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Where I’ve Been

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Many of you have wondered “where I’ve been” the past few years. You used to get an email or two from me each and every day, all year round. And then, all of a sudden, things slowed down.

What happened.

Well, without getting into all the details, when I temporarily lost my vision in the summer of 2007, I began to look at a lot of things in a different way. Although I AM still very much interested in business, you could say that I’m not interested in the same way – or to the same extent.

Fortunately, because of great customers and fans like yourself, I could take time off and devote more energy to other matters – most of which have had
nothing to do with business.

Being that my wife and I are blessed with two young children, and both are athletes as well as students, I realized I better devote more time to them,
starting NOW. I realized that it was one thing to teach others what I know about the “mental game” and such – but if I don’t do my best to pass this same
know-how onto my children, then I would feel very sad, indeed.

And so, three years ago when my son, Frank, took up baseball, I began to convert what worked for me in wrestling, martial arts and business into something that a young boy could understand and use. The same I’ve been doing for my daughter, in the sport of swimming.

In the three years that Frank has been playing ball, he has continued to enthrall me, as well as a lot of other people. And my daughter isn’t far removed from being in the same position.

As an example, on Saturday, Frank smacked two home runs in one game, both of which sailed about 100 feet past the fence, landing in another ball field.
And yesterday, he pitched a total of five innings against two very good teams, and not only did he allow no hits, runs or walks – he struck out 12 of the 16 batters he faced. The only player to reach first did so on a passed ball after he struck out.

You know you’re doing a good job when the coaches from the other teams come up to you and congratulate you for your skills. This happened after both  games yesterday.

At the plate, Frank wasn’t as hot yesterday. He struck out a couple times in the semi-finals. But do you want to know what I’m most proud of? When Frank hit his homers or struck out the others, he remained cool, calm and collected.

The same happened when he struck out. He didn’t pout, whine or cry when things didn’t go his way. Nor did he gloat when did well. He took it all in stride, keeping in mind the idea that every at bat is a new season – and every pitch is the only pitch you’re focused on.

Now, you might think that my son is this way naturally, but you’d be wrong. It wasn’t all that long ago that I wondered if I would ever be able to break him of his tendency to get upset at himself – even in practice. Truth is I never broke him of the habit; he broke it himself. And that’s the only way any habit gets broken.


All the wisdom in the world cannot and will not help you unless YOU DECIDE to let it in – and follow it. Until good advice is internalized, nothing happens, no matter who it comes from or who said it to whom.

The late great Vince Lombardi, who had a dog-eared, highlighted and underlined copy of Psycho-Cybernetics in his library, used to give a talk entitled, “Why I’m Teaching My Son to Be an Athlete” – or something similar. I think I could give a similar talk – but I’d definitely include my daughter in the speech.

As a physician friend in my hometown in Iowa, used  to tell my Dad and me, “You learn more from sports than you’ll ever learn in the classroom.”

Ditto for good martial arts training.

And if you’re fortunate enough to have someone who teaches you the mental game of life – then you can say “ditto” once again.

In case you’re wondering what type of “mental game” techniques and tactics I teach my son and daughter. Well, your answers to that question can be found in the Zero Resistance Living System – an international best-seller that is currently available for 75% off the regular amount.

Plus, there’s seven kick-butt bonuses I’m including in the offer to sweeten the pot even more.

Make sure you take a gander and get this program NOW, as it WILL change your LIFE.


Matt Furey

P.S. By the way, one of the things I love is the website created for my son’s 12U baseball coach – check it out here – and if by chance you feel the urge to donate to the team, make sure you mention that you heard about it from me and that the amount should be applied to the 12U program.

Why 49ers Stretch

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

So I’m reading this article in today’s Wall Street Journal about the San Francisco 49ers stretching regimen and how they have the lowest injury rate, in terms of games missed, in the NFL. There are two pictures of a trainer helping athletes stretch further than they can supposedly go on their own.

The article then talks about how the 49ers are just doing simple stretches from grade school P.E. or stuff they learned to do before playing Pop Warner football.

Mmmmm hmmmm. Tell me another whopper, would juh?

In the photos they are doing assisted stretches. Since when do you stretch that way in third grade?

The reporter hints that the Niners don’t speak much about their routine as its a proprietary trade secret. And then there’s some yapping about many men thinking that stretching is sort of femmy. It’s for chicks – not dudes.

You might as well toss out the writer’s words and go by the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words.” If big, tough and fast football players who are dominant are stretching, and they’re playing the best ball, with fewer injuries than they have in 18 years, well then, bring on more stretching.

Let’s be serious: the 49ers may think they’ve got some mysterious secret – and perhaps they do when compared to other NFL teams. But not when compared to the FureCat.


In my Combat Stretching program, you’ll learn more about stretching and superior flexibility than most players on the Niners. And for sure you’ll know more than the reporter who wrote the piece.

Most importantly, you’ll get more flexible as well as stronger at the same time. And when this happens, aches, pains and stress tend to fly out the window.

Make sure you place your order NOW so that you get the double bonus of receiving the Combat Conditioning System gratis. That’s right – two best-sellers for the price of when you act immediately.


Matt Furey

P.S. Offer limited to first 50 people who grab this offer now and say yes.

The Miracles Continue

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Yesterday I wrote about some off-the-chart improvements of a college pitcher I worked with for a few minutes – who broke 100 mph for the first time in one throwing drill.

Well, last night I got some monumental feedback from five additional subjects who learned one of my “Zen” secrets for athletic prowess. Now, before I show you the results, let me preface this info by saying that I don’t know of another pitching coach on the planet who has ever gotten this level of improvement this fast.

In no way is this being said to discredit these coaches. They work their tails off and are great teachers. It’s just that their primary focus is to work extremely hard on mechanics and conditioning to succeed. And although I agree with hard work, mechanics and conditioning, I also believe the hard work mentality can easily overlook what is usually the most important factor in developing your skills.

No, it’s not just the mental aspect I’m talking about. It’s the energetic component along with the mental

Let’s be honest. We are energy. We are electric energy. So it makes no sense to me to see only the physical being worked on while the biggest part of who we are is ignored.

I’m not a mechanics guy when it comes to skill development of pitchers – but I am an energy teacher -and the fastest way to change your results in any endeavor is to improve the flow of your energy – and stunningly, when you do this, your mechanics tend to automatically improve.

So you know, I’ve gotten similar results with many different types of athletes, as well as professionals in many different industries, just from enhancing their “chi” flow and connecting them to their power centers. Last month I helped a tennis pro the same way as I have these pitchers, and once again, I’m not a tennis guy.

In pitching, to gain five or more miles per hour of velocity, it can takes months of hard, hard work. Or it can take minutes when you get connected so the energy easily flows. Anyway, here’s the scoop from the coach who witnessed yet another miracle last night:


Had 5 guys doing velocity tonight. Used walking torques as our sample drill since its our most athletic maneuver. Had them try 3 times with no instruction. Then I taught them the stuff you taught last night. Here are the results:

Mi: 65 mph increased to 71.1

R: 83 to 90.1

Ma: 47.1 to 51.4

C: 89 to 93.4

J: 83-86.1

I’m in awe and excited.

This will change us.

Thank you.

Now, how’d you like to change your energy and super-charge the results you want in life, like these young men are doing. You’ll find out how with the Zero Resistance Living course, along with the seven gifts I have included. Get yours NOW and change the speed at which you go to new heights.

Matt Furey

Make Up Your Mind

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

So last night I’m sitting quietly watching a junior college pitcher train like a madman. He’s focused, intense and throwing the ball hard.

And he’s going for personal velocity records.

He throws several balls at 87 and 88 mph. And the pitching coach is encouraging him big time. But he doesn’t look like he’s got the juice to break any records.

Being there were only two guys training (I guess everyone else took the night off to watch Notre Dame get crushed) and the coach trusts me, I finally spoke up and revealed a couple secrets:

“Could I make a suggestion?” I asked.

“Sure, what is it.”

“Well, first let me ask. Where are you throwing the ball from.”

“From my hand.”

“I know that. But where’s your focus when you throw the ball. Where in your body do you feel a sense of your own energy.”

“In my head,” the young man said, pointing to his noggin.

“That’s what I thought,” i replied.

I stood up and walked toward him. “I’m wondering what will happen if you throw the ball with a different focus, with a different awareness.”

I noted that the athlete was very open to my suggestions, so I continued. I pointed to various power centers on his body (not his head) and gave him very brief instructions on how these centers work. Then I asked him to throw the ball again.

This time he threw it 90 mph.

The coach was blown away and gave me a hi-5.

Then I gave him new mental pictures of what to imagine when he throws the ball. He threw again. Once more, he added more velocity, hitting 91.5.

After this I gave him a different breathing pattern.

Once again, more velocity.

Then the coach switched drills – having him do a “turn and burn” – an exercise that yields maximum velocity. Just like before, the coach and the athlete are all ears, taking in my out of the box, Zen suggestions, applied to baseball.

Five minutes later the young man set another record, throwing the ball 100.2 mph.

Anyone who thinks what you picture in your mind doesn’t matter – doesn’t know what he’s talking about. What you imagine makes a monumental difference. How you see yourself, how you breathe, where you breathe from – all of this matters – and matters A LOT.

In sports today, there’s a ton of emphasis on mechanics. I would say that 99.9999 percent of what athletes are taught has to do with where you place your foot, your head and your hand. But there’s virtually nothing on what to picture, what to imagine and how to really use the biggest mechanism you have – your own mind.

Incidentally, when the athlete focused on the images I gave him, guess what happened. Not only did he throw harder, but his mechanics improved. He moved as one unit rather than a group of independent body parts. And boy, was he ever smooth.

I love it when I witness this change in athletes, especially when it happens in a matter of minutes.

But the truth is that anyone in any endeavor can derive the same sort of positive benefits, once he knows how to use the power of mental pictures – as taught in the Zero Resistance Living System.

This program is currently available for a fraction of the value it contains – and there are 7 gifts you receive when you order NOW.

Go read the story about the program by clicking here – and make your future brighter than it has ever been.


Matt Furey

Never Give Up

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Hi [First Name],

A few days ago I wrote to exclaim how happy my family was to finally get some snow to play in. After three years of frustration, with Dad (me) guaranteeing he knew where the snow would be falling, he finally made the dream a reality for his children. I can’t measure how great it felt to see my son and daughter laughing while sled riding and making snow angels – but if you live in snow country, I’m sure you can imagine it.

Now that we’re all back home, after driving through 18 states in 10 days, it’s time to help you turn your dreams into reality, too. It’s time to put more happiness and excitement into your life. And instead of three years – this course teaches you how to do it almost overnight.

Over the years, those whom I’ve guided through this course looked like different people after going through one session of the process. Emotional burdens were lifted within minutes. Lives were changed for the better.

And ‘m committed to making even more of the above happen. That’s why I’ve come up with the superb offer I’m now having on the best-selling Zero Resistance Living program.

In fact, you can now get this program, along with 7 bonuses, for a fraction of the normal amount. I’ve reduced the amount dramatically and sweetened the pot considerably because i want to see you start the NEW YEAR out with a BANG and end it with the same level of high energy.

As the modern saying goes, “Yeah, gimme some of THAT.”

What about you.

Jump on this one NOW.


Matt Furey

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