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Archive for June, 2006

Typhoon Coming

Thursday, June 29th, 2006

In China they don’t call them hurricanes. They’re

‘typhoons.” And right now, here on Hainan Island,

we’re in the midst of what should be a small one.

No problem, I am advised.

The rain is pouring hard right now. It’s a nice

breather from the heat, believe me. So hopefully

the yin doesn’t turn into yang, i.e. the soft turn into

mega powerful.

I’ll have another email for you soon – with something

really good – so get ready. Brace yourself. This is

truly special.


Matt Furey

Face to Face With Yourself

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

This morning my shirt was sopped in sweat. That’s

the norm when I train here on Hainan Island. It’s

even hotter than Florida, and much more humid –

so it doesn’t take much to get the beads rolling.

An attractice young lady in a blue dress walked past

me while I was doing some hip rolls. She stopped and

looked around when she was about 30 feet away – then

retraced her steps a minute later.

I smiled and turned to my friend, fully aware of what was

happening: “What do you think she wanted?” I asked.

“She want to talk with you – but she cannot start the talk.

You must start otherwise the Chinese people will look at

her and say, ‘Aaah, you like the foreign man, ha.”

I laughed and started a set of Hindu Squats.

A few minutes later a couple other women who were

exercising at the same time began to try to imitate what

I was doing, without letting me know. They’ve seen me

do this exercise many days in a row now – and were

probably curious right away, but cannot show it. So they

wait until they’ve seen me doing the exercise for a few

weeks, then they can try.

“They like you to teach them,” my friend said. “Sure, it’s

true, they want you to help them learn. But they cannot

come to you and say, “Will you help me do something?”

A few minutes later a lady that I see everyday begins to

work on a bridge from the kneeling position. She always

trains so hard, but once again, although she is stuck and

only imitating what I do as best she can, she will not ask

for me to help her – and being I’m somewhat reserved

myself, that makes for nothing.

Finally, though, I decide to do something I don’t normally

do. Instead of only focusing on my workout, I break the

ice with the lady and say, “Wo keyi bang mang ni hen

kuai.” I can help help you with this very fast.

She smiles and listens. I tell her to “fang song” – to relax.

I tell her to inhale deeply at the beginning of the movement –

then to exhale and release the tension in her muscles. I tell

her that if she will inhale and exhale and relax, she can go

all the way to the ground within one or two minutes. At her

pace she’ll never get there.

She doesn’t believe me when I say I can help her stretch so

far in such a short period of time – so I puff up my chest and

let her know I have trained many, many people and I KNOW

what I’m talking about.

She agrees to try. A minute later she is all the way to the ground.

She cannot believe it. She is stunned.

I look at her and say, “If you have the confidence that you can

do something, that is most important. Anything you want to learn

you CAN learn if you are willing to try.”

I go back to my workout.

Several other women gather around the lady to learn from her. They

would like me to help them, too, but they won’t ask me directly as it is bad


This is a good thing as I have much to do.

Now, you might wonder why I don’t try to sell the ladies my program, my

Combat Conditioning or Combat Stretching programs.

Good question. I could do so – but when I’m in China, for the most part

I remain the mystery man. At my wife’s urging, as well as close family

friends, it is rare for me to ever tell anyone anything about myself. This

is Chinese culture.

And so, “What is your name?” is met with – “I don’t have a name.”

“Where do you live?” is answered with, “I live outside. I’m a wild man.”

“How old are you?” is followed by, “I have no age.”

And “What do you do for a living?” gets a “I take a rest” response.

Funny, isn’t it.

Good news for you is that you know who I am and you can read about my

track record. Tis a good one. And you can ask for help from me by

becoming a member of the Matt Furey Inner Circle – where we have a

private discussion forum where I and my elite group of Furey Faithful

are there to answer all your questions. Believe me, being in the clan

will help you make progress by leaps and bounds compared to struggling

all by your lonesome.

So take a serious look at becoming “one of us.” You can find out more at


Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

If You Take a Walk …

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

Last night I was with my friend, Master Zhang DiYi,

watching a performance at a Chinese restaurant here

on Hainan Island. I’ve seen the performance at least

40 times and I never tire of it.

Even though I am not a dancer (not even close), I study

every move the men and women make – and I’m learning

many valuable things from them that extend well beyond

what everyone else thinks they’re doing on stage. As I

watch them I consider how I can integrate some of what

they are doing into how I speak and perform in public.

I explained to Master Zhang that I do my best to learn

from many, many people – regardless of who they are.

“In China we have a saying, ‘If you take a walk with three

people, one of them is your teacher,'” he said.

“Maybe two,” I replied.

“Right,” he laughed. “Maybe two.”

Truth is that the correct answer is three – as YOU need to

take responsibility for being your own teacher, too. You

observe and learn from others, then you teach yourself

what you’ve learned.

Looking outside yourself and seeing traits and talents that

are admirable – talents that you’d like to integrate into your

life – that’s an essential element of using your creative imagination


You see what you like and you claim it as your own. You say

to yourself, “I want to do that, too.”

Last May, at my MasterMind meeting in Tampa, Garin Bader, a

famous concert pianist and magician, showed everyone how he

does pushups on his index fingers ONLY – with his arms extended

ahead of his shoulders. Before he demonstrated he spoke about

how he uses his mind to do this feat of strength.

The crowd cheered when he finished. Everyone was in awe.

Later that night a 30-year old woman, Rebecca, came up to Garin

and said, “I’ve got that down as one of my goals. I’m going to be

able to do that.”

Rebecca didn’t do what most people will do. She didn’t see something

great and say, “He has special gifts. I could never do that.”

No, she looked at what Garin did and said, “That’s for me. I’m going to

do that, too.”

This is a fundamental difference in thinking between those who win in the

game of life and those who lose.

Look at someone you’ve admired for his success and decide that you are

going to do likewise. When you make this decision, it matters not whether

you are 1000 miles away from being able to do it. What if you are? Again,

it matters NOT.

Just get started. Picture what you want and get to work on making it a

reality. Sure, you’ll make mistakes along the way. Sure, you’ll have

days in which everything seems impossible.

But never forget what Dr. Maltz says: “Once Impossible – Now Easy.”


Matt Furey

President, Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation, Inc.


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Exercise Should Never Be Boring

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

One day I showed up in the practice room with a new

goal. It was not simply to win this tournament or beat my next

opponent. It was a combination of beating someone as well as

being willing to practice a specific move 10,000 times.

An odd goal – you might think – but not if you understand

that success is a journey – and the key to greatness is

combining your creative imagination with practice, practice

and … more practice.

Even when you think you KNOW something extraordinarly well –

then it is time for MORE practice. It’s no longer ONLY about

being good. It’s a matter of learning to love the journey toward


Practice is and always will be the name of the game – yet so few

understand this. They think that getting a surface understanding of

something is a complete understanding, but it’s not.

I believe that once you commit your mind and spirit into what you are

practicing, then there can be no such thing as “boring” and that is when

the real learning takes place. Every time I exercise, even when doing the

same exercises like Hindu Squats, Hindu Pushups, bridging, the Farmer

Burns Stomach Flattener and so on … I learn more about the exercise

and more about myself while doing the exercise. I learn how to better

regulate my mind, my breathing, my awareness, focus, attitude and


When doing repetitions of any exercise, if you focus your awareness

on your breath and you get inside the muscle you are training – you’ll

find an entirely different Universe to explore – and it is NEVER boring.

When training, never think only in terms of “be here now.” Think

in terms of “be here now” AND “be there now.” Do both simultaneously.

For example, if you’re doing Hindu Squats you pay attention

to your form. You observe your breathing. You make sure

your back is straight and your body is in balance. And while

you pay attention to your body you think about what you want

this exercise to do for you.

Yesterday I was teaching my son, Frank, the power of mental pictures.

This was before having him work on the monkey bars.

“When you’re up there,” I said, “and you’ve got a hold of the bars,

picture going to the next bar. See a snapshot of yourself successfully

grabbing each rung before you do it. See yourself easily going from

one end of the bars to the other.”

Frank did this and he looked like a primate moving from branch to branch.

He made it look easy when he was struggling earlier. This shows the

importance your mind plays in all you do.

Later on I challenged myself to do more of a handstand exercise

than I had ever previously done. I took a moment to picture the

number of reps I wanted to do. I saw myself doing them to

completion. Then, once focused, I jumped into position and cranked

out the new record number.

There is no such thing as doing the same exercise over and over – even

if you have a goal to do 10,000 or 1,000,000 of them. An exercise is

never the same if you choose to bring an increased awareness to each

repetition along with your desire for something more.

You could walk the same path each day for an entire year – but it is

never the same walk if you take the time to think and imagine; if you

take the time to experience what lies within you.

Today, when you do your Combat Conditioning exercises – put more of

yourself into what you’re doing and you’ll discover an entire world of the

“possible” that you didn’t realize was sitting there, waiting for you.

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

Step Into a New Life

Friday, June 23rd, 2006

After I finished my early morning workout

yesterday – my wife asked me if I wanted to

go take a look at the new condo we bought

several months ago.

“It’s finished,” she said. “Wait til you see the

view of the ocean.”

Now, just so you know, in China, when someone

says your new condo is finished – they really mean

that Part One is finished.

Part One means that you’ve been given access to

your new abode. You receive a set of keys – and off

you go. In our case, it’s up we go – all the way to the

24th floor of an exquisite high-rise with a view, not only

of the ocean – but the sparklingl lights of downtown as well.

Once you unlock the door and set foot into what will soon be

a new dwelling place – you are hit with the reality that Part Two

now begins.

What do I mean?

Well, in China – when you purchase a new home – all you are

purchasing is the space, the view and whatever amenities go

along with being in the community. That’s it.

To give even more clarity to the matter – this means that you

are opening a door and entering a place that is nothing but

cement flooring and walls. You’ll need to furnish it with everything

you think a home needs – including the flooring. Will you get tile,

wood or carpet?

Oh, and you’ll need sinks, toilets and showers, too. Not to mention

a heater, an air conditioning system, lights and more.

Essentially, you get nothing but a blank box – with a view.

Think about this for a moment. How very different this is from

buying a home in the U.S.

Yet, at the same time, this is the perfect way to look at your own

mind – and how you can use it to craft your future.

Upon birth you receive a brain. And as you grow others help fill

your brain with all sorts of ideas; some good, some utterly foolish.

At a very early age you begin to trust some of what you are told – even

if it’s wrong; and you reject other things, even if they’re right. You

are in charge even if you feel like you’re not.

As an adult, if you’ve awakened from the trance of your youth, you

suddenly realize that YOU have a choice in virtually everything that

has to do with your life. You see that you can pick and choose whether

or not you want to believe what you were told as a youngster. You get

to look back and ask yourself, “In light of how my life is going, were

the things I was taught earlier in life really true?” Or, “If I keep living

the way I’m living now, am I going to be happy with the results I get

in the future?”

Regardless of what is currently in your mind – you can choose to step

into a new home – a new condo, if you will. You can choose the floor

you want to live on. And upon entering the condo – you can decide

WHAT is going where – and when.

You can choose the material goods you desire. And you can choose whom

you’re going to allow into your home. You can also choose the attitudes,

beliefs and thoughts that you will allow in this home – and you can sweep

everything else out.

When looking out the window of this home – you can decide to look at

the view – or you can simultaneously look at the view and consider a

vision of your future. You can pay attention to where you are NOW –

as well as where you want to be next.

It’s a wonderful thing – this mind we’ve been given. You can be in a

bad place and make a choice to get into a good place. Or you can be

in a good place and make a choice for an even better one. And so

on – into infinity.

Today, enter the “Condo of Your Mind” and start thinking of everything

you want to do, be or have.

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in terms of the mechanics – but the mindset as well.

If you want something else, I can help with that, too, by focusing you on

the proper use of your imagination – which accounts for at least 90% of

the whole ballgame. Nothing great is ever accomplished without proper

use of your imagination – so it is the part of wisdom to learn from the

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Matt Furey

The Force Behind Your Habits

Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

This morning I woke up at five-thirty, looked over my

goals – then took out a book to read.

At six o’clock I looked out the window to witness a

familiar site. No, it wasn’t the sun dawning on a new

day. It was the 40+ years young lady practicing tai chi

in the park 25 floors below me.

She’s there every morning at six – and she trains without

ceasing until eight. When she begins – she is all by herself,

but she is not lonely – nor is she alone. She trains with an internal

guide – an observer who watches, critiques and analyzes her

every move – driving her to become MORE than she is right


This woman’s mind is activated toward the positive. And her

daily practice is an example of the power of cosmic habit

force – a term made popular years ago by Napoleon Hill.

Each and every one of us is a creature of cosmic habit force.

We’re either using it in a positive way – or we’re not. Getting

up early to exercise is doing something positive that can benefit

every area of our lives. On the other hand, getting out of bed and

reaching for a smoke and a bottle of booze – that’s an example of

cosmic habit force taken to the negative extreme that we call


Being compelled by a positive habit force is good. Being and addict

is not.

The key thing to remember is that both good and bad habits begin

with a single repetition. And in most cases, neither habit is truly

enjoyed at first.

The first day this lady got up early to practice tai chi – she probably

did so with moans and groans. But now she does so with joy and it

radiates from her with every movement she makes. She makes a

daily choice to continue on this path, and it serves her well. At this

point in her life, it would be difficult to not get up and practice. She

has the habit – and the force of the habit has her.

Whenever you see a successful person – take note of his or her

habits. He didn’t begin with positive habits. They were learned.

They were repeated over and over until the habit took hold and

little if any thought about ‘should I or shouldn’t I?’ takes place.

No matter what you want to accomplish in life, you can do so when

you know the thoughts behind others who have succeeded before

you – as well as the daily habits these people followed. And the

good news is that if you think the same way and do the same sort

of things, you’ll reap similar rewards.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz noted that it takes 21 days for a new habit to begin

to take hold. The same goes for the creation of a more powerful

self-image. If you spend time each day rearranging the furniture

in your own mind – putting yourself on the winner’s track – within a

few weeks you won’t want to go back to your previous thinking and

behavior. You will become accustomed to the NEW YOU – the person

with more empowering thoughts, beliefs and habits.

Think of a new, positive habit you’d like to form. See yourself engaged

in that habit – then follow through with action. Do this every day without

fail for 21 days and you’ll have changed your life.

It doesn’t take much to change – but it does require a decision to be

more than you are right now.

What is it you’d like to do? Picture it – then do it. Today.


Matt Furey

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Fat Burning Power of Deep Breathing

Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

Awhile back I had a private, closed-door meeting

with several men and women that I coach.

On a Saturday morning I put them through a number of

deep breathing exercises combined with abdominal


It didn’t take long for these men, most of whom are very

experienced athletes/fitness fanatics, to be groaning in

delightful agony. They not only got the workout of their

lives in about 15 minutes – but all remarked how tight

and DIFFERENT their abs felt. And that was the same day –

not a day later.

Such is the power of the deep breathing and muscle flexing

exercises in Combat Abs – http://www.mattfurey.com/combat_abs.html

yet, one of the exercises that ‘nuked’ them most were the variations

of the wall chair.

In the revised edition of Combat Conditioning, pages 42-43, you’ll

find how to do the wall chair. Essentially, you form a chair position

with your back against the wall. Simple enough, but when you add

deep breathing, abdominal flexing and changes in foot position and

stance – oh my goodness … the fat burning power of this exercise

is cranked up several degrees.

Remember this: When you exercise, don’t just move your limbs.

You’ll get very little benefit – even when using weights. Make

sure you incorporate deep breathing into the exercise and …

you are, quite literally, doing a completely different exercise.

I don’t care if you’re walking, peddling a bicycle, holding a bridge,

or doing Hindu Squats and pushups … integrate deep breathing with

all you do and your results will come so much faster you’ll wonder

why no one else is giving you the straight scoop.

Kick Butt – Take Names,

Matt Furey

P.S. You can find the link for my Combat Conditioning

book and DVD’s, as well as all my other products at


Squeezes Fat off Your Waist

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

Now that summer is finally upon us, you’ve no doubt

had a look in the mirror – and chances are

excellent you don’t like some of what you saw.

If what you saw makes you feel bad, sad, depressed

or downright p*ss’d off – then that is a good thing

provided you transform those negative emotions

into positive ones and get to work on what you really


Waste no time fighting what you don’t want. Just focus

on what you DO want. Period. Then move. Do something

each day to get the results you want.

Now, you may be prone to wonder – how do I

transform negative emotions about my body?

Good question. The quick answer is via deep breathing

exercises. The other part of the answer is forgiveness

of self and acceptance of self, as is, so that you can move

beyond where you are now.

Through deep breathing alone you can eliminate many

negative emotions. It’s hard to hold them in when you

keep letting go of your breath. Did you know that we

keep our negative emotions locked within by engaging

in shallow breathing? Tis true.

A few weeks ago I heard that in the Greek, the

word exhale and forgive come from the same word. And

so when you exhale and let things go, you unlock trapped

negative emotions.

So open the flood gates (your lungs) and let the negative

energy out.

Inhale deeply. Imagine bringing in good, powerful and positive

enegy. Now hold onto it while you dump out the dirty water.

Yes, this metaphor works – and it works fast.

Not only that, but once you begin to mix the deep breathing with

the muscle flexions and contractions as taught in Combat Abs –

http://www.mattfurey.com/combat_abs.html – you’re going to

note what many top yoga instructors will tell you, and that is that

you can ‘squeeze fat right off your waistline.’

If you simply exercise your abdominals, you do not twist and

squeeze the fat off. But when you mix your abdominal exercises

with the power of deep breathing – you affect the metabolism

in a deep way, and this leads to fat loss.

Tis nothing new in Asian culture to speak of this – but in Meiguo (that’s

Chinese for America), we’ve got too many ‘know it alls’ who’d like to think

they get straight A’s in research (they don’t) – but where the rubber meets

the road, i.e. in DOING something – these same people get an F-minus.

Many Furey Faithful have blown off multiple inches using the Farmer

Burns Stomach Flattener as taught in Combat Abs – btw, you can get

the Farmer Burns 1914 course, too – http://www.mattfurey.com/farmerburns.html

in fact, one student knocked 20 inches off his waist doing this exercise.

I think that tells you something – don’t you?

So make sure you get the summer rolling with a daily dose of the Magnificent

Seven from Combat Abs. It’ll make all the difference in the world to you.

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kick butt and take names at a higher and higher level. I’m betting that

come December 31, 2006, when you look back upon this entire year –

you’re going to need a telescope to see how far you’ve come.

Take the challenge. You’ll be glad you did.


Matt Furey

Int’l best-selling author of Combat Conditioning and Combat Abs – as well

as a whole bunch of other incredible life-changing programs. Find out more

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What Your Feet Need Most

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

When I was a kid growing up in Io-way, I remember

watching a program on the tube about how the Viet Cong

used to beat the bare feet of American P.O.W.’s.

At the time (I was 10 years old) it seemed like an odd

form of torture – I figured the worst it did was make

it incredibly painful for the victim to walk.

Little did I know that when the feet are attacked in a

vicious manner, the entire body is attacked.

Why? Because every system of the body has a cor-

responding place on the feet. The same can be noted

about your hands and ears. This is something the Chinese

figured out thousands of years ago – and we in the western

world still haven’t caught on.

In my home I keep a chart on the wall that shows a diagragm

of the human feet and where all the various pressure points

are located on them. Keeps me focused on how vitally important

the entire body is – especially when it can be reflected on one

part of the body.

Now, when I tell people I’m going for a two-hour foot massage,

they otten think of it in terms of candlelight dinners, romancing

the stone, caviar, wine and song. Well, I’m here to inform you

that it ain’t nuttin like that.

Anyone who has had his feet massaged by a real pro will tell

you it can be hell on earth – until the session is over – then you

feel like a billion bucks.

I, myself, used to get worked over during a typical session. At times

I would feel sharp pain and would often bark in loud tones,

some of which were in expletive form. But the pain I felt was nothing

compared to the others next to me who never work out. Man, they

were in agony.

The good news is that now a foot therapist can darn near take

a drill to my feet and there isn’t a peep that comes out of me.

This shows a great improvement in overall health.

Okay, so what about you?

Well, the sorry news is that there just ain’t much for good foot

massage in the western world. People who know how to do it

properly are few and far between. Yet, there are some things you

can do to bring greater stimulation to your feet – and thereby

improve your health.

Here are four suggestions:

1. Rope skipping – the jumping up and down puts pressure on

the kidney point in the middle of the foot. The kidney point is

a major deal in Chinese medicine, so believe me this is a good

exercise for more reasons than the cardiovascular and muscular

benefits it brings you.

2. Hindu Squats – when doing this exercise, especially when you

stay on your toes, you strengthen and revitalize the feet and thereby

the entire body. Many people feel the muscles in their feet getting fatigued

when doing Hindu Squats and wonder about it. Let me assure you, it’s

a good thing. See Combat Conditioning for instructions on ths vitally

important exercise – http://www.mattfurey.com/conditioning_book.html

3. Massage the kidney point of your foot each day for a few minutes.

Take off your shoes and socks and turn the bottom of your left foot

up. Find the middle toe, then draw a straight line down the middle of

the foot. About three finger-widths below the middle toe you’ll find

the kidney point. Massage it by pressing in with your thumb – then

releasing. Do this about 20 times and you’ll feel your body getting

energized. Switch feet.

4. Hindu Pushups – again, these are a staple of the Combat

Conditioning program. To give this exercise an even greater

overall effect on the body – spread your toes while you do

the pushups. This opens up the meredians of the body and

increases energy and awareness.

Do all of the above on a daily basis and your health and fitness

will continually take turns for the better.

In the interim, make sure you stay active during this holiday

Kick Butt – Take Names,

Matt Furey


Fighting in China

Tuesday, June 20th, 2006

Last week I wrote to tell you about the birthday party

we had for my son at the XinJiang Ren restaraunt here

on Hainan Island in China.

Tis my favorite restaurant, not just because of the food,

but because the grand majority of people who wait on me

are intelligent, polite and helpful. They’ve been trained in

good manners – something severely lacking in many Chinese


I can’t tell you how many times I nearly erupt when the waiter

or waitress comes to my table and without asking, moves my

tea cup, my plate, my glass, my plate – anything they can

move just to feel like they’re doing something. Even worse is

when you’re not completely finished with your food. You’re only

99% done – and someone comes along, once again, without

asking and whisks your plate away.

The good news is that more and more restaurants are discovering

this is bad form – not just for Americans – but for their fellow Chinese.

I have a pretty good selection of places I go to for a good meal:

Everything from coffee bars to hole-in-the-wall joints to first-class

restaurants. Most of the time I’m treated pretty well – but quite often

you’ll run into staff that are complete idiots. They have zero

manners, zero personality and zero brains.

You place your order and they do as they please. The waitress will

decide that she thinks you’ll like a lot of salt on your food when you

say no salt. Or that you would really like sugar in your carrot juice

even when you say not to put in in.

One of the things I love most in China is that snapping your fingers

at a waitress is NOT considered bad form. It’s one of those bad habits

I can get away with over here. I do just as my friends and family do – I

snap my fingers three times and yell for the waitress. This would no

doubt get me whacked back home – so I’m sure to get at least six to

nine snaps in per day over here so that it’s out of my system before

I go back.

Yesterday, I took my wife, her sister and my brother-in-law to a

new Sichuan restaurant that is owned by the same company as

the XinJiang Ren. It is located directly behind the XinJiang Ren

and it is immaculate, with an entrance that should only exist

for movie stars.

The hosts greet me at the door, ask how many. I reply, “Si wei.”

“Table for four people.”

The host starts walking me to a table in an area of the restaurant

that I don’t want to sit. Been there before and the waitresses were

awful. So I point to a platform with plush couches and chairs and

say, “Nali.” There.

She frowns – then obliges. Not the way to get things rolling.

We take our seats. The waitress begins fiddling with my stuff,

I give her a look to leave my plates and such alone – she ignores

me. I place my hands on my stuff so she can’t move it. “Bu bang

mang wo,” I say. Don’t help me.

She hands the menu to my wife and sister-in-law. They begin

ordering their favorite dishes. The waitress plays a song-and-

dance, telling them what they can eat and what they can’t,

which is based upon whether or not she feels the cook should

have to make an extra effort. This has happened to me three

other times – but yesterday was not the day to use this tactic,

especially with my wife.

Por ejemplo, in most places I will order 3 eggs over easy. No

problem. But the waitresses at this place (all of whom are lousy)

will tell me the cook is busy and cannot make this for me – YET he

has time to make an egg flower soup – which takes 10-15

minutes. How long does it take to crack three eggs, flip ’em over

and put them on a plate? Charge me the same price. I don’t care –

but don’t tell me the cook is busy.

Every other place I go to, this request is a done deal – including the

owners OTHER place, XinJiang Ren.

But not in this new immaculate joint for some odd reason.

On the other occasions I chose to bend with the wind to avoid the hurricane.

Despite my displeasure, I would order something else.

But today, with my wife and family present, not a good idea to play


My wife ordered her favorite dish and unwisely the waitress gave her

the standard, “The cook is very busy” line.

She looked around at a mostly empty restaurant and a shouting

match began. Not just with her, but my brother-in-law as well.

He’s pounding the table and demanding to see the manager.

The manager arrives and my bro-in-law explains what rude little

snots he has for waitresses. I note the “nose in the air” position of the

waitress as he’s talking and I chime in, “Ta hen zhuai.” This means,

“She’s cocky and pompous.”

My brother-in-law gives the manager a chance to make things up,

but he won’t ask the waitress to apologize, nor will he make the

dishes we want – so we told him we’re leaving and going somewhere

else to eat.

The manager begs us to stay. Then there is intense discussion about

“face” – where bro-in-law is telling the manager he will save him face

by leaving and not making an ever bigger scene.

The manager keeps saying, “Xia yi zi guo lai,” – Next time come back.

I jump in, “Today is the last time we come here.”

We got in the car and drove to a restaurant called Gui Zhou Fandian.

It’s a little dirty. The waitresses don’t have gorgeous uniforms like the

place we left. The air conditiioning is so-so – but they make whatever

we ask for and they do it with a smile.

All this begs the question – what makes the difference between a good

waitress and a bad one?

Well – it’s the same difference between those who exercise the right

way and those who don’t. It’s all a matter of the proper TRAINING –

and who gave you the training.

If you do the right things you’ll get better results than if you do the

wrong things. If you’re polite, courteous and helpful – you were

trained to be that way.

And if you’ve got flexible, limber, strong and enduring muscles

that are free of aches and pains – it’s because you’re following

the right kind of exercise program.

Most waitresses and service personnel, worldwide, were never

properly trained. Hence, they’re lousy, at best.

The same is true in sports and in the world of fitness. Most people

never really learned how to train in a way that maximized results.

Most people don’t know what to do or how to do it – they just look

around and imitate what some idiot who wasn’t trained properly himself,

is doing.

Sure, you can get some results training like a do-do – but I think

you’d like outrageous results, the kind you get when the program

you’re on delivers what you want.

Combat Conditioning is like the well-trained waitresses in Chinese

restaurants. You sit down and enjoy your meal in fine fashion –

without being bothered.

When you finish a plate of the exercises I teach, you feel good.

You feel satisfied, nourished and taken care of.

That’s how you should feel after you train. And if you’re not feeling

that way – you’ve got to make a change for the better – and there’s

no better time to do so than NOW.

Take charge of your life, my friend. Get on the right program that

gives you the results you want.

Kick Butt – Take Names,

Matt Furey

Int’l best-selling author of Combat Conditioning, Combat Abs and a

plethora of powerhouse programs – http://www.mattfurey.com/products.html

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