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I Talked to Buddha

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Naturally, you may think I’m nuts when you read

today’s headline.

Then again, maybe I’m not.

Further investigation may reveal the true answer.

I encourage you to check things out for yourself by

going to http://mattfurey.com/giant_buddha_says.html

A surprising near-death photo may surprise you.

And by the way, there is a huge pay-off to you for visiting

this page – so don’t think this is a lark. Take your hands out

of park and go see.

Go to http://mattfurey.com/giant_buddha_says.html and

see what I mean.


Matt Furey

P.S. What – you still haven’t clicked yet. I’m shocked. Go to

http://mattfurey.com/giant_buddha_says.html NOW and

get involved.

Don’t Castrate Me For This

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

If you really, really want to get back into shape – but you

feel you can’t because of an ailing back – then I have

some very good news for you.

Yes, there is a way to move from being in terrible pain

to being able to exercise once again.

And “the way” I’m talking about is not surgery. Nor is

it pain killers.

One of my friends is a chiropractic doctor who has made

a huge difference in many peoples’ lives. His name is Dr.

Joe DeNoia.

Over the years, Dr. Joe has seen hundreds of people who

underwent unnecessary surgery, when all they really needed

was a way to support their back while getting over their injury.

One guy who opted for back surgery was further humiliated

when the docs castrated him. Yeah, I know this story sounds

far fetched – but pay attention anyway and you may convince

yourself that I ain’t pulling your schlong on this one.

Turns out the guy had incredible pain in his knackers, and all

the doctors he saw couldn’t figure out that the real problem

wasn’t in his cojones but in his back.

The pain was caused by a slipped disc and traveled along his

nerves to the family jewels. No matter what he tried, the pain

wouldn’t go away, so eventually he went under the knife.

Slash. His testicles got cut off.


Afterward he had two pains instead of one – as well as a

greatly reduced level of testosterone.

The castration did nothing to eliminate the real problem –

the slipped disc in his back.

Look, if you have back pain and need a boost before getting

back into exercise, you might want to try a back brace instead

of radical surgery.

Now, I don’t believe in going the cheapo route in anything

that I do. There are lots of braces around that are nothing more

than glorified rubber bands or a woman’s girdle. As you can

imagine, they don’t work – even they there is a charge for the


Naturally, if you want the best back brace out there, you would

normally expect to pay some serious coin.

But here’s some great news – quickly followed by even

better news – followed by some spectacular news.

The braces that Dr. Joe has may be the most expensive

on the market – sort of like a Ferrari or Rolls Royce.

But… and this is a very big BUT – because they provide

the lift to your spine that you need – they let your lower back

really heal. Perhaps for the first time in years, you’ll be out of


Now get this: These braces are so easy to wear that you can

even exercise while wearing one. They are lightweight and

invisible under your clothes. Some of Dr. Joe’s patients even

golf while wearing one.

But the best part is that you can get this brace at NO COST

from almost any insurance company, including Medicare.

Insurance companies are not as totally evil as they are

cracked up to be. Even though these are the most expensive

braces, they gladly pay the price because they know that these

braces work. They KNOW they help to get their customers over

their injuries, and as a result the insurance companies end up

paying a lot LESS for unnecessary meds and surgeries.

Do you get it.

Now, let me be a bit Fureyesque. That’s Americanese for

“off color.”

Which would you prefer. Having your back operated on –

maybe even having your knackers chopped off – or getting

healthy with the assistance of a back brace that will help

you make a smooth transition into exercise.

Check out Dr. Joe’s website at http://mattfurey.com/Dr_Joe.html

and see for yourself what a difference this can make.

Matt Furey

Too Fat for the Circus

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

WOW – what a response to my email about “China Fat.”

Here’s one reply forwarded to me that I will answer in

a surprising manner. – MJF

“Hello Matt;

Just thought that I’d throw in a comment. I’m in my

seventies now and in good health. I’m often flattered

by people who comment that I look much younger

than my age. Some refuse to believe that I’m over

seventy. But re: the Kamikaze Diet. I was recently

talking with one of my four sons (all former wrestlers,

2 in college) and we were discussing physical condition-


I cracked him up when I said: “When I was your age

any person who weighed over 300 lbs could get a job

with the circus or carnival and people would pay a

quarter just to look at them.”

Now days anywhere you go you see men and women who

must weigh 400lbs. And they are usually stuffing food

into their mouths.

In my younger days as an Army Paratrooper I spent a

total of 44 months in Asia. I learned to love the people

and the food. (When they weren’t shooting at me).

Nowhere in the Orient did I encounter SUGAR in any

of the food. That was in the 1950’s and 60’s. There

was no candy except that which the GI’s gave to the

kids (and girlfriends).

Now, here in the good ol’ US of A with a great proliferation

of Chinese Buffets, Japanese and Korean restaurants, I haven’t

been able to find a single one that doesn’t load their food up

with sugar.

I have mentioned this to some of the owners, waiters cooks etc.

Often in their own language, None of them are willing to discuss

the matter at length. What I sense from their demeanor and

brief comments is that they have embraced the American craving

for sweets. And are quite happy to add sugar to their traditional

recipes. They see it as a flavor enhancer. What a shame.

I was wondering, in your trips to China, do you find the use of

sugar in the traditional foods. I expect that China now imports

a great deal of sugar from Cuba and other sources.


MJF: Love the analogy about the 300 and 400 pound human

walruses running around our country. Today’s human being

makes William “Refrigerator” Perry – (remember him) look like

Slim Jim. I think most circuses today would consider these

people too fat to employ.

Regarding your question on sugar in China. Let me put it to you

this way. I go to a coffee bar each day to work. It’s not a Starbucks.

Instead it’s a full menu coffee bar with fresh fruit and vegetable


I get a private room, away from all the smoking and loud, loud

chatter. And I order a watermelon juice, or a carrot and celery

juice – maybe even a kiwi juice at times.

Anyway, a couple years ago when I got my carrot juice, it tasted

funny. I said, “This isn’t the taste I am used to when I drink carrot


Guess what I discovered. In China, when you order fresh squeezed

fruit juice, you better say, “Bu yao jia tang.” This means: “Do not

add sugar.” If you don’t say this – don’t be surprised if your juice

tastes sweeter than normal.

I just finished talking to my brother-in-law over lunch. I told him

that it’s important to eat as many colors from the food chain as

possible. I mentioned eating greens, oranges, reds, purples, yellows,

and so on.

Then I said: “In almost all cases, anything white you put into your

mouth is devil’s food.”

This includes sugar, artificial sweeteners – including Aspartame,

MSG, milk, creams and so on.

Many are surprised when I lump “milk” into this group – but you’ve

got to be the dumbest of the dumb to believe in advertising slogans

like “milk does a body good.” Cow’s milk, esp. in the U.S. – is so bad

for you that the slogan I just mentioned was stricken a long, long time

ago – and now we have the simplicity of “Got Milk” with a movie star

attached to it.

Well, guess what they’re drinking in China these days.

Milk. Lots and lots of milk.

With added sugar – of course.

Gotta get that calcium, you know – just like those ‘mericans who

weigh 400 L-Bz.

If you want a list of what to eat and what not to eat – make sure

you order Combat Abs. I break it all down for you in the simplest

language imaginable.

Combine the Furey Fat Loss Diet with the exercises in Combat

Abs and you’ll be saying “nighty night” to excess flabbage around

the midsection.

Order NOW at http://mattfurey.com/combat_abs.html

Also, to be kept abreast of all the latest discoveries I uncover in

China (and elsewhere) from the healthiest and most powerful

people I study – then make sure you’re a member of the Furey

Faithful. Enroll at http://mattfurey.com/fg324trfsr3ttai.html

Matt Furey

China Fat

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Woooahhh Nellie.

Let’s take a look at what one reader sent me after

reading yesterday’s email on “The Japanese Kamakazi

Diet” followed by my comments on how fat the Chinese

are getting:


I heard what you said about not endorsing any government

telling you what to do…but me thinks you are endorsing

this program because it has to do with “healthcare” –

IMHO – reduced waistlines does not equal better health…

especially at the hands of the government. Yes, I under-

stand your perspective = that by reducing the waistline,

you ‘automatically’ eliminate many negative health


This is not ALWAYS true, there are ALWAYS exceptions to

the ‘rule’ and by mandating this on ALL the people in that

group, there will be some who will come out of this on the

&#()-end of the stick if you know what I mean. Me thinks

it’s an ideological issue, not a health care issue.

If Americans are willing to submit to this kind of (or other

kinds, which we already do) mandate, we’re already slaves

to the government.

Also, you know the middle-east and eastern ways of life and


Look at how drastically their lifestyles and diet have changed

(for the average/low income people) they aren’t eating the

same foods or living in the similar ways/conditions. Their

lifestyles have improved in some ways, but the diets have

suffered; many will argue that it’s ‘better’ that they aren’t

eating fatty oils and they are eating less meat and it’s good

for them, but look what’s happening overall. They are

gaining weight, smoking more, and becoming more

addicted to oil like the U.S.

My apologies for the political tirade, but it’s ALL inter-



Jim B.

MJF: Hiya Jim. Thanks for the email. In no way am I advocating

a government mandated anything – including waistlines. What

I was trying to say was this: If I HAD to choose between one of

two alternatives – I’d choose a country with a reduced waistline

before I’d choose government mandated health care.

You are correct. There are exceptions to what I have written.

There are thin people who have diabetes, heart disease and


My point is that these diseases are greatly increased as your

waistline bulges. Just look at the 20.8 million diabetics in this

country – as well as those who are pre-diabetic (another 16

million). What percentage of these people are carrying a

surplus of guttage.


As for China, when I first came here in 1993, you didn’t see

many fat people under the age of 45. Now you see fat Chinese


If you go to http://www.china.org.cn/english/Life/161094.htm

you can read the following excerpt:

“According to Beijing’s media, international experts in obesity

recently predict that by the year 2010, one fifth of Chinese

children will be overweight.

Obesity is becoming the most serious epidemic of children

in Beijing. Obesity rate of Beijing’s children moved up five

to seven fold in the past decade. Incomplete statistics show

that obesity rates of children from infancy to six, from six to

eight and from 11 to 12 were 3.4 percent, 15.4 percent and

20.8 percent respectively, at the end of the last century.”


Now, what do I believe is causing the overweight in China.

Well, it isn’t that they’re eating more meat. The Chinese

have always been big meat eaters.

It’s that they’re eating MORE of everything – especially sweats,

breads, pastries and starches.

It’s bad enough that they eat tons of rice and noodles – but

then they slam soft drinks, candies, chocolates, ice cream

and all the packaged food they didn’t have before.

On top of that, they think KFC and McDonalds are wonder

foods. You can’t drive far in a big city without seeing one

or both of these chains.

And topping all of the above is the fact that they’re driving

more and walking and bicycling less.

In 1993, everyone walked and rode a bicycle. If you wanted

to move faster, you got a taxi or rode the bus. Now there are

cars everywhere.

Reduced movement and the increased eating of processed foods

are ruining the health of people in China – and everywhere else.

We don’t need to get rid of our cars – nor do we need the govern-

ment telling us what to do – or forcing us to do anything.

But if we do want to improve our health as a country – as well as

a world – it would be a very good idea to exercise more and

greatly reduce or eliminate all the processed, packaged food

that clogs our intestines.

I’m grateful that when I’m in China I’m surrounded by good,

nutritious food in the form of vegetables, fruits, juices, meats

and herbs. I’m also surrounded by experts in exercise, massage,

accupuncture, chi kung and so on. I avail myself of everything

I can that is “traditional” Chinese. Sadly, many of the modern day

Chinese aren’t following what they’ve known for thousands of years.

Anyway, like yesterday, if you have a neighbor who could stand

to drop a few dozen pounds – or if you’ve looked in the mirror

lately and felt a tinge of dissatisfaction – then be sure to invest

in Combat Abs – http://mattfurey.com/combat_abs.html and

start lopping off the excess dough.

Matt Furey


Flipping the Bird in China

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

This is not an ordinary email. It contains subject matter

that may make you uncomfortable. Then again, it may

change your life for the better.

What I’m about to discuss with you may sound outlandish.

It may cause you to sneer or smirk. It may trap you in

your ego – where so many feel comfortable with the

idea that they already know almost everything – even

the things they clearly don’t. As the saying goes, “Don’t

bother me with facts, my mind is already made up.”

Well, I’m not going to “bother” you with facts today. I’m

simply going to give you a different view of things in

our world. Things we take for granted. Things that we

use every single day – yet know so little about. Things

like your hands and fingers.

Previously I’ve written about exercising your hands in

order to eliminate pain, as well as to strengthen your

ENTIRE BODY and MIND. I’ve hinted at how certain

exercises for the hands open the meridians of the

body and promote greater chi flow. I’ve even told

you that in China, I have studied many books and

courses on how to train your hands and fingers –

but not just for super-human strength. No. The

main purpose of many of these exercises is to

keep your mind and body sharp – even in your

latter years.

No Alzheimers. No dementia. No wandering around

in a daze, totally unaware of who you are and what

you’re here for. No breakdown of the internal organs –

which are the keys to great health.

Anyone who thinks his muscles are where his strength

comes from has never had a kidney stone, stomach

virus or some other difficulty that knocks the best of

the best on their can.

Okay, the above is all well and good – yet did you

know there are even MORE reasons to train your

hands and fingers – and even more benefits to

doing so than you can possibly imagine at this

very moment.

Including healing your body of pain; improving

communication; enhancing your career and

ability to earn a good income.

Here’s the deal: How you use your fingers has

a long, long, long history in Asia. Specific hand

positions, known as “shou shi” here in China –

contain automatic feedback to your brain and

central nervous system – as well as to the

Universe itself. Those who’ve reached the highest

levels of energy work will tell you that you can

change your life by changing the way you use

your fingers; even by placing your fingers in

various positions that don’t look like much of


Well, if you think putting various fingers together

doesn’t influence or affect you or anyone else,

then flip the bird to the next 10 people you see

and notice the reactions.

True, this is a crude example of what I’m talking

about, but I think it illustrates a point. Whenever

you see those big giant statues of various Chinese

or Indian saints, take a look at how the fingers

are positioned. Ever wonder why these positions

were chosen. They were chosen because they

affect your jing, qi and shen – aka your physical body,

energy body and spirit body.

With a specific hand seal or finger movement, I have

watched a friend in China turn a roomful of people

around. Without being conscious of what happened,

these people turned around, took a seat and began

patiently waiting for him to talk.

I have watched a kung fu master slice through bricks

with the insides of his fingers. He did this, by the way,

after preparing himself with a variety of hand seals or

finger gestures that increased the flow of chi in his

body. I have watched old men do amazing things with

“mind power” – and much of it they attribute to how

they train their fingers.

Bur HOW these people train their fingers is not the

standard “get a hand gripper” advice you hear about

today. In fact, the finger exercises that benefit your

mind, body and circumstances in seemingly super-

natural ways have nothing to do with gadgets, grippers

or anything like that.

They also don’t require hard, hard work. All they require

is your willingness to learn, practice and apply.

If you’ll do this, I can assure you that you will be blown

away with the results you get in your life – and not just

in terms of your health and fitness. I mean EVERY area

of your life.

Are you hungry for more.

I certainly hope so because I have a recommendation

for you. It’s called Finger Healing. I not only give it a

double-thumbs up – but I’m positive you will, too.

That’s why I’m telling you right now to use your index

finger to click the following link to order NOW.

Go to http://mattfurey.com/finger_healing.html and

see for yourself the difference a few non-obscene

finger movements can have upon your life.

Matt Furey

P.S. When you’re watching the DVDs in this program

and doing the finger movements, remember that the

Fure-cat told you so. Get this course NOW and change

your life forever. Go to http://mattfurey.com/finger_healing.html

and order NOW.

The Truth About Long-Range Goals

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Dear Health and Fitness Enthusiast,

Welcome to my website. A couple quick things about me and my world famous Combat Conditioning programs. I’m 45 years young. Twas only yesterday when I was eight years old and first got involved in sports.

Since that day I’ve trained my mind and my body. I set goals to become a champion swimmer, wrestler and martial artist. Although not easy, with good training I became a champion in each endeavor. I won state, national and world titles in wrestling and kung fu before fully dedicating myself to serving others with my extraordinary programs. By the way, you can watch video of me winning the NCAA II title in 1985 by clicking here.

Throughout my career, I’ve been blessed with the greatest coaches and trainers of all time. People like: Dan Gable – Olympic champion, Bruce Baumgartner – 2-time Olympic champion, J Robinson, Karl Gotch, Dr. Daniel Weng, and many Chinese martial arts masters. I’ve traveled the world – from Canada to Australia, from China to New Zealand – from Japan to England, Ireland, Portugal, Abu Dhabi, Mexico, Finland and a host of other countries. And I’ve been on the cover of several magazines (see below).

Everywhere I travel I’m thinking about how I can help people like you achieve your goals. My customers, especially those in the Matt Furey Inner Circle, are like family. And I am continually thinking about how I can serve all of you better.

Some years ago it came as a surprise when I discovered that my books and courses had already been shipped to over 140 countries. In fact, the first three people to purchase from me online came from Canada, Scotland and North Pole, Alaska.

If you’re like most people coming to this site for the first time, you might be wondering how to get started. I suggest you begin with my Combat Conditioning book and DVDs – or, better yet, by becoming a member of the world renowned Matt Furey Inner Circle – wherein I have a plethora of special reports, streaming video and other items to give you.

May our paths cross one day soon.


P.S. A portion of every purchase made on any of my websites goes into the Matt Furey Family Foundation – wherein part of our mission is to help spread the power of a positive vision throughout the world by building schools in poor, remote areas.

My Father Taught Me

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

When I reflect upon my childhood, my fondest memories of my father are: The day he came to my 5th-grade class and talked about his career as a lawyer; the day I sat in court and watched him defend his client; the days I sat in his office and watched him dictate memos to his secretary; the days when he sat in the stands and watched me compete in sports; the moments he counseled me after a heart breaking loss and told me I had a knack for turning a disadvantage into an advantage; the day he tried to explain the birds and bees to me; the days he taught me how to read out loud so I could be a lector at church services.

I treasure all these moments in time – but there is one memory of my father that stands out above all others. Twas when he and I played catch with a baseball in my front yard. My father wasn’t a great athlete. He weighed 119 pounds when he graduated high school. He was also a lefty (and so are both of my kids). He spent the majority of his daytime hours reading and studying – and still does. So it was a BIG deal for him to stop reading and play catch with me. Even for a few minutes. Isn’t it funny how that memory stands above all the others? It shows how delicate and precious each moment in time really is. It also shows how an exchange of energy – expressed through the tossing of a baseball – makes everything else in life seem trivial.

I love you Dad – and I’m thankful for the memories.

matthew furey

Matt Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

P.S. Your courage and confidence will soar when you’re a member of the Furey Faithful.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s …

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

Imagine what it would feel like to be so strong, so vigorous, so powerful, and so athletic that the rest of the world stands in awe of your abilities. Imagine when you run down the street or go into a gym to train, everyone stops in his tracks and whispers to a neighbor – ‘Hey, check it out. This guy is unreal.’ If you’re willing to imagine such a thing, you can make it happen. And you make it happen by mixing your intention with the willingness to MOVE toward what you want. He who imagines properly MUST move toward what he wants. If you think you’ve imagined and you feel you’ve gotten nowhere – I have news for you. You have only daydreamed. He who imagines with vim, vigor and feeling is propelled into action.”

matthew furey

Matt Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

P.S. Your courage and confidence will soar when you’re a member of the Furey Faithful.

Things I Can’t Do Today

Friday, June 13th, 2008

Many people go through life filled with resentment and bitterness about what isn’t working, what they don’t have, what they wish they had, what other people have that they don’t have, and so on. This is the wrong orientation toward life. A better orientation is to begin with what you DO have and build from there. Take note of your strengths and build upon them. Do not waste time fretting about what you cannot do. Focus on what you can do – then make plans to turn the things you cannot do into things you can do – even if it means enlisting the help of others. There are many things I cannot currently do that I get done because I’m willing to allow others to help me. Knowing this allows me to focus on what I do best – and if I continually do what I do best – I’ll get more accomplished in less time.

matthew furey

Matt Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

P.S. Your courage and confidence will soar when you’re a member of the Furey Faithful.

How Old is Your Skin?

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Even though your skin is not classified as an organ, many consider it to be your largest eliminative organ. Just as a snake sheds it’s skin, you are continually shedding your own skin and you don’t even realize it. In fact, every seven years every cell that makes up your body will not be the same as you have right now. So drop all the senseless talk about getting older. You are not getting older. You are being renewed on a daily basis.

matthew furey

Matt Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

P.S. Your courage and confidence will soar when you’re a member of the Furey Faithful.

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