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Why I Gave Up

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Those of you who know me well, know one thing: Unlike most people, I LOVE CHANGE.

Yet, at times, just like anyone else, I can get ‘comfortable’ at what I already know how to do – and feel that the boat doesn’t need any rocking – or adjusting – or tweaking.

And often times I may be right. At the same time, though, I’ve gotten where I am today by being OPEN – by saying YES to opportunity.

Not ALL – but more than the average person.

Your willingness to OPEN and say YES to new things will be a far bigger indicator of where you’re headed in life than almost anything.

And so, contrary to my nature, I was “No, No, No” about too many things lately. No to facebook and to all these other social networking media.

I’m a private person in many ways. Yet, through my emails, in my newsletters, courses – and via my

seminars and coaching programs – I am always OPEN.

In other contexts, not open at all. Don’t want to be bothered. Don’t want anyone taking up one second of time that I have planned and devoted to something else.

And so I viewed these social media as a huge distraction – and they may be – but I will NEVER know unless I jump in with both feet and work it like I’ve worked other things.

If it turns out to be a waste, I will let you know – but So far it has been really fun and … cool.

So if you want to sign on as a Friend of Furey – here’s the link –


As this is going on, I am already making moves to join the other networks, so hang onto your seat.

Oh, and one more thing: If you read my email on the 17 Things I Learned About Christmas – I’m sorry if you felt I had a miserable time. That is DEFINITELY NOT how the time went. I simply made not of things that I thought were FUNNY or out of line – that’s all.

I had a great time in spite of all the dumbnesses I observed = including many of my own. HA.

Okay, so let’s rip this thing up on Facebook. Go to here and become part of the friends group.

BUT – if you want big-time answers to questions and so on – then you better join the Furey Faithful because that’s where the major info will get spread. Videos galore – and much more.

Matt Furey

17 Things I Learned This Christmas

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

I’m back from Disney World – where I spent Christmas with Zhannie, the kids and in-laws – and what a relief to be back home.

Why is it a relief?

Isn’t it supposed to be a blast?

Well, yeah – but sooner or … even sooner … you realize that there’s no place like home.

Even so, In between jaunts from one park to another, I observed the following about reality:

1. A large portion of the people visiting Disney are more than a few tadpoles overweight. Many are so fat they made my wife and I wonder why we even bother to concern ourselves with our own physical condition. So you’re a few pounds overweight and feel a bit OFF and you catch yourself saying things like, “Boy do I feel fat today” … STOP and ask the following: ‘Compared to what – or whom.” Go to Disney and see what I mean.

2. Disney is smart in making sure they have wheel chairs and scooters for the obese. It not only shows their mammoth concern – but it makes them m-oney, too. My daughter hurt her leg and had trouble walking one day. We put her in a scooter. It was $31 for the day. I told Zhannie they should charge according to weight. If they did, some of the behemoths would be paying about $500 for the privilege to use a wheel chair or scooter. Maybe that would get them walking.

3. You can find fresh fruit at a few of the concession stands – as well as some carrot and celery sticks. You can also buy Dasani water – perhaps the very worst choice of water anyone can drink – but what are your choices at the point of thirst. Dehydration or Dasani. What a whirld we live in.

4. Disney parks are meticulous about details. Everything is high tech. With one exception. The bathrooms. Isn’t it funny that you can go on sci-fi rides at EPCOT – then go to the bathroom, wash your hands and find a paper towel machine with a hand crank. With all the gabillions Disney brings into their Kingdom in a single day – you’d think they’d have a space age paper towel machine or

hand blower. They have them in most any local restaurant I dine at in town. All you do is get your finger print close to the light and presto – out comes the paper. No such luxury like that for the penny pinchers at Disney.

5. At the conclusion of every f.ree ride at almost every park, you enter a store where you see a photo of your self – which you must buy for $19.95 – not including the frame – which is on special TODAY for only $24.95. Then there are the shirts, pens, mugs, caps and so on. Tugging along, of course, is your son or daughter, who insists on getting EVERY photo. You’d have to be a Scroo-Grinch to say “NO” – right. We bought the whole collection.

6. Actually, you MUST say NO – and often. If Zhannie and I agreed to every, “Daddy, can I have that,” “Mommy, can Iget that,” – there’d be no room in our vehicle – much less our home, to store all the junk.

7. Whilst you’re enjoying getting beaten into submission from the crowds, the heat, the merchandizing and so on – along comes yet another reason to milk yourself further. Look,

it’s Goofy, Daffy, Mickey or some other imaginary critter. And oh my, they’re giving autographs – for no charge at all. Waaah, amazing.

8. Upon leaving one of the parks, one of my children asked, “Daddy, when do we get to open presents.” I smiled and said, “You already did, the moment we walked into Disney. This entire trip is your Christmas present.” A lady walking nearby with her kids overheard the conversation and gave me the thumbs up – with a wink, as if to say, “I had the same talk with my kids.”

9. Upon getting on yet another train to enter yet another park, I had trouble finding a seat. A man called out, “Hey, Matt Furey, there’s room for you here.” I nodded and got on next to him, his wife and two daughters. “Nice to know you can’t go anywhere without someone recognizing you, huh,” he said. “Yes, it sure is,” I replied, sarcastically. We did the shake hands thing, followed by the name thing, and the where you’re from and how long you’re here for thing. His name’s Brandon – he’s from Windsor, Ontario – came to Disney and avoided 10 inches of snow. He and his wife were in great physical condition. Message to Americans: If you want to lose weight, move to Canada.

10. The one great thing about the Marriott we stayed in was that it had sliding glass doors that you could open to get fresh air. Tis not the norm. And it became necessary when our toilet over-flowed one night. Our request for a new room was met with, “We’ll get back to you on that.”

They never did. We exited the hotel in the morning even though we were booked to stay another night.

11. Regardless of how much you pay to stay in a hotel, you must take the bed sheets off the mattress and pull the pillow cases off the pillows – and throw them on the floor in a heap if you want your linens changed each day. If you don’t do this, chances are excellent you will be sleeping in the same linens night after night – until you go home or get a new hotel.

12. In Magic Kingdom’s parade, the anchor was none other than Santa Claus. And guess what he said as

he rode through the park with his reindeer and sled. If you guessed “Merry Christmas,” you guessed wrong. Nope – Santa bellowed out something I never heard him say in all my life in a single movie or tee-vee show. With far less enthusiasm than M-C – he crowed “Happy Holidays.” Huh, I thought. Something ain’t right with this picture.

13. I went to the bathroom. Vomit all over the floor and urine all over the seats with no toilet paper. I refrained from using anything but the sink to wash my hands. Made a rush for the paper towels. Pushed the hand crank – nothing came out. Happy Holidays, chump. This is what you get for going to Magic Kingdom when it’s Christmas and another 99,999 people are here.

14. Day after Christmas I read a couple emails in which the words “Boxing Day” were used. What they hell is that, me thinks. Never heard the term in all my life – nor do I care much for it now that I’ve heard it. “Boxer Rebellion” – hey, that’s cool. But “Boxing Day.” Turns out that some people –

or a lot of them – box all their crap the day after Christmas. Maybe we do things differently where I grew up. Or maybe my parents didn’t give me enough physical gifts for our family to qualify for “Boxing Day.” Each kid, traditionally, got ONE present – and we had to draw names for which member of the family we had to get a GIFT for. Singular – not plural. One person. One gift. Meanwhile other kids I knew would get heaps of presents. I’m still pissed. And that’s why my kids got no presents from me for Christmas. Nothing to unwrap. No paper to throw away. I give my kids a “trip” instead. Last year it was Manhattan. This year Disney. We got them a few things while visiting the parks – but it’s

minimal compared to what they asked for.

15. Most importantly, Zhannie and I, and the in-laws, give our kids the gift of time – and the gift of love. It requires a different kind of unwrapping – and it doesn’t come in a box.

16. Meanwhile Disney offers a 40-year membership plan – for the family, to visit everything in the world that is Disney related. And I think it’s only sixteen grand. Gotta love ’em. I just hope the bathrooms in the other places have sensors for their paper towel machines.

17. Last night I met with a friend who went for Christmas dinner with his father-in-law, who kept moving the time for the meal earlier and earlier. Afterward he realized that he did so in order to only pay lunch time prices. Normally this would have upset him – but this time he laughed. He and I exchanged one story after another, from the bed sheets to the over-flowing toilet to the hand-crank paper towel machines – and we smiled and laughed through it all.

Now THAT is the spirit of Christmas. Ho-Ho-HO no matter what.

Matt Furey

P.S. I didn’t have any specials this year because I’m planning something else in the New Year. Keep your eyes and ears open and peeled. In the meantime, make sure you become a member of the Furey Faithful and SAVE BIG.

Save YOUR BRAIN – Before It’s Too Late

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Just read that Peter Falk, aka Columbo, has Alzheimers.

Uggh. Another hero’s brain fading into the distance.

It’s maddening – and saddening.

Now, did you know that the number one health fear people have today is no longer cancer or heart disease.


It’s early onset dimentia or Alzheimers.

Chances are excellent you have someone close to you, just as I do, who is in the beginning stages of Alzheimers.

Well, if you start early enough – detect the damage soon enough – there is still a lot you can do. There is still hope.

Watch the video I just put up with several suggestions for combating this issue:

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

Saved from Surgery

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Here’s another success story. This one got my program entitled How to Eliminate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in 30 Days.

The program works for hand, wrist, elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome. Here’s what the man wrote:

“Your carpal tunnel fix DVD is the best money I ever spent. I can now type a grad school volume of work, conduct four rehearsals a day, and play trumpet for a 2-hour rehearsal pain-free. Thanks a million.”

Lee Cheek, Band Director

Berkeley Springs HS

Berkeley Springs, WV

MJF: Thanks Lee. Glad to hear of your success. Keep cranking out the good work.

So there you have it, my friend. A non-surgical solution to pain in the hands, wrists and elbows. As well as a great hand-strengthening program that anyone can use. You don’t need to be in pain to benefit.

Get the program and maybe you’ll never be in pain to begin with.

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

My Son’s NFL Prediction

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

He’s only eight years old – and this is his first Internet video. But he sure as hell ain’t shy. Nor is he having trouble forming an opinion. Especially an opinion about football and who is going to win the big one this year.

Some people think he makes me look meek and mild.

You be the judge.

Go here and check out this like-father- like-son clip.


Matt Furey

I Got Floored

Friday, December 19th, 2008

I’m rarely impressed with a martial arts or self-defense program. Most of them are pure bunk and will not work for the average person.

Most require years and years and years of training.

But what if there was a program that taught you the top seven things to do so that YOU are always the lucky one any time a street fight happens.

Well, the following program – called The Lucky Seven – is just what the surgeon ordered.

Forget about learning thousands of different moves and holds. Concentrate on the stuff to do in virtually any encounter you may have on the street.

Focus on high-percentage tactics that work regardless of your size, strength or seks.

I’m telling you, when I saw how effective The Lucky Seven was – it was like getting floored by a series of knockout punches.

I think you’ll feel the same way. Tis why I’m recommending you drop everything and go here to take a look.

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

Throwing Shoes at Blago

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

The things we learn about on the news are fascinating.

An Iraqi throws his shoes at Prez Bush.

The Prez ducks the bullets – and no one is nominating him for any athletic achievement award. He may be the only prez we’ve had in the last couple decades who had the reflexes to dodge someone’s shoes.

Then there’s Gov. Blago of Illinois – who has already been tried and convicted – by the media.


In today’s world all you have to do to convict someone is find a lawyer who’ll read the alleged transcripts from your high-jacked calls – and your career is over.

Also amazing is how all the clairvoyant reporters are “certain” that Prez Obama had nothing to do with any of this.

Chances are he didn’t – but how can you be “certain” of anything in today’s uncertain world.

I’m sure Prez Bush was certain he’d be able to give another Cheshire cat-grinning yawner of a press conference and go home with having to parry a couple steel toed shoes.

I’m sure Prez Obama didn’t expect this rumble in the news to be happening when he’s appointing his Cabinet of CHANGE.

Oh, and don’t forget this one:

I’m also sure that a lot of SUPER RICH people didn’t expect Bernard Madoff to rip them off for $50 Billion dollars.

So much for wishful certainty.

A couple years ago many of us were certain that there was no real estate bubble. Nor would we ever imagine that our fellow government “servants” would begin printing monopoly money to give to Wall Street, Car Companies and who knows who else – and giving us the bill to give to our children.


With all of the above said, there is one thing I think we can be certain of – and that is this:

Last weekend I made a big change in my business. I renamed the Matt Furey Inner Circle and moved it to FureyFaithful.com.

There are many other big changes that I foresee forthcoming in the next couple weeks – as far as my business is concerned – and some of these changes will literally shock those who think they understand my every move.

One of the changes I have planned is daily video or audio lessons for members of the Furey Faithful. Each and every day you’ll feel like you’re being personally trained and mentored by me as I give you a golden brick of valuable information that will transform your life.

Go to www.FureyFaithful.com. and see what I mean in more detail.

Pay special attention the video on this site as it will open your mind and give you one of the major keys to superior health and fitness results.

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

Guess Who Showed Up?

Monday, December 15th, 2008

One of the cool things about training outdoors is discovering who shows up to watch.

No, I’m not talking about human beings. I’m talking about animals, birds and other critters.

When you get your energy running in a smooth, harmonious fashion, when you’re on target with a goal you’ve been thinking about – Mother Nature tends to give you signs.

A friend of mine saw a hawk in his front yard after making an important life decision. Another friend saw a raven overhead when she completed a training.

Another regularly spots deer.

Last week a friend told me that he was outdoors doing some energy work when hundreds of birds began flying overhead. He looked to the right and left to see if any of the surrounding areas had any sign of birds.

There were none.

When he finished he sent a text email to a friend, asking him to call at 10 a.m. Turns out that at the very moment the friend received the text message, he also had hundreds of birds circling over his head as he trained in his back yard.

He wanted to call and tell the friend about it – then he thought, “Naaah, he doesn’t want to hear this sort of thing.” And at that very moment he received the text to call him.

Makes yuh wonder, eh.

There is a critter that comes around almost every time I train. He’s a friendly squirrel.

He likes to try and sneak up on me when my eyes are


One day he got within a couple feet. When he saw me open my eyes, he stopped and looked at me for a moment. He appeared to be smiling, as if to say, “You caught me again.”

Then he ran off.

Well, today was different. Not just one squirrel – but three.

If you like to meditate or visualize or practice deep breathing and you have a pet cat – I’m sure you’ve noted that the cat makes a bee-line to your lap once you get into a peaceful state. Cats are big-time energy junkies.

Animals in nature tend to just show up. Not on our laps – but nearby.

Some people believe that animals bring us messages – if we’ll take the time to ask, “Why is he showing up today.”

Got any animal stories similar to these. I’d love to read them if you do.

By the way, the new Furey Faithful site is up and kicking major butt. Be sure to check it out at www.fureyfaithful.com.

In case you missed the news about it yesterday, read it below.


Bad News – Good News

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

Okay, here’s the Big News.

For the past five years I’ve hosted a membership program called the Matt Furey Inner Circle.

Each month, members received an instructional DVD and special report via mail. And along with that they gained access to an online membership site with videos, audio and more.

The bad news is that over the past couple months the membership website starting going haywire.

The software program began to malfunction – in part because it was outdated. Some people were

unsubscribed or cancelled for no reason.

This became a nightmare for the fulfillment company – who had to handle all the emails from good customers who were perplexed about this issue.

Meanwhile I’m over in China ruminating over a solution to the mess.

And now, the Good News.

I decided to abandon the old member “ship” site and create a new one that was totally up-to-date, had zero billing issues, and so on.

All I can say is WOW.

This thing is awesome.

And I’ve given the command to begin putting up video and audio content that no one has ever seen before – as well as special reports, newsletters and archived information that I taught long ago to a select few.

In addition to the above HUGE updates and changes, you can still get a whole box of goodies for f.r.e.e. just for taking a test drive of the program.

To get started with the all-NEW membership program – go to fureyfaithful.com.

IMPORTANT: If you’ve been a member of the Matt Furey Inner Circle – here’s even better news.

First, you have NOT been billed in over a month for the old service. I told fulfillment that I wanted no one billed until the new member site went up. Sadly, this caused the system to send everyone an email saying they’d been cancelled or unsubscribed.


My sincere apologies.

At present, the fulfillment office is busily adding people to the new site. But the truth is it’s taking longer than expected because there are a LOT of members to add.

So, if you’ve been a member and want to help the migration process go a bit faster, it would be great if you run on over to http://fureyfaithful.com and enroll on your own.

Afterward, it would be great if you send fulfillment an email and let them know the following:

“I’ve been a member, and I just migrated to fureyfaithful.com so please don’t add me a second time because I don’t want to get double-billed.”

Well, that’s all for now. Let’s turn the Furey Faithful into a membership program that helps you break all previous personal bests.

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

P.S. The Matt Furey Inner Circle name will be no longer once this migration thing is over. From then on we’ll be called the Furey Faithful. Become part of the fun, fitness and fanaticism. Join the Furey Faithful NOW.

I’ve Had it With These Mother-bleepers

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

I’ve Had it With These Mother-bleepers

A couple weeks ago I wrote to tell you about the death of my 19-year old neighbor. Killed by a group of frat boys in North Carolina during a hazing.

A week ago I read a story of a black man killed in England. Turns out a group of four white boys doused him with gasoline – then lit him on fire and watched as he burned to his death.

A few days ago, my friend Ralph told me another horror story that could have been prevented if the victim knew that “peace and love” aren’t the solution for demonic human beings.

This guy was totally cooperative when the thugs came a calling. He does just what they tell him to do. He gave the mother-bleepers his wallet, his watch, everything.

They leave and he thinks he’s ok. But shortly afterward they’re back.

And 5 seconds later, they stab him to death.

Once again this happened in merry old England where everything is proper. They’ve got laws against everything from packing a gun to carrying a slingshot. To them, the rest of the world looks like it’s straight out of the old-time Wild West.


The dude is dead. His wife’s a widow. And his kids are orphans.

One minute this guy’s alive. 5 seconds later, he’s history.

And just for the hell of it.

That’s why I’m outraged. I’ve not only had it with the pricks who commit these crimes – but the fools who promote “peace and love” when Beelzebub is at your door.

Not only that, I’m really tweaked about all the garbage being passed off today as “self-defense.”

I’m here to tell you most of it’s pure crap that won’t do diddly for someone with my skills and sure as hell wouldn’t do anything for YOU.

Pussy-footin’ around trying to figure out how to defend yourself is a ticket to disaster when you’ve only got 5 seconds to act.

And that’s why after doing my due diligence on what’s out there I acceptted an invitation to go through Tim Larkin’s full 3-day Target-Focus Training personal protection seminar. And let me tell you, even for me, a world kung fu champion, it was an eye-opener.

First off, the training is designed for just one thing: keeping your butt safe in a life-or-death attack. Nothin’ else.

No bowing to your opponent. No thoughts about mercy. When you’re life is on the line…

You better be able to move your body rapidly – instinctively – without a moment’s hesitation.

The TFT System evolved from the original US Navy SEAL Combat Fighting Course. And like my Combat Conditioning, TFT has been taught to people around the globe, more than 10,300 at last count.

In Larkin’s class, you quickly discover people with a ton of martial arts or combat sport skills have no real advantage. That’s because in the world of competition, everyone’s just out to beat the other guy. Not kill him.

But those thugs in England and those ridiculous i-zod wearing frat boys in North Carolina didn’t think twice about snuffing someone’s life.

Reality: When your life is on the line you’ve got to have “something up your sleeve” or you’re a goner.

That’s why Larkin has you working against knives, guns and other weapons really fast. And you’re learning how to terminate someone within the first couple hours of class.

If this makes your skin crawl you better get over it, and fast.

‘Cause if it’s you or some a-hole and only one of you is gonna walk away alive, it had better be YOU.

So I don’t care what your background. Don’t care how tough you think you are or how many years you’ve trained. Or with whom. After you’ve experienced what Larkin teaches, you realize why it’s just as devastatingly effective for my wife Zhannie as it is for someone with my skills.

So if you want to know for sure you’re gonna be the one walking away from a worst-case nightmare, then go see for yourself here.

Matt Furey

P.S. There’s a HUGE special offer for all Furey Faithful if you hustle

P.P.S. I don’t give any testimonial lightly and rarely give a live one at all. But trot over to the link above and you’ll hear me end this one with my highest recommendation, “It kicks ass!”

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