read another study about yet another food you must eliminate from your diet – forever.

You’re on a “whack-a-mole” mission that never ends.

Everything is bad for you.


And you start thinking there’s nothing left for you to eat – unless you become a breatharian – and even that isn’t good by some peoples’ standards because the air is polluted.

Look, I understand this maze, this rat trap, this treadmill to nowhere better than almost anyone.

And I can tell you that it’s a never-ending nightmare – UNTIL you discover what I uncovered. It’s a WAY to LIFT YOURSELF

Yesterday I stopped for pizza with my son. Didn’t gain a lick of fat from it either.

The day before that I had ice cream.

And the day before that I had a few beers.

Typically I would have none of the above.

I’m no longer in the maze. And the proof can be noted as follows:

1. I don’t count carbs.
2. I don’t count calories.
3. I don’t count protein or fat grams.
4. I don’t count how many minutes I exercise each day.
5. I don’t walk around with a gallon jug of water.

Imagine a whirld wherein you can eat and drink almost anything and not get fatter – so long as you understand and follow a couple nutritional secrets that you’re not being told by mainstream media.

I revealed the first of these in a teleseminar last month for members of the Furey Faithful. It went over like hotcakes – mmm, and those who are following my suggestions are raving lunatic leaner than they were a month ago.

Last month’s teleseminar was on the 5K’s of Superior Nutrition. I ended up giving 7 K’s – overdelivering per usual.

This month I’m doing another teleseminar for the Furey Faithful – and this one is going to cover the #1 Reason Americans (and Others Around the World) Are Getting Fatter.

Each of these teleseminars, on it’s own is easily worth $500.00. And not just because of what I cover – but due to how much you can save by following my suggestions.

And the best part is that members get these teleseminar for no charge whatsover.

As members they receive PRIVATE emails from me that no one else sees, covering top secret information on what to do to get superhumanly fit.

In addition, the member’s site has a ton of books available for download, over a dozen best-sellers, including MINE.

Then there are videos, audios, special reports and much more.

Honestly, just to be on my PRIVATE email list – to get the goods from me once a week that no one else sees – that is easily worth the annual fee.

But NOW – to be getting teleseminars on a regular basis – this makes being a member of the Furey Faithful the grand-ultimate prize for health seekers on the Internet.

Enroll NOW and you’ll be given the keys to lifting yourself out of the maze. It’s much easier than you may think. And I’ll lay it out for you in my simple, plain-English, down-to-earth lingo that you’ve all come to know, appreciate and love.

Let’s do it. There is no “try” in this thing.

Matt Furey

P.S. The #1 Reason teleseminar will take place later this month. I’m only taking 200 new members with this offer – so jump on this NOW so your life gets changed for the better. Escape the Maze.

A 40-Pound Weight Loss Trick

April 27th, 2015

Can you really lose weight by drinking more water?

For years you may have heard a definite “YES” to this question.

But for many people, reality may say otherwise.

Drink more water, feel more bloated, feel even fatter.

I know people who have flat-out told me that they “hate” water. So they drink sugary and diet sodas, flavored drinks, teas, coffees – anything but what their body has 70% or more of.

Personally, I think anyone who “hates” water is either drinking it from a bad source – or he’s not fully human.

Then there are those who drink sufficient water each day, but it’s from plastic water bottles.

Is that really a good idea?

It’s supposedly okay so long as the bottles are BPA free.

But is that the real truth?

I can definitively say that when I threw out all my BPA-Free water bottles and went to a glass bottle, I felt better right away.

Anyway, I just sent out a private email to members of the Furey Faithful, with details about one of my members, and how he dropped 40 pounds by following a water drinking “trick” I taught him over 10 years ago.

As can happen, this person fell off the water wagon and totally forgot about the practice. Last week, upon hearing my teleseminar on the 5 K’s of Superior Nutrition – I talked about the practice. The next morning he restarted it and within three days he’d already dropped five pounds.

Will it work for you, too?

I cannot say for sure – because maybe the person will gorge on five pizzas and drink a keg of beer after he follows the procedure.

Then again, the chances of this “trick” working if you simultaneously follow the 5 K’s of Superior Nutrition – as well as the exercises I teach on the Furey Faithful Membership Site are pretty high.

If you’re one of the first 25 who enroll in our illustrious group of DOERS before the end of this month – you’ll be able to listen in on the 5 K’s of Superior Nutrition Teleseminar – as well as any others I hold for members.

I’m probably going to release this teleseminar on CD in the near future for $29-$39.00 – so it’s to your benefit to get the information NOW, free of charge, just for being a Member.

It’s one helluva bargain, that’s for doggone sure. So jump on this now and you may be writing me very soon with a weight loss story of your own.

Wouldn’t that be great?



Matt Furey

P.S. On the Member’s Site you will have access to several of my books, dozens of special reports and a ton of video – for practically nothing. You cannot beat this bargain anywhere in the entire Universe. Come train with me – online – NOW.

The 3 K’s of Superior Nutrition

April 10th, 2015

When it comes to making sure you get the very best nutrition – the answer isn’t:

Kellogs Corn Flakes or Special K Kentucky Fried Chicken or Krispy Kreme

It’s something that doesn’t taste anything near as  good – but the results you get are off the chain.

And no, it’s NOT:


It’s something far better, far more potent and far more helpful in balancing your body, improving digestion, making you feel good – and a host of other positives.

The 3 K’s may help you lose weight – and fast.

They’ve certainly changed my life for the better.

When it comes to overall health, there are many who say there’s no equal to the 3 K’s.

I’m going to be giving a teleseminar on the 3 K’s for members of the Furey Faithful, on April 22 at 9 PM EST.

If you’re a member, this event will be free of charge.

If you’re not a member…

I suggest becoming part of this illustrious group of DOERS – today – so you don’t miss out on all the great material I’ve already covered and catalogued on the member site – as well as what I’ll be covering down the road.

You’ll find several of my books on the site for auto download, as well as dozens of videos you cannot find anywhere else.

Join in the fun – NOW.


Matt Furey

Beware Dangers of Stretching

March 4th, 2015

It’s an amazing thing to watch.

You’ll see a professional athlete out on the field stretching his hamstrings before a game.

And in the same game, he pulls a hamstring and has to leave the field.

There is a danger when it comes to stretching – especially when you do it right before exercising or competing.

The danger is you may be increasing the likelihood of injury. At the very best, you most likely reduced your ability to perform.


Because too much energy went into stretching your muscles – and it weakened them.

Studies show that you’re better off stretching AFTER you train – not before.

Yet, there is one form of “loosening” that I highly recommend BEFORE you train or compete.

It’s not static or even ballistic stretching.

It’s joint loosening.

And if you do your joint loosening exercises the way I teach, adding a major dose of CHI – or vital energy – to the equation – then you’ll enhance and improve your performance.

As I was taught years ago, all these people who are stretching their muscles all the time, fail to realize that you want to increase range of motion in the joints. You want your joints to be loose and pain-free.

Joints that are pliable and flexible are more important than muscles that are loose. Why? Because joint looseing effortlessly increase flexibility in the muscles.

Another thing I learned in China about joint looseing is that it pushes stagnant energy or chi from the area. When you do this, not only does the old energy leave the joint – but positive, healthy chi flows into it.

This is why, when you do my Chi Joint Loosening exercises – you begin to feel better and have a much calmer mind.

You’re not trying to think positive – yet all of a sudden, you are – and at first it’s inexplicable. Why do you suddenly feel so good? All over?

It’s because the energies of the body are put back in harmony. They’re given balance. The energies that no longer serve you are pushed out so something better can rush to the rescue.

If you look at others who are in pain – it’s almost always in the joints. Painful knees, ankles, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists and of course, the neck and back.

So what’s your solution to tight joints going to be? Weight lifting? Running? Stretching? Cardo machines?

None of the above deal with the joints – except in a compounding way. And by that I mean, compounding the stress, increasing the pain.

As a member of the Furey Faithful, you can follow along with me and loosen your joints on a daily basis. I’ll be right there with you guiding you through the Chi Loosening exercises.

Plus, there’s a ton more that you’ll find once you’re behind the closed doors and able to see the abundance of positive life-changing exercises and information at your fingertips.

This month I’m going to let 100 new people explore the inner sanctum of the Furey Faithful. Yes, it’s a private place – a place where you can treat your body to the best exercises for health, longevity and peace of mind.

Come join me and the others.

From the inside…


Coach Furey

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