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Shocking Longevity Secrets of 109 Year Old Combat Veteran Revealed

Did you hear about Richard Overton, the 109-year old veteran, who also happens to be the oldest living combat veteran?

He’s NOT a vegetarian.

He’s very active, physically. Keeps the yard clean. Works outside,

Doesn’t watch televsion.

Smokes cigars and drinks whiskey.

Hold it. Wait just a second.

“Smokes cigars and drinks whiskey?”

That’s right. According to an article posted on Newsmax.com yesterday – Overton smokes “at least 12 Tampa Sweet cigars
a day” and has done so since he was 18.

That’s 91 years of cigars!

Some people contend that those who live long lives AND smoked cigars have “protective genes.”

Really? That’s the answer.

Maybe there’s more to this puzzle than meets the eyes, the ears and the gut feelings.

In China you’ll find people who practice tai chi in their 90’s and 100’s – and they smoke.

Stroll through some photos of people from the Caucasus mountain region and you’ll find these long-lived people with pipes in their hands or mouths.

Now, I’m not telling you to smoke pipes or cigars. I am questioning the so-called “facts” about smoking and longevity.

Personally, I think cigarettes, snuff and chewing tobacco are bad due to the chemicals that going into manufacturing them.

But then again, there are those who “defy the odds” in this area, too. So maybe the real answer is – “no one knows for sure.”

Maybe the real answer is MOVEMENT.

The 109-year old combat veteran MOVES. The tai chi players MOVE. The Caucasus mountain people MOVE.

Hmmm. Never thought of that, didja?

But how do they move? And how do they breathe? How relaxed are they physically and mentally.

With all ot the above said, written and almost sent – there is something urgent I’m going to be addressing tomorrow night to members of the Furey Faithful.

And I think it will give you a ton of insight into “hidden factors” about why some people live so long – are NOT obese – and are NOT sufferering from dis-ease.

Hint: It’s NOT necessarily the food you eat – but another factor that is right before your eyes on a daily basis – that you’ve probably overlooked or flat-out missed.

I’m serious.

You see and absorb every single day – but miss the obvious.

I beleive this one factor is literally destroying the health of millions.

And I’m going to reveal it tomorrow night.

Want to hear what I have to say? Then become a member of the Furey Faithful. pronto so I can hook you up.


Matt Furey

P.S. This teleseminar is not only life-changing for the better – but members also have access to a treasure trove – a virtual vault of information that no one else is getting. Take a peak inside and you’ll quickly and deliberately see what I’m saying here is RIGHT ON.

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