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I’m In Eye of the Hurricane

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

While the media caters to the biggest whiners

and complainers about Hurricane Katrina – I’m

right here where the damage was the worst.

That would be Gulfport/Biloxi, Mississippi.

One year to the date of Hurricane Katrina, I visited

the Beau Rivage, which just had it’s grand re-opening.

Most people don’t realize it – but Mississippi got

hit harder than anyone last year. They lost every

national monument; as well as mansions and homes

that have been around for ages. Not just cheapo

trailers or old shacks. They also lost a bridge that

you’d think was hurricane-proof.

Yet, unlike those who want to sit around arguing about

whose fault it is, whose to blame and so on, the people

of Mississippi got off their asses and got to work. They put

together a plan and they’re working their plan. They have a

long way to go – but the good thing is that their energy isn’t

wrapped up in whining or arguing.

This is important because your orientation toward life affects

every area of your life – especially the area of getting results

faster than others.

When it comes to getting into the best shape of your life, many

people have a whining orientation. Instead of getting busy

getting fit – they want to know who to blame. Who made me fat?

Whose responsible for my diabetes? Who can I get mad at? Who

can I show my rage to?

And so on.

Well, I have an answer. Next time you want to shake and rattle your

finger at someone – do it at yourself.

Look yourself square in the eyes and say, “I’m the one who got my

body into this mess – and I’m the one who is going to change it.

I’m the one who can take charge of my health. I’m the one with the

strength, the courage, the confidence and the power to make myself

into a super-hero fitness machine. I want to be fit. And I’m choosing

NOW to make it happen.”

Yes … YOU are the one who is going to make it happen – and the fastest

way to take charge is by having a coach or team of others who’ve been

through the minefields before you – a coach who can help guide you to

your destination without all the agony and drudgery of dumb mistakes.

With your membership in the Matt Furey Inner Circle you get that coach

and that team.

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Matt Furey

Makes Fat Fly Off Your Body

Monday, August 28th, 2006

There’s another food choice I cover in the August

issue of my newsletter and CD – the issue that contains

revisions to the famous Furey Fat Loss Program.

We’ve already mailed them to everyone in the Matt

Furey Inner Circle – yet I thought I would mail the

same to everyone who enrolls today, as well – so

I ordered some extra copies.

Believe me, you DON’T want to miss out on these

changes. They can crank up your metabolism to the

point that you may exclaim, like my friend did to

me yesterday, “The fat is flying off my body.”

Well, maybe not at supersonic speed – but it is

definitely going away quickly. 20 pounds in 3

weeks. I call the pretty doggone fast.

My friend has more energy than ever before.

And he’s been able to cut his diabetes medication down

by a third.

He’s never been on a regime that was so easy

and effortless to follow – one in which he never

feels deprived. In fact, he says he’s stuffing himself

and the weight is still flying off.

Sounds like a winner to me.

On top of what I’ve mentioned, the man is 53 years

young – not exactly the age in which your metabolism

is a bullet train.

Now, being that my friend is the ONLY person in the U.S.

with a weight problem, I’m sure this message doesn’t

apply to anyone else, hehe. But just in case it does –

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Matt Furey

20 lbs. off in 3 Weeks

Sunday, August 27th, 2006

Got a call from a friend today.

Three weeks ago I put him on my revised

Furey Fat Loss Program – the one that members

of the Matt Furey Inner Circle will receive by mail.

He’s absolutely ecstatic.

20 lbs. have flown off his body. He has more

energy than ever before. And he’s been able

to cut his diabetes medication down by a third.

He’s never been on a regime that was so easy

and effortless to follow – one in which he never

feels deprived. In fact, he says he’s stuffing himself

and the weight is still flying off.

Sounds like a winner to me.

On top of what I’ve mentioned, the man is 53 years

young – not exactly the age in which your metabolism

is a bullet train.

Now, being that my friend is the ONLY person in the U.S.

with a weight problem, I’m sure this message doesn’t

apply to anyone else, hehe. But just in case it does –

could you send the big fella my way.

Send him or her to http://www.mattfurey.com/furey_inner_circle.html

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Or direct this person to http://www.mattfurey.com/fg324trfsr3ttai.html

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Matt Furey

100 Steps to 99 Years

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

Earlier tonight, after a good meal with the family,

we went for a walk along the beach.

It’s so nice to walk at night, especially when the sun

is going down.

As we walked Zhannie reminded me of the Chinese


“Fan hou san bu huo yi bai.”

This means: If you walk after dinner, you can live to be


Zhannie’s mother overheard us talking and quickly gave

a Chinese saying on the same topic. This one means almost

the same thing – but rhymes a bit.

Goes like this: “Fan hou bai bu zou huo dao jiushi jiu.”

Translation: After dinner walk 100 steps and you will live 99 years.”

Great wisdom in these sayings, my friend. No more do I need say, eh?


Matt Furey

P.S. If you don’t have the Chinese Long-Life System yet – be sure to

take a look at http://www.chineseculturesecrets.com/long_life.html

You are Bigger Than Money

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

Many people have an adversarial relationship

with money. They see money as the master;

themselves as the servant. Yet, in order to take

charge of your life – this image must be reversed.

You are the MASTER – money is your servant.

You’ve got to see yourself as BIGGER than money.

Not in an egotistical, big-headed way – but rather

in an ‘I have the ability to choose how much or how

little I want’ way.

When the bills pile up and frustration sets in – you

can choose to rise above this feeling; you can choose

to be in control of your emotional state, no matter

what is going on around you.

It’s not all that hard to do either. You can laugh in the

face of pain, accept it and use it as an ally – or you can

fight against the pain and make it worse.

People with an adversarial relationship with money are

always fighting with it. They’re mad when they pay their

bills. When they write a check their body is tense, they

stop breathing – there’s nothing positive about the


On the other hand, those who MASTER money – they pay

their bills with a sense of gratitude. They give thanks for

the money they have and what they are allowed to do

with it. They give thanks for the things they are able to


I started doing this many moons ago – long before I had

much to be grateful for. I was led to change my relationship

with money when, one day I took note of how my shoulders

and neck raised and my back stiffened when I wrote a check.

I noted how I stopped breathing. How I put a frown on my face

and clenched my teeth together. Even how, at times, I got sweaty

or cold palms.

All of these tension formations on my face and body were

blocking the flow – and I didn’t even realize it. I thought it

was ALL about the thoughts I had on the subject; or even

worse, those who were supposedly controlling me from the


Yet, to examine your body and the tensions in it – well, it’s

a wonderful way to know what your relationship is on any

given topic.

T. Harv Eker says that if you give him five minutes to speak

with you he can predict your financial future. He’s absolutely

right. Yet, another truth is – most of the time no conversation

needs to take place. Observe posture; observe breathing

pattern; observe range of facial expressions (many adults have

2 or 3 and they’re maxed out); observe, if you can, the energy

coming off the body of the person – and you’ll know what is

really going on.

Hearing someone speak – and listening to what is said and how

it is said – yes, that’s another factor. For example, you may have

had the experience of dining out, and when the waitress brings

you your bill, she says, “Here’s the damage.’


Who taught you that idiocy?

A bill is not damage. It’s nothing more than an amount I am

being asked to pay for a service that was rendered. I’m happy

to pay. I’m glad to pay. Whenever a waitress comes to with a

line like, “Here’s the damage,” – I smile and say, “I don’t pay

for damage. Bring me something else please.”

This turns the situation around real fast.

Never forget that every mind is both a broadcasting and receiving

station. We are continually sending out signals and receiving signals

– whether we know it or not. And the stronger the signal is on the

positive scale – the more positive energy is attracted to it. The more

negative the signal the more negative energy is attracted.

This is precisely why you want to eliminate an adversarial relationship

with money. The more negative you are about it – when getting paid or

when paying somoene else – the worse your financial situation will be.

Some months ago, on a Friday night, I took my wife, Zhannie, and our

kids to see a belly dancer at a Persian restaurant. Normally we go on

Saturday nights – but we wanted to see the performer on Friday as

well – so we decided to go for it all.

When the Friday night bellydancer began I took out a few ones and

handed them to my kids. I prodded them to give her a tip once she’d

finished her first number. Halfway through the second number, Frank

went out to tip the lady. She took the money in her hand instead of letting him

put it in her outfit (the normal way). She didn’t thank him for the tip. Made

no eye contact.

And worst of all – she dropped the bill on the floor.

I was horrified. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I turned to Zhannie and

said, “Last tip she gets from us. She has no respect for money.”

A few more people came forth and gave tips. She conducted herself

the same way. Take money. No gratitude. Drop money on floor.

Okay, what about the Saturday night belly dancer? Well, let me

say that she gets a ton of tips. Virtually every table in the place

coughs up the dough. Young kids; adult men; adult women. She

cleans up.

Do I even need to tell you why?

Okay, I will. When she dances and someone brings her a tip, she

allows human contact. She lets the child or the adult insert the tip

into her clothing. She smiles and dances and laughs the entire time

this is happening. She makes eye contact and thanks the person for

the tip. Then she does a little celebration dance to show she

respects the person who gave the money.

That’s the way to play the game. That’s the way to dance.

Now, from this alone I can predict each dancer’s financial future.

Even so, with my business and marketing know-how, I could take

either lady and make her a fortune beyond what she herself can

conceive of.

Why? Because my relationship to money is non-adversarial. Money is

not something I fight with or against. Not only do I know how to attract

it by being in front of someone – I also know how to attract it from

someone who lives thousands and thousands of miles away. Someone

I have never met or spoken to. I know how to attract it whether I am

dancing (working) or not; whether or not I’m sleeping; whether or not

I am on vacation.

How’d you like to learn how to do that?

I’m going to reveal how at my October seminar – The Science of

Super-Human Marketing. Who knows – I might even have one of the

belly dancers there to learn. If she listens and applies what I teach –

she could be dancing all over the world without leaving her home or

office – just like me.

How do I know? I know because each day my words, images, DVDs

and recordings are played all over the world – in places and countries

I’ve never even heard of.

Wouldn’t you like to have something like that happen in your life? And

be richly rewarded for it as well?

If so – here’s the link – http://www.knockoutmarketing.com. Click it an



Matt Furey

Drop Fat Fast

Friday, August 25th, 2006

Back in 1997, when I had a mere six weeks to prepare

for the Shuai-chiao kung fu world championships, held in

Beijing, China, – I followed a weight loss without strength-

loss program. I dropped 30 pounds and went on to win the


I made the fat loss program public a number of years ago,

and people who have folowed it have achieved amazing


The program works like magic. People get ripped; lose inches

of unwanted flab; lower their cholesterol levels, and so on.

YET – over the last couple months, whilst traveling in China, I

made some significant changes to the program that make it

at least three times better. And the changes make the program

even easier to follow.

In a nutshell, the Furey Fat Loss Program encourages you to

avoid all the starchy crap – like bread, pasta, rice, corn, beans,

legumes – and so on. But – unlike so many carb-free diets, I do

NOT tell you to avoid fruits and vegetables. I don’t believe that

low-carb diets that minus fruits and veggies are the best for most


At the present I am formulating the changes, revisions and improve-

ments to my program – and I’m making them available, first and

foremostly, to members of the Matt Furey Inner Circle.

Each month I’m highlighting simple steps and procedures YOU can

take to maximize your metabolism, turn up your butter-burning

machine, get ripped, and do so in complete comfort while increasing

strength, endurance, flexibility and power. When you follow the changes

I am making – and how YOU can easily make them in your own situation –

you are going to be completely captivated each morning when you look

in the mirror and see a better person emerging.

Oh, one more thing – and this may appeal to you – then again, it may not.

The changes I am tracking in the Furey Fat Loss System – WILL most likely

turn you into a sekx machine.

Okay, so you want to be on top of all the latest coming down the pike? Well,

that’s smart. Here’s what you can do to make sure you’re in the loop with the

rest of the Furey Faithful:

Sprint on over to http://www.mattfurey.com/furey_inner_circle.html and

make a one-year choice to be in the MFIC. At present we are looking at limiting

the number of people who can enroll for an entire year. The amount for the

year is far too low compared to the value being delivered. I’m frequently

embarrassed when I think of how much people are getting for nuthin when they

join – especially when I examine how much people in the MFIC have improved.

As such, I’m going to limit the number of NEW 1-year commitments.

So if you want to jump in at the lowest amount the MFIC will ever be offered, go

to http://www.mattfurey.com/furey_inner_circle.html and get on the horn.

One last thing: I realize that many people don’t want to enroll for a full year. They’d

rather ‘test-drive’ the program for a month to see if they like it. Tis fine with me.

So I’m also having a special ‘test-drive’ enrollment – and you can

read all about the benefits by going to http://www.mattfurey.com/fg324trfsr3ttai.html


Matt Furey

P.S. The number of success stories in the Matt Furey Inner Circle are legion. Be one

of the next in line who can say they ‘Kick Butt and Take Names.’

Copyright, Gold Medal Publications, Inc 2006


Friday, August 25th, 2006

About five minutes from my home there’s a

gas station/convenience store/restaurant. You

know what I’m talking about. An all-in-one place.

Years ago, you pulled into a gas station. An attendant

asked you what you wanted. Then he wiped your windows,

checked your oil and pumped your gas.

After getting your gas you drove off. Afterall, there was

nothing else there for you to buy.

Nowadays, get gas. Pump it yourself. Go inside, use bathroom.

Buy food, water, junk food, pizza, wings, hot peanuts, sandwiches,

cookies, coffee – maybe even some diapers or doo-rags.

It’s brilliant – really. Especially if the people working in the store

are pleasant, attractive and helpful. Not always the case – but

at this particular joint I go to for gas – it IS the case. Working

inside is a sandy brown haired (shoulder-length, I must add)

lady from the Czech Republic.

She’s slways pleasant. Always says hello. Always smiles. Always

thanks you for your business. Always tells you to have a nice day.

AND always makes eye contact.

Pretty basic, I know – yet your average worker in most of these

places does NONE of the above.

Shocked, I was, many years back when a friend and client told me

how he described me to others. “Matt’s the type of guy who looks

you in the eye when he speaks to you. And his eyes are glued to

you until the conversation is over.”

“Doesn’t everybody do that?” I asked. “I’d think of it as basic.”

“Hardly ANYONE does it,” he replied. “That’s why it stands out.”


Three days ago, after pumping my gas – I trekked inside the store

to grab a water. When I got to the counter, I found the Czech Republic

lady busy attending to other details while a cashier-in-training started

to ring my order.

No smile. No hello. No eye contact.

I was beginning to feel a bit disgruntled – but then my favorite cashier

spotted me and immediately took note of what I was wearing, and

made conversation.

“Did you go to the Olympics in Beijing?” she asked, when seeing the

red shirt and cap I had on.

“They haven’t had it yet.”

“Oh, I thought your shirt said 2002 – it’s in 2008,” she said.

“That’s right.”

“Are you going?”

“Don’t think so. It’ll be a mad house. Beijing is one of my favorite cities,

but I don’t think I want to be there during the Olympics. I’ll get a better

view on tee-vee.”

“Wait a minute,” she said. “The Beijing Olympics are in 2008 and they

ALREADY have t-shirts and caps made?”

“Beijing even had them made when they were first announced as the 2008

host – back in 2001, I think.”

“WOW,” she exclaimed. “Now THAT is good marketing.”

I smiled. “Indeed it is.”

Think of this for a moment. Right now we’re two years away from the

Beijing Olympics – yet the Chinese have been mentally celebrating this

event for four or five years. As a result I’ve already bought gold Olympic

coins. I’ve bought caps and shirts and anything else I can find. And I’m

not planning on going.

Yes, it is good marketing. But it’s also good thinking. It’s a good use of

your imagination. Pick a spot in the future and started getting excited

about it NOW. Don’t wait for excitement to come your way. Make it

happen by thinking about what you want in a glorious way.

Bring your imagined future into your present. Ponder the events and circumstances

you want to create. And as you do take time to feel how wonderful it is to BE


Many moons ago I remember someone telling me that it was best to have a

“be here now” orientation toward life. I told the man that SOME of the time

it is good to live in the present. Yet, if we were designed to only live in the

present, what would we have a memory for? What would we have a creative

imagination for? The key is balance.

Be THERE Now is just as good as ‘be here now.’ And in terms of creating your

dream life, I’d say it’s MORE important. You don’t create a wonderful future

by only living in the present. In fact, there’s a way to juggle the present and

the future – at the same time – in your visualizations – and this simple shift

in thinking can truly catapult you to greatness.

So get excited about your future. Pick a spot one year from today – or five years –

or ten. And get pumped about it. Doing so will change your life for the better.


Matt Furey

P.S. Claim your seat at my next seminar – coming to you in October – go to

http://www.knockoutmarketing.com and enroll today.

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Why I Don’t Solve Problems

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

The other day a man in the gym I train at began

to tell me of his problems.

Good thing is we were at a gym where I could

stretch, breathe and concentrate on exercising.

As he focused and talked about his problems

I concentrated – without talking – on getting stronger

and more flexible.

I did not stretch to solve a problem or to get rid of

anything. I stretched because it helps me improve

upon and work toward a specific goal.

After nearly 10 minutes of yapping about his

problems, the man paused for a moment

to ask, “Well, what do you think?”

“This stretch is getting a lot easier,” I said.

“I like how you can choose a target, work

on it a little each day and see progress.”

The man didn’t know what to say. He stopped

talking – and as far as I’m concerned, that’s a

good thing.

Later in the day I saw him again and he

apologized for breaking Furey’s “No

Whining” Rule.

Now, perhaps the above may seem ‘insensitive.’

Yet, I believe it is almost always the best

medicine for people who talk about their

problems. If you can get people to stop telling

their “song and dance” – not just to you, but

to everyone else, too – they’d be a lot further

down the road of success.

When you speak of your problems you activate

your Automatic Failure Mechanism. Sure, you

may find people who offer you solutions to your

problems – but you’ll probably reject the advice

even if it’s good because you’d rather tell your


A different approach is to give up problem solving

altogether and focus on being creatively alive.

You begin creating what you want in life, for no

other reason than you “want to.” You don’t do

anything because you’ve hit a pain threshold

that is somehow forcing you to move; not because

you have something to fix.

In the midst of painful problems, you can still engage

your Automatic Success Mechanism. You do this

by focusing on previous successes you’ve had.

You do this by coming to understand that you

attract more good to yourself by focusing ON the

good you’ve already got. Not by scratching and

clawing and nit-picking problems.

You attract more good by understanding how

life works. What you focus on expands. Positive

or negative.

Focus on problems – the Universe

hands you more. Focus on creative ideas (not

solutions) and the Universe sends

people, information, events and circumstances

your way to help you “make it happen.”

Not long ago I told a couple who is focused

on eliminating their “debt problem” that their

objective is off. Once they have eliminated their

debt – what do they have?

Nothing but eliminated debt. A big fat zero.

But what if, while in the midst of debt the couple

came up with creative ideas that made them


Ahhh – mucho differente – don’t you think?

My wife and I eliminated our debt years ago

with a combination of strategies – foremost of

which was putting aside something for ourselves

and “focusing” on the nest egg instead of the debt.

In the midst of major debt – we began creating

a wealth account. To feed the wealth account we

continually added 10% of everything coming our

way, regardless of bills. On top of this we came

up with creative ideas designed to “bring home

the bacon.”

It didn’t take long before our 10% became 20

and 30%. It didn’t take long before our wealth

account contained MORE than the idea or seed

of wealth.

So think – not of solving problems – not of finding

solutions. Think of creating your dream life.

As the Chinese people say, “Fei chang bu yiyang.”

Very, very different.


Matt Furey

P.S. Fees for my October seminar are going up very soon.

Learn to create the wealth you want in the fastest, smartest

way I know. Take my ideas and apply them to your own life.

Don’t problem solve. CREATE – http://www.knockoutmarketing.com

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Living – http://www.psycho-cybernetics.com/zrlcourse.html

I’m Giving Away My Book

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

This is NOT a joke. This is unprecedented.

Perhaps I’m crazy. Maybe even insane. But

I’ve decided to give my international best-seller,

Combat Conditioning away for nothing – as well

as a number of other incredible gifts.

Find out how you can get them by sprinting on over

to http://www.mattfurey.com/fg324trfsr3ttai.html

and pronto.

Don’t count on this offer lasting very long.



Matt Furey

P.S. Here’s the link again – http://www.mattfurey.com/


now haul ass.

You’re in the News

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

Here’s what I think about watching tee-vee

or listening to your ipod when you exercise:

Absolutely nothing.

Now, before you get upset with me and begin

name calling – consider this: Your thoughts have

creative power. When you exercise, you have

the ideal opportunity to strengthen the link

between mind and body.

If you think strong, vibrant and powerful thoughts

when you exercise, you improve your health at

a far greater clip – and you feel better about

who you are and what your role in life is.

If you go for a walk and whilst putting one step

before the other, you can choose to listen to the top 40 –

or you can think of the Top 10. By Top 10 I mean

your Top 10 goals – the things you’d really like to

accomplish in life – the things you’d really like to

do – the places you’d like to go – the people you’d

like to meet.

Or you can contemplate a single aim you

really, really want.

You could also use the time to ask yourself

questions that cause creative ideas to flow.

And – you can use the time to give thanks for

being alive.

All of the above are far better than watching

the 24-hour drumbeat of negative news.

Who killed whom?

Who got robbed?

How many bombs dropped today?

Why we’re all doomed for another series of

natural disasters.

Why you should go to bed scared and wake up

terrified of birds giving you the flu.

And if not the birds, watch out for the monkeys –

and the pigs.

Be scared all the freaking time, will ya?

Never relax. Never unwind. Never turn off

the clap-traps. Have someone else constantly

feeding you doom and gloom.

Ugggh. Tis NOT for me.

I’d rather go for a walk while focusing on my

breathing. I’d rather do some squats and pushups

and focus on nothing more than the number of

reps I’m doing – a meditation in and of itself.

I’d rather go to bed feeling good about the world,

transcending the thoughts and emotions that so

many people now feel are normal.

They’re not normal. They’re sick and depressing.

Rise to a higher level, my friend.

I’ll show you how when you’re a member of the Matt Furey

Inner Circlehttp://www.mattfurey.com/furey_inner_circle.html

and I’ll show you how in style.

Be MORE than you are right now. Give yourself the break you

need today – not from life – but from the noise the media

wants you to think is life.

Pay attention to the sound of your heart beating and your breath

going in and out of your body. Pay attention to how your muscles

and joints feel – and improve the functioning of them.

That’s the real story. That’s the only news that really counts.

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

P.S. We’ve got a truckload of gifts for you. Become a member

of the Matt Furey Inner Circle and claim them –


Copyright, Gold Medal Publications, Inc 2006

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