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Conditioning Secrets of a 13-Year Old

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014
Some months back I told you about the ONE exercise I did with a barbell set when I was 13 years old.

Every other day for an entire summer, I did this ONE exercise and totally reshaped my body. People were in awe at the change in me.

I go into great detail about this exercise in the Matt Furey Inner Circle (aka Furey Faithful) – via video – and the reviews have been huge.

In fact, in the video I show you how to do this same exercise with a barbell as well as other weighted apparatus.

Well, guess what? My son is currently 13 years old – just like I was a few moons ago, and he wants to get bigger and stronger and faster. And he wants to lift weights.

So this put me into a pickle. Do I insist that he do things the way I currently do them? Or do I help him find his own path – with my expert guidance?

Afterall, I taught weight lifting, Olympic lifting, weight training and much more to my clients in my personal training business for many, many years. Eddie Baran, for example, hired me to train himself and his twin brother. And both of them thought I went totally nuts when I drop the weights in flavor of body weight exercises.

Well, I’m about to do a flip-flop on you.

Personally, I do many things as part of my training.

I practice a lot of chi kung (qi gong).

I do bodyweight calistenics.

I do sprints.

I practice martial arts.

I walk.

I meditate and do Theatre of the Mind.

And I train my son to become the best athlete he can be.

At present I’m giving him a combination-attack of free weights and bodyweight exercises.

I’m very sports specific with much of what I teach him.

There are no exercises, for example, done lying down on a bench. Or seated on a contraption (with one exception).

I believe that machines, for the most part, are nothing more than marketing gimmicks sold to people who are too unathletic or too injury prone to learn how to train the right way. And so, instead of getting a set of relatively inexpensive equipment, the gym owners and athletic departments get suckered into spending tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It’s an absolute crock – and the American people fell for it.

As Karl Gotch once told me, “Machines are for rehab.”

Well, I guess most people are in rehab mode whether they realize it or not.

Anyway, I’ve been taking my son to the gym where we’re surrounded by people “hogging” the machines, benches and so on.

The workout I put my son through is over in about 30 minutes – and during this time, he noted, most of the people in the gym are still on the same piece of equipment.

Wow. Great insight.

We’ve gone through over a dozen exercises and his ass is kicked.

He’s pumped.

He’s getting the rush I once got.

He feels he’s getting stronger (and by the way, I do NOT let him wear headphones are earplugs when he trains) – and he is.

Again, his routine is a combination of weights and body weight exercises – and I’m going to start letting the cat out of the bag on what he’s doing, bit by bit. You’ll get to see his form improve as well as his strength.

And you’ll get to watch it on video and read about his routine on The Matt Furey Inner Circle member’s site.

You’re going to love watching his transformation.

Moreover, you’re going to love the thousands of dollars of content already up on the member’s site.

All for the ridiculously low amount of $97 for the entire year.

Everything is at your fingertips – at your command – digitally – right now.

Remember, there will be regular updates with the exercises I’m having my son do – and you’re going to learn a lot.

Make sure you enroll NOW if you’re not yet a member. The current fee is going to go up in the near future – so make sure you jump on board right quick.

In fact, this current offer is only available for the next three days – or until I feel I’ve reached a maximum number of members for the time being. Whichever comes first.

So jump on this, my friend. NOW.

Go to the Matt Furey Inner Circle and enroll in this “from the ground-up program.”


Matt Furey

P.S. The first clip of my son will be going up within the next 48 hours. Look for it.

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