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Beware Dangers of Stretching

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

It’s an amazing thing to watch.

You’ll see a professional athlete out on the field stretching his hamstrings before a game.

And in the same game, he pulls a hamstring and has to leave the field.

There is a danger when it comes to stretching – especially when you do it right before exercising or competing.

The danger is you may be increasing the likelihood of injury. At the very best, you most likely reduced your ability to perform.


Because too much energy went into stretching your muscles – and it weakened them.

Studies show that you’re better off stretching AFTER you train – not before.

Yet, there is one form of “loosening” that I highly recommend BEFORE you train or compete.

It’s not static or even ballistic stretching.

It’s joint loosening.

And if you do your joint loosening exercises the way I teach, adding a major dose of CHI – or vital energy – to the equation – then you’ll enhance and improve your performance.

As I was taught years ago, all these people who are stretching their muscles all the time, fail to realize that you want to increase range of motion in the joints. You want your joints to be loose and pain-free.

Joints that are pliable and flexible are more important than muscles that are loose. Why? Because joint looseing effortlessly increase flexibility in the muscles.

Another thing I learned in China about joint looseing is that it pushes stagnant energy or chi from the area. When you do this, not only does the old energy leave the joint – but positive, healthy chi flows into it.

This is why, when you do my Chi Joint Loosening exercises – you begin to feel better and have a much calmer mind.

You’re not trying to think positive – yet all of a sudden, you are – and at first it’s inexplicable. Why do you suddenly feel so good? All over?

It’s because the energies of the body are put back in harmony. They’re given balance. The energies that no longer serve you are pushed out so something better can rush to the rescue.

If you look at others who are in pain – it’s almost always in the joints. Painful knees, ankles, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists and of course, the neck and back.

So what’s your solution to tight joints going to be? Weight lifting? Running? Stretching? Cardo machines?

None of the above deal with the joints – except in a compounding way. And by that I mean, compounding the stress, increasing the pain.

As a member of the Furey Faithful, you can follow along with me and loosen your joints on a daily basis. I’ll be right there with you guiding you through the Chi Loosening exercises.

Plus, there’s a ton more that you’ll find once you’re behind the closed doors and able to see the abundance of positive life-changing exercises and information at your fingertips.

This month I’m going to let 100 new people explore the inner sanctum of the Furey Faithful. Yes, it’s a private place – a place where you can treat your body to the best exercises for health, longevity and peace of mind.

Come join me and the others.

From the inside…


Coach Furey

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