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Archive for September, 2007

Slapped Silly

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

My wife almost slapped me when she heard about

me handing out copies of my book, a new DVD and

my new card decks for nothing.

But then she saw the new design for my website – which

just went live thanks to the back-breaking work of my

good friend, Eddie Baran.

You’ve got to check it out NOW – especially while the latest

offer is still valid. Go to http://mattfurey.com and see what

I mean.


Matt Furey


My $1.00 Offer

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

Yesterday I made an offer and the response was so

BIG I contacted the hotel to see if there’s any way

we can add more seats to the room for the event.

They’re checking on it for me.

In the interim, I think it’s a good idea to jump on this NOW.

Read on and see why:

I recognize that some of you want to attend my October seminar on

Zero Resistance Internet Marketing – but you’re afraid of taking a risk.

So here’s what I’m going to do for the next 48 hours only.

I’m going to let you come check me out for the first night of my seminar

for only $1.00. And if you’re not convinced after hearing me speak for

three hours – that I’m the real deal and what I teach is worth everything

I’m charging, then you’re free to leave – and if you want, I’ll even pay your

coach airfare home. So you have absolutely nothing to lose. All risk is on ME.

I have removed all resistance. There is nothing standing in your way – nothing

keeping you from saying “YES.”

Enroll now at http://www.knockoutmarketing.com/1buck.html


Matthew Furey

Man Crucifies Himself

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

A couple things to report:

1. Just received word from MFIC member, Raymond Lefebvre,

that he not only completed doing 100,000 Hindu squats for

the year – but he attempted “The Crucifixion” workout I gave

in Gama Fitness – http://gama-fitness.com.

This is a first. No other member has ever attempted this

workout before as it’s like being, well … crucified. We’re

talking 2000 Hindu Squats, 1000 Hindu Pushups and a

back bridge with someone on your chest.

HUGE congrats to Raymond, who began his story with

gratitude, thanking all the other members for their


2. Big Change in Matt Furey Inner Circle . Members USED

to receive a written newsletter along with an audio CD

each month. Being I am continually looking for ways to

bump the value – I changed to a monthly DVD newsletter.

And MFIC’ers are stark raving MAD about it. Here’s an

example of their insanity:


The new Inner Circle DVD is awesome. The monthly

cds that you sent were great. But, now. we can not only

hear you, but, see you. as well. Talk about a motivator.

This is the ticket. I only have one more thing to say.


Thanks so much.


Carlo Berto

MJF: Thanks Carlo. Very happy you enjoy the upgrade.

And to all of you who are NOT yet members of the MFIC

DVD-Workout-of-the-Month Club – jump on board now

as a test-drive member and I promise you will never regret

doing so.

Go to http://mattfurey.com/conditioning_book.html and

enroll NOW.

Rise Up,

Matt Furey

Catch Your Dream Fish Everytime

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

If you love to fish and want to know how you

can land bigger and better fish – any day of

the year – then hold on to your line because

this may be the most important technological

breakthrough in fishing ever created.

I’m talking about a software program called FishLogix –

a program that tells you where the fish are, what

they bite on – and when they’re ready to bite.

This means no more wasted time. No more wasted

trips. No more letdown at the end of the day when

someone says, “Catchin any.”

Every time you hear this question you’ll be able to

hoist a school of fish in the air and say, “Sure am.

How bout you.”

Suppose your dream fish is a MUSKIE. The fish of

10,000 casts.

Well, with FishLogix you’ll know right where they

are and where they’re biting.

What more could you ask for. No matter where you

live in the U.S. – FishLogix removes all guess work.

Imagine coming home with trophy size fish every

single time you leave the house. Imagine holding

your fish up for photos that are captured in Outdoor

Life and some other famous publications.

Well, it can happen for you if you have FishLogix. That’s

why I’m recommending it to you. Several of my friends

began using it this year and they swear by it.

I’d like YOU to be next. So cast your line over to

http://mattfurey.com/fishlogix.html and take a gander

at the trophy size fish and the software program that

is going to do most of the hard work for you.

This program is a winner. It’ll help you bring home fish

that will make the neighbors come running.


Matt Furey

P.S. FishLogix – http://mattfurey.com/fishlogix.html – is way

underpriced right now. But I doubt it will be for long. Especially

after the word gets out about who is catching the biggest fish –

and why. Get in NOW while the getting is GREAT.

What’s Getting in Your Way

Friday, September 28th, 2007

Yesterday I wrote the following in my journal:

“There is nothing getting in the way of what I have to

do today.”

I wrote the following after noticing another mental

picture running around in my brain – and it wasn’t one

I wanted.

Here’s the full story:

On Tuesday I flew to Manhattan for a check-up on my

eye. On board the plane I outlined several things I was

going to write while in New York – including two new

chapters for a book.

When I got to my hotel and turned on my computer, an

assembly line of messages came my way – all of them

URGENT – screaming for my immediate attention.

And all of them could have waited or been ignored. I

know this for a fact after spending a month resting

to let my eye heal. Yet now that I am able to move

and get things done – I allowed myself to get sucked

into other peoples’ funnel clouds.

Two days later, when I boarded the plane to go home,

I had not written a single chapter.

Naturally I had a great excuse. I heard myself saying

it silently to myself. It goes like this:

“I would have gotten my writing done but things kept

getting in my way.”

Aha – you little devil. I caught you.

Would I take this excuse seriously from a coaching client.

Would I listen to the person who says, “I would have been

there but I had to … ”

99% of the time, no.

Yes, sometimes there are valid reasons. A new baby being

born. Death in the family. Emergency surgery. But almost

everything else is pure hogwash.

If you want to be there, you’ll be there and if you’re not there –

it’s because you formed mental images ahead of time that

led you to “an excuse” that you feel justifies your decision.

And the same goes with those two chapters. If I really wanted

to have them done, they’d be done. I would have told all the others:

“Listen, you don’t spring things on me last minute, with

no prior warning – and expect me to make it MY crisis.

Show a little respect for my time.”

I didn’t do that – but today I have another chance and I know

this won’t happen again. By Monday those two new chapters

will be done.

How do I know. I know because I’ve taken the time to consciously

analyze the situation, what I did wrong – and what I’ll do right next


I’ve also found the mental picture that was making

it “okay” to slack on what is most important to me.

What I have described is an example of finding out where you

have resistance to your own success – and making a decision

to remove it.

At every level of accomplishment there will be layers of resistance

you’ll want to remove. But the resistance isn’t on the outside. The

resistance is on the inside.

Yes, it will appear on the outside in the form of six million urgent

things to be done – but they only appear urgent because you’re

allowing them to occupy space in your mind.

If you change your mental picture from one of “things getting in the

way” to one of “nothing is in my way” – you’ll be astounded at how

quickly your excuses die a sudden death. You’ll be amazed to feel

what Zero Resistance Living truly is.

The reason I know what to do when I see a negative image is simple.

I own Zero Resistance Living – and I use it daily. If you want this same

power to change your results rapidly, then make sure you get a copy

of it NOW – http://www.psycho-cybernetics.com/zrlcourse.html

The alternative: Continue picturing what you’ve always pictured – and

keep getting the same results.


Matthew Furey

P.S. I recognize that some of you want to attend my October seminar on

Zero Resistance Internet Marketing – but you’re afraid of taking a risk.

So here’s what I’m going to do for the next 48 hours only.

I’m going to let you come check me out for the first night of my seminar

for only $1.00. And if you’re not convinced after hearing me speak for

three hours – that I’m the real deal and what I teach is worth everything

I’m charging, then you’re free to leave – and if you want, I’ll even pay your

coach airfare home. So you have absolutely nothing to lose. All risk is on ME.

I have removed all resistance. There is nothing standing in your way – nothing

keeping you from saying “YES.”

Enroll now at http://www.knockoutmarketing.com/1buck.html

Don’t Take Fish Oil

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

I used to recommend taking fish oil – provided it

was the pharmaceutical variety. Not anymore.

Why the change.

Because I have something I’m taking that is

far, far better. You’ll be hearing about it from me


One of the biggest problems with fish oil – including

the pharmaceutical brand – is the fishy taste you burp


If you’re taking a pharmaceutical brand – the fishy smell

and burp is less than the non-pharmaceutical, but it is

still there. So even if it is promised that there won’t be

a fishy burp – there will be.

Unless you find a fish oil that is not yellow in color. By

this I mean, you must find a fish oil in which you cannot

see yellow from the outside of the capsule itself. If you can –

this may mean the fish oil has been exposed to ultraviolet

light and is NOT of the highest grade. You might even say

it’s somewhat contaminated.

That’s why the fishy burp – even if you’re promised there

won’t be one.

Is there a fish oil that doesn’t look yellow from the outside.


What you want to do is find one that has a carmelized color

coating. This protects the oil from ultra violet light. And I

can guarantee there will NOT be a fishy burp when you

ingest this type.

Even so, what I’m going to be recommending to you very

soon is so much better than fish oil that even IF you find

a carmel color fish oil – you still won’t want to take it.

Yes, what I am taking is far, far better.

So stay tuned.

And those of you who are members of the Matt Furey Inner

Circle – I’m looking into sending all of you a sample at no


Yet another reason to become a member NOW.

Go to http://www.mattfurey.com/conditioning_book.html

and enroll. You get my best-selling book for no charge – as

well as my Royal Court DVD – as well as my deck of poker

cards known as the Matt Furey Exercise Bible.

But I can only give out another 725 of these in the current

test. So jump on this now.


Matt Furey

Crying Over the ‘M’ Word

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

One reader of this e-letter took me up on my

challenge. After reading yesterday’s tip entitled,

“Everything in the World is a Mental Picture” –

he had a conversation with his mother.

He used both ‘M’ words in conversation – as well

as the ‘S’ word. To refresh, the words were muney,

marketing and selling.

His mother couldn’t stand it. She broke down and


That’s how much these three words hurt her – for

no other reason than she has negative mental pictures

in her brain about them – and these mental pictures

create feelings of turmoil and anguish.

Time for reality in the business world. There are

10,000 ways to make muney – but all of them

involve the ‘S’ word – or the ‘M’ word.

Great salespeople and marketers almost always have

a powerful self-image. Afterall, you have to be willing

to take a risk, to ask someone to give you muney – and

so on.

Now, the majority of salespeople and marketing people

are not great. They have weak self-images. They would

rather talk all day and be your friend than ask for an

order – even when they have a family to feed.

This is where Zero Reistance is necessary from the inside

out. First, as a marketer or salesperson, you have to get

yourself into a “no fear” zone. You’re not afraid of someone

saying no. You’re not afraid of being dislked. You’re not

afraid of anything. You’re NOT resisting yourself. You’re

in flow.

Second, in order to succeed in any sort of sales or

marketing position, your job is considerably easier

if you set up a Zero Resistance environment outside

of yourself.

This means you don’t call people “cold” on the phone –

or “pop by” for a visit – unannounced.

In the olden days this worked great – and it still can

work today – but what a waste of time compared to

blasting a message to an email list of 1,000 or 10,000

or 100,000 names.

What a waste of time compared to creating a system

where those who are interested in what you have to

say have already raised their hands and said, “Yep,

you can sell and market to me. I’m interested.”

See the difference.

One of the reasons I like the Internet so much as a

sales and marketing tool is because it is a very

forgiving place. You can make tons and tons of

mistakes – and most of the people who are

interested in your offer still haven’t seen your

site yet.

You’re marketing to an ongoing parade of people –

not to a room full of the same-old same-old.

If you try something and it doesn’t work – provided

you’re following the Furey Method – you didn’t invest

a fortune up front – so if the idea is bad – no harm.

And no lost muney.

This sounds bragadocious to those who don’t understand

the Furey Method – but in the 12 years I have been online –

I have never lost muney with a single product or venture.

Not one.

Yes, some products haven’t made me a ton of dough – but

I didn’t lose anything with them either.


Because I operate in a Zero Resistance environment.

I don’t create things before I absolutely KNOW that people

want them and will pay for them.

The key words in the above sentence are “pay for.” This

means that surveys and focus groups and all that other

approval seeking nonsense you see marketers doing is

always a waste of time and energy.

Opinions mean nothing unless backed up by cash.

I once thought I had a winner because I surveyed my list.

Hundreds of customers told me to make the product. They

assured me they would buy it if I did. I made the product.

Very few of those who said they’d buy ever did.

Lesson learned.

Same concept applies to my seminar this October. There is

no wait and see who shows up with muney at the door on

the day of the event.

Believe it or not, I used to have events like that – and a lot

of other people still do.

Bad idea.

This is one of the reasons I’ll be closing out enrollment for

my Zero Resistance Internet Marketing Seminar very soon.

Years ago, when I was a personal trainer in Santa Cruz, CA,

a 45-year old man named Scott dropped by for a consultation.

He made the decision to enroll in my program, and then just

before walking out the door, he said, “This is going to be

tough. I know getting back in shape is going to be hard.

It’s scary when I think about it.”

I said: “Scott, why not just show up for the first workout.

Why not focus on taking one step forward, then another,

and another.”

Scott got the message. And as he walked toward his car

I said: “One more thing.”

“What’s that,” he asked.

“When you show up on Wednesday, leave all your fears and

self-doubts in the trunk.”

He got a chuckle out of that one. And he became one of the

best students I ever had. Totally dedicated.

Maybe there’s some fear you can leave behind as you take

one step forward and enroll in my seminar. It’s easy to do

if you focus on what you want instead of what you don’t


Go to http://www.knockoutmarketing.com and enroll now.


Matthew Furey

Everything is a Mental Picture

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Last week I recorded a CD entitled, “Everything

in Life is a Mental Picture.”

It may be a tough concept to swallow – at first –

until you think about it.

Take “wealth” – for example.

Can you bring it to me. Can you put it in my hand.

How about debt.

Same answer.

Both wealth and debt are nothing but mental images –

yet people react to them as if they are very real.

When some people picture wealth they are happy and

filled with energy. Others feel jealous and resentful.

When many people picture debt, they get uptight, angry,

depressed – and usually stop breathing.

But not everyone is that way. I remember a conversation I

had with one of my MasterMind members, Kevin, a few

years back.

“I’m $55,000.00 in debt,” he cried.

“Sooooo.” I replied.

My reply shook him from head to toe. How could I be so

heartless. How could I hear about someone’s debt and

only have a one-word reply.

Well, in contrast, if I was talking to you and you said you

were worth a hundred millyun smackeroos, I’d probably

say nothing more than, “Oh yeah.”

That would be it.

Why the terse responses. Because how much you have – or

how much you think you’re buried under – is nothing

compared to the images in your mind. And when I’m

talking to someone I’m observing the “person” just as

much as the words coming out of his mouth. I’m taking

note of the feeling I get from the person when he or she

says something.

The feeling tells me MORE than the word – because everyone

has different meanings – or different mental pictures for the

same word.

And so it is with words like “muney, marketing and selling.”

Start a conversation today involving these words and you’ll

quickly attrct and/or repel others.

It’s a funny thing to observe. So many people say with their

mouths that they want more muney – but the feeling they

have about it is negative. So how can they attract it.

Same goes with selling or marketing. How you react to these

two words says much about you.

A couple years ago when I gave a talk to a group of 300

copywriters, I told them that they were “salespeople.”

Oh, the shudders that went through the audience.

This told me they had the idea that they aren’t salespeople,

that they’re creative people – or that they’re artistes, or

some such thing.

When I think of selling I do not think that you cannot be

creative or artistic. All three go hand in hand. But many

people cannot join all three mental pictures in their

heads. And so it goes – plenty of starving artistes out

there. Those would be artists who don’t know how to

sell or market – or who are naive enough to think that

stuff “sells itself.”

Since when.

I had a ceramic artist for a girl friend back in the late 1980’s.

First time I took a look at her studio I asked her what she was

doing to increase her sales. She said, “I believe that art sells


I accompanied her to an art show. No one was buying – but a

lot of people were looking. One 40ish lady was fondly gazing

at a piece hanging on the wall. I was clearing my throat loudly

to signal my girl friend to get off her duff and make the sale.

She walked over to the lady and said, “Do you have any questions.”

The lady recoiled, said no and walked out.

She was put on the defensive. Can’t blame her. Twas a terrible

thing to ask a prospective customer.

For whatever reason, though, five minutes later she returned.

Once again, she was looking at the same piece. Even though I

didn’t work for my girl friend, I felt compelled to help her make

a sale. So I slowly walked over to where the woman was standing.

I looked at the piece and admired it along with her. Then I said,

“That sure is a nice piece, isn’t it.”

“Yessss.” she gushed.

“Tell me, what do you like most about it.”

“I’m just thinking about how it would look in my bedroom.”

I walked closer to the piece, lifted it off the rack and said, “Let

me get it wrapped up for you.”

As I did this she pulled out her credit card and handed it to me.

El girl friend was in shocko.

Now, what I have just described was not “selling” in the negative

sense of the mental picture so many people have in mind. It was

not high pressure. It was engaging and fun for BOTH of us. I

HELPED the prospect make the decision she wanted to make but

was afraid of making.

I also understood “art doesn’t sell itself” – and that selling is

an art form.

The best salespeople are NOT pushy. They operate in what

Dr. Maltz called a Zero Resistance environment. They do

everything they can to remove resistance. Walking up to a

prospect and saying, “May I help you” or “Do you have any

questions” creates resistance because prospects don’t want

to admit they’re looking to buy something or that they need


On the Internet the same concepts apply, albeit in a different

way. In order to succeed online you must be the salesperson

who is helping people make decisions they deep down WANT

to make.

You set up systems that remove resistance. You do things that

gain the trust and rapport of those who visit your website or

look at your offerings.

And then, once that trust is established, you let the prospect

know you have something that can and will improve his


That’s what I do each day with my emails. I give you something

of value. Something that inspires you or gives you fuel for your

day. And while you’re thinking about – possibly even raving about

what I wrote – there’s a gentle prod going on inside your sub-

conscious mind leading you closer and closer to making a

buying decision.

Then one day you get a message that strikes a chord deep inside

your soul – and you say, “Okay, you got me.”

And when that happens, it’s a great moment for both of us.

Now let me ask you, what room or shelf in your mind would you

like to store my knowledge and experience about making a fortune

on the Internet.

If there’s still room on one of your walls – if you still have the hunger

and inner urging to live a better life – then come see me in Tampa

this October.

We’re down to less than 10 seats left. Would love to see your pen

moving on a pad, writing ideas like crazy – like all my other students.

You can go to http://www.knockoutmarketing.com to register.


Matthew Furey

P.S. By the way, if you want that CD I talked about, the one entitled,

“Everything in Life is a Mental Picture” – then stay tuned. I’ll tell you

how you can get it in a day or two.

They’re Going Insane

Monday, September 24th, 2007

Last week I let my members know about the

new video playing online that teaches never-

before-revealed secrets on the Royal Court.

And their reaction is insane.

By that I mean, they’re going nuts. They’re loving


Previously I sent members an 8-12 page newsletter

along with a CD.

But now they’re getting a workout DVD instead. This

means that it truly is as if I’m mentoring you – in

person – in your own home or office.

Not that I wasn’t before. I was. But an all new DVD

each month with step-by-step guidance and

instruction – well, it cannot compare to paper n

ink or a CD.

And for the time being I’m doing something totally

wrong. I’m keeping enrollment in the group at the

same monthly fee. -which is already ridiculously

low. This, however, will change very soon. The

monthly fee will most likely double for you if you’re

slow to make good decision.

What’s more, when you enroll today I’m throwing in

a copy of my int’l best-seller, Combt Conditioning,

as well as the DVD on the Royal Court – and another

awesome gift – absolutely gratis.

But I cannot test this offer indefinitely. I have to pull

it very soon as I need to take time to see who my

REAL members are – and who are the pretenders.

So, this offer is only good for the first 995 people

who respond – then I’m pulling it so I have time to

analyze the results.

Therefore, I suggest you make sure you’re part of

the “test group” by jumping on my mind-blowing,

body fat blasting offer NOW.

Go to http://mattfurey.com/conditioning_book.html

and change your body for the better.

Matt Furey

P.S. No excuses, my friend. You won’t find better

nstruction anywhere on the planet. So sprint on

over to http://mattfurey.com/conditioning_book.html

and grab your membership now.

P.P.S. If you used to be a member and you let your

membership lapse – what the heck were you

THINKING. This is the supreme ultimate program.

Get back on the wagon, my friend.

Meet Dan Gable – The Best Coach Ever

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007


We were down to 11 seats remaining for my Zero

Resistance Internet Marketing Seminar – and

based on a conversation I had this morning,

it’s now nine.

Here’s why: This morning I was out on the deck

at my beach condo doing my early morning

deep breathing exercies and visulaization


When I finished, a couple men who were sitting nearby

observing the energy – and wondering what sort

of hurricane was going on around me while I was

in repose – started talking football.

After I finished the men didn’t say anything to me right

away – it was easier to talk about football. Next thing you

know they’re rapping about the Iowa v. Wisconsin

game today.

I figured one of them must be from Iowa because

it’s not often to hear Floridians talking about the

Hawkeyes or Badgers.

I asked the gents if they were from Iowa. Turns out

one comes from a town of 1900. He asked where

I hailed from and I told him Carroll – a town of


Before you know it we were talking about my coach,

Dan Gable, who led Iowa to 15 National team titles

in 21 seasons. A record no other coach in any other

collegiate sport has EVER matched – or probably ever

will match.

Many believe Gable’s record dwarfs that of the legendary

John Wooden, who coached UCLA basketball to many

NCAAA titles in the 1960’s.

As a competitor Gable was 180-0 going into his final

college match. When he lost the state of Iowa went

into shock. Basketball games were stopped to

announce that he had lost. That’s how BIG the news


The next day front page of the Des Moines Register

carried the headline: GABLE LOSES – GABLE FAILS.

How would you like to wake up to THAT?

Gable regrouped after the loss and went ont to win

the world championships a year later (1971) – and

Olympic gold a year after that (1972),

His gold medal was historic because he never

allowed a single point to be scored upon him in

six matches.

Not one point.

The Soviets vowed in 1971 that they would find

someone to mop the mat with Gable. They couldn’t.

And get this – Gable essentially one his Olympic

gold on ONE LEG. At the time he needed knee

surgery very badly. But in those days if you had

cartilage removed you were out for six months.

So Gable taped his own knee each day as he knew

how to do it so it wouldn’t bend in certain directions.

And he taught himself to compete one-sided and

still win.

In addition to this, in his first match he cut his

head open above his eye. It required stitches.

So he won all six of his matches with a bum

leg and stitches in his head.

A week after Gable was given his gold medal – he

was still in a trance-like state. No expression


And prior to having knee surgery, he instructed the

nurses to “take me into recovery after the surgery

and slap the shit out of me until I wake up.”

Why? He had to workout.

True story. Gable told me himself and back in the

1980’s, when he told me this – he rarely talked

about himself.

Today he does as the lessons he has to give

will change lives in MAJOR ways.

For example, how about this:

Gable dedicated his career as an athlete to his

sister, Diane, who was violently raped and

murdered when he was a teenage boy.

When he lost his final match in college and his

parents came into the locker room to console

him, he sobbed, “I let Diane down.”

When he took the victory stand in the runner-up

postion he covered his eyes with the palm of his

right hand and cried uncontrollably. The crowd of

13,000 gave him a standing ovation that lasted

several minutes.

The mere viewing of this photo, some 37 years

after the fact, brings tears to my eyes. That’s how

much energy and emotion that moment in time


You will NEVER meet a more focused, athlete,

coach or human being than Dan Gable.

He was my coach at Iowa for three seasons – but

his influence never ends. The things he taught me

on and off the mat have played a big role in who

I am as a business person.

Always learning. Always open to new ideas. Always

practicing. Always making refinements and adjustments.

Most importantly, I learned from him that you MUST

rise above adversity, heart ache and despair. No

matter how great the pain, you must go on and figure

out a way to WIN.

Gable knows tragic loss. He knows pain. He also knows

how to win better than anyone – even when in pain.

I would love for YOU to come to my seminar and meet

the man whom Iowans revere in a godlike manner.

I really, really want you to come to my

seminar and meet the man who helped mold me into

what I am today. I believe in doing so, not only will

some of my success rub offf on you – but you’ll be

going right to the core of what and who gave me


Dan Gable.

So don’t sit around just reading these messages about

my seminar. Get off your duff and enroll NOW.

It will be the BEST decision you’ve EVER made.

Matthew Furey

Zen Master of the Internet

Student of Coach Dan Gable

P.S. Go to http://knockoutmarketing.com to enroll.

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