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Loosen Up, Big Fella

Saturday, February 25th, 2006

Keep this in mind. After age 40, the first thing you begin to lose is your flexibility. But that’s only if you don’t work on it. If you’re willing to invest a few minutes per day, stretching the major muscles of your body – you can and will increase your flexibility, and you’ll do so incredibly fast.

Years ago I was in a restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio, and a man asked me if I was “flexibile.”

When I told him I could do the splits with ease, he was shocked.

I then told him that I have a system that helps people double their flexibility in one evening. He didn’t believe me, so I didn’t show him anything – and today, he’s still stiff as a board.

On the other hand, last weekend, between rounds at my seminar, Gary, a personal trainer from Manhattan, approached me and said he wanted to get his nose down in the bridge. Despite months of effort, he hadn’t been able to do it.

He offered me $100.00 cash if I would help him.

I had a friend go to my hotel room and bring back my bridging mat. I laid it before the man and told him get into the bridge (this was in the lobby of the hotel, mind you). Three minutes later, for the first time in his life, Gary got his nose down in the bridge.

I helped him double his flexibility in the bridge in THREE minutes.

Now let’s take a look at YOU. I’m betting you’ve got some tight spots that you’d like to loosen. I’m betting that you’d like to let go of the muscle tension that is dragging you down. And I’m betting you’d be ecstatic to feel the re-born spring in your step and the boundless energy pulsating up and down your spine – benefits that you experience when you’re more flexible..

There is so much available to you when you increase your flexibility. And there’s no time like NOW to get the ball rolling.

Take a gander at my Combat Stretching program, order it – and you’ll amaze your friends with what you’re going to be able to do.

Matt Furey

The Secret of Having More

Friday, February 24th, 2006

Everything in the Universe works according to a few simple laws.

Exhale deeply – Inhale deeply.

Put forth energy – get more energy in return.

The same even holds true for money. Put a group of millionaires in a room and you’ll find that they use their money to make more money.

And so it goes. If you want more of something, you’ve got to be willing to part with a portion of what you have.

Take for example, something like fatigue. Those who are chronically tired, or tired too often, do not like to exercise because they want to hold onto the energy they have. They’re afraid that if they spend the energy they supposedly “don’t have” to do something rigorous and vigorous, they will deplete what they have and nothing more will come in return.

A strange but common fear, I know. Yet, you’d be surprised how many people live their lives this way. They want something for nothing. They want greater energy and figure the road to it is to do nothing. They want greater wealth but they don’t understand that holding onto everything you’ve got is the surest way NOT to increase wealth. They want to be physically fit, yet they don’t want to exercise.

In my seminars I teach the Law of Circulation. This Law states that everything you circulate comes back to you multiplied.

For example, if I want to increase lung power, I need to let go of my breath so that I can absorb another one. Then I need to repeat this process over and over until my lung power increases.

Same with strengthening muscles. Want stronger muscles? Then you must temporarily give from your current strength supply. When you do this, you may feel drained for a spell, but the energy that comes back to you is far greater than what you let go of. It’s like sleep. Get eight hours of sleep at night and wake up refreshed, ready to tackle the world.

Keep the Law of Circulation in mind whilst doing Combat Conditioning, Combat Abs, Combat Stretching and my other programs.

You must give if you want to get. And you must give first. You must sow the seeds before you reap the harvest.

Let go of your breath when you exercise. Let go of muscle tension. Give of yourself in order to grow. Do this regularly – as in everyday – and you’ll know the meaning of abundance.

Kick butt-take names!

Matt Furey

Beer Drinkers Beware

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

I know a lot of people think beer is good for you. At one time I thought so myself, especially after reading the so-called studies that proved beer was … wonderful.

I no longer believe such studies. Instead, I rely on what my body teaches me – and what I’ve learned from some chi kung masters in China – as well as a couple highly adept men right here in the U.S. of A.

And what I’ve learned may shock the living bejeebers out of you. Before I continue let me state that if you are under the age of 21, this message does not apply to you. Also, if you are 100% against the consumption of any type of alcohol, for any reason whatsoever, I understand. What I am about to say is not advice. It is simply some “insider knowledge” that I and a few other people happen to know.

Okay, onward and upward:

Essentially, there are some forms of alcohol that CAN improve your health and help you live a longer, happier and healthier life. On the other side of the fence, there are a LOT of alcohols – i.e. MOST, that harm your body, your health and your life.

I define bad alcohols as those that make you fat, those that weaken your kidneys (that would be beer), those that decrease sex drive (beer again), those that dump a ton of sugar into your system, those that harm your liver, reverse the flow of qi in your body, and so on.

Beer, whether it be “light” or regular – whether cold or warm – whether brewed in Ireland, Canada, the U.S. or China – it NOT good for you.

Yes, I know a lot of people will immediately jump up and say, “I agree. It’s red wine that you need. Red wine is loaded with anti-oxidants and it’s the only alcohol proven to extend your life if you limit your intake to two glasses per day.”


Well, what if you have diabetes? You think red wine is good for that health condition? Don’t think so.

And what if you want to lose weight? You think red wine is going to curb insulin levels and help control your appetite? Don’t think so.

In Combat Abs I wrote that every overweight person I ever trained who drank wine daily – and would not give it up – did NOT lose weight. And it mattered not if it was red wine, white wine or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

As for Fure-cat, the only kind of red wine he can drink is “dry” red wine. Anything else causes a major insulin spike, followed by me crashing on the sofa for several hours. It contributes zilcho to a “romantic” dinner. Knocks me completely out. Last time I had a glass I was next to worthless for about six hours.

On the other hand, there are some alchohols that, if consumed in moderation – and by moderation I mean a couple drinks per day, can literally open up the meridians of the body and increase the qi flow. They can also contribute to reduction in bodyfat, increased sex drive, increased aerobic endurance and greater physical strength. These alcohols may also contribute to a longer life – not to mention a happier one.

I’ll have more on this subject in the future, if you’d like. Let me know if you find this subject of great interest.

Without a doubt there will be some who are “mad as hell” about what I’ve just written – and for them, all I can say is, “This is Matt Furey – RAW and Uncensored.”

Last of all, I am not telling you to go out and drink up after reading this. Afterall, what you choose to drink could be harming you far more than you realize. If you’re going to drink something, you owe it to yourself to discover the “good” spirits – as well as find out how to use them in a good, safe and healthy way.

Kick butt-take names!

Matt Furey

The No-Learning State of Mind

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

Several doctors showed up at my latest seminar.

Most of them were great. They were there to learn. But one of them sat in the audience reading a newspaper. Can you imagine that?

He was way in the back and was such a disturbing element to others around him that I told the group on Friday that there would be no newspapers, magazines or books brought into the room from then on. Now, just so you know, this newspaper reading thing was a “first ever.” Even when I was putting the group through a visualization exercise – this “know-it-all” continued reading.

Amazing that someone would pay $4000.00 plus flight, hotel, food and so on – to sit in a seminar and read the paper – which, incidentally, contains almost nothing real or true in it.

How someone could sit in one of my seminars and read is so far removed from my reality, I cannot even conceive of the stupidity, closedmindedness and ignorance of such a person. There is always something to learn. In fact, I have people in my seminars, very successful men and women – who for all intents and purposes, shouldn’t be there. They’re already extraordinarily wealthy and successful. The last thing they need is another dollar. Yet, these people, men like Michael Masterson, Pete Lillo – two men who spoke at the event, sat and took pages and pages and pages of notes. More notes than anyone else.

And when Pete and Michael spoke – I also took plenty of notes.

The three of us know that you can learn something “all the time.” In fact, the “no-learning state of mind” – which is attained by few of us here on earth – is only attained by the person who is always learning and integrating; it’s the state in which you learn from young and old, from male and female, from birds, animals and all of Mother Nature.

The newspaper reading idiot didn’t show on Saturday, to the relief of everyone else. And I hope I never encounter a rudeness like this ever again – otherwise I’ll have to bring out and use my Zen-stick.

Matt Furey

Nobody’s Working

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

My good friend, Pete Lillo, hadn’t spoken in public in 25 years.

But that changed last Friday night, when he gave a riveting talk at my seminar.

One of the remarks he made sent shockwaves through the group: “If you watch televsision today, you’ll find an interesting thing: Nobody’s working. Everyone’s playing. They got it all backwards.”

I concur.

Pete is a guy who loves his work because he’s doing what he loves to do. I’m the same way. So is every successful person I know.

Yet, the vast majority of people in society today are NOT doing what they love to do. And that’s why they aren’t winning. If you want to WIN in this game of life, you’ve got to find a way to do what you love to do AND you’ve got to make a handsome living doing so. In my Stay-at-Home Internet Millionaire program I show you how to leave the rat race behind, how to start a business on the Internet, for virtually nothing, and make a fortune doing what you love to do.

If early retirement is something you’re after – or simply “retiring” from what you’re currently doing so that you can do what you really love, then my Stay-at-Home Internet Millionaire program is for YOU.

Go and get it NOW!

Everything You Do Matters

Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

A reader of this blog wrote and asked me if there was any special significance to the Tibetan beads I referred to in yesterday’s post.

Well, yes, there is.

There’s a significance to everything in life. Everything you do. Everything you think. Everything you imagine. And every breath you take.

I have private and personal reasons for wearing them – and those I will not get into at this time – but the most important thing to understand is that everything matters and that everything you do can be used to program your mind for health, wealth and happiness.

For example, as a young high school wrestler, I would wear certain clothes on competition days. I would also wear a gold-colored pin on my collar. Whenever I did these things I told myself, “Everytime I wear these clothes and this pin, I win.”

Now, you may chalk such an action and thought process to mere superstition, but it’s not. It’s mental programming. It’s telling your mind, over and over again, what you want to accomplish, and tying what you are doing – even the simple act of wearing clothes, to your success.

As a wrestler, martial artist – or even as a speaker at seminars (my own or others) – I would never come out wearing a pair of blue jeans. I would never dress sloppily. And the reason why is because the mere act of putting on nice clothes is an affirmation that I am taking what I am doing seriously, and that I want to do well. To dress sloppily would be akin to sending a thought to my mind (as well as other minds) that I’m really not aware of what I’m doing and the effect it has.

And so, when I put on my Tibetan beads, when I roll them around in my hands, when I pull them out and let them snap, I am doing the same thing I was doing as a young man who was mentally preparing for a wrestling match. I am also recognizing that the achievement of any goal is a simultaneous alchemical blending of mental, physical and spiritual forces. I like to keep this in mind at all times.

In my Magnetic Mind Power program I speak about these matters. I teach how you can be programming your mind for success whilst running hill sprint, doing Hindu squats, Hindu pushups, bridging, and so on. Because everything you do matters, everything you do counts. The more you do what you do consciously and with an awareness of creating a compelling future, the better life will be for you.

Kick ass – take names!

Matt Furey

He Asked For It

Monday, February 20th, 2006

At my seminar last weekend a man in the crowd had his cell phone go off. I fined him a hundred bucks.

Later on in the event he got cocky – so I asked him if he wanted his butt kicked.

He said “yes.”

I told him to come to the front of the room. He got out of his seat and walked toward me. I took off my watch and Tibetan beads – and removed some sharp objects from my pockets.

When the man got to the front I noticed he had cowboy boots on and a big belt buckle. Boy, did this dude need a lesson. I gave him plenty of opportunities to go to his seat and come to his senses, but oh no, he loved the limelight.

So I took him down with a Chinese leg drop – something he had no idea about and therefore could NOT defend. He fell to the floor like a tree being chopped in the forest. And there, between the rows of attendees – who by now were on their feet cheering with delight, I laced his cowboy boots up in a Farmer Burns toe hold – applied just a wee bit of force and next thing you know he was writhing in pain, screaming.

“Ah Fuck,” he yelled.

“Hey, watch your dirty vile language in my seminar,” I scolded.

I slapped him a few times upside the head. Then I gave him a special Zen Master treatment – hitting various pressure points that would knock sense into his head and body.

He was a troublesome case, though, because no matter how much pain he was in – like a young child, he would always say, “Now I’m really going to kick your ass.” This made everyone laugh.

A few minutes later, after numerous renditions of crying “UNCLE” – he stumbled back to his seat, barely able to walk or talk – humbled yet still determined. He gave himself a 2-year goal to whomp on me. I pointed out that I’ll be training during those two years as well.

Didn’t seem to matter.

Last night I noticed that he ordered $1257.95 worth of my products. He bought the Farmer Burns Catch Wrestling DVD Course. He bought my Combat Conditioning book and DVD’s. He bought my Martial Art of Wrestling book – and much more. Then he left a note saying that he is studying every move I make.

Gotta admire a guy like that.

In the near future look for a short video clip – posted online – of what happened at my Internet seminar. You are going to LOVE it.

In fact, I’m going to invite the “cowboy” up for an old-fashioned ass kicking – and I’m going to film the whole thing in illustrious detail. Stay tuned for THAT one. It will be a Fure-cat special.

Kick ass – take names!

Matt Furey

Keys to Boundless Energy

Sunday, February 19th, 2006

I just finished a 3.5 day seminar – and I’m pumped. I’m planning on having another seminar in October, but most likely on a different subject.

During the event, another speaker told me that one hour of public speaking is equal to eight hours of manual labor. That’s how incredibly stressful it can be. I know that when I first began teaching in seminars back in 1982, after a one-hour talk I was physically and emotionally drained. Over time I learned to carry on for three to four hours at a whack. Then I went to two and three-day trainings.

When they were over I would immediately return home, sit in a chair and shake internally. It was as if a non-stop series of tremors were taking place inside my body. It would take me at least a week to recover.

Today, when a seminar is over, I sit for a spell and relax into a trance-like state. Yet, there is no fatigue. And I continue on, visiting and celebrating with others until the wee-hours of the morning.

After the seminar I was asked if there was a special diet I followed to acquire this energy. Answer: No.

The change in me has a lot to do with my ability to relax. And relaxation has a lot to do with not carrying around emotional baggage – as well as having consciously trained your mind and muscles to “let go” and melt. When you can do this your energy levels will sky rocket and the work you once struggled with will become effortless.

This is the case with any endeavor. The more relaxed you are when you do something – the higher the level of skill. Tis why the definition of a professional is “someone who makes what he does look easy.”

Combat Conditioning and Combat Abs contribute to your ability to do this because the exercises teach your body to relax under maximum stress. Also, because the focus is on deep breathing as well as pumping up and stretching the muscles, your body is flooded with more energy than all other forms of exercise. You get an incredible dose of strength, endurance and flexibility – all at the same time.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz always said that being “a professional human being” in life is most important. I agree with him. When you’ve let go of the negative and are focused on a worthy, useful goal – and when you exercise your mind, muscles and breath all at the same time – you make your journey here on earth a lot easier. And I can tell you from experience, being able to unwind the knots of frustration from your mind and body is a worthy ideal. Pursue it with passion and pleasure.

Matt Furey

The Ultimate Fitness Training Program

Bridging Works Magic

Wednesday, February 15th, 2006

I’m in my hotel room right now, preparing for my seminar, which will begin in less than an hour. Part of my mental preparation is physical exercise combined with deep breathing. I started off with some back bridging followed by the front bridge. This gets the spine loose and activates your “battery pack.” You want all circuits turned on – not off. And when combined with deep breathing – it is especially powerful.

After that I did some handstand training – this got all the blood flowing toward the noggin. This should help me think faster and have a clearer mind.

Anyway, gotta run. I’ll be back tomorrow with another update.

Matt Furey

Turn Tragedy into Triumph

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006

My good friend, Lar, emailed me last night, after both of watched the finals of the Olympic Figure Skating couples division.

He wrote that animals are afraid of ice and stay away from it (okay, polar bears don’t count) – but the human being uses his/her creative imagination and adaptable athleticism, to conquer it.

How true.

I’m telling you, there’s almost nothing we human beings cannot do if we simply set our minds to it. And that includes YOU!

What I watched last night was so magnificent I’m almost lost for words. AS someone who knows what happens to a knee that lands on hard surface – especially when it is preceded by a flying lesson. Been through the repercussions once – and they’re not pleasant.

So believe me, when you take a fall like Zhang Dan took – then get up and skate with absolute fearlessness – you deserve a gold medal. Because of the fall she had to settle for the silver – but I think the standing ovation from the crowd told the rest of the story. In fact, each medalist, from gold to silver to bronze, had a story of human perseverance, of turning tragedy into triumph.

Most of the Olympic Games don’t hold my attention. But time and again, the figure skating grabs me by the scruff of the neck and forces me to pay watch.

A lot of the reason why these skaters are so magnficent is because of their incredible flexibility. Without flexible bodies they wouldn’t be able to do one-tenth of what it takes to conquer the ice. And they wouldn’t be able to bounce back from falls, overcome training injuries, etc.

Flexibility is extraordinarily important. And not just when you’re younger. One of the tell-tale signs of aging is a body that has gone stiff.

Don’t let this happen to you!

You can remain flexible your entire life – and if your muscles are tight – you can coax them into loosening up once again (or for the first time). I’ll teach you How to Double Your Flexibility in One Evening, but you’ve got to learn to breathe and relax the right way. Far too many people try to get flexible by forcing the stretch. That’s not the way to do it. Relax into the stretch. Breathe and let go.

One of the other reasons why you’ll want to improve your flexibility is because it relaxes you physically and mentally. When you stretch your body you increase blood flow to the muscles – and this has a de-stressing effect on your system. You literally begin to WAKE UP your body to a whole new level.

Stretching helps rid you of the feeling of fatigue, too. Ever come home from work, feel like you’ve been beaten up from all the stress of the day? This literally drains you of vim and vigor. But when you stretch out like I teach, you purge your body of the negative and bring in the positive.

Accomplished athletes know how to let go of the bad and bring in the good better and faster than anyone. We saw Zhang Dan do it last night. Now it’s your turn.

Kick ass – take names!

Matt Furey

P.S. Forgot to mention that the Chinese Acrobats know a thing or two about stretching as well. When you see the Chinese skaters perform, you know their coaches have shared information with the Chinese Acrobats. Not a bad idea. That’s why I learned from them, too. A little more flexibility goes a long way.

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