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The Power of Obsessive-Compulsives

One of the worst pieces of advice ever given is the admonition to practice moderation in everything.


If you want to get good at something, moderation is not the key that’ll get you there. Yet, this philosophy prevails and millions are harmed by it.

The other day I told a coaching member, “The masses are programmed for mediocrity and therefore will condemn those who work toward excellence.”

Granted, being obsessed does have pitfalls – but being mediocre at everything you do, that produces an unnecessary psychological inferiority that lingers into infinity.

I will readily and unabashedly admit to being obsessed with getting good at whatever I put my hands on. If it weren’t for a daily schedule, I would be out of control very easily, completely lost in a world of

The other night I went bowling. Twas “all you can bowl night” – which is perfect for someone who’s obsessed. I went there with the intention of only bowling five games. After five games I agreed to another, and another and another.

I ended up closing the place down at midnight after bowling 17 games.

This can be a HUGE pitfall when you have a list of 17 other activities you want to get good at doing as well. So I limit myself to two days a week of bowling, for now. I practice moderation in this activity and train my mind to get good at it with less practice – otherwise I don’t have time for tai chi, or stretching, or writing, or coaching clients – ALL of which, unsurprisingly, I want to get better at. No, that’s too weak. I don’t just want to get better – I want to get good.

After good – very good – and after very good, GREAT.

I’ll have more on this subject soon, but just want to let you know, if you’re working your tail off to get good at something and someone tells you that you have OCD, tell him this, “You make it sounds as though it’s a bad thing.”

Be it. Do it. Have it.

Matt Furey

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