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Worst Abdominal Exercise EVER

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

The other night I walked into our garage gym to observe my son, Frank, working out in between rounds of studying for final exams.

He was sweating.

Noting that he must have been doing something to produce this sweat (not really, it’s Florida, ya know), I asked him what he was doing.

“Crunches,” he replied.

“Crunches? Are you shitting me? That’s the worst exercise you can possibly do for your abs. It’s an isolation exercise and isolation exercises are almost always worthless in comparison to compound movements.”

“Well, why didn’t you explain it to me like that before?” Frank asked.

“Because I didn’t think I would need to. You have me guiding you through the right exercises that involve your abs in every movement. I assumed you’d understand.”

I proceeded to explain in further detail why crunches are worthless – unless, of course, you’re severely injured and this is all you can do without aggravating your injury.

Other than that, leave the “pretty” exercises alone and bust your hump with exercises that hit everything from head to toe – including your abs, even when they’re not the primary focus.

Want to see how this is done? Want to get insider information on how I’m training my 13 year old son in the ways of Combat Conditioning – and much, much more?

Well, watch the video I have on my member’s site. You’ll see Frank at the very end of the clip, when he was only six.

And once you’re a member of the Matt Furey Inner Circle, you’ll see plenty of clips of my son training, with me guiding him. And we’re adding more and more each month.

Go check it out NOW and become a member.


Matt Furey

My Double Happiness Birthday Special

Monday, May 5th, 2014

10 years ago today, my daughter, Faith, was born.

Although it’s a Chinese tradition to say your child is “ugly” when born – the doctor must not have understood this custom. He looked at my daughter, clipped the chord and said, “Hmm, good looking little girl.”

Yes, that was 10 years ago.

And I received the greatest birthday gift a father can ask for: a daughter who is born on HIS birthday.

Wow. How do you pull that off? It’s much harder than a hole in one – no puns intended, hehe.

My daughter is a whirlwind of activity, practicing ballet and tap dancing, swimming, playing the piano and singing. And to top all of that off, she works out hard at home, doing bodyweight exercises.

I spoke to hear last night about making some video clips of her working out – and putting them up in the Matt Furey Inner Circle. I think she’s agreeable to this idea, but we’ll have to see after she polishes off her cupcakes and such today.

As for my son, Frank, he’s totally game. In fact, last night we put up three new clips of him working out.

Last week I told you how he wants to do some weight lifting, to get bigger and stronger. Yes, he likes bodyweight exercises – but he wants to look cool, for now – so I cannot deny him such a thing.

And if I leave him on his own, left to follow all the dingbats and dumb-dumbs in the gyms and weight rooms, I’m afraid he’ll start looking like a bloated freak instead of a functional athlete.

So I’m doing something I never thought I’d be doing. I’m showing my son how to lift weights and other “stuff” to create functional strength, explosive power and speed.

In terms of stuff – I mean heavy objects – weights, clubs, chains and so

There will be NO exercises where he sits on a machine – except one – or lies on a machine. He’ll be on his feet. And if he’s lying down – he’s doing something rigorously hard that is functional.

You can view the video clips we have up NOW by enrolling in the Matt Furey Inner Circle.

Inside this exclusive member’s only site – you’ll find thousands and thousands of dollars worth of products that will keep you reading and watching and listening for days, weeks and months.

And with my son – and soon to be my daughter – on board – it’s going to have a plethora of information on how to train your son
and/or daughter to become studs and studettes.

Check it out now – while this current special is still going. You have less than 48 hours to jump in.

Do it NOW, my friend. You’ll be glad you did.

Seize the Day,

Matt Furey

P.S. I also have some “mental game – Theatre of the Mind” stuff in the member’s site. All around – you won’t find a place with more essential and useful information. Enroll NOW.

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