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Light Up a Room

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014
There are two kinds of people who enter a room: those who brighten it with their positive vibration and those who darken it with their negativity.

Make no mistake about it – you’re one or the other.

Some people brighten the room a tad more than it was, others darken it a smidgeon. Some people really light it up in a big way while others leave the room infested with sludge.

Every morning when you open your eyes, you’re either moving in a positive direction toward positive goals – or you’re going downhill, usually toward goals someone else chooses for you.

There are many goals you can choose for yourself – and just as many you can let others give to you. Being happy, being vitally alive and having a glow that lights up a room, almost always comes from having a goal that YOU CHOOSE. Conversely, being down, feeling depressed, is usually accompanied by the sense that you’re not in control of your life or your destiny.

This is precisely why physical exercise is so helpful to people who’ve got the blues or who want MORE out of LIFE. For once, the person is doing something he or she knows can be controlled.

You can set a goal to get into the best shape of your life.

You can start your day out with a BANG.

Instead of sleeping in and hitting the snooze button over and over – you get up 30 minutes earlier than you normally would, and you train your physical body and your consciousness as one unit.

This means you tune into your breathing. You follow your inhale and your exhale. You breathe full and deep – and you let it out.

The deep breathing alone will raise your vibration.

The great “Farmer” Burns said, “Deep breathing alone has made many a weak man strong and many a sick man well.” 

How true. And when you combine deep breathing with the exercises I teach, it will also make you more energetic, more flexible, happier and more alive.

For the past 15 years I’ve been teaching a powerful and extraordinary way to breathe deeper and get fitter through my best-selling book and DVDs on Combat Conditioning.

And starting NOW, over the next 12 months, all my online students can “go where no man has gone before” – to quote Star Trek.

Over the next year I’m presenting new videos with my latest teachings on health, fitness, longevity, strength and flexibility.

What I’m going to be presenting over the next year is going to make you the type of person who LIGHTS up a room – every day of your life.

You’ll light it up because you’re physically fit as well as energetically balanced. You’ll light it up because you’ve purged the stress and negativity from your system and rekindled the flow that makes life worth living.

Come join me over the next year. It’s going to be an incredible ride.

Whether your goal is weight loss, stress reduction, increased strength, flexibility or endurance – I’ve got a LOT for you – and it’s going to get even better with each passing day.

Come train with me, my friend. You’ll be ecstatic you did.

Matt Furey

Your Weakest Link

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Unless you’ve been in a cave for your entire existence, you’ve most likely heard the phrase, “You’re only as strong as your weakest link.”


Yet, have you ever taken the time to consider what YOUR weakest link truly is?

Most people never do because they’re so broken down and beat up, so tired, weak and frazzled, that they can only think of the reality of their whole body being in ruins.

Not that long ago a friend sent me an email containing real photos of people shopping at a huge chain store. I bet you can guess the name of it. This company employs millions of people worldwide – and the number from China alone probably supasses most countries on earth.

Anyway, to say these people could use a change in diet as well as exercise habits would be to state the obvious. These peoples’ bodies appear to be filled with NOTHING but weak links – yet, even within their corpulent carcasses, their is an inner strength to be found.

Once this INNER STRENGTH is found, a person can almost always reverse the negative current in his or her life.

Right now I’m working with a man who weighed 350 pounds when I saw him in late May. He’s already down to 320. He’s got a good chunk to go – but the key is he’s improving a little bit each day.

First and foremost, he can breathe again. Not that long ago he was out of breath walking across the room.

Second, he’s able to move without pain. At first his knees, lower back and shoulders ached. Now they don’t.

Third, he’s doing Combat Conditioning exercises in ways I’ve not yet taught to anyone other than private clients or to members of the Matt Furey Inner Circle.

This client doesn’t need EXTREME exercise to get fit. Neither does the majority of the whirld.

The basics are still the grand champions of exercise and they always will be. Even so, the basics are not basic. There is a depth and breadth to the basics that the average person will never know.

You can look at the ocean and think, “Is that all there is? It’s just water. A giant ship with it’s heavy anchor looks much more impressive.”

Okay, the ship may look impressive. It’s harder than water. It floats. It moves. It can do all sorts of amazing things including housing people, airplanes, life rafts and helicopters.

But at the end of the day, there are plenty of ships at the bottom of that ocean, swallowed whole and sunken. Once filled with enormous pride, these ships are now nothing of importance.

This is part of the reason that programs like tai chi, yoga and the bodweight calisthenics found in Combat Conditioning work so well. They’re basic. They’re natural. And they’re fluid as well as DEEP.

You can never get too good at them. There’s always more.

You’ll find what I’m talking about here in the Matt Furey Inner Circle – and a whole lot more.

Come join us – and be amazed.

Lots to tell you about it in the day’s ahead – but for now, I’d jump in and start swimming – while keeping in mind that the water you’re treading in is still just the surface.


Matt Furey

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