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Fake News

Today marks 477 days without television.

You read the above correctly. No tee-vee for me, for four hundred seventy-seven days.

This abstention from hypnosis via the “idiot box” also includes not watching professional sports such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and so on.

This means I must either read about what is supposedly going on – or hear about it through the grapevine. Or, if it’s particularly urgent, I can view a very quick clip online, then move on.

About a week ago I started hearing about “fake news.”

Now that’s an interesting term, especially when you consider that almost everything about television is fake.

I’m not just talking about the WWE either.

As the “E” in the above states, it’s “entertainment” – yet the masses plop before the box each day to watch something choreographed and quite possibly predetermined.

Based upon the above, I spend my time away from the television. I don’t turn it on and if it is on when I go somewhere, I avoid looking at it.

Now, you might wonder why I stopped watching television. There are many reasons – but foremost is that it’s designed to be so incredibly addictive that once I start watching, I get nothing done.

My workouts get put on hold. I stop reading. I communicate less with those around me – and then I start feeling lousy. Yet, once the news and sports and entertainment are not a part of my life, I am vibrantly alive and filled with creativity once again.

This leads me to believe the real “fake news” is the news playing inside your brain. The fakery that tells you that you’re nothing, a nobody, that you can’t do anything remarkably well.

Once you turn off the chattering box in the room, the REAL YOU manifests and begins to take charge of your life. Amazingly, you start feeling ALIVE once again.

You feel inspired to live a happier, healthier and more creative life. Your productivity increases and people react to you differently.

You have time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do but weren’t pursuing because your attention was gobbled up by the listless, passive and depression-inducing inactivity of watching television.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to get yourself into incredible condition, or you’ve wanted to write a book or travel the world.

All of the above are much more easily accomplished when you free yourself from the box.

Challenge yourself to see how many days you can go without. Well over a year ago I was on Day One.

Now I’m on Day 477.

It’s amazing how the days add up when you live them with creativity, and keep track in a hand-written journal each day.

Indubitably, this path is not for everyone – but if you feel an urging in your soul to follow along, then I’m with you.

Matt Furey

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