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Anti-Aging Doc Says

Nearly 17 years ago I met a doctor at one of my martial arts bootcamps. He would eventually become a top anti-aging specialist, who’s literally on “the immortality edge” of anti-aging medicine. In fact, he wrote a best-seller with those three words in the title – and it put him on stages all over the whirld, speaking to packed houses.

Anyway, at the time we first me, he was a beginner in the style I was teaching (but not a beginner in martial arts) and I felt it my responsibility to protect him from some of the young bucks who had a bit too much adrenaline and testosterone raging in their veins.

This doctor appreciated my concern and over the years, came to see me quite regularly for private instruction.

He ended up attending as well as speaking at many of my events – and both of us thought of one another as friends.

Then we had a disagreement and the friendship ended. Pronto.

Although we exchanged a few pleasantries by email and regular mail over the next six years, we did not speak again until last November, when a very different doctor as well as a very different teacher met at my Flow II seminar.

He was the doctor who was different. I was the different teacher.

Despite all the changes we’d gone through, within minutes we re-established a common ground and became friends once again.

I started taking his new off-the-charts products (especially TA-65). After using it for a week, I called Doc  to say, “Oh my God.”

Meanwhile, Doc signed up for my  Furey Faithful program, and after getting his first lesson in Chi Kung from me, he had an, “Oh my God” story of his own.

He’d NEVER seen me teach anything close to what he was taught – nor had he EVER gotten results that FELT so good so quickly. From anything he’d ever done.

Recently Doc wrote me the following which he insisted I use as a testimonial for all to see:

“For the past 2 decades I have traveled to the far corners of the Earth
as an anti-aging and regenerative medicine specialist, looking for the
best, most effective and genuine ways to rejuvenate the body. I have
found many wonderful things but my system was missing something
until my old friend and mentor, Matt Furey, casually mentioned he had
found something that was HUGE and was absolutely necessary for
staying young. I did not hesitate. ‘Count me in Matt!’ I said.

I have said those words to Matt many times over years and never ever
regretted it so I knew I would not regret it this time. But I was not prepared
for the quantum leaps, quantum changes and quantum improvements I’ve
made since learning Matt’s new system. Without a shadow of a doubt, his
teachings today go way beyond his earlier seminars, writings and DVDs.
I’m grateful to be getting this knowledge. It’s given me yet another edge
in my personal and professional life.”

Dave Woynarowski, MD
The World’s Top Anti-Aging Specialist
Author of The Immortality Edge

Thank you, Dr. Dave. Much appreciated. I think the combination of TA-65 and your other products, along with the Furey Faithful is the fastest way to rejuvenate, recharge and reconstruct a NEW YOU.

Ed, make sure you take a good look at Dr. Daves website and the many powerful life-changing products he has available.

And if you want the best of both whirlds, make sure you join both of us in the Furey Faithful.


Matt Furey

P.S. The Chi Kung videos I have on the Furey Faithful member’s site are only being made available to existing members and those who enroll this month. Make sure you’re in the loop on these as they are MEGA POWERFUL.

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