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Bragging Rights

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

But today I’m going to tell you more. In fact, I’m even going to indulge in a bit of bragging – with humility, of  course.

17 months ago my son went to Little League tryouts in the area. He showed up wearing a t-shirt, pair of shorts and tennis shoes. In his hands he held a cheap bat and glove.

To put this in perspective, all the other boys at this tryout were fully decked-out like MLB superstars. They wore baseball jerseys, pants and caps. They didn’t just have good bats and gloves – they also had a special bag to carry them in.

Oh, one more thing: They were wearing cleats, not tennis shoes.

In this tryout my son did not make contact with a single pitch when it was his turn to bat.

All but one ground ball went past him into the outfield. And he did not catch a single pop fly.

Fast Forward 17 months:

Frank not only made 1st team All-Stars, but he was the starting pitcher in Games 1 and 4 as well as for the finals (Game 7).

Frank almost pitched a complete game (5.1 innings – 79 pitches) in the District Little League Finals for age 9-10, which we won 12-4.

Frank’s batting average in this All-Star Tourney was .298 with an on-base-percentage of .729.

Now, you may think my son is some sort of genetic freak, and that’s why he’s doing so well.

But to think such a thing would be wrong.

It would ignore the fact that Frank’s father (aka ‘me’) – works with him every day, teaching him Zen breathing techniques, chi kung and Theatre of the Mind help him become successful in any endeavor.

To find out more about what I’ve taught my son, go to Zen Baseball Secrets.


Matt Furey

PS.  I’m only letting 200 copies of this program go, so if you want to know how to make quick improvement in any endeavor, claim your copy NOW.

Little League Horror Stories

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

You may not know this, but top orthopaedic surgeon’s offices are filled with young boys, usually 11-12 years old, getting Tommy John surgery – or some other surgery to try and fix the damage done from throwing a baseball improperly or too often without sufficient rest.

The damage, by the way, is almost always to the tendons. It’s not the muscles that get injured.

This is a subject near and dear to my heart as my son is an 11-year old pitcher with a cannon for an arm. I can assure you that I give him many exercises to make sure he is throwing properly, as well as to continually strengthen the tendons in his body. And these exercises are never anything to stop doing or think you’ve mastered. They’re foundational.

Now, I can assure you that my way of training my son is NOT the norm. Most coaches and parents don’t listen to their injured child when his arm is starting to get hurt – and when he is injured, they either keep pitching him or give him a rest that is grossly insufficient. And even if the child is rested, there is almost always ZERO effective rehab and/or strengthening work done for the injured tendon. If anything is done, it’s most likely for the muscular system.

Sad, but true.

Many, many promising young athletes are ruined before they reach high school.

Earlier today I received the following letter from a father/baseball coach who followed my advice when his son, a catcher, injured his arm throwing a runner out:


Back in early May my son, Evan, hurt his elbow throwing a runner out from the catcher position.  He pulled himself out of the game right after the throw, told me something felt weird in his elbow.  I could’ve done what so many dads might do in this situation: Call their son a “wuss” and tell him to “get back out there.”

But I know my son. He doesn’t say he’s hurt unless he is, so I didn’t question him and sat him for the rest of the game.

One of the coaches on our staff is an orthopaedic surgeon.  He looked at my Evan’s elbow and noticed some swelling and told us to ice it and rest him a week.  So we did.

The following week at practice Evan was still in pain and didn’t practice.  Doc had us come to his office the next morning for x-rays.  Good News…growth plates looked good; no stress fracture.  “Let’s give it another week of rest,” Doc said.

Another week goes by and Evan still hasn’t thrown a ball and is still in pain.  Doc orders an MRI, which reveals “traction apophositis” which is a fancy term for stressed tendons at the growth plate.  We are told to make sure he’s pain free before he begins throwing again so as not to fracture his growth plates. If we don’t play it cautious, it could result in surgery if those tendons detach or worse, fracture Evan’s growth plate.

Evan was already 3 weeks into being “shut down” and Doctor’s orders of rest weren’t helping him recover as he was still in pain.

It was about this time I was recommended your product How to Eliminate Elbow Tendonitis.

Admittedly, I was quite hesitant to get it at first as I knew my son didn’t have what many consider “tennis elbow” or “elbow tendonitis”.

Good thing I didn’t listen to my head and went with my gut.

We got the DVD and watched it together and began doing the exercises.  I figured it was important to do something to help Evan strengthen his tendons without stressing them.

I was shocked when he was feeling much better a few days into the regimen.  One night, as I was throwing Batting Practice, and Evan was still sitting, our team doctor asked how he was doing and if we wanted to start PT.  I told him we’d been doing some exercises on our own. Doc said, “Show me what you’ve been doing.”

So I proceeded to show him the routine you teach on your DVD.

With a look of amazement he said, “ Evan has been doing THIS on a daily basis?”

I said, “Yup, what would they have us do at PT?”

Doc said “ You don’t need PT…keep doing what you’ve been doing.”

I could tell by the look on the doctor’s face that he knew what we were doing was so much better than what they’d have us do in Physical Therapy. At that moment,  I knew what you taught us was far superior to anything the Doctor or the Physical Therapist would’ve given us.

Evan continued doing the regimen daily for a month.  3 weeks ago we began throwing the baseball again…pain free.  And he seems to have a little more “pop” to his throws that wasn’t there before.  He’s been working off the batting tee the last week to get back into “game shape”.

And then, during the 2nd week of July, Evan played his first scrimmage to prepare our team for an upcoming wood bat tournament.  He went 1 for 2 at the plate and had 3 put outs at 2nd and RF. And he’s back into the starting lineup.

You should see the looks we get from the other parents when he starts his warm-ups as he’s incorporated the tendon workout into his warm ups.  Little do they know.

Now I know I could’ve had him playing ball earlier, as he was nearly pain free just a few days into your exercises…but I didn’t.  I’ve seen too many boys continue to have issues with their arms because they come back too soon.

I can’t thank you enough for what you and your course have done for my son.  It gives me great pleasure to see Evan on the field as a starter, especially when I’m seeing how much stronger he is from before the injury even happened.

Most importantly, I treasure the respect my son has for me, knowing I won’t jeopardize his long-term future for the sake of a game today.

Thanks again,

Steve Grzymkowski

MJF: Steve, thanks for sending this to me. The relationship you have with your son is one that I wish most fathers could have. It’s truly awesome to see how these exercises work, straight across the board, for injuries to the elbow. Great work.

Click here to order How to Eliminate Elbow Tendonitis.


Matt Furey

Weak Feet Lead to Injuries in Entire Body

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Stop what you’re doing for a moment. Put away all your gadgets. Take a deep breath and focus on your feet. Move them around a bit, if you’d like.

How do your feet feel right now? Strong and powerful or weak and injured?

Many students of martial arts as well as top athletes have been lead to believe that your power comes from your center or core. And there can be no doubt that a lot of power is contained there. But where does the power come from in the body? Where’s the root of the power?

I asked this question to my mother-in-law some time ago, and without hesitating she said, “Jiao.”

“Jiao” is Chinese for “feet.”

Great power comes from your feet. If your feet are weak or injured, you can’t get things done that would normally be a cake walk.

As I’ve said for quite some time, neglecting the tendons in your body is one of the major causes of injuries today. And your tendons begin in your feet and move up the chain.

Many athletes break down in their shoulders, elbows and knees. But oftentimes it was e weakness in the feet moving up the chain. It could have been avoided if the athlete had a strong, stable and flexible foundation to begin with.

Strong feet lead to a stronger, healthier and more durable body. They give you the ability to push off the ground, to bounce, jump and move in all directions. And proper care of them energizes you in a big way.

I frequently get foot massage in addition to the training I do for my feet. Everything in the human body can be found in  the feet and one good knuckle on the underside of your foot will make you painfully aware of this truth.

Now let me tell you this: Last week a man who’d suffered with heel pain for almost a year, and purchased an $800.00 foot  brace, wrote to say that his pain went away within a couple days of receiving my DVD – How to Eliminate Heel Pain or Plantar Fasciitis in 2 Minutes a Day.

This DVD was created along with Dr. Trevor Neal, a top foot surgeon and fellow martial artist, who flat out said, “These  exercises are taking money out of my pocket.”

If you have heel pain, achilles pain or plantar fasciitis – the fix is here. And it’s also here if your feet are flat our weak and you want your entire body to be stronger.

Go here
and grab this pain eliminating, feet strengthening program NOW. It will change your  game for the better.


Matt Furey

P.S. For the first 50 people to jump on this offer – this product also comes with a FREE copy of the DVD Start Your Day Off With a Bang – wherein you learn to loosen your joints from head to toe, revitalizing your being at every level.

“Old Man at 17” 10x’s Flexibility in One Workout

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Yesterday I received an email from a very happy user of my Combat Stretching product. Here is what he wrote:

Dear Matt,

I’m 19 years old, and a neck injury during my junior year of high school ended my wrestling career and started a new chapter in my life of daily pain. At the ripe old age of 17 I was walking and feeling like an old man–in the beginning I literally spent a couple of months getting weird stares because my head was completely sideways, resting on one shoulder or the other, because it was just too painful to hold up. It was more than a year after my injury before I would even lean my head back to look up, for sheer fear of what would happen every time I started to.

I first saw your ad for Combat Stretching about a year ago after my brother told me about your website and fitness books. When I saw “double your flexibility in one evening,” I really thought you were full of crap.

Now it’s a year later, and after seeing that same brother use Gama Fitness (and trying it out for myself) I realized that you knew what the hell you were talking about.

When my Combat Stretching DVDs came I was blown away (both by seeing how flexible a big guy like you can be, and by seeing my amazing results after only minutes of stretching).

Despite my background in wrestling, I have never been flexible in any real sense, because I was never taught the right things to do (and i was especially inflexible after my injury–a reverse cervical curve will do that to you). However, after just a few minutes of the isometric stretches, I could touch my nose to my thigh in the hamstring stretch, and touch my nose to the floor in the bridge.

These are two things I really never thought I would ever be able to do before I got your program, but even with the program I expected it to take a few MONTHS if not a couple of years.

It happened in ONE night.

After one night, I’m not twice as flexible, I’m ten times as flexible as I used to be.

After my injury I felt like I had a vital part of my youth taken early from me; my aching neck and shoulders affected me every day, and even   sitting or lying down offered me no comfort. Now my once-tight muscles are supple and strong, and I can’t imagine where they’ll go from here.

I’m much stronger, healthier, and more flexible than I was before my injury, and I can’t thank you enough.

Patrick Barrett

M.F.: Patrick, this is wonderful news. I wish you and your brother continued success with all my programs.

Matt Furey

This Many People Can’t Be Wrong

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

You know, last night I got to thinkin. My Combat Conditioning System has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Some people get the product and use it only for oneself. Many others make it a “family affair.”

Thousands in the U.S. military follow the program. Martial arts teachers and personal trainers whoop their students into  shape with the exercises I teach.

So I got to thinkin’ some more. And I started to gather all the incredible evidence that the Combat Conditioning System rules.

Here’s what I found within 2 minutes of research through my archives:

“Former No-Holds-Barred Fighter Bob Lucarelli, Wins Battle of Bulge, Loses 138 Pounds and Gets Into Best Shape of His Life”

“R&B Star Usher Seen Doing Combat Conditioning on VH1 Special”

“WWE Pro Wrestler William Regal Saved By Combat Conditioning – Credits It For Return to Ring After 15-Month Layoff”

“8-Year Old Austin Eicher Builds Weapons of Mass Intimidation With Combat Conditioning – Has Arms Like a Man – Whips His  Competitors in Wrestling With Ease”

“Stressed Out Lawyer, A.J. Comparetto, Drops 20 Pounds With Ease Following Combat Conditioning System – Regains Peace of  Mind”

“Die-Hard Weight Trained Texan, John Alanis, Uses Combat Conditioning To Get Lean, Muscular and Ripped – and Attract Women Like Mad”

“U.S. Military Whipping Soldiers Into Never-Say-Die Shape With Combat Conditioning

“Irish Lady Kickboxer Whoops Women into Kick-Butt Shape With Combat Conditioning

“Computer Geek Mom Drops 56 Pounds With Combat Conditioning

“Olympic Weight Lifter Ed Baran Tosses Iron Aside After Trying Combat Conditioning System – He’s Now Hooked For Life”

“81-Year Old Vancouver Couple Rehabilitate Body With Combat Condining

“Pro Wrestler Vampiro Says ‘Matt Furey Saved My Life'”

“New Jersey’s Dave Dreher Has Neck Fusion Surgery – Credits Combat Conditioning With Amazing Recovery”

And on, and on, and on.

Again, this took 2 minutes of research.

So I ask – if you haven’t gotten the Combat Conditioning System yet – what on earth are you waiting for? Go here and get started NOW!

And if you already have the Combat Conditioning – I suggest you take the next step and get Gama-Fitness – the advanced program that melts fat off your body at records speed.


Matt Furey

GR8 Reading

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Here’s some good news from South Africa:

Mr. Matt,

I just finished listening to your CD and interview on The Unbeatable Man, and also read the book prior to that.

It was gr8 – you had me in tears at the end of the book, man. You really do write well, and the material is gripping.

In the end I understood what you meant by The Unbeatable Man, and this principle can be applied to anyone in any circumstance.

So tks for that, mate – you are one of the most inspiring guys around.

Chao for now

Will Mason
Freelance Writer
S. Africa

Fure-cat says: Thanks Will. You’ve made my day. Continued success to you.

The Unbeatable Man may be winning an award soon. Very exciting. Make sure you claim a copy now.


Matt Furey

No More Walking for Me

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Just got an email from a very excited customer who  started following The Fastest Way Humanly Possible to Burn Fat. Here’s what he wrote:

Hello Matt,

Watched the The Fastest Way Humanly Possible to Burn Fat last night. I have been walking for months, 6 days a week usually 2 miles in an hour. Today I went out and did (your workout). Total time spent start to finish….12 minutes.

AND YEAH, I WAS HUFFING AND PUFFING. I’M DARN PROUD OF MYSELF.  For strength, fast fat loss and all the other benefits..I will never go back to walking. I had a work out today in 12 minutes that I haven’t had in years. You are right on.

Thank You

Barry B
Rocklin, CA.

Fure-cat: Great job, Barry. You’re going to shock your friends with your progress, that’s for sure. Keep me posted.

Grab a copy of this remarkable program now.


Matt Furey

2 New Furey Products

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Later this month I’ll be launching two new Furey products, and boy, am I ever excited.

The first product is a book that’ll grab you by the scruff of the neck and hang with you forever. It’ll give you insights into competition, excellence and winning that you won’t hear anywhere else – much less all in one place.

Those who got a sneak peek copy were in awe of all that has gone into this ‘master work.’ I believe you will be, too. The title, Expect to Win – Hate to Lose, may even become a mantra around your home, office or team.

The second product, Zen and the Art of Baseball, is one that sports and self-improvement fans will love. Although primarily geared toward baseball players, the concepts, strategies and training techniques I cover can be used to excel in any sport or endeavor.

Have a great 4th of July weekend, my friend.


Matt Furey

P.S. By the way, if you don’t own Combat Stretching yet – you’re missing out in a big way. This program rewires your body, giving you strength and flexibility and mental calmness at the same time. Place your order today.

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