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You’re Just Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Yesterday I was reminded of a simple yet profound way to push yourself to new levels of personal power.

When you’re working out really hard and the intensity of the situation feels unbearable, when your legs are shaking and your breathing becomes rapid-fire, when you feel like quitting, when you feel like you’ve gone as far as you can go… then think again.

Perhaps there’s a lot more in you if you say to yourself, in a compassionately strict manner, “Hey, quit feeling sorry for yourself.”

Believe me, this one phrase will awaken you to another level of ability. And it won’t take long. It’s about as instant as you can truly get in this world.

If you’re a coach or mentor, use this on your clients when you hear them whining or belly-aching. Then stand back and watch as the real players step up and get more out of themselves.

And if you’re all alone, use it on yourself.

When you think you don’t have another Hindu pushup, squat or tablemaker inside of you, perhaps you are wrong. Chances are excellent you’re giving in with no valid reason, other than wimpitis.

Do I advocate this phrase in all situation with all people?


There are times when you absolutely must back off. But there are just as many times, if not more, that you want to give your self some sage advice.

The other day I was helping some kids through their workout. One of the kids was instructed to do 25-straight pushups. He stopped after eight and took a rest.

If eight pushups was all he could do, I would understand. But he was being a wimp. He quit because he was feeling sorry for himself.

I told him that none of his pushups counted. He was back at ZERO – and would continue to get a ZERO unless he did as instructed: 25-straight pushups.

An amazing thing happened: The kid cranked out 25 pushups in a row. And not just once. He did so twice.

Was he capable of doing MORE than 25 in a row?


But remember: Don’t try to cross every bridge you’re capable of crossing in every workout. Give yourself targets. Reach those targets. Then upgrade for the next session.

Keep making continuous improvements, even when small – and you’ll be well on your way to mastering your mind and body

Matt Furey

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