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A 40-Pound Weight Loss Trick

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Can you really lose weight by drinking more water?

For years you may have heard a definite “YES” to this question.

But for many people, reality may say otherwise.

Drink more water, feel more bloated, feel even fatter.

I know people who have flat-out told me that they “hate” water. So they drink sugary and diet sodas, flavored drinks, teas, coffees – anything but what their body has 70% or more of.

Personally, I think anyone who “hates” water is either drinking it from a bad source – or he’s not fully human.

Then there are those who drink sufficient water each day, but it’s from plastic water bottles.

Is that really a good idea?

It’s supposedly okay so long as the bottles are BPA free.

But is that the real truth?

I can definitively say that when I threw out all my BPA-Free water bottles and went to a glass bottle, I felt better right away.

Anyway, I just sent out a private email to members of the Furey Faithful, with details about one of my members, and how he dropped 40 pounds by following a water drinking “trick” I taught him over 10 years ago.

As can happen, this person fell off the water wagon and totally forgot about the practice. Last week, upon hearing my teleseminar on the 5 K’s of Superior Nutrition – I talked about the practice. The next morning he restarted it and within three days he’d already dropped five pounds.

Will it work for you, too?

I cannot say for sure – because maybe the person will gorge on five pizzas and drink a keg of beer after he follows the procedure.

Then again, the chances of this “trick” working if you simultaneously follow the 5 K’s of Superior Nutrition – as well as the exercises I teach on the Furey Faithful Membership Site are pretty high.

If you’re one of the first 25 who enroll in our illustrious group of DOERS before the end of this month – you’ll be able to listen in on the 5 K’s of Superior Nutrition Teleseminar – as well as any others I hold for members.

I’m probably going to release this teleseminar on CD in the near future for $29-$39.00 – so it’s to your benefit to get the information NOW, free of charge, just for being a Member.

It’s one helluva bargain, that’s for doggone sure. So jump on this now and you may be writing me very soon with a weight loss story of your own.

Wouldn’t that be great?



Matt Furey

P.S. On the Member’s Site you will have access to several of my books, dozens of special reports and a ton of video – for practically nothing. You cannot beat this bargain anywhere in the entire Universe. Come train with me – online – NOW.

The 3 K’s of Superior Nutrition

Friday, April 10th, 2015

When it comes to making sure you get the very best nutrition – the answer isn’t:

Kellogs Corn Flakes or Special K Kentucky Fried Chicken or Krispy Kreme

It’s something that doesn’t taste anything near as  good – but the results you get are off the chain.

And no, it’s NOT:


It’s something far better, far more potent and far more helpful in balancing your body, improving digestion, making you feel good – and a host of other positives.

The 3 K’s may help you lose weight – and fast.

They’ve certainly changed my life for the better.

When it comes to overall health, there are many who say there’s no equal to the 3 K’s.

I’m going to be giving a teleseminar on the 3 K’s for members of the Furey Faithful, on April 22 at 9 PM EST.

If you’re a member, this event will be free of charge.

If you’re not a member…

I suggest becoming part of this illustrious group of DOERS – today – so you don’t miss out on all the great material I’ve already covered and catalogued on the member site – as well as what I’ll be covering down the road.

You’ll find several of my books on the site for auto download, as well as dozens of videos you cannot find anywhere else.

Join in the fun – NOW.


Matt Furey

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