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Words To Avoid

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

Yesterday afternoon I took my parents and a couple

brothers to the beach. They wanted to see our new

beach condo … and as the proud owner, I wanted to

show it to them.

While driving there, we started to discuss the best

restaurants in town, and I talked about the one I

had eaten at the night before – StoneWood Grille –

saying it was awesome.

In response, my mother chimed, ‘But the food there

is very expensive.’

‘Tis all a matter of perspective,’ I said.

‘That’s true,’ she replied.

After this little exchange, my brother Sean and I began

talking about words and phrases to be avoided – assuming

of course that you’re interested in moving up in the world.

‘I can’t afford it,’ said Sean. ‘Those words are a curse.’

‘You got that right,’ I said. ‘Reminds me of the 19-year

old I met last December. He wanted to enroll in my coaching

program, but didn’t have the money. Yet, he didn’t come up

to me and say, ‘I can’t afford it.’ He simply said, ‘I don’t have

the money right now, but I’ll have it by January 19.’

And he did.

After he paid me I asked how he came up with the dough.

He replied that he got an extra job and that he took out a

loan from his parents for the final portion he needed.

Smart kid. And as a result of my coaching he is now kicking


It’s really a matter of choice. Anything you really, really want

to do, have or own, if you open your mind to the possibility

that you can and WILL attract the dough – and that you’ll do

whatever it takes (legally of course) to get it – then you make

it happen.

Saying ‘I can’t afford it,’ curses yourself. It limits you. It

removes the word POSSIBLE from your vocabulary.

It doesn’t do anyting to improve your situation.

Yet, cracking open your skull to a world of new possibilities,

beginning to picture what you want and telling yourself you

are going to have it – that is the hallmark of the successful


Think about what you want right now, regardless of expense.

Tell yourself that you CAN have it. Then ask yourself ‘how’ and

the possibilities will begin spitting out of the old computer – also

known as – ‘your subconscious mind.’

For more help with this, be sure to check out the Zero Resistance

Living program at http://www.psycho-cybernetics.com/zrlcourse.html


Matt Furey

P.S. My October seminar – The Science of Super-Human Marketing is

now 70% full. Be sure to get in NOW before it is completely

sold out and the fee goes up. Go to http://www.knockoutmarketing.com

and see what the stampede is all about.

Start Your Day With a 6-Pack and a Couple Joints

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

Ya know, about a year ago I see an advertisement

for this doctor’s newsletter that says, ‘Start Your Day

With a Cup of Coffee and a Cigarette.’

In terms of arresting attention, it’s not bad … but I dare say

that MY headline for today’s email is a tad better.

And although I am not in agreement with a cup of

coffee and a cig for breakfast .. I am in favor a

six pack and a couple joints.

Let me explain – now that I have your attention in a

MachiaFurian** sort of way – the explanation you’ve been

waiting for:

When you train your abs first thing in the morning you

energize yourself for the day, you help your digestion,

you crank the voltage on your metabolism and … in a

nutshell, you ‘take charge’ of your day.

The Farmer Burns Stomach Flattener and vacuum – as

taught in Combat Abs – http://www.mattfurey.com/combat_abs.html

accomplish all of the above – and they begin to do so in just

‘five’ seconds. Yes, you heard that right. In five seconds you

can begin to take charge of your life by tightening your


Both exercises listed above are just two of the daily abdominal

exercises that make up The Magnificent Seven in Combat Abs.

The other five exercises are really a series of extraordinary

stretches for the lower back and waistline that help eliminate

lower back pain while strengthening the ‘core.’ None of them

are difficult – but if you don’t do them each day, or at least a

few times a week – your body becomes stiff and rigid. Not a

good thing.

But when you begin your day with the Magnificent Seven – you’ll

feel so good afterward that you’ll understand the meaning of

“a kick start for the day” … with a healthy dose of morphine.

Yes, morphine.

Truth is your body is like a living, breathing warehouse of

pharmaceutical drugs, ready to be released at any time … if … you

simply get off your ass and … do something.

No kidding.

You hear all this yapping about ‘runner’s high’ and an ‘aerobic

high.’ Fiddlesticks. That high ain’t nuthin compared to the high

you get from following the Magnificent Seven every morning.

And I should know because I’m high as a kite right now …


You, too, can feel as good as I do.

And you can feel this good every single day. But I understand

that some people would rather feel miserable – and I have no

objection if that is what someone wants. Tis not my job to

change someone’s mind.

I only want to present my point of view.

In so doing, allow me to present a recent email I received that

I think you’ll enjoy:

Dear Matt,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the Royal Court of Combat

Condiitoning – http://www.mattfurey.com/conditioning_book.html.

I had lifted weights regularly for the last 3 years and loved the benefits

in strength, health, etc. But, I hated how my back always hurt and

how all my muscles seemed ‘tight’.

I have been doing the Royal Court for about 6 weeks, and I get as good

of a strength workout as when I used to lift weights, but I knock out my

workout in less time, and my body feels more flexible and loose.

My back hurts much less, and for the first time in 5 years I can actually

believe that I can eventually get to be pain free. I have never believed

I could be pain free in my back. Also, as for the Farmer Burns Stomach

Flattener, this might be the best exercise in the world. I think everyone

wants to shrink their gut, but they believe they must do a crapload of cardio

or starve themselves. I have been doing the stomach flattener for 7

days, and my pants are already starting to feel looser, without changing

my diet … and it only takes a total of 3-5 minutes a day to do the stomach

flattener. AMAZING!!!

I have a question about the uphill sprints and the Hindu Squats. Do you believe

that these two exercises work all the muscles of the legs well enough by

themselves (for example, do they work your quads hard, but not hit your

hamstrings enough?). I want to make sure that I can do just these 2 exercises

a majority of the time and build strong, balanced, healthy legs, without having

to worry that my quads are getting too strong for my hamstrings.

Thanks so much,

Ranjay Atwal

M.F. Ranjay, first off, I’m thrilled to hear of your progress with both Combat

Conditioning and Combat Abs. Keep up the fine job you are doing. In regard

to your question, understand that in both Hindu Squats and uphill sprints you

are working the entire body as a system. You need not concern yourself with

every single itty bitty bodypart. I have never worried about working my

hamstrings since the day I learned these exercises, especially when you toss

in the Hindu Pushups, which work your legs as well as your upper body. If

you need further proof that your hamstrings are getting worked during the

Hindu Pushup, then put your feet together when you do them and push as

far back as possible on each rep. It will stretch your hamstrings, calves and

shoulders big time. In my opinion, that’s plenty and you’ll get stronger and

more flexible at the same time. All the best.

Well, my friend, that’s all for today’s tip.

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

Int’l best-selling author of Combat Conditioning, Combat Abs and

a ho bunch of other programs – http://www.mattfurey.com/products.html

New Word for Today – MachiaFurian** – taken from a combination

of that which is Machiavellian and that which emanates from the brain

of Furey. The effect of the combination balances out the evil and

restores it to its otherwise harmonious nature.

Chinese Doctor Gives Thumbs Up

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

Computer Butt Syndrome isn’t the only thing you get

from sitting on your rumpus staring at the Internet all

day. There’s something else you MUST be aware of, too.

Look at the following email and you’ll see what I

mean – and how to fix it.

Hi Matt,

I’m a 21-year-old male in Toronto,Canada. I want to

thank you for your “Combat Conditioning” book.

About a month ago I found myself having “Computer Butt


With a sense of vengence, I took out the book, read it over

and started doing 6 exercises including the three “Royal Court”


In the past I always had some lightheaded feeling after doing the

back-bridging. I thought the exercise was not for me but somehow

I believed that it would be better if I keep doing it. And today I

noticed the lightheaded feeling is gone. I felt more energized after

doing back-bridging without being fatigued or dizzy. I also noticed

that the duration increased up to 1 min. When I started out I only

could do it for 20 seconds.

I have a simple question for you, I went to a Chinese doctor and she

told me the base of my spine is out of its place slightly and also told

me it’s common among people who sit in front of a computer. I asked

her opinion about the back-bridging and hand-standing exercises. She

told me that those would be very good exercises for fixing my back

problem. Do you have any suggesion to maximize the results?

Lastly I want to thank you for helping me to feel better.


M.F. First, glad you’re exposing the truth that Computer Butt

Syndrome is BOTH a male and female challenge. Even for a

youngin of 21. Second, I’m glad you stuck with the bridging.

The light-headed feeling is due to you FINALLY getting some

blood to your noggin. Much needed, I might add. Not just for

you – but for ME – and everyone else.

The only advice I have in addition to what the Chinese doctor

told you is, in the words of Emerson, “Do the thing and you

will have the power.” Stop thinking about it. Stop looking for

advice on every little thing that you could figure out yourself

if you’d simply DO.

One final comment: In my library I have dozens of Chinese

fitness books – and a large percentage of them show bridging

as the key to eliminating neck and back pain and strengthening

the whole body. So it comes as no surprise that your Chinese

doctor was right on this one. And the good news is that a good

percentage of M.D.s, chiropractors, and other health pros are

touting the positive effects of bridging, too. So I think you’re

in good hands, Hans.

Well, that’s all for now.

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

Autor of the Int’l best-sellers, Combat Conditioning and Combat

Abs – http://www.mattfurey.com/products.html

Blood n Guts Ju-Jutsu

Sunday, May 28th, 2006

Been debating on whether or not to tell you about a set

of secret manuals on the art and science of kicking rumpus

with Japanese Ju-Jutsu.

Truth is, I’ve wanted to keep my study of these materials secret

because I have been a wrestler for 35 years now, and giving credit

to Ju-Jutsu is no easy task for me – and no doubt, some wrestlers

are going to hate me for this.

But the truth is the truth and I’m going to do in NOW – today – because

these secret manuals really are sensational and there is a ton to learn

in them, not only for wrestlers, martial artists and fighters – but MOST

importantly, the average man or woman who wants to protect his life

and the life of those whom he LOVES.

Now, coming from me, a lifelong wrestler – as well as the King

of Catch Wrestling (Grappling, 2003), I am making a major

concension when I say that these manuals are incredible. But as

you know, Matt Fure-cat Furey is the definitive straight-shooter and

that ain’t a gonna change.

The wrestling vs. Ju-Jitsu feud is a long and never-ending

one. Even Farmer Burns, whom I’ve introduced to you

before, was part of the feud as far back as 1914.

So, in saying these materials are ‘must have’ – I risk

not only my reputation – but the ‘Farmer’s’ as well.

And I’m willing to do so because these training programs

from pre-WWI and WWII are the REAL DEAL. They’ll give

you techniques that work to instantly stop any thug in his


No sissy stuff. All blood n guts.

Check it out NOW by going to http://www.mattfurey.com/lightning_ju-jitsu.html


Matt Furey

P.S. Did you know that Prez Teddy Roosevelt practiced Ju-Jitsu in the

White House. Well, the page I’m sending you to has information on him

too – and it is absoulte MUST reading –http://www.mattfurey.com/lightning_ju-jitsu.html

How Many Ways Can You See Yourself

Sunday, May 28th, 2006

Think about this for a moment. How many ways can you come up with

to ‘see yourself?’

Can you make yourself bigger, taller, smaller, lighter? Can you make

yourself heavier, softer, harder or more relaxed?

Can you make yourself smile, frown, laugh, cry?

Can you see yourself as a success in business; in relationships;

in school; as a speaker, writer, teacher, coach or mentor?

Can you see yourself traveling the world, living here and abroad?

Can you see yourself as young, vibrant and healthy, regardless of

your age?

The better you are at seeing yourself in different ways, the easier

it will be to ‘zero in’ on the way you really want to be.

Just remember to be willing to do whatever it takes to make things

happen in your life. Get the vision – then make it a reality.

The course that shows you how to do this in magnificent fashion is

Dr. Maltz’ Zero Resistance Living. I encourage you to give it a whirl

by going to http://www.psycho-cybernetics.com/zrlcourse.html


Matt Furey

P.S. Yesterday was a great day. Today is, too. Be sure to make your

future great as well, by learning the secrets of Staying Home and

making a fortune. Tis yet another way to see yourself, eh. Go to


7 Reasons You Should Bridge

Sunday, May 28th, 2006

Last night, before hitting the rack, I went through a simple

bridging routine. I alternated the back bridge and the front

bridge – with several details that I’ve never taught before.

I do this routine before bed for a couple reasons that I have

never written about before. And that includes what I wrote in

Combat Conditioning as well as Combat Abs, as well as Gama-Fitness,


Anyway, the reasons why I bridge this way are as follows:

1. It puts me into a euphoric state – nice to feel that before bed,

don’t you think

2. It energizes me – just not the type of energy that interferes with

sleep – more like the kind of energy where you KNOW your brain is


3. It increases electrical charge and vibration throughout my entire


4. It makes me aware of energy at a more subtle level – this comes

in handy whether you’re a competitive athlete or someone who deals

with people for a living.

5. It increases seksual energy. Now, no one is interested in THAT topic,


6. It helps burn off belly fat as well as the turkey fat on your neck. If you

don’t want a bunch of loose skin hanging from your neck as you age, then

be sure to bridge.

7. It increases feeling of groundedness.

Now, the above represent only seven reasons why the bridge is so great.

I’ve written about many others previously, such as elimination of back pain,

and so on. Yet, the key is in the doing of the bridge. Anyone can read about


Reminds me of a saying I learned long ago, before people started calling me

the Zen Master.

It goes like this: ‘The study of Zen is not Zen.’

So many people today are simply ‘readers.’ They read but don’t do. Or they

go on discussion boards and rave about their knowledge. That’s fine – but make

sure you DO first.

Afterall, ‘the study of exercise is not exercise.’

Make sure you take time to bridge today.

And if you can’t do the bridges in my book just yet, if they’re too advanced for

you, then start with a light bridge over a Swiss ball. That’ll get you headed in

the right direction.

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

P.S. Anytime you want to know ‘what’s new’ in terms of products – go to


Bodybuilders Have Counterfeit Muscle

Friday, May 26th, 2006

Today I’m going to reveal even more reasons

why it’s not a good idea to become part of the

sub-culture of bodybuilding.

Before I do, let me be perfectly clear about one

thing. I am NOT a bodybuilder – nor do I teach

bodybuilding exercises. Yes, the exercises I teach

can and do BUILD and improve your body – but they

are NOT bodybuilding from the standpoint I’ll be

elaborating on today.

The exercises in Combat Conditioning and Combat

Abs – just two of my international best-sellers, are

fitness, conditioning and health exercises. They can

and do strengthen your arms, legs, chest, shoulders,

back, neck, abs and so on. They give you endurance

galore. They improve your flexibility. They greatly

improve your physical appearance.

But they are NOT designed with the primary intention

of making you look like you’re fit, healthy and vibrantly

alive – when you’re really not.

There you have it, my friend. The above paragraph gives

you the way most bodybuilders think – and the way they

want YOU to think.

They want you to be obsessed with every morsel of body

fat. They want you to count the number of veins you can

see when you flex. They want you to to have symmetry

and a host of other artsy-fartsy terms.

And they could care less about how strong you are, how

athletic you are, how healthy you are, how flexibile – nor

how intelligent.

Shave body. Apply lotion. Stand before mirror – primp and


Get into tanning bed.

Workout with weights that would embarrass a five-year old.

And when you train – remember, pump is more important than


Build your muscles as big as you can – but never ask yourself

questions like: How strong am I, really. How much endurance do

I have. How flexible am I. And most importantly – what can I do

with this body I’m creating – other than pose and flex.

I am not embellishing the truth in the least when I tell you that there

are champion bodybuilders who cannot walk up a flight of stairs without

being out of gas.

One of my favorite eye-witness accounts was when I spoke to a

bodybuilder in a gym. He was pedaling an exercycle. It was a

computerized device made by a top company. Yet, the amazing

fact was the bodybuilder was pedaling without it being turned on.

I asked him what he was doing. I thought the machine might be

broken. But it wasn’t. This was the man’s “cardio workout.”

“I burn more fat when I train this way,” he said.

“Yeah, I’m SURRRRRRE you do,” I replied. “You just better hope

that you never have to be fit enough to save your own life someday.”

And therein lies another truism exposing the fallacy of bodybuilding.

These guys are not fit enough to save their own lives. They’re not

fit enough to even fight. Yet they’ll take enough roids that they can

growl and groan and scream as if they’re tiger-claw tough.

Believe me, they aren’t.

Most bodybuilders are massively insecure; have weak self-images –

and all you need do to make one upset is say, “My goodness, your

arms are looking a bit smaller. Are you okay.”

Men who get fit the Combat Conditioning way love to compete against

bodybuilders in a functional way – especially in a combat sport or

martial art. When we do, we quickly discover what we already know:

All those big muscles, rips, cuts, nips, tucks and striations – they don’t

amount to a hill of … well, anything.

Despite the size, the striations and the low, low, low bodyfat – the truth is

that bodybuilder muscles are “counterfeit.” They’re the antithesis of

functional strength – of core strength.

All of the above represents reason after reason why you’ll love Combat

Conditioning. You get fit in a natural way. You acquire strength, endurance

and flexibility that you can USE.

You don’t need to shave your chest. You don’t need a tanning bed or a

set of posing trunks.

Much of the time, you don’t even need a mirror – even though from time to

time the mirror can and should be used as a training guide and measuring

stick – just not in the obsessive/compulsive way that bodybuilders use it.

Most importantly, with Combat Conditioning, you build the internal and

external strength and health that can save your own life. And along with

this comes confidence and courage.

So reach out and grab the authentic, the real, the genuine training that

truly DOES improve your life. And leave the counterfeit muscles to those

whose bodies gradually become so racked with pain that they can barely

move at all.

Take the next Combat Conditioning flight. Ride first class on your way to

real health and fitness.

Come fly with me – NOW – today.

Go to http://www.mattfurey.com/conditioning_book.html and make this

summer the season you turn back time.

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

P.S. Before I forget, you can get Combat Abs by going to


Trump’s Secret is Out

Friday, May 26th, 2006

I’d like to tell you about one of my heroes. And no,

it’s not “the Donald.”

A couple years ago I started receiving orders for

my fitness products and in the section where you

are asked, “How’d you hear about me” – an unusual

name kept creeping up.

Had no idea who the guy was. (Again, it’s not “the Donald.”)

About six months after repeatedly seeing his name,

the guy signed up to go to one of my seminars.

That was back in August of 2004.

I spoke to the guy briefly in between rounds. I thanked

him for all the business he referred to me. He smiled

humbly and asked me about my coaching program,

which he joined.

After he joined my program I learned more and more

about this man. First off, he became a millionaire in his

20’s – something few people ever do, at any age.

Topping it off, in addition to what he does in the real

estate market, he also had a successful online business where

he teaches others how they can make their fortune, too. And he

has a ton of success stories.

I’m following what he teaches and I’m thrilled in doing so. So

much so that I call the guy “my hero.”

In fact, I especially like how this guy likes to roar, “Hey Trump,

Your Secret is Out.”

What secret is that.

Well, I suggest you take a peek at http://www.mattfurey.com/real_estate.html

and see for yourself.


Matt Furey

There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills and …

Thursday, May 25th, 2006

Beware the Preening Bodybuilder

Just returned from a few days in Pennsylvania, where

I was meeting with a friend and client.

One of the great things about Pennsylvania, when compared

to Florida – is the hills.

For one, they’re wonderful to view. But of utmost importance

to me, the true beauty of hills is mining their gold – and the

best way to mine the gold from a hill is to walk it, run it and

sprint up it.

Walking, running and sprinting on hills is akin to taking a pan,

pick and shovel in search of gold – and discovering it within

minutes. Training on a hill is one of the fastest ways to get

your body into top physical condition – tis why I wrote about

it in Combat Conditioninghttp://www.mattfurey.com/conditioning_book.html

as well as my very first book, The Martial Art of Wrestling.

While in Florida I have various ways of making up for lack of hills – and I

cover them from time to time in my Inner Circle newsletter and CD’s.

Yet, nothing beats the smell of fresh air, pine and grass on a mountain.

My friend, believe it or don’t, lives one block away from a three-block

stretch of progressively steeper hill country. Yet, he wasn’t running or

walking it – until the Fure-cat arrived.

Within two hours of my plane landing, I had him on the hills. And the next

day we did some more.

15 minutes was all it took – and his legs and lungs were spanked. So were


At the completion of the last trip upward, he turned to me and said, “I live

right next to a gold mine and didn’t even realize it.”

I nodded – then told him 3x a week on the hills will whoop him into great

shape fast – especially when combined with Hindu Squats, Hindu Pushups

and bridging.


Speaking of Hindu Squats, the other day I received an email from a reader

who showed her chiropractor my book, then asked his opinion of Hindu

squats. He told her that this exercise would tear the ligaments in her knees.

She asked my opinion.

My opinion: Your chiropractor is an idiot. Get a new one.


Another reader mentioned that he just got my book and DVDs and sometimes

he feels knee pain when doing Hindu Squats. What to do, he asked.

Answer: First, read the book. I cover the answer to this question quite thoroughly.

Second, in the rare situation that Hindu Squats are not appropriate for you, then

do the wall chair. Almost all knee pain when doing Hindu Squats is due to the tendons

and ligaments of the legs being weak – and until they catch up to the strength of the

muscles – which normally takes 4-6 weeks, there can be some knee pain. After

the 4-6 weeks, it is quite possible that you’ll be like so many of the Furey Faithful

who discovered – voila – no more knee pain. And this was after suffering with bad

kness for ages.


Yet another reader wrote to tell me of a bodybuilder who was demonstrating Hindu

squats on video – and telling viewers that he uses them as a warmup because that’s

all they are – a warmup exercise.

He sent me the video to look at. All I can say is, based on the way the bodybuilder

is doing what HE calls Hindu Squats – he’s probably right. Thing is, if he did Hindu

squats correctly, he might change his mind. The guy does his Hindu Squats like

he’s lifting weights. The best part is when he said, ‘Now let me show you how to

do them fast.” I wanted to fall out of my chair laughing, but that would have been

too much trouble.

On the Combat Conditioning DVDs you will see me crank out 100-straight Hindu

squats. I do them at the speed I normally do them when I train – which is some

what fast. It is normal for me to do 500 in less than 13 minutes.

The bodybuilder – well, if he did 500 in 40 minutes, it would be a miracle. No

wonder he thinks they’re a warmup.

As Harvey MacKay would say, “Beware the naked man who offers you his

shirt.” Or in this case, “Beware the preening, self-absorbed bodybuilder who

offers you his vanity.”

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

P.S. A set of my international best-selling book and DVDs on Combat Conditioning

is waiting for you in my office. It has your name on it. All you need do

is give the word by agreeing to change your life for the better by placing

your order – and we’ll zip them right off to you. Run on over to

http://www.mattfurey.com/conditioning_book.html to order NOW.

ONLY Exception I’ve Made This Year

Wednesday, May 24th, 2006

Every year I am asked by people from all over

the world to come to their seminar or event as

a guest speaker.

And time after time I turn down virtually every

request. At this time in my life I prefer NOT to

travel here, there and everywhere in order to

speak. Even when doing so is guaranteed to make

me a pile of dough.

That’s why all my seminars and coaching sessions

are in Tampa – where my wife and children are

closeby. In the past couple years I have only

agreed to two outside speaking engagements.

This year I am making only one exception to my

“Tampa-only” speaking schedule.

Back in January, Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer invited

me to speak at their November Summit – being held

in Atlanta, Georgia. I was at my vacation home in

China when the request came – and because of my

profound admiration and respect for both of these

men – I immediately agreed. Shortly thereafter I

was asked by a number of other groups to speak –

my answer was “no.”

In fact, even those who call and/or email asking to

interview me for thier radio or tee-vee show – or

for a private teleseminar for their clients – are

quickly refused.

In the future I may change my ways and be more

open to outside engagements – but for now that’s the

way I am: reclusive and private.

Now, what I have just stated is merely part of the

reason why it is a very, very, very big deal for

me to speak at this seminar in Atlanta.

The other part is the value of the life-transforming information

– and energy – I will give to all who attend this event – as well

as the number of other “heavyweight” speakers at the event.

I’m telling you right here and right now – this is a “must attend”


You will be blown away with what I, alone, have to present. Not

to mention everyone else.

What I have to teach you will be something you will be talking

about for years to come. What I have to tell you WILL change

the course of your life forever.

When I CHOOSE to leave my abode to speak – I turn all the

faucets to full blast. I pull out all the stops. I leave nothing on

the table. I give you EVERYTHING I have – and then some.

And so – this is an event you must attend. I urge you to go to

http://www.dankennedyssl.com/mattfurey right NOW and

enroll in this event.

It will be a packed house. It will be the thrill of a lifetime.

I look forward to meeting you in person, shaking your hand and

hearing your story.


Matt Furey

P.S. Don’t delay – click the link today. This event will be sold out

very, very soon. Go to http://www.dankennedyssl.com/mattfurey

and enroll NOW.

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