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My Revised Fat Loss System

Sunday, July 30th, 2006

Back in 1997, when I had a mere six weeks to prepare

for the Shuai-chiao kung fu world championships, held in

Beijing, China, – I followed a weight loss without strength-

loss program. I dropped 30 pounds and went on to win the


I made the fat loss program public a number of years ago,

and people who have folowed it have achieved amazing


The program works like magic. People get ripped; lose inches

of unwanted flab; lower their cholesterol levels, and so on.

YET – over the last couple months, whilst traveling in China, I

made some significant changes to the program that make it

at least three times better. And the changes make the program

even easier to follow.

In a nutshell, the Furey Fat Loss Program encourages you to

avoid all the starchy crap – like bread, pasta, rice, corn, beans,

legumes – and so on. But – unlike so many carb-free diets, I do

NOT tell you to avoid fruits and vegetables. I don’t believe that

low-carb diets that minus fruits and veggies are the best for most


At the present I am formulating the changes, revisions and improve-

ments to my program – and I’m making them available, first and

foremostly, to members of the Matt Furey Inner Circle.

Each month I’m highlighting simple steps and procedures YOU can

take to maximize your metabolism, turn up your butter-burning

machine, get ripped, and do so in complete comfort while increasing

strength, endurance, flexibility.html” target=”_blank”>flexibility and power. When you follow the changes

I am making – and how YOU can easily make them in your own situation –

you are going to be completely captivated each morning when you look

in the mirror and see a better person emerging.

Oh, one more thing – and this may appeal to you – then again, it may not.

The changes I am tracking in the Furey Fat Loss System – WILL most likely

turn you into a sekx machine.

Okay, so you want to be on top of all the latest coming down the pike? Well,

that’s smart. Here’s what you can do to make sure you’re in the loop with the

rest of the Furey Faithful:

Sprint on over to http://www.mattfurey.com/furey_inner_circle.html and

make a one-year choice to be in the MFIC. At present we are looking at limiting

the number of people who can enroll for an entire year. The amount for the

year is far too low compared to the value being delivered. I’m frequently

embarrassed when I think of how much people are getting for nuthin when they

join – especially when I examine how much people in the MFIC have improved.

As such, I’m going to limit the number of NEW 1-year commitments to no more

than 199.

So if you want to jump in at the lowest amount the MFIC will ever be offered, go

to http://www.mattfurey.com/furey_inner_circle.html and get on the horn.

One last thing: I realize that many people don’t want to enroll for a full year. They’d

rather “test-drive” the program for a month to see if they like it. Tis fine with me – for

another day or two. So I’m also having a special “test-drive” enrollment – and you can

read all about the benefits by going to http://www.mattfurey.com/fg324trfsr3ttai.html


Matt Furey

P.S. The number of success stories in the Matt Furey Inner Circle are legion. Be one

of the next in line who can say they “Kick Butt and Took Names.”

Progress Report from 45-YOM

Saturday, July 29th, 2006

This morning I took a look at all the questions on the

Matt Furey Inner Circle discussion board – as well as the

feedback of all the Furey Faithful – those DOERS who don’t

whine there way through life.

Here’s an example from a 45-year old male. I think you’ll

be inspired, especially if you’re still sitting on your rumpus

saying you’re “too old” – or too lazy – or some other false

and concocted story.

Progress report from a 6 month CC-er:

I am 45 yrs old; 5′, 9 ½.”.

January, 23rd, ’06, – 229 lbs: I was able to do 40 Hindu Squats,

10 Hindu Pushups, and hold a very stiff with-hands Bridge for 10 seconds.

July, 23rd, ’06, – 205 lbs ( net loss of 24lbs!): I am able to do

200 Hindu Squats, 55 Hindu Pushups, and hold a 3:00 Bridge

(without hands for 1:30, touching nose several times).

I feel great! Better than Great!

Thanks to Matt and all of you for keeping me motivated. This forum

has proven to be an integral part of my motivation. I am amazed at

all the POSITIVITY that beams out here!

An additional note, I have had some difficulty with ankle and shin pain

after hill sprints/rope skipping/running. When I started doing the joint

rotations Matt taught in the June Newsletter, and doing a little active

and passive stretching of my calves before and after running or

jumping, the pain has vanished, hopefully never to return.

Thanks for that Matt! Thanks again to you all.

Bryan Whitney

Well, my friend, what about YOU?

Isn’t it time to step up to the plate and get the motivation, inspiration and

constant stream of knowledge you need to achieve all your fitness

goals and dreams?

Sskidaddle on over to http://www.mattfurey.com/furey_inner_circle.html and

see what the Fure-cat has cooked up for you, to make sure you get the job

done. We’re talking about a big box of goodies sent to you for an amount so

low you’ll think I truly have gone bonkers.


Matt Furey

My October Seminar – and YOU

Friday, July 28th, 2006

My October seminar, The Science of Super Human Marketing,

is filling up. Very, very soon the amount for this once-in-a-lifetime

event is going up considerably.

Just so you know – by Super-Human I am referring to the quality

of being a personable, down-to-earth super human – as well as

teaching YOU how to bring the SUPERIOR qualities you possess

to the forefront.

When you do this – when you let the SUPER person within have a

say about how your life is going to go; and when you drop the

phoney facade and song and dance – and relate to people on a

truly human level – you will stand out so far above the crowd

that the NATURAL result is that you come to be admired, respected

and loved by many, many people. (Sure, some will hate you, they’ll

be envious of your success, but they’d hate you anyway, so who cares?)

The natural consequence of being admired, respected and loved

is that you CAN, if you so choose, earn a fortune. At bare minimum,

you’ll enjoy the greatest port in the world – peace of mind. You may

even enjoy it from a beachfront condo on your favorite island.

Almost no one does what I’m going to teach you in October. Almost

everyone hides behind some sort of line that he thinks the public will

accept; something that will make him more pleasing to those who

might attack or criticize.

Forget all those goons. Be the person YOU want to be. Achieve YOUR

dreams – not someone else’s.

I’ve never found people-pleasing to be the right way to live – or to build

a promising and lucrative career. A powerful urge for fuller expression

resides within YOU – now it is up to you to let that energy out.

All of us are unique. YOU, me and everyone else. And until you let your light

shine, your uniqueness shine for all to see – and do so with a feeling of pride,

you’ll never be happy or fulfilled.

You WILL, however, be happy, prosperous and fulfilled when you let the REAL

you out – and do so with great gusto and enthusiasm.

Come to my seminar in October and let me show you what it really means to

be Super-Human. Let me show you how being Super-Human will change your

life for the better – oftentimes so fast that you’ll feel you’ve leaped buildings

with a single bound.

Go to http://www.knockoutmarketing.com and enroll NOW. Once again, the

fee for this event is going up considerably very, very soon.

Let’s get it ON.


Matt Furey


Slow Dancing, Slow Walking

Friday, July 28th, 2006

At eight o’clock this morning I was taking a

Zen walk along the beach. I was in a trance-like

state, focusing on my breath, the number of steps

I’ve taken, and so on. Then lo – me animalistic mind

spots a couple nubile young ladies laying out with

skimpy bikinis.

Funny. That alone almost brought me out of my trance.

But no. It wasn’t until, via the corner of my eye, I saw

them sit up to watch the odd creature, me, walking in

an odd way. They smiled to each other.

“What are you doing walking like that?” the platinum

blonde asked.

“Like what?” I said in a low tone.

“Like … so slow like. Like you’re doing like right now.”

“I see,” I said. “But first tell me why you’re laying outside

at 8 a.m. when there’s no sun out yet.”

“Well, we like just wanted to get a head start on the day. We

figure it’ll like come out sooner or later. Okay .. we told you

our story, now tell us why you walk so slow.”

“Because it feels good. It energizes me.”

“How does it like make you feel good?” said the strawberry blonde.

“Have you ever had a slow dance?” I said – (admittedly, I had a Cheshire

cat grin going when I asked this.)

“Ahhhh … YEAH.”

“Okay, was the slow dance pleasureable? Did it energize you

and make you feel good?

“Uh (giggles), YEAH.”

“Okay, then now you have an idea about what I’m doing. It’s sort of

LIKE a slow dance with myself. When I’m done, it’s like I practiced

tai chi for a couple hours. I’m in a euphoric state for the rest of the


What I didn’t tell these ladies was that there is a time for fast and

there’s a time for slow. Sometimes you dance at a hard pace to

break a sweat. At other times you slow it way down in order to

really FEEL what you’re doing.

Now, you might wonder, will slow walking help improve your fitness?

Good question. The answer is yes.


A few ways:

1. When you do things slowly you allow your mind and body to relax at

a deeper level. One of modern man’s biggest challenges is his seeming

inability to relax. Slow training brings out your ability to relax – then

amplifies it and helps you learn to savor life itself.

2. When you train slowly you bring muscles into play that are often

barely used at a deep level. Take the acrobats in Cirque du Soleil, for

example. You see them doing feats of strength in slow motion, with

a partner. Talk about STRENGTH. Absolutely amazing, they are.

3. When you train slowly you are challenged to really focus your

mind on what it is you WANT. If it’s a better body; lean waistline;

stronger muscles; more flexible spine, and so on – it’s much easier

to picture that result in your mind when you do things slowly and

with great feeling.

No, I am not saying that you should train slowly all the time. I am

saying it is a good and healthful idea to include it as part of your


NOTE: Members of the Matt Furey Inner Circle know that on my monthly

newsletter and CD – I take subjects like I’ve just covered and amplify

them – almost beyond belief. Never forget, this email tip came to you

gratis – and there is a MAJOR difference between that which I send for

nuthin – and that which you subscribe to. And so, if you’re wondering,

if you’re curious about all the details I could have placed inside

this email – then let’s fix that situation right NOW.

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Matt Furey

Watermelonize Your Prostate – and Lose Weight, Too

Wednesday, July 26th, 2006

If you’re a man – you probably still have a

prostate; unless a doctor or wicked witch got

hold of you. Maybe both.

Well, if you’re still in business, pay heed and

listen to Fure-cat for a moment.

Around that 40-year mark, many men starts

to thinks that maybe, just maybe, the pee-line

ain’t making a bee-line like it used to. Or they’re

a bit concerned about some swelling in the hidden


To combat this you’re often advised to take a variety

of supplements – and increase uptake of lycopene –

which we’re told comes from tomatoes.

Thing is the tomatoes need to be cooked, otherwise no

lycopene for you. So you get your lycopene from ketchup

and tomato sauce or stewed tomatoes – NONE of which I


Yet, all along, there’s this other food that you don’t need to

cook. All you need to do is slice it and start chomping away.

And it contains MORE lycopene that tomatoes.

It’s called WATERMELON.

Eat it daily and it may help keep the witch doctors away.

In the August issue of my Health & Fitness newsletter – I’ll go

into illustrious detail about this wonder fruit, including how to use

it to lose weight, get stronger, increase endurance, and so on.

To read what I have to say, you’ll need to be a member of the

Matt Furey Inner Circle.

There are two ways to enroll:

1. You can join for a full year and get 7 best-selling gifts absolutely

fu-reee. Just go to http://www.mattfurey.com/furey_inner_circle.html

and get on the train.


2. You can test drive the program for a month – with incentives that

rule. Go to http://www.mattfurey.com/fg324trfsr3ttai.html

Get on the schtick, men. Make sure you enroll in the Matt Furey Inner

Circle NOW.


Matt Furey

Why 13 is Really a Lucky Number

Wednesday, July 26th, 2006

Just when I thought I had the rule book on

unlucky numbers memorized, I discovered

that I was wrong.

In China, for example, number four is supposed

to be unlucky. The sound for number four is too

close to the sound for death. The only difference

is which tone is used.

You know what this means, don’t you? It means

that you’ve got to eliminate the fourth floor from

the elevator.

Oh yes, there is a fourth floor – but in China, it’s

often located on the fifth floor.

And … if there are a lot of ‘mericans habitating the

same building, well then, by golly, we better move

the 13th floor to the 14th.

Not kidding. In some elevators – there’s no button for

the 4th floor – OR the 13th floor. Not in all elevators –

but in quite a few.

Now, the home we have in China is on the 24th floor.

And in that building, for whatever reason, the builder

didn’t think about removing numbers 4 and 13 from the


Guess what happened?


Not a doggone thing.

Everyone, to the best of my knowledge, who lives on the

4th and 13th floors is doing fine.

Speaking of flying, I know people who won’t fly on the 13th

of the month – or they won’t fly if it’s Friday the 13th. I also

know people who think that it’s bad luck if a black cat runs

across the street in front of your car whilst you are driving.

I’ve never quite understood that one. All I know is that whenever

I have a black cat run in front of my car, I smile and say, ‘YES.

Now I know today is going to be a lucky day. Black cats always

bring good luck.’

Back to the numbers.

How many donuts are in a ‘baker’s dozen?’

Unless I’m mistaken, it’s 13.

Isn’t that grand? So we do like number 13 afterall, especially when it involves

an extra donut – something most of us don’t need.

I truly believe that you can change your life by changing how you think

about certain numbers. There’s nothing wrong with believing that certain

numbers are more auspicious than others – especially if you live in a home

or have a phone number with those numbers. But going through life deathly

afraid of a 4 or a 13, that’s ridiculous. And the more you think that these

numbers are somehow controlling your future, the more you have given

unearned power to something that doesn’t even exist.

My goodness, if you’re going to give up power to a mysterious unknown, you

might as well do it for good luck – not for bad.

So here’s the cure: Get on an exercise program. That’s key. Now, instead of

counting in 10’s – start counting in 12’s, 13’s, 24’s, 36’s and so on. But make

sure you do a lot of 13’s.

For example, do 13 really tough pushups. And as you are doing number 13, you

tell yourself that you’re doing one more than 12 … and you’re doing it for GOOD

LUCK. Tell yourself that 13 is a lucky number – and program it into your mind/body

while you exercise.

After 13 days of doing this – you’re going to feel real comfortable about the number

13. You’re going to really like it. You’re going to think that numero 13 is great. Not

only that, but if you continually use the number with the intention of it bringing you

good luck – I’m betting it will.

Just ask a baker.

Now, after you’ve realized that you can reprogram how you think about a number,

you’ll come to understand that you can influence the way you think about virtually

anything in life – including YOU. There’s not a whole lot to it – if you’re willing to use

your creative imagination in a positive way.

Speaking of creative imagination – let me remind you that you can change the way

you think about moneeey, business, your career and your life, too. In fact, this

October, I’ll be having a seminar that’ll teach you what I consider the fastest,

smartest, most secure – and the most POWERFUL way to change your financial

status forever.

Follow what I teach and you can live on whatever floor you want, wherever you

want. The only difference between where you are and where you want to be lies

within you. If you’re willing to Imagine a little bit different, and do things in your life

a little bit different – you can quickly rise above the crowd and become what you

truly want.

Will you?

Go to http://www.knockoutmarketing.com and enroll in my next seminar. Only 65

seats remain and the amount for the event is going up considerably within a week.

Go for it. NOW.


Matt Furey

P.S. For a complete course on using your Creative Imagination – be sure to visit

http://www.psycho-cybernetics.com/zrlcourse.html and see what Dr. Maxwell

Maltz, author of the 30 million copies best-seller, has for you.

What is Discipline

Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

12 years ago I had dinner with the great

author, Deng Ming-Dao a couple times. He’d

already written a number of books on the

physical, mental and spiritual disciplines of

his Taoist teacher – a monk from China who

was virtually ageless.

At the end of second meeting I had with him,

he inscribed one of his books to me with the

following message, “In Discipline Lies Freedom.”

I never forgot that message. In fact, it was so

appropriate at the time, as I was beginning to

write on a daily basis and had dreams of one

day becoming a famous author myself.

Each day, come hell or high tide, I sat before

a keyboard and pounded out my thoughts on

various subjects. I started at least a dozen

different books – none of which I could bring

myself to finish.

I had the discipline of practicing my writing each

day down pat. But I didn’t have the discipline to

finish much of what I started.

Then one summer afternoon, while lounging with

my wife, Zhannie, in our Capitola, California, condo –

she looked at me and said, “You have all this talent to

write. You write everyday. You start all these books,

and you don’t finish anything. You need to start finishing

what you start.”

Zhannie said this was so much energy and conviction and

can still feel the buzz from her words.

How right she was.

Embarrassed, tail between legs, I drove to my fitness studio

where I had my computer, and I began to discipline myself,

not just to practice something – but to finish what I began.

One year later, I had three books, six videos and three audio

programs. The ball was rolling. I had momentum – and the

confidence that I could not only start something with a lot of

energy – but finish it, too.

When it comes to fitness, the same behavioral pattern is

evident. Most people begin a fitness program – and three

weeks later they’ve lost focus. They’ve either stopped

training – or they’re off to the next program that promises

them the forbidden fruit. Forbidden, not because you can’t

have it or shouldn’t have it – but because so many people

won’t ALLOW themselves to have it.

If you’ve ever felt that the above sounds like YOU – if you’ve

ever felt that you’re great a beginning things but lousy at

finishing – let me echo my wife’s words … YOU NEED TO


Anyone can begin something. It takes discipline to finish.

And those who muster the daily discipline to finish learn that

there is tremendous FREEDOM in starting and sticking with


In Discipline Lies Freedom – but why? Discipline gives you

freedom because you are no longer the victim of every

whim, worry or weirdo that comes along. You have the

freedom to get on a path and stay on it without being

side-tracked with distractions.

Ask yourself – have you finished what you’ve started with

your fitness program? If not, let’s get moving pal.

Perhaps you need a fresh start with the best program on the

planet – Combat Conditioning. If so, I’m happy to serve – but

I have one request. Don’t just get my program. Don’t just start

my program.

Displine yourself to get, start and use my program on a daily

basis. Displine yourself to follow the program and create the

physical and mental health you deserve. Discipline yourself

to go beyond what you think you can do. Discipline yourself

to become MORE than you are right now.

You’ve got my support – now get up and GO.

Order Combat Conditioning NOW and change your life forever –


Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

How to Walk and Sculpt Abs at the Same Time

Monday, July 24th, 2006

Yesterday I received a question from a Lieutenant

Colonel in the Army. This one is so good it got moved

to the top of the heap. Here goes:


I have your Combat Conditioning videos, Gama fitness, Combat

Abs, and now your Farmer Burns course and Combat Cardio Tele-

Seminar – http://www.mattfurey.com/products.html

Let me just say as a member of the ArmedForces I believe your

teachings are fantastic. I’ve contacted the Army Fitness School

and told them to go to your website.

Anyways, here’s my issue and question. I was in a fairly serious

motorcycle accident over here in Korea about a year ago. I took

some damage to my left leg, and although the bones have healed

and the stitches are long gone I still have some pain in my calve.

It is by no means debilitating, but it does hurt quite a bit when I run.

As a consequence I’ve cut back on my running and now walk every

night while only running 2-3 times a week (I also plan on using your

rope skipping, rowing, cycling programs from the tele-seminar).

In Combat Cardio – http://www.mattfurey.com/cardio_seminar.html

you mentioned incorporating the Qi Gong breathing into your own walking

and the website had a picture of you doing it.

Can you offer some tips on incorporating the breathing into your walking.

I know it seems obvious; breathe deep (down to your feet) and exhale,

but do you breathe in for a specific count or number of steps and exhale

the same?

Do you shorten your walking stride to accomodate the breathing (I have

in my ‘experimental’ walks)? Any tips would be useful and me being the

pragmatist I am. I’m thinking this would be useful for soldiers conducting

road marches. Just a thought. Please provide any info you can and keep

up the great work!

LTC Van R. Sikorsky


M.F. Lieutenant Colonel, first thanks so much for the kind words – but more

importantly, thanks for your service to our country. Glad to hear you are

mending well after the accident. To strengthen you calves, you might consider

the wall chair position, albeit with heels elevated. This will make your calves

quiver and quake like the San Andreas fault.

In regard to Qi Gong walking (also Chi Kung walking) – there are

many varieties. Today I will give you one of many favorites.

I normally don’t divulge something this good in my emails – it’s the

sort of thing I reserve for students in the Matt Furey Inner Circle


but today I’ll make an exception for YOU!

While walking with normal strides, inhale from your feet up to your head. Pull the

energy up your body to energize. After doing this hold your breath and pull your

abs back toward your spine. Hold for a 2 count … or whatever you’re comfortable

doing. Continue on with your normal stride while walking this way. Exhale when

you cannot hold any longer. Catch your breath and repeat.

Believe me now and listen to me later, it won’t take long for you to swimming in

energy. This technique is very powerful indeed.

I cover much more in my Inner Circle n/l and CD, sent each month to Furey

Faithful. The one covered this month is a mind-blower as well.

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

When You’re Too Old for Exercise

Monday, July 24th, 2006

Twas sitting next to an American on my trip back

from China. He’s got a factory in Guangzhou making

a product that may take the American market by


Anyway, whilst rapping with this man of 43, I came to

discover that before he went to China he would run six

to eight miles a day. Now, despite the fact that I think his

routine is, in many regards, an utter waste of motion, and

downright harmful to all the joints in his body – I kept mum

and simply listened.

What really caught my ear was how he mentioned that when

he got to China, he looked to see if anyone else was running

before he decided whether or not he should. He went an entire

week without running before finding the first “jogger.” This

sighting somehow made it okay for him to run, too.

I thought to myself, “Now why on earth would it matter if anyone

else was doing it or not? If it makes you feel good to run, to hell

with the others, get out and run.”

This morning I got up early – went outside, looked upon the waves

lapping to and fro – and began my routine. I was all alone. Not another

soul was standing near me. No one to train with. Just me and my thoughts.

And that was fine in my world.

When I finished my routine a man, accompanied by his wife, came up

to me and said, “Is that yoga?”

“Sorta kinda, but not really,” I replied. “It’s my own combination of what

works. Chi kung, calisthenics, joint loosening, stretching, and so on.”

“Do you do it everyday?” he asked.

“Everyday,” I replied.

He shook his head as if what I was doing was too much for him to bear.

“I do this routine in the morning to loosen up. In the evening I do the tough


After saying this the man’s jaw bone nearly broke his foot. He nearly spilled

his morning brew.

Back to the plane ride.

The fellow entrepreneur told me how his spoken Chinese was pretty good.

I listened. He rattled off, in some strange new-fangled Mandarin way, how

he tells the waitress that he cannot eat cat, dog, monkey or mouse. His

pronunciation is so bad I feel sorry for the waitress he says this too.

“Do you know any of the characters – or do you write in pinyin, the romanized

version of the characters?”

“I only know ONE character he says,” and begins to draw it on a sheet of paper.

“I thought about learning more, but I’m too old for that.”

“Really?” I ask.

“Yeah. If I was younger, I could learn the characters, but at my age – no way.”

I didn’t ask his age. Didn’t have to. Some minutes later he revealed that he was

a whopping 43 years old.

This morning when I got up to do my exercises, I thought about the “I’m too old”

line, and what a crock it is. It’s not reality. It’s just a song-and-dance this guy tells

himself so that he doesn’t have to tackle something more in life. And it’s perfectly

fine if the man doesn’t want to learn the characters. Just say so. But don’t make up

a crap line about being too old.

If you analyze all the things the man does in life in which he is successful – and there

are plenty of them, you’ll find that he NEVER says “I’m too old.” Afterall, he started a

new business venture in China at 43, which involves him flying to and fro once a month.

Isn’t he too old to fly that far, that often?

And what about running 6-8 miles a day? Is he too old for that?

Not at all – but I assure you that there are people in this world, his age and much

younger, who won’t go into business for themselves at 43, who won’t begin an

exercise program, who won’t travel the world – and the reason they give for not

doing so is because they’re too old.

Oh, yeah – if I was ONLY younger.

Well, there’s a way to become younger, my friend – and that is to get off your ass

and do the things you want to do in life, regardless of your age. If you want to learn

a foreign language, get fit, travel the world, start a new business, learn a musical

instrument, or anything else, NEVER say you’d like to, but you’re too old. Say you’d

like to and you’re “going to.”

The “I’m too old” line is a lie. The truth is that you’re never too old. You either want

to or you don’t want to. The key word is WANT.

If you have the desire, you can find a way to win.

No whining.

Just win.

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

Count Your Reps

Friday, July 21st, 2006

I’m back in Beijing – and loving it. Tis one of my

favorite cities. When I’m here luck is in the air as

there’s no smog – just clear blue skies with visible

clouds and a bright sun. Haven’t been here in a couple

years – and I’m thrilled to be back, especially when I

see all the banners and signs about the 2008 Olympics.

A number of years ago, when Beijing was just announced

as the host of the 2008 games – I was here and talk about

“magic” being in the air. Twas incredible. After viewing the

excitement up close, I wrote to members of the Matt Furey

Inner Circle, to look out for China – that they will take

first place in terms of gold medal winnings in 2008.

In the 2004 Olympics in Athens, they ran a close second to

the USA, so I still think my prediction is worthy of mention.

The one thing that drives the Chinese, other than having great

coaches, is knowing that those who win Olympic gold are “set for

life.” In the U.S., many Olympians dream of being instant celebrities

after winning gold. Very few experience this reality. So in one sense

the Chinese have more reasons to win. They’re hungrier. And you

should always be concerned about someone who is hungry. They

fight harder than those who are well fed. And they fight longer. A

big fat sloppy gut cuts down on endurance – not to mention courage.

In your own life, if you want to continue to succeed beyond what you’ve

already achieved – “hunger” plays a role. And the more things you are

hungry for; the more things that drive you and give you a desire that

expands with every breath – the more I am betting on YOU to kick butt

and take names.

America, sadly, has become a nation of people who are overfed – and

this has led to a lack desire or hunger for MORE. We’ve become too

comfortable – and too much comfort is NOT a good thing as it interferes with expansion of your talents.

At one level you want to work hard to achieve greater comfort – yet at another

level you want to refuse too much comfort as your greatest aim in life

is becoming MORE than you are right now.

When it comes to fitness, becoming MORE usually means getting leaner. It

means cutting back on all the splurging. It means getting fit, not so much

for the “look” it gives you but because of WHO you become as a result of

getting fit.

To get super fit, you must change the way you think about yourself. You must

change the way you see yourself. You must toughen up on the INSIDE first –

and let this vibration expand externally until it becomes your reality.

The purpose of exercise goes way beyond that of improving one’s health

and well-being. Exercise, primarily, is a way to strengthen your mind, quicken

your resolve for greatness; grow mentally in the belief that you can become

whatever you strongly desire.

This is why it is a wise practice to turn exercise time into “imagination time.”

As you do your Hindu Squats and pushups, avoid mindlessly avoiding counting

your repetitions. Instead, focus on the numbers. Count your reps. Count

them with deep feeling. Set a goal for how many reps you will do – then

do them.

Everything in life is math – I was told sometime ago. Those who count

improve. Those who refuse to count, for whatever reason, usually don’t.

Go for a walk. Count your steps. Grab a rope and start jumping. And

count your jumps.

And when you drop down to do some pushups – count again.

Counting is akin to meditation. Know your numbers. Pay attention to

what you’re doing down to the last number – and then some.

When you know your numbers, you can improve them. When you’re

in the dark about them – you’ll remain in the dark.

Drop down right now and see how many situps and pushups you can

do. Count the reps. When you’re finished, I guarantee you’ll be MORE

motivated to go beyond what you just did. Tis natural law. Do what you

can and you’ll be given the ability to do even more.

All for now.

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

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