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30 Millyun in U.K. Do It – 95 Millyun in the U.S.

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

125 millyun in the U.S. and U.K. alone snore every

time they go to sleep.

And they’re driving their friends and family insane

with this habit.

I just had my special report “How to Stop Snoring”

put up in the downloads section of the Matt Furey

Inner Circle.

Members can now go there and read it. Also, Dr.

Bill Stillwell did a kick-butt report on Tendonitis

and what to do about it. Make sure you read that

one, too.

We did have a technical glitch this month so we’re

a bit behind schedule on the monthly mailing. My

apologies. It will go out Thursday with your DVD.

Next month we’ll show you part one of the 2008

Combat Conditioning Athlete of the Year contest;

part two will be shown in July.

So stay tuned, my friend.

If you’re not currently a member of the Furey Faithful –

then go to http://mattfurey.com/fg324trfsr3ttai.html

and enroll now.

Lots of gifts get sent to every new member – just for

being willing to take our test-drive.


Matt Furey

5 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Body

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Last weekend Coach Dan Gable spoke about

giving it all you have in your workout -then

placing your attention on recovery from the


“Work just as hard on recovery as you do in

the workout,” he said.

This is sage advice. Thing is most people have

no idea how to recover after training. Nor do

they recognize the grand importance of it.

Thankfully, I’m not one of those who thinks

recovery is unimportant. And I credit this as

helping me avoid most of the major surgeries

that many competitive athletes and martial

artists have undergone.

So many people get banged up and refuse to

recover properly. Or they train the wrong way –

doing exercises that are questionable at best.

They may get stronger – but at a huge expense.

Shoulders are ruined from heavy bench pressing.

Knees are shot from training on machines instead

of free hand. Backs are ruined from dead lifts done


Then there are the people who work all day and never

take time to train. These people never rid their body

of the negative stress associated with their job. And

it leads to physical and mental decline.

Very quickly, here are 5 ways to rejuvenate your body

that I will cover in far more detail for members of the

Matt Furey Inner Circle.

1. Proper Exercise – That’s right. This may seem like a

mind-bender – but exercise in and of itself – if done with

a deep connection to your breathing and with con-

centration on your muscles – will help rejuvenate you. There

is a fine line, however. Anytime you force yourself to do

more than ever before – then the exercise is a rejuvenator –

but you’ll need extra time to recover from it without


2. Deep Breathing – You might think you did enough deep

breathing during your exercise period – but recovery will

be faster and more dramatic if you continue to focus on

how you breathe after you train. Even right now – how

conscious are you of your breathing. Is it shallow or deep

and full.

3. Food Selection – If you choose foods that are loaded with

starch, high fructose corn syrup, msg, corn starch and so on –

this will make it much harder for you to recover from hard

training. Think in colors like orange, yellow, red, purple, green

and so on when you eat. White is usually the devil’s choice.

If you want to get fat (or fatter) – eat white.

4. Sauna – One of the most rejuvenating activities is taking

a sauna – causing more toxins to be released through

sweating. A sauna also warms your muscles, increases

blood flow and gives your internal organs a well needed


5. Sports Massage – It’s no accident that the Great Gama

of India was in an exercise system that included DAILY

massage – http://gama-fitness.com – Nor is it accidental

that many countries in the world make sure their athletes

get a good sports massage on a regular basis. I have gone

from feeling I was on my last legs – to fully rejuvenated

by getting a powerful sports massage.

There are many other keys to rejuvenation – but these five

will keep you busy for life. Use them and experience the


Matt Furey

Results from Get Tough Seminar

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Last weekend I held the Get Tough Fitness

Challenge right here in Tampa – and let me

tell you – it was yet another personal best on

all fronts.

First, the students in attendance were the very

best ever. Many people were attending for the

third, fourth and fifth time – and you could see

the physical and mental transformation that is

taking place in their lives.

Second, the speakers were simply fantastic. Dan

Gable, Sakai Yusai, Master Ueno, Ed Baran, Fred

Nicklaus, Pete Lillo and Vince Palko – all held the

audience spell-bound, gave awesome advice and

showed they walk their talk.

Third, the contests for Best Hindu Squats, Best

Hindu Pushups and the 2008 Combat Conditioning

Athlete of the Year were superb.

For three straight years Logan Christopher has trained

with the goal of winning the title in mind. In both 2006

and 2007 he fell short of his goal – but the third time can

be a charm – and it most certainly was this year for Logan.

He blitzed his way into the finals where he faced Perry

Berthelot. The two men fought valiantly for the coveted

crown – but in the end it was “the bridge” that separated

the champion from the runner-up. The patience and persistence

embodied by Logan Christopher reigned supreme.


I’ll be providing some streaming video footage of the victory

in the future to members of the Matt Furey Inner Circle.

There is much, much more I’d like to tell you – especially the

wisdom coming from the other speakers – in particular Sakai

Yusai (Ajari-san) – who shook up the room more than once

with his wisdom.

I will never forget his talk – nor the four days I spent with him

in New York City after the event. Each day when I arise I come

to understand at a whole new level, the depth of Ajari-san’s

saying, “Live each day as if it were your whole life.”

Who you were yesterday is not who you are today. Leave that

person behind and bring a NEW YOU into today.

Let go of the past. Become a new person each and every day.

If you will take the time to “get this message” – your life will

become the masterpiece you’d like it to be.

Matt Furey

P.S. I’ll have pictures from the event to show you very soon

as well. Stay tuned.

The 3-Day Furey Fat Blast

Friday, May 9th, 2008

Over the past couple days a truck load of you

have written in to ask about the Furey Fat Flush.

Turns out I created a bit of confusion as it’s not

called the Furey Fat Flush – even though that is

most definitely what it does.

The program is called the 3-Day Furey Fat Blast –

and members of the Matt Furey Inner Circle can

download it gratis ON the member’s site. Just go

to the DOWNLOAD section in the upper right hand

corner of the site and you’ll find it under the

category “How to Drop 7-10 Pounds in 3 Days.”

In this same section you’ll also find several other

goodies that you can download. Listed below are

some of the other items available for download

when you’re a member:

* Eat More – Weigh Less – a riveting special report

that will do far more for you, health wise, than help

you lose weight.

* How to Eliminate Seasonal Allergies – in this report

I reveal how people are eliminating seasonal allergies

without shots, medicine or radical dietary changes.

So simple you’ll be stunned.

* The Power of Concentration – this is a classic book

that will not just have you setting goals – but achieving

them because you have the key ingredient missing in

so many other self-help courses.

* 7 Keys to Successful Fitness – this report goes way back

to when I was a personal trainer in California and what I

did to help people succeed without an ounce of motivation

or rah-rah.

The other day I mentioned a special report I’m putting together

on how to stop snoring. I said it would go out “by mail” later this

month. A few info-hungry people thought it would be available

for instant download right now. Sorry. Once again, it is going out

by MAIL later this month.

By the way, if you haven’t yet taken a test-drive of the Matt Furey

Inner Circle – I have even better news. You can now choose to

receive Combat Conditioning or Combat Abs as a special bonus.

I realize many of you already have my world famous Combat

Conditioning – so it makes more sense to get Combat Abs

with your test-drive. No problemas. Let’s do it.

Anyway, here’s the link for the Matt Furey Inner Circle – http://www.mattfurey.com/fg324trfsr3ttai.html

Make sure you get on the list right away as we are only taking

another 297 members this month. Those who fail to act at this

time may have to wait a long time before I make some of the goodies

in this package available once again.

Matt Furey

P.S. BTW, we’re almost ready to close out my Get Tough Fitness

Seminar. It’s NEXT WEEK – May 16-18. If you want a bit more

mental and physical toughness – this event will be the catalyst

for a major breakthrough in your life. Yesterday I looked at the

t-shirts and other gifts all attendees will receive and was in

awe. Don’t hate yourself for missing out on this puppy. Go

to http://GetTough.com and enroll NOW.

Flush Fat Faster

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Now that temperatures are finally getting a bit

warmer – even in states like Iowa – which was

still in the 40’s last week (ugh) – you might

want to think about stripping off a few pounds

of lard before donning your swim suit or summer


Well, have no fear – when you follow the exercises

in my two international best-sellers, Combat Con-

ditioning and Combat Abs – you move to the head

of the pack real fast.

The Farmer Burns Stomach Flattener in Combat Abs –

in and of itself – will amaze you as the benefits of

this exercise alone are HUGE.

For example, yesterday, Rob, a member of the Furey

Faithful – wrote the following on our prvivate message

board about this exercise:

Hey Guys,

“I just wanted to share an experience I had today.

My class was broken into small groups of 7-8, led

by a senior student, for orientation of the nearby

hospital operating rooms and critical care units and

we were required to wear hospital scrubs. So while I

was waiting with my group to meet with our senior

student, I started discreetly doing (some of the internal

exercises Matt teaches). I also started applying the

principles he talked about in the April DVD regarding

how to stand properly in order to be rooted.

A few minutes later our student leader showed up,

introduced himself, and went down the line getting

our names. When he got to me, he gave me a funny

look and asked “Did you just come from the gym.”

I said, “No, why.”

He exclaimed, “You look pumped up.” Then he turned

to another student and asked, “Doesn’t that guy look

pumped up. I wish I looked like that.”

I looked around and realized that in addition to

strengthening the core, the Farmer Burns Stomach

Flattener also improved my posture. Everyone else

was either leaning against the wall, slouched over,

round shouldered, or some combination. On the

other hand I was standing with my feet shoulder-

width apart and pointed forward, back straight,

shoulders squared, and chest expanded.

This isn’t the first time people have positively

commented on the change in my appearance

brought about by the FBSF and hopefully it won’t

be the last.


MJF: Awesome story, Rob. Now let me switch gears

a bit and offer some of you an incredible opportunity

that I have never made available to anyone before. For

well over a year I have given people who enroll in the

Matt Furey Inner Circle – a gratis copy of Combat

Conditioning as well as a number of other goodies.

But for the next few days, I’m going to change this

offer a bit. I’m going to let you test-drive the MFIC

for a month and get either Combat Conditioning or

Combat Abs as a bonus.

In addition to that, we put up a special report in the

member’s section of the MFIC wherein you can down-

load a copy of the Furey Fat Flush – which can help

you lose 7-10 pounds in three days.

People who have done this flush have been shocked

at the physical and psychological changes that take

place within three days. They are truly legendary.

So, go to http://mattfurey.com/fg324trfsr3ttai.html

and take the test-drive. When you order, be sure to

specify whether you want Combat Conditioning or

Combat Abs.

Matt Furey

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