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Frustrated Wannabe Writers

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014
You know, I’ve been thinking…

I’ve been thinking about all the people who are frustrated writers and “wannabe writers.

They’d like to write – but they think they can’t.

And they’re write. They can’t.

They can’t so long as their body is full of tension about the act of writing.

And yes, it is an ACT.

Just like an actor on a stage, you sit your butt in a chair and you act like a writer until you are one.

Or, you refuse to sit in a chair and write. You act like someone who can’t write.

Either way – you’re right/write on/off.

The above highlights why I teach subjects like email copywriting the way I do.

To me, it’s not about sentence structure and grammar and finding the key buzz words that everyone uses. It’s not about being a great marketer.

It’s about being who you are and forging a connection with the reader from there.

It’s about being REAL.

A few weeks ago a reader wrote me to share how he’s been analyzing my emails – for years – and that something struck him about the one he was reading that day. It seemed authentic. It seemed real. He didn’t understand why. He said he was going to analyze it some more to figure out why it stirred him so much.

And then he was going to go to the webpage on the Tao of Email Copywriting and analyze it for a while to see if the “voice” that wrote the email was the same as the one who wrote the ad for the course.

I wrote him back and told him to “keep on analyzing.”

Seriously. There are people who analeyes for a living – and don’t get paid a dime to do so.

{Note: Did you catch the typo in the preceding sentence? That was authentically written by me. It was real. Yep, I done wrote dhat stuff.}

And I get to do that. I get to write with MORE than one voice. I can have two. Three. Five. Two-hundred and five if I want.

I can have multiple personalities. I can be male and female. I can even be a …. well, I better not say.

I can write as a white man, a Norwegian woman – or as an animal.

I can be an insect, a creature from the lagoon or a subject from national lampoon.

Ben Franklin wrote as a man and as woman. Yes, he did.

Mark Twain wrote in dialects never captured before. He even dared write through the eyes of the non-physical who once lived in a place called heaven.

So if you’re looking for a single, solitary authentic voice – give up the idea of being a writer. You’ll just make it too difficult on yourself and that would be dumb.

But if you’d like to explore who and what you can be if you’d just give yourself a chance, then I’m telling you, The Tao of Email Copywriting will change your life.

It won’t just teach you how to wright riveting email copy with deliberate misspellings – it’ll teach you how to right, write, right, rite – without FEAR and create a hungry-for-more following who hangs on your every word.

It’ll teach you how to lose the tension. How to NOT get upset when you get munched playing Pac Man or while writing something that needs editing.

And let me tell you, this hear emale – it needs a LOT of editing. So much so that I’m going to leave it as is – uncorrected.

Yes, you’ve just read an unabridged, unedited, unexpurgated rambling of an authentic person – who has more than one voice.


Matt “Coach” Furey

P.S. One more thing: I’m considering holding an email copywriting seminar in the near future. This would represent the first time I’ve spoken publicly on the subject in several years. All who’ve bought the Tao of Email Copywriting (from me) – in the past or in the NOW – will be given a special discount to attend. Oh yeah, I’m looking out for you. In fact, I think it’s going to be a double-your-doll-hairs discount.

P.P.S. Do you have any idea how many experts in the top of their field read my daily emails? Well, earlier today I counted 8 top-selling entrepreneurs in the baseball market alone, who hang on my every word. And I don’t even sell baseball products. It boggles duh mind. I guess they believe the hype that Matt Furey is “the world’s greatest email copywriter.” Oops. Should read “whirld’s greatest.”

Okay, end it now will you, Furey.

See, their goes that inauthentic voice again.


I’m done… for now.

Taking Care of #1

Monday, October 20th, 2014
Over 20 years ago, when I met with one of my teachers in southern Oregon at 6 AM to begin training, I asked him the obvious:

“Why do you train so early in the morning?”

Without hesitating, he said, “I take care of number one first. When I do that, I feel great the rest of the day. And if I don’t, I go through the day not only feeling less energized, but also a bit resentful of everyone I work with. I’m stuck taking care of them before I took care of myself. If I make sure I take time
for myself first, then everything else flows much better.”

I made a note.

Years later, same situation, different country.

I’m meeting Master Liu at 6 AM to train. We’re in China on Hainan Island and it’s already so hot I’m sweating without even moving.

I didn’t have to ask him why we trained so early; he told me before I could.

“We train in the morning before others get up. It’s more peaceful. We have the world to ourselves at this time.”

But with Master Liu, early morning wasn’t the only time he trained. It was just the beginning of training.

Sometimes he’d call me to meet him at noon – or in the mid-afternoon – or in the evening.

When I visited his home in Henan Province, his family showed me where he trained as a youth – and how often.

“Here’s where he punched the wall,” his mother pointed out. “He was upset one day and hit the wall. You can see the crack. It goes on for several feet.”

This morning I was up early, training. Not as early as 6 AM – but early enough to take in the sun’s early morning rays.

The phone rang. It chimed with messages and email alerts.

I trained right through them. I never stopped to answer – or to look.


Taking care of myself first.

If I neglect to take care of myself, what do I really have to give others?

This is why I almost always advise people to do their training in the morning, before you give anyone else a minute of your time.

Whether you start your day with exercise, prayer, visualization, meditation or a combination thereof, take care of numero uno first. When you do so, you’ll tend to treat those you come in contact with as if they’re “number one.”

For those of you looking for WHAT to do, exercise-wise, when you get up each day, you’ll find no better program than what I’m offering and teaching to members of the Furey Faithful.

Last week we put up several videos of the 2.0 version of Hindu Pushups that will work your entire body, inside and out.

Doing them “first” each day will set you up for success with others. You’ll feel energized and grounded because you did these exercises before you met with anyone to talk about anything.

Look at it this way: When your dog or cat has been resting and decides to get up, he stretches first. He doesn’t just get up and “go to work.”

What a whirld we’d live in if everyone got up and took care of himself or herself first, making sure he felt grounded, centered and energized before talking to or meeting anyone else.

Oh well, too big a picture there. How bout one person at a time getting up early and doing what gets him ready for the day.

Yeah, that’s more like it.

Consider being one of these people. It would be great to have you join me in this journey.


Matt “Coach” Furey

P.S. If you think you already know how to do Hindu Pushups – think again. There’s a lot that’s never been revealed before in the 2.0 version. Come check it out. Come train with me.

The Water Punch

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

The other day a good friend and long-time practitioner of Combat Conditioning asked my why I’m so big on Chi Kung.

There are many reasons, but perhaps the most sensible and easiest to understand is this: there’s only so much you can do physically before your body breaks down. And when it breaks down – it breaks down HARD.

From the NFL running back to the big league pitcher to the professional boxer, hard-style martial artist, amateur wrestler or weight lifting or dancing enthusiast, there will come a point in time when your body is so racked with pain that only the moronic will continue regardless.

Whether you’re Derek Jeter, Kobe Bryant, Muhammad Ali or Dan Gable – whether or not you’re considered a “god” in your sport or martial art – eventually Nature will force you out of the game.

Before that happens – though – you could add years to your game and quite possibly retire from it relatively unscathed – if you knew and practiced Combat Chi Kung.

Fact: at 51 years of age I can still kick butt in many ways. With very little training I threw a fastball close to 70 mph this past fall. I can still get on the mat and crush – and my skills continue to advance with a workout routine that is mostly internal. This means you won’t see me moving fast or in a big way. I move from the inside-out instead of the outside-out.

And doing so gives me an unusual strength, quickness, agility and flexibility. Not to mention POWER.

Truth is I’ve improved the physical while working on the energetic or internal.

Earlier in my life I stopped all the hard-style, hard-core training, mostly physical exercise and replaced it with Chi Kung, most of which was taught to me in China. My only wish it that I made the transition sooner as I’d have endured a lot less pain.

As a result I now have a body that is loose, quick, powerful and flexible.

This is not something most 40+ athletes can say.

Many are so stiff they get injured while sleeping or while engaged in pick-up games.

They may hide behind their big muscles and strength and tell you that they have no aches, pains or injuries, but I know better. In private I’ve spoken with many of these strongmen, and they’ve told me about all their injuries that they need to “train around.”

Or they go on periodic bodyweight only routines. Why? In order to heal all the injuries caused by their cro-magnon approach to training.

And they call their method of training smart because it gives them big muscles. Big stiff, inflexible, pain-absorbing, injury-prone muscles.

There’s something wrong with this picture.

The most intelligent way to train is to do so in a way that integrates and harmonizes mind with body – not one that forces mind over body or body over mind.

Personally, I believe that hard-style exercise is good till around the age of 40.  And after that, if you don’t heed the message of higher intelligence, you will age faster and become less functional with each passing year.


Because hard-style exercise depletes your body of energy. You don’t notice it when you’re younger – but at some point it’s pretty obvious. Unless you choose to block reality and pretend it isn’t so.

Over 25 years ago I used to go train with a former Mr. Universe. He was about my current age at the time.

A great guy but racked with pain from all his heavy training. His elbow joints didn’t lock out when he did bench presses – or any other kind of presses. They wouldn’t even lock when he had no weights in his hands.

He had to stretch his lower back for 30 minutes each morning just so he could destroy it some more.

On the outside he looked fabulous. But his body was more than just a wee-bit fragile.

Losing energy and function is not something that happens with Combat Chi Kung.

You continue to gain – even in your 50’s, 60’s and beyond.

That’s why I’m so excited about my Combat Chi Kung Seminar. And it’s why I sincerely hope you can make it.

Always remember that water wears away rock. Water is supposedly gentler – but it carries tremendous force. Just ask those who’ve jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge.

Well, I guess you can’t ask them because the water was like concrete when they hit – and they probably aren’t around anymore.

When Nature combines breath (air) with water, something different happens. As we saw with Hurricane Katrina – air and water combined can take out steel bridges.

Just think what obstacles can be removed in your own life by practicing Combat Chi Kung. Come join me and you’ll be a changed person for sure.


Matt Furey

Shameless Thieves

Monday, October 13th, 2014
Back in 1989  I attended a Zig Ziglar “Born to Win”seminar in Dallas, Texas.

Twas a 3-dayer – and a much younger ME sat in awe as this southern gent wooed the crowd with a mixture of fast talking, down-home humor and real world practical advice on goal setting and much more.

Old Zig gave  many “takeaways” – but perhaps the biggest one to stick was when he said something like (and I’m paraphrasing here):  “I always give credit to the people I learn from, not just because they deserve the credit – but because it’s the right thing to do.”

Never forgot that.

To this day I am stunned when I see and hear authors as well as speakers, use Ziglar phrases like, “A check up from the neck up” – and “Your attitude determines your altitude” – and they absolutely refuse to give  old Zig the credit for that line.

Yep, twas Zig’s line. Not yours. And I know the difference.

Not giving others credit is a modern day plague. There are many Internet marketers who teach their plebes to steal. They even use terms like “steal and distribute” in their talks – instructing them to take whatever they see that is selling, and rob the person blind so that they can make a buck, too.

And their advice is sound, supposedly. It’s sound until the Internet marketer gets robbed himself, by the very people he taught this philosophy. Uh, I didn’t mean to steal MY stuff – just everyone else’s.

About nine years ago I was advised to stop using Dr. Maltz name in my emails, articles and so on – because “I was better than him.”


I replied that I wasn’t going to do such a thing, so long as I was using concepts he taught. Nor was I interested in appeals to my ego of being “better.”

Better or not – what is the right thing to do?

It’s to give credit where it’s due.

I realize there are those who don’t share my belief. They actually think it’s a great idea to steal your ideas, knowledge, time, energy and more. And they’re precisely the people I don’t want around.

On the other hand, I have worked with many, many authors and creators who have received my okay to use quotes, techniques, exercises and so on, in their own products.

In fact, as unbelieveable as it seemed to me at the time, and still is, a number of fiction writers have inserted Ole Furecat and/or his exercises into their best-selling books.

Really? Are you kidding me?


You can verify this for yourself in Barry Eisler’s “John Rain” series,  as well as some of the Sci-Fi written by John Meaney.

Anyway, regardless of this, that and the other, I’m committed to finding a way to serve those who want to learn from me.

That’s why I’m so excited with all the great information and knowledge being given to members of the Furey Faithful.

They’re learning, perhaps for the first time, a body/breath/brain approach to living life to the full.

People aren’t just getting Combat Conditioning 2.0 – they’re getting the positive feelings that naturally come to you as a result of doing these powerful mind-body exercises.

Meet me on the INSIDE, my friend, and get the BEST information available on the Internet.

And when you’re on board, just keep in mind that I’m NOT giving you permission to steal. I reveal my sources as well as what I figured out on my own. It’d be great if you share the same philosophy.


Matt “Coach” Furey

Women (and Men) Who Play With Balls

Friday, October 10th, 2014
It’s been a busy week with some major consulting and coaching going on – in several arenas.

In the midst of it all, I spent time with my daughter in her newest endeavor: tennis – and my son with his favorite sport: baseball.

Like my son, my daughter is a lefty – and this can be a big advantage on the tennis court.

So I’ve got two children who play with balls. Neither wrestle. Ugh.

Years ago, when I was training with Karl Gotch, who taught me various exercises that became part of my international best-seller, Combat Conditioning, he used to rail against sports that used a ball.

“What do football, baseball and basketball have in common?” Karl asked me one afternoon.

“Footwork, running and speed,” I replied.

“No,” said Karl. “The answer is easier than that. With football, baseball and basketball, you play the game with only one ball. But with wrestling… you need two.”


Not anymore.

Women have taken on virtually every sport, including wrestling, boxing and mixed martial arts – and they’re tougher than hell.

I’m excited that so many women are members of the Furey Faithful.

One wrote me last week to say she’s super excited “and pumped” about the new version of Hindu squats and much more that I’m teaching.

And she did over 80,000 Hindu squats over the last decade.

Another woman wrote to ask if she could join, if the Furey Faithful allowed women on board.

“Of course,” I replied.

She said, “Well, I noticed you don’t have any testimonials frome women, so I figured it was a Boys Only Club.”

“You mean a new-fangled version of the He-Man Woman Hater’s Club?” I asked.

“Yeah, haha,” she said.

“Naaah. Not at all.”

Here’s the situation. Years ago a woman who’d given me an awesome testimonial and photo wrote me and asked to have it removed, even though she still followed the program and swore by it.

Why did she request, then?

One word: STALKERS.

Some jack-ass male was stalking her.

Now, I’m not saying men never get stalked… but I’ve never had a man who gave me a testimonial complain about it.

So let me just say, I’m very protective of women in this regard.

If a woman wants to give me a testimonial for my product, I’m very grateful. Even so, I’m reluctant to publish her photo or her name.

Perhaps I need therapy for this condition – but I don’t think so.

Bottom line is if you wander over to the Furey Faithful to make the wise decision to enroll in the best training advice on the planet, and you see only MALE testimonials, be very careful of assuming that this must be because…. {fill in the blank.} Chances are your assumption is way off the mark.

Anyway, I’d love to have you get mentored by me in the all-new 2.0 version of Combat Conditioning and much more in the Furey Faithful.

Take a look at all you’ll be learning over the next six months or year – and I think you’ll agree that the fee is so much better than a bargain that someone needs to invent a new word.

Enroll today, my friend… and I’ll see you on the INSIDE.


Matt “Coach” Furey

P.S. Most of my previously published books are gratis to all new members. You’ll get them instantly by digitally-delivered download. Yippee!

Wrong Hindu Squats Teachings

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

A few weeks ago I received an email from a personal trainer who was teaching how to do Hindu squats.

This oughta be interesting, I thought.

I opened the email and clicked the link to the video.

As I watched the action, the saying, “Often imitated, never duplicated” came to mind.

In a matter of a few reps, the personal trainer managed to butcher the form, the description as well as the benefits.

“Hindu squats connect you to Spirit,” I was told.


You lost me on that one, and I’m a spiritual guy.

Without a shred of hype, I could go on and on with corrections for all the people who think they’re teaching Hindu squats the right way – everyone from coaches to personal trainers – but the truth of the matter is that I’m so far beyond the ONLY version of this exercise that the others know that it’s not worth getting into.

In fact, I’m light years beyond the version I taught in my international best-seller, Combat Conditioning.

I consider the method I previously taught to be Hindu Squats 101.

Yesterday I put the Hindu Squats 201 version on the Furey Faithful member’s site. To say that my students are completely blown away by the difference would be a huge understatement.

If you think the 101 version was great – even if you got taught the right or wrong way – make no mistake about the 201 version. It will, once again, totally revolutionize the fitness whirld as we know it today.

Two week ago I put up several Neck Chi Kung videos on the Furey Faithful. Members went nuts with excitement.

Now it’s Hindu Squats 201.

And I’m just getting warmed up.

That’s why I suggest you become a Member.

With Hindu squats 201 – instead of doing 500 reps at a time – you can reduce that number by 497 and benefit more than ever before.

True, true, true.

Wooooaaaaah, what a way to LIVE.

Come get some.


Matt “Coach” Furey

P.S. I’m almost out of free seminar passes for New Members. Make sure
you enroll NOW so you’re sure to be included.

My All New Approach to Exercise

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

In a few minutes I’m going to be filming more videos for my Members that highlight a very different approach to exercise than what I originally taught in my best-selling books, Combat Conditioning, etc.

I like to think of this new approach as 201 or 301 versus 101.

If you’re already a member, get ready for some video updates by Friday of this week.

If you’re not a member yet, you really better become one, and soon – as what I have to teach is beyond awesome.


Matt “Coach” Furey

P.S. The fee for membership will be going up quite a bit within the next day or two. Enroll now and save BIG.

P.P.S. Many of my previous best-sellers, Combat Conditioning, Combat Abs, and so on, come gratis with your membership. Plus you get 12 months of updates and video coaching from me.

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