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Pastor Drops Over 100 Pounds

Last week I met with Frederic, a local pastor, whom I’ve been coaching, who has dropped well over 100 pounds.

Frederic’s now down to 282 pounds after being at an all-time high of 420+ (estimated) el-bees.

You may wonder why I used the word estimated in parenthesis.

It’s because Frederic stepped on a scale that nearly broke at 400, and he figured, based upon sound effects and how much weight had to fall off for him to reach 399, that he must have been 420-440 smackers.

I currently coach three men who were once Leviathan – with a  capital L.

Now they’re happier and healthier than ever and they radiate power and confidence in every step.

All of these gents follow the programs I teach on the Furey Faithful Member’s Site.

They also religiously follow a food program I call… The Horrendous Diet.

As I tell them, if other people who are not so slim themselves, tell you that your diet is HORRENDOUS ..

then you’re probably on the correct path.

Or, if the person scolding you has never been more than 5-15  pounds overweight in his or her life – then this person is disqualified from giving you guidance as well.

The Good News for Frederic, other than the pounds dropped, is the fact that his blood sugar is now stable, for the first time in YEARS.

You can view Frederic’s testimonial on the Furey Faithful homepage.

He’s not at his target weight YET – but he’s enjoying the JOURNEY – and it shows in the positivity he EXUDES.

Instead of expecting happiness to come AFTER reaching a goal – Frederic understands what I preach.

Happiness is enjoyed on the way to the goal – ALL ALONG the WAY.

Matt Furey

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