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Fitness Before and After 40

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Is there a way to train before 40 years of age and another way to train after?

The answer may surprise you. Let me explain:

In Chinese martial arts it is common for practitioners under 40 years of age to concentrate on the “hard” or external styles of training. But after the age of 40, top martial artists generally move toward the “soft” or internal styles.

Why is this?

There are many, many reasons – but one of them goes as follows: Your body is limited in what it can accomplish through brute physical power alone. And the longer you push the edge of the envelope with “hard” training, the greater the risk of doing more harm than good.

The solution is to develop a base of strength through external exercises – and once this is in place – graduate to the internal phase of development.

Interestingly enough, those who practice the INTERNAL end up being far healthier, more vitally alive and much more developed all the way around. Onlookers cannot tell how you developed your strength and power – because your exercises appear so meek and mild. But as the Biblical saying goes, “The meek (soft and gentle) shall inherit the earth.”

Yes, just as water will erode stone – softness and gentleness can defeat those with arms and legs of steel. When you are soft, the movements you do come from within – and this gives you incredible insight and leverage as to how to easily defeat those who are externally oriented.

The first time this occured to me in a very personal way was when I returned from China eight years ago. I got on the mat with a couple friends, and for some odd reason, put my hands behind my back when we squared off. To my amazement, they could not score on me. And when I did use my hands, instead of fighting muscle to muscle, I used whipping, snake-like movements that made them feel helpless. This caused one fellow to remark, “Man, everything you do hurts but it looks like you’re not even trying.”

A few years ago, when training in China with Master Liu, he knocked me back 20 feet without physically pushing me. It felt like a cannon had gone off inside my chest. I asked, “How much power did you use to do that?”

He replied by putting his thumb and index finger a few centimeters apart, then saying, “Yi dian, dian.” Very, very little.

This took Bruce Lee’s 1-inch punch to a level most have never seen. There was no “inch.” There was no punch. He already had his hand on me and without using any muscular force I went flying. I guess I should also mention that Master Liu is 54 years old and is 50 pounds lighter than me.

Okay, so what does all this have to do with you?

First, many people write me who are in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and then some. Many of these people have not trained a day in their lives. Their bodies are banged up and they want to know what to do.

My answer, in most cases, is to follow a longevity-based exercise program that is not difficult to do; a program that helps you regain your health internally. Yes, your muscles will benefit, but if your internal organs are weak, no amount of muscular power can save you. If you doubt this study those who got a kidney stone, or needed an emergency appendectomy, or had a heart attack or stroke.

So, it makes practical as well as physiological sense to work on getting into balance internally – because this will take care of the external without forcing you to do something that may be overly difficult.

I teach precisely what to do to recapture your health and magnificence internally in the Chinese Long-Life Program. You learn how to improve your health via pressing, kneading and tapping various longevity points on your body. You learn easy to do exercises that open up the meridians in the body, promoting an increased flow of chi – or vital energy.

You learn how to increase the odds that you’ll live 100 years in perfect health.

Now, does this mean that you cannot do Combat Conditioning if you’re over 40, 50, 60 and so on?

No. I have many students in those age ranges and beyond. And they’ve benefitted enormously.

Even so, these men and women also recognize that having a fitness plan that incorporates more than one training modality is a darn good idea.

If your longevity plan incorporates a PLAN of attack that goes by land, air and sea – you greatly increase the odds of not only surviving to a ripe age – but you’ll also magnify the odds that you’ll be one of those fortunate souls who still has his wits and whims about him – at any age.

What a way to live, eh?

Matt Furey

P.S. Living a long life in China is a wonderful thing. You’re revered, loved and respected for your wisdom. Perhaps the same will be said about you when you’re 100 years of age. Ramp up the odds by ordering NOW.

Everything is Fake and Phony

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Perhaps a re-reading of Catcher in the Rye is in order.


Because almost everywhere you look, you see nothing but the fake and phony.

First, you have politicians who rarely tell you the truth about anything.

Second, you have the news media – and almost everything they tell you is fake.

Third, you have the advertisers who blast you with more than 8000 suggestions per day to eat junk food – and not a single message telling you to eat fruits or vegetables.

Take your average child and suggest he or she have some fruit. Most will tell you they don’t like it.

Can you blame them?

Their brains are saturated with talking heads telling them that Mickey D’s, Kay Ef See, Burglar Sling, Chump Filet and Taco Schmell are what’s good for you.

Not to mention chips and soda slop and gobs of chocolate, cake, cookies, pizza and ice cream.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is almost all fake, phony, processed foods that wouldn’t be possible to consume without technology.

And the companies who create this disastrous “food” are wily as old foxes. An insider in the industry, who chooses to remain anonymous, told me how they hire ‘scientists’ to create the food we are told is good for us to eat.

Now, is the ‘scientist’ hired to make the food healthy for us?


The scientists’ job is to give the food three addictive qualities:

1. Crunchy

2. Sweet

3. Salty

How are Americans doing on these scientific foods?

Well, take a trip to the mall and look around. Wander into Walmart and observe. Go visit your local doctor and look at his waistline – as well as the girth of the nurses and attendants who escort you around. If you find a single fit doctor or nurse working in the same place – you’re looking at an unusual situation.

The doctors are fat; the nurses are fat – and they’re the ones who are supposed to be keeping us healthy.

And how do they do that? By prescribing fake medicines. This is far more profitable than looking at your diet and telling you to stop eating fake foods.

How many people do you know who aren’t being medicated in some way? Either for hyperactivity, depression, anxiety, being unable to focus, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, headaches and so on.

People are contracting diabetes, cancer and heart disease in record numbers – and our politicians tell you we need better health care.

What? Perhaps they mean ‘disease care.’

Health care is simple. Most of the time no doctors are required.

Stop eating fake foods, stop living a fake life, stop being phony with yourself, stop being a couch or computer slug – and most of life’s ailments will pass you by.

Now, for exercise:

If you ever feel like getting in shape – what are you told to do?

Long slow distance cardio, usually on electronic machines – as well as weight training, again, usually on worthless, phony machines.

The LSD cardio beats the hell out of your joints – and the weight training machines do almost nothing good for you except take up space and make you look like you’re hip.

The bottom line is this: If you want great cardio fitness – do sprints instead of long, slow distance. The so-called anaerobic exercises (without oxygen) are the ones that get you aerobically fit.

The same sort of wisdom applies to functional strength.

If you want strength, endurance and flexibility – you stay away from weight training machines. Instead, you do a series of dynamic body weight exercises like those I teach in Combat Conditioning.

These exercises get you fit faster than anything else I know. I’ve been training for almost 40 years, so I know what works and what doesn’t.

Order now and we’ll be sure to get you a copy of the Furey Fat Loss Diet at no charge.

Matt Furey


Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Hold it. You may be exercising and eating all wrong.

You may have been led to believe a lot of very stupid and untrue things about what it takes to get fit.

Things like:

• Running several miles per day is the key to getting fit.

• Doing a ton of long, slow distance (LSD) is absolutely necessary.

• Lifting the heaviest weights you possibly can will turn you into a human fire plug.

• Eating five or six times per day will crank up your metabolism.

• Training one part of your body today and another part tomorrow will prevent overtraining.

• Only working out 2-3 times per week is the fastest way to make progress.

My friend, there are pieces of truth in all these lies.

For example:

Long-slow cardio may make you feel good – but if you want to “STEP UP” your metabolism, you’re far better off doing a very hard, very vigorous workout that calls upon all your physical and mental reserves. You’re better off with a short workout that will never get easy – no matter how often you do it.

Consider the sprinter. He does not do long distance cardio. Yet his body is lean, muscular and powerful.

It is rare to find a long distance cardio person who is well muscled.

He may be lean, but there’s no power.

Not only that, but after a period of time – the long cardio workout person may end up suffering from hip, knee, ankle and lower back pain.


All the pounding on the joints. It takes a tremendous toll on the body.

Instead of the long, slow, dull approach to fitness, consider the following 5 ways to a Metabolism Makeover.

1. Begin doing vigorous full body body weight exercises that force you to lose control of your breathing. If you aren’t getting out of breath when you train, your system is NOT being forced to adapt and change. The harder you are breathing, the more shock to the system. The more “shock” there is – the greater the shake-up in your metabolism. The exercises in

Combat Conditioning cause this to happen and that is why they those who use them fit FAST.

2. Instead of running or bicycling several miles per day for cardio exercise – train like a cheetah. Run as hard as you can, at full blast, for as long as you can. Run with all your might. When finished you’ll be gasping for oxygen. And this gasping is what turns on the fat burning furnace within.

In Combat Conditioning you’ll find sprint workouts you can follow that will turn you into a lean, powerful prey-catching cheetah within 90 days.

3. Practice deep breathing. The deeper you breathe the more oxygen in your system. The more oxygen in your system, the faster your metabolism. Don’t just get your deep breathing from vigorous exercise. Get if from the act of deep breathing itself – done all day long.

4. Eat plenty of fiber rich, water-content foods while avoiding starchy foods most of time.

5. Change the mental picture you have of yourself. As you see yourself in your mind’s eye – so you become.

Follow this approach to getting fit fast and you’ll catch the eyes of everyone when you walk down the street. Others will instantly sense that something is different about you. And you’ll know why.

Matt Furey

Don’t Over Do Exercise

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Here’s the sad truth – although exercise is great for getting you physically fit – if you overdo it, it may NOT extend your life.

After the age of 40 you’ll see many hard-core martial artists going to tai chi and other ‘softer’ forms. There is a reason.

The harder training is no longer giving them the HEALTH they seek – and after 40, priorities must and often do shift.

One of the things I love about the exercises I teach in Combat Conditioning and Combat Abs is the positive effect they have on your body, internally and externally.

They really do supercharge your system.

Thing is, many people have been sedentary for so long – or overtrained for so long, that their internal body is exhausted.

The average person gets up tired, goes to work tired, comes

home tired and goes to bed tired.

Part of the problem is the S.A.D. diet people follow.

But .. as I famous man once told me, ‘Exercise is king.’

Nutrition is important – but putting high-test fuel in an engine you never use renders it functionless. It can’t do anything for you unless YOU do something.

For a number of years many of the Furey Faithful have asked for a program that allowed their loved ones to ‘ease’ into exercise; a program that didn’t require so much athleticism or


Regretably, our answer has always been, just start with Combat Conditioning, do only what you can, then adjust accordingly. Or for a number of people, ‘our program will be too strenuous for you.’

Well, NOW we have an answer for the man or woman who is already beaten down, either from overdoing it for too many years – or beaten down from NOT doing anything. Yes, tis true: Your body does wear out fast from inactivity. Yet, it doesn’t need to be beaten up from doing too much or from doing nuttin. There is an answer for you.

And that answer is my new Chinese Long-Life System.

This extraordinary program is simple, gently and easy enough for virtually any able-bodied man or woman to get started. Afterall, how difficult is it to remember to press on 3 different pressure points for a few minutes per day.

That’s how easy it is for YOU to begin.

After working these three health points, you can roll right into some gently slaps of various areas of the body that you want to come alive.

Again, how hard is it to slap your arm or leg. Not very.

Then there are the free-flowing calisthenics, all done from your feet.

Nothing hard-core for those who cannot handle hard-core.

Now here’s something that is a major surprise to many: If a very fit person begins doing the exercises in the Chinese Long-Life System, his health will skyrocket, too.

I first tested the program on a group of hard-core athletes. Wasn’t sure if they’d see the immense benefits I was touting. But feel them they did and they begged me for weeks to release the rest of the program.

Finally, after six weeks, I relented. And NOW you can jump in with both feet with absolutely no fear of exercising.

Yes, you’ll still want to begin slowly. Yes, you’ll still want to talk things over with your physician.

But begin slowly has never been easier for you.

Not only that, but for those of you who are already at your peak, you really need something more to rejuvenate, repair and revive your body.

In China, I’ve seen men and women in their 80’s and 90’s move like young children. In fact, in many cases, better than young children.

What is their secret.

Go here and find out.

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

P.S. For a complete listing of all my products, be sure to visit Furey Central.

Never forget a name, face or fact again

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

It’s the ONLY Way Left to Save Your Brain – as well as your memory.

Stop Memory Loss, Alzheimers and Dementia NOW!

Never forget a name, face, number or historical fact ever again — remember speeches, quotes and more – just like the best communicators who’ve ever lived.

Matt Furey

How Dumb Can I Bee

Monday, March 16th, 2009

You must be the dumbest marketer of health and fitness products known to man.

That’s what my alter ego, Fure-cat, told the dim-witted part of my brain earlier this morning. Yes, he most certainly did tell him that. He cut him down and knocked him around the office.

Here’s the blow-by-blow:

“How dumb can you be?” said Fure-cat.

“Uh, duh, what dew u mean?” the dimwit within replied.

“You’re offering 5 Free Gifts when people grab their copy of Combat Conditioning.”

“Uh, duh, yeah, so.”

“And the 5 Free Gifts are great – BUT you’re ignoring one of the best free gifts you could be giving away. Something that was a CLASSIC freebie with the Charles Atlas and Universal Bodybuilding courses of old.”

“Uh, um, uh, uh, uh (need teleprompter to answer but none provided).

“Yeah, dummy, here you are a national collegiate wrestling champion, a world kung fu champion and a long-time student of submission holds, street fighting and more. Yet, you’re not giving anything away about them with your international best-selling Combat Conditioning. You know what?”

“Uh, what?”

“I think it’s a miracle that you’ve done as well as you have. I think you’ve been lucky. Only a fool could miss this most obvious perk that would probably push sales to an all-new high.”

“Uh, you think so?”

“I know so.”

“Uh, well, what should I call these freebies?”

“Good question. Glad to see something intelligent coming from your mouth. Here’s what I would offer – in ADDITION to the five current freebies. I’d offer:

• 5 Dirty Street Fighting Tactics Everyone Should Know

• 5 Brutal Submission Holds That Will Make Anyone Cry Uncle

• 5 Top Secret Body Language Secrets that Will Improve Your Career

• 3 Ways to Stretch the Almighty Dollar and Get Out of Debt

• 3 Ways to Make $3,000.00 a Month Online Without Leaving Home

By the time the dimwit within heard what Fure-cat was saying, a light bulb went off and the dimwit turned into a genius. At that point he changed to first person and said, “What a great idea. I’ll make a special report or a special video on each topic and have it available for download in the Furey Faithful member’s site within 21 days.”

“Now you’re talking,” said Fure-cat.

So here we are. I’m telling you in advance. Within 21 days, all of you who get a copy of Combat Conditioning and are still enjoying your test-drive of the Furey Faithful – will get access to the reports and videos.

If you like this idea then order NOW.

And rest assured, you’ll still receive the 5 gifts currently being offered as well as the additional five now being discussed.

Order at once.

Matt Furey

How Much Do You Hate Losing?

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

No, I’m not talking about how many pounds you do or don’t want to lose.

I’m talking about whether or not you HATE losing in sports, contests or the game of life itself.

Make no mistake about it. Winners hate to lose even more than they love to win. As the Lombardi saying goes, ‘Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.’

Fact is the pain and humiliation of losing often drives champions on to victory. I know it did me.

Yes, I love winning and I train to win – but the biggest life-changing moments for me were when I was distraught over a loss and needed to pick myself up and start again.

I used the pain associated with losing to help me succeed at a higher level. If I was ho-hum about losing, I doubt I would have advanced very far.

I’ve been on winning and losing sides in sports, martial arts and business. And I can unequivocally say that even though the last thing I ever wanted was another loss, in some ways they did more to influence my character and future victories than the wins.

Winning comes to you a lot faster when you don’t just train for and expect to win – but when you absolutely hate losing and have an attitude of intolerance about it.

This does not mean that you beat yourself up over your mistakes and failures. You forgive yourself, move on and start again. At the same time, though, you remind yourself of what leads to failure – and you do everything you can to stay away from the pitfalls that cause it. And one of the biggest causes of failure is NOT trying again and again and again – until you eventually succeed.

Mistakes and failure lead you to greater heights of achievement; they help you overcome all odds. They are not there to derail, demotivate or discourage you.

This winning attitude is part of what I’ll be bringing your way in my all NEW 17 Seconds to Success Coaching Program.

Enrollment is limited on this six-week tele-coaching program because I want to get the most out of each and every person in the program.

If you want to move to the next level with your health, fitness, business, career or any other area of life – then enroll in this program pronto – while there’s still time.

Matt Furey

How to Drop 7-10 Pounds in 3 Days

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Over the past couple days a truck load of you have written in to ask about the Furey Fat Flush.

Turns out I created a bit of confusion as it’s not called the Furey Fat Flush – even though that is most definitely what it does.

The program is called the 3-Day Furey Fat Blast – and members of the Furey Faithful can download it gratis ON the member’s site. You’ll find it under the category How to Drop 7-10 Pounds in 3 Days.

In this same section you’ll also find several other goodies that you can download. Listed below are some of the other items available for download when you’re a member:

• Eat More – Weigh Less – a riveting special report that will do far more for you, health wise, than help you lose weight.

• How to Eliminate Seasonal Allergies – in this report I reveal how people are eliminating seasonal allergies without shots, medicine or radical dietary changes. So simple you’ll be stunned.

• The Power of Concentration – this is a classic book that will not just have you setting goals – but achieving them because you have the key ingredient missing in so many other self-help courses.

• 7 Keys to Successful Fitness – this report goes way back to when I was a personal trainer in California and what I did to help people succeed without an ounce of motivation or rah-rah.

The other day I mentioned a special report I’m putting together on how to stop snoring. I said it would go out “by mail” later this month. A few info-hungry people thought it would be available for instant download right now. Sorry. Once again, it is going out by MAIL later this month.

By the way, if you aren’t a member of the Furey Faithful – all you’ve got to do to test-drive it for a month is get a copy of Combat Conditioning.

I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to keep this offer alive – so those who fail to act at this time may have to wait a long time before I make some of the goodies in this package available once again.

Matt Furey

P.S. By the way, enrollment in my Lightning Fast Catch Wrestling Seminar is going great. It will most likely sell out soon – so make sure you grab a seat today.

Your 5 Free Gifts

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

I’m writing this email to you today because I know you want to change the way you look and feel about


Like almost everyone on earth, you have the desire to get fit and stay fit.

You want to feel strong inside and out. You want to be flexible, to be a whirlwind of energy – especially on those days when you feel out of sorts.

You want to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Yes, SUCCESS is in my bones. It’s my birth right.”

I know – and that’s why, ten years ago, I launched a book called Combat Conditioning.

When the first printing of this book came from the printers – something was stirring in the air. People from all over the world wanted to get a copy.

I had no idea Combat Conditioning would become an international best-seller – but I’m glad it did because it’s given me the opportunity to reach men and women from all corners of the globe. It’s allowed me to reach people like YOU – in my “school without walls.”

And now, I’m doing something unprecedented. Everyone who grabs a copy of Combat Conditioning receives 5 free gifts. Gifts that will help you get the most out of yourself. Gifts that will take your desire and lead it to the promised land.

Combat Conditioning alone will help you fulfill the promises you’ve made to yourself. The added gifts

I’m giving you will reinforce that promise.

All that is necessary is for YOU to choose health and fitness over sickness, weakness and despair. All that is necessary is for YOU to keep your goal in mind – and never let it go – no matter what.

Here’s the link.

Matt Furey

P.S. Some have asked if you can receive the same gifts with the purchase of Combat Abs and the answer is YES.

Lightning Fast Seminar

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

For the first time in seven years, I’m holding a powerhouse catch wrestling seminar.

This event will combine east and west – my study of kung fu, catch wrestling and everything in between.

It will make jaws drop.

And it’s only open to the first 40 people to enroll.

Go here for more information.

Matt Furey

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