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They are Bogus

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

What I’m about to tell you, you may find disturbing. If you’re eating breakfast in a restaurant right now, you may want to stop eating, until you finish this email. Especially if you’re eating an “omelette.”

Last weekend while at a Marriott resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, I ordered an omelette. The chef then proceeded to grab a white carton that you would think contained milk or something.  Then he poured a yellow solution into the skillet. The next person in line ordered an egg white omelette. He grabbed a different carton and poured a white solution into the skillet.

At this point I decided not to have the omelette. After all, when I ask for eggs I assume I’m getting cracked eggs, not a solution of “eggs.”

Upon returning to my booth, the waiter overheard me telling other customers that the chef was not using real eggs. He came over to me and said, “We have real eggs. You just have to request them.”

“So that’s how it works now,” I said.

Now if you think the above only happens in giant hotel chains, think again. This morning, after finishing my Combat Chi Kung workout, I drove to a local breakfast joint who prides itself on serving healthy breakfasts. Nutritious breakfasts. Not the crap other restaurants serve.

Before I ordered, a little whisper from the ethers conveyed the following: “Furey, this place isn’t using real eggs either. Ask ’em.”

When the waiter approached my table I said, “I have a question. When you make an omelette here, do you use real eggs or a solution from a carton?”

He replied “We use the carton. If you want real eggs you have to ask for them. You just say you want cracked eggs.”

“What’s in the carton,” I asked. “I assume MSG and a bunch of other food additives. Am I right?”

His answer: “Oh, hell yeah. It’s loaded with MSG, nitrates and all sorts of other stuff that you don’t want in your body. And I have to tell you this if you ask.”

Is it any wonder that Americans are getting fatter and fatter by the day, even when they think they’re eating healthy?

I don’t know about you, but this sort of thing really pisses me off. The media wants you scared of getting salmonella poisoning from real eggs. HA. Meanwhile you’re being poisoned with something far worse.

I suggest you eat at home – or insist on cracked eggs when you eat out. Make no assumptions. Ask.

If eating at home, get some organic eggs. Preferably cage-free. And cook them in coconut oil or butter, not margarine or vegetable oil.

Doing this one thing will help rid your body of tension that keeps you from being flexible. If your brain and body is swimming in MSG, and almost all Americans’ brains and bodies are, it has to negatively affect everything.

It’s sad that we can’t trust a restaurant to give us real cracked eggs unless we ask for them. But I’ll tell you this, if you ask me for something, I’m giving you the real deal.

People who get my Combat Stretching program, get more flexible.

And quickly.

I help you crack open the real you hiding behind tight muscles and inflexible joints.

The real you doesn’t come out of a carton, but because of the way so many of us have been programmed, you may at times feel like you are trapped.

You don’t have to be.

Throw out the fake and associate with the real and everything about you will take a dramatic leap forward.

Order Combat Stretching today and rapidly double your flexibility.


Matt Furey

P.S. I have some gifts for the first 50 people who place their order today. Be one of them.

3 Quick Updates

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Today I have three updates for you direct from Furey Central. I’ll make these short and sweet.

First, many of you have inquired about how to get into my 2011 coaching programs. We have an all new video along with an application mattfureycoaching.com. This video is awesome, so make sure you go watch it now.

Second, there are still a couple spaces left for my Combat Yoga – Combat Chi Kung Seminar. Enroll now by going here.

Third, for those of you in the Tampa area, I’m giving a presentation tomorrow night called The Secrets of Flexible Strength. For more info on that, go here.

That’s it for now.

Matt Furey

See you next week

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

A quick reminder about my Combat Yoga – Combat Chi Kung Seminar in Cincinnati.

I still have some spaces available – and would love to see you there.

Last weekend in Phoenix I gave people in my coaching a small taste of what you’ll be getting this week. Comments coming in reported things like:

“This was off the chain.”

“Unbelievable experience.”

“I never believed anything like this before, but now I do.”

Again, the training I’ll be doing next week teaches the internal power missing from all other programs. It’s one thing to have muscular strength – it’s quite another to have tiger tendon strength.

Imagine this: standing on one leg and three or more physically fit adult men are pushing on you and not only can’t move you but fall down themselves trying. That’s just one of the surprises in store for you in Cincinnati.

Go here now to read all about it – and enroll.


Matt Furey

P.S. Is it physical power, mental power or something else that allows a person to do this? Discover the secret next week.

Secrets of Flexible Strength

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Secrets of Flexible Strength

Legendary Flexibility at 45 and Beyond

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Last night a dream came true for my family. Although we watched the Tampa Bay Rays lose a heartbreaker to the Texas Rangers, before the game we met the legendary all-time strikeout king, Nolan Ryan.

He was sitting in a private buffet room behind home plate reserved for season ticket holders. I spotted him and ran outside to get my son and daughter. Although a bit shy, when Frank, my daughter and I approached his table, he immediately stopped eating, turned to us, signed our balls and posed for photos.

Nolan Ryan

Frank Furey with Nolan Ryan

Unlike so many big league stars, Nolan Ryan is gracious, down to earth and appreciative of fans. Meeting him in person and getting his autograph, is a memory I will treasure forever.

You may not know this, but Nolan Ryan is legendary for other reasons, too. One of them has to do with his legendary flexibility.

Anyone who thinks flexibility has nothing to do with athletic performance, hasn’t studied this man. 27 years in the major leagues without a single serious injury. He threw the ball in the high 90-mph range, yet he never had Tommy John surgery or any of the other surgeries that so many pitchers have early on in their careers, not to mention when they get older.

If you ever watched Nolan Ryan pitch, you would see an incredible leg kick before each throw. You can’t kick your leg that high 100 plus times per game for 27 years unless you’re very flexible.

When tested in the following areas, Nolan Ryan ranked off the charts:

Hip mobility

Hamstring flexibility

Ankle mobility

T-spine mobility

Flexibility alone isn’t the only reason for Nolan Ryan’s pitching prowess but there’s no disputing the fact that it must’ve played a significant role. And I, for one, happen to be in a similar boat.

At 47 years of age I have never had any major orthopaedic surgery – although I have had a number of injuries – all of which I’ve successfully treated and fixed with improved flexibility and mobility in my muscles, joints and tendons.

Find a group of lifelong athletes in any sport, and you’ll be hard pressed to speak to anyone who has been surgery-free. Today, even young kids are going in for major surgery. Yet, there are some people in the strength training world who don’t know the first thing about real flexibility. They think it’s all about how far you can stretch.

Wrong. It’s far more than that.

I cover this in illustrious detail in my Combat Stretching course.

Additionally I’ll be covering it in a hands-on way at my all new Combat Yoga – Combat Chi Kung seminar next month. Go here for details.


Matt Furey

Bodybuilder Muscles Dangerous

Monday, October 11th, 2010

You ever see what happens to bodybuilders who have big muscles – but inflexible bodies?

Or big muscles with little function other than posing?

They get injured – easily.

In sports, players who do bodybuilding exercises are the first to go down for the count – out for the season.

Years ago I tossed a bodybuilder through the air with a kung fu technique and he screamed in agony BEFORE hitting the ground.

He was big and looked strong, but his muscles were counterfeit. They served no worthwhile function.

On the other hand, the flexible athlete who is also strong, he’s a tough one to injure.

I’ll be showing you how and why this is so at my fitness seminar next month. Seats are going fast. Make sure you enroll today by going here.


Matt Furey

Come Train with Me

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

My all new, never before held Combat Yoga and Combat Chi Kung Seminar web page is now live.

This event is limited to 36 attendees. And nearly half the seats are already taken due to behind the scenes talk. This seminar will blow away anything I’ve ever done, including my best-seller, Combat Conditioning. Go here now to enroll.


Matt Furey

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