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Injured Tendons

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

A little over a week ago, while training a group of people right here in Tampa, I talked about all the injuries you see in sports (and everywhere else) today.

In professional sports, for example, despite the gargantuan muscles, the monstrous bench presses, the deadlifts and curls – and the blazing speed, the fact is that the best-of-the-best are weak and vulnerable when and where it really counts.

Take a look at the sports pages and whenever you hear of someone being out for the season (or for a few months), take note of what the injury is. If you start charting the facts, you’ll be amazed at how many of the severe injuries are tendon injuries.

When I returned from China last summer I met with a fellow suffering from tendonitis of the elbow. How’d he get this injury?

Doing “cheat” pull-ups.

Although his muscles handled the exercise without a problem, his tendons did not – and as a result he

was unable to train with his arm at all.

He was told to “work around it.” This usually means, avoid using the limb until it heals.

Well, it had already been six weeks, and he was no better off. This proves the saying, “Better to break a

bone that hurt a tendon.”

I prescribed some exercises for the lad – tendon exercises right out of my course, How to Eliminate Eliminate Elbow Tendonitis.

A week later the man was out of pain and able to resume training.

He didn’t work around the injury. He learned to train it directly… and HEAL it.

I realize there are a lot of people running around with elbow pain. If you want it fixed, don’t pound the iron – use your own body weight the way I teach in How to Eliminate Eliminate Elbow Tendonitis.

Order NOW and be out of pain very, very soon.


Matt Furey

P.S. By the way, I am developing an entire series of pain fixes. Some of the others that have also worked

wonders are:

How to Eliminate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Within 30 Days


How to Eliminate Heel Pain or Plantar Fasciitis in 2 Minutes a Day

Eliminate Hand and Wrist Pain NOW

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

14 years ago I was in Minneapolis at the NCAA wrestling championships.

All throughout the weekend as I watched the action, my wrist throbbed with pain. At first I didn’t know why.

I didn’t fall on it. I didn’t tweak it working out. It just hurt – for no particular reason – and the pain was driving me up a wall.

While at the tournament I met an old wrestler who showed me a simple exercise that strengthened his grip considerably.

I did the exercise as I was taught and the very same day the irritating ache went away.

The next day, however, the pain returned. So I did the exercise again – and the same thing happened. My pain went bye, bye.

The following day the pain came back once more – and by now you can probably guess what I did.

But in this instance the third time was a charm. The pain went away for good.

As a result of this I began to look into other ways to strengthen my hands and wrists – mostly to make

me a more effective martial artist. During my annual trips to my vacation home in China I scoured the country for the best exercises I could find. And upon my return one summer, I began teaching a whole

system of exercises that hit every area of the hands and wrists – and these exercises not only strengthen all the weak links in the hands – they also strengthen the rest of your body – including your mind.

What happened when I put this new program on the market was truly remarkable. People who had slept in braces – or who wore them during the workday – were able to discard them for the first time in months.

Others who thought they needed surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome were able to forego it.

My friend, pain in the hands and wrists is a big, big problem today – and grip training gadgets, for the most part – aggravate existing problems … or create them in the first place.

While in China I have researched and studied the best hand exercises ever conceived – exercises from kung fu and chi kung as well as from those who have mastered their own body weight. And the vast majority of these incredibly powerful exercises require nothing other than your own hands and a soft, pliable rubber device shaped like a donut – or a thin piece of string.

That’s it.

Once again, just as animals in the wild get strong without weights or gadgets, the key to hand strength comes from doing exercises with your hands. And if you combine the exercises with deep breathing and concentration – the sky is the limit in regard to hand and wrist strength.

I have seen things done in China with one or two fingers – including balancing your body in a handstand – that I have never seen duplicated by anyone who uses gripper gadgets.

All you need to eliminate most hand and wrist pain and to acquire great hand strength are exercises that open work the hands and wrists from every angle and direction while opening the meridians of the body. The positive effect of doing the right exercises with concentration and deep breathing is nothing less than stunning.

I have personally trained with a master who can plow through cement blocks with the inside of his finger. His fingers are so powerful you’d think each digit were a sword. Does he use gripper gadgets to build this type of power. No.

He simply does the right type of exercises with concentration and deep breathing.

More often than you realize, hand and wrist and elbow and shoulder pain stems from a blockage in chi flow. The meridians of the body are damned up with negative stress – and this negative energy won’t be released via surgery or using a bunch of mechanical devices.

The key to releasing the trapped energy is, once again, the right exercises, proper concentration and deep breathing.

You get all three of the above in my course for eliminating hand, wrist, elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome pain.

Order now by going to here

Matt Furey

P.S. Even if you don’t have carpal tunnel syndrome, you’ll find these exercises nuking your hand, wrist and elbow pain like nothing else on the market.

The War on Fat Kids

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

We got another war on our hands – and this one, like all others, is going to be government sponsored. Which means it’ll work about as well as … well, The War on Drugs.

Yes, I am very concerned about obesity in this nation – but it begins with adults, not kids. It trickles down from mom and pop and their bad habits.

It trickles down from fat parents who don’t read labels and don’t exercise. And don’t care.

My son began reading labels when he was seven. If it has high fructose corn syrup, vegetable oil, canola oil and a host of other negatives, he doesn’t eat it.

And guess what? I never taught him to read labels.

He simply witnessed me doing so – and imitated.

That’s how exercise works, too. If the old man is fat and never moves, how can he expect the kids to do likewise.

My son asked me several weeks ago, “Daddy, why do kids eat at McDonalds? They have the worst food anywhere.”

“They learned it from their parents,” I said. “Mom and dad took them there when they were young. The kids got hooked on the food and grew up thinking it was good.”

“But can’t they taste how bad it is?” he asked.

“Not really. They don’t know the difference because most of what they eat at home is junk, too.”

And then you have your average doctor who doesn’t know much about nutrition, either. Bring your child to a dermatologist for a skin disorder and you’ll most likely hear that the issue has NOTHING to do with diet.



When I was raised, if I had pimples, the first thing my mom told me was I needed to clean up my diet. And when I did so, the zits went away. All I had to do was quit drinking milk and eating cheese – and presto, the milk and cheese stopped coming out of my pores.

You don’t hear this too often today. And just think: the milk I was drinking as a kid wasn’t what it is today, i.e. laced with hormones.

Want to stamp out childhood obesity? – then let’s start in the home with moms and dads who know what good food and exercise are.

We don’t need government programs telling us what to do.

Educated parents who are fit and healthy themselves are always the best teachers.

Remember, your children don’t listen to what you say – they follow what you do.

Get yourself into kick-butt shape with Combat Conditioning and Combat Abs – and your kids will follow in your foot steps.

Both of these programs are here.

Matt Furey

P.S. And if you want your children to have a great attitude toward success as well as setbacks – then pick up a copy of The Unbeatable Man.

Elbow Pain Be Gone

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

You’ve been asking for this one – and here it is.

Say goodbye to tennis elbow, golfer elbow or elbow tendinitis.

Go here and claim your new DVD now.

Matt Furey

My Feet Hurt

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Tired of hearing yourself say, “My feet hurt?” Want a solution that won’t require surgery or a foot brace that costs hundreds of dollars?

Well, it’s finally here. The long-awaited DVD How to Eliminate Heel Pain or Plantar Fasciitis in 2 Minutes a Day is kicking butt. Last week a man who’d suffered with heel pain for almost a year, and purchased an $800.00 foot brace, wrote to say that his pain went away within a couple days.

How to Eliminate Heel Pain or Plantar Fasciitis in 2 Minutes a Day is a product I created along with a top foot surgeon and fellow martial artist, who flat out said, “There is nothing else like this on the market.”

If you have heel pain, achilles pain or plantar fasciitis – go here.

Also, if you simply want a stronger, healthier body and realize the vitally important role your feet play in keeping you fit – then you’ll want this program, too.

As I’ve said for quite some time, neglecting the tendons in your body is one of the major causes of injuries today.

Strong muscles and weak tendons are not a healthy combination.

Get both.

Go here and grab your pain eliminating program NOW.


Matt Furey

P.S. This product also comes with a FREE copy of the DVD Start Your Day Off With a Bang – wherein you learn to loosen your joints from head to toe, revitalizing your being at every level.

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