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What Would Happen If …

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

What Would Happen If … you took a few minutes each day to

imagine the type of person you want to be.

What would happen if you thought about the most successful

people you know, and you said you would ‘mentally pretend’

to be like them for a few minutes each day.

What would happen if you set just one important goal for yourself

and you made sure you focused on it each day.

What would happen if you made a vow to imagine the new YOU

and do whatever it takes until it becomes a reality.

Well, I know what would happen. You’d become a very different

person that you are today – and most important of all, you’d really

like that person.

Yes, focusing on what you want in the Theatre of the Mind – makes a

profound difference in your life.

That’s why I suggest you get the tools you need to do the job right –

and they can be found at http://www.psycho-cybernetics.com/zrlcourse.html


Matthew Furey

P.S. Another great way to move up the ladder of success is by learning

what other successful people do to thrive rather than survive. You can

see the best way to do it by looking into my Fearless Success Coaching

Program at http://www.psycho-cybernetics.com/zrlcourse.html

Don’t Let Your Legs Get Old

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

In China they have a saying, ‘Ren lao xian lao tui.’

This means, ‘When a person gets old, the legs get

old first.’

When viewing the aging quarterback, boxer or hoops

shooter – we know this is true. For martial artists,

tis one of the reasons why so many after 40 turn

to the so-called ‘internal’ arts, such as tai chi chuan,

xingyi, bagua and so on. The aging athlete cannot

keep up with the heavy demands of the rigorous

art anymore.

People who regularly fly the friendly skies, especially

those loooonnngg flights, are becoming more and more

concerned with their legs going bad. We call it ‘deep vein

thrombosis, aka DVT.

Poor blood circulation in the lower legs can lead to heart

attack and stroke. Not a good thing.

One of the good things about flying on Chinese airlines

is that via the television monitor, the passengers are

prompted to move and exercise. And the exercises they

give are excellent.

Walking is great for the legs. So is jumping. I recommend

you use a good rope for your jumping – those that Bobby

Hinds at LifelineUSA makes are best – http://www.lifelineusa.com

And of course the squatting in Combat Conditioning – that’ll get

you in fine, fine shape.

Yet, nothing WAKES the legs up and super-charges them more than

the slapping, knocking and tapping movements we teach in the

Chinese Long Life System – http://www.chineseculturesecrets.com/long_life.html

Why is this.

Quite simply, these slaps and knocks immediately improve blood

circulation. And they increase chi flow along all the meridians in the


The meridians in your body are like the lanes on a freeway. So long

as the traffic is moving, all is well. But … if at any time the traffic

stalls, tempers flair, blood pressure rises and, in some cases, bullets


Imagine this same scenario in your own body. If you’re tired, fatigued

or feeling less than extraordinarily magnificent, then the chi is not

flowing in your body as it should. Imagine what a profound change

will transpire when all circuits are on, when all the energy in your

body is flowing as it should.

Not only will your legs stay young, powerful, lean and flexible –

but if you travel via plane, you’ll laugh when you hear talk about

deep vein thrombosis. The chances of those who practice the Chinese

Long Life System having this problem are slim and none and slim just

left town.

To recap, keep your legs young by walking, jumping and doing Hindu

squats. If you cannot do Hindu Squats, do the Wall Chair – or do the

1/4 squats shown in the Chinese Long-Life System.

Then make sure you learn all the slaps, knocks and so on that invigorate,

rejuvenate and recharge your body like nothing else in the world.

Oh, by the way, Gary, one of the Furey Faithful, wrote yesterday

to say that he recently went on a cruise in which many Chinese were on

board. Being he’s a tai chi practitioner, he figured he’d get up early to

practice along with them. To his amazement, no one was practicing tai

chi. Instead .. they were doing these exercises that el Fure-Cat has been

raving about.

Imagine dhat. Once again, this Fure-cat is way ahead of all the other

wannabees on this here Internet. Just when the copykatsz think they’ve

caught up to me, I leap frog over them in a single bound.

There are a few reasons why this cat can leap-frog the others so quickly.

But the most important is that my legs are still young. Learn how I keep

’em that way by getting the Chinese Long-Life System.

We have approximately 97 more programs that we’re going to let go

at the special price now being offered. So JUMP in while the jumping

is good. Go to http://www.chineseculturesecrets.com/long_life.html


Matthew Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®


P.S. By the way, if you’re suffering from wrist, elbow or carpal tunnel

pain, chances are excellent I can help you out there. My program on

eliminating carpal tunnel syndrome pain continues to baffle those who’ve

slept in braces for years or have been told surgery is the only option. Go

to http://www.carpaltunnelfix.com and see what I mean.

Everything Helps You Win

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

Earlier today a member of my fitness Inner Circle put up the

following on a private discussion board. It’s so powerful I’ve

decided to send to you – followed by my comments:

Subject: Thank you, Matthew

Message: I am writing this because I feel my story needs to be told.

I started using Psycho-Cybernetics late last year. In that time, my

wife decided she wanted a divorce, took my children, and I felt terrible

for a while.

Bad, huh. But that is not where it ends.

Now, I realize that those failures needed to happen to spur me on to greater

things. My marriage was growing increasingly stale as I sought self-improve-

ment and my wife was content in her misery. My servo-mechanism, I believe,

led us to go our separate ways. Now, my finances are getting back on track

and my career is taking off like a rocket.

I have gone to Soldier Boards and was named January’s Soldier of the Month

for my unit, 2nd Quarter Soldier of the Quarter for the Battalion, and now I’ve

been named the Brigade’s Soldier of the Quarter and I am in the running for

Soldier of the Year. I would like to credit you and Dr. Maltz for your help in

getting me on the right track. I realize that even though I went through my

ordeals alone, I had plenty of help.

Thank you, Matthew Furey, and may God bless you.



M.F. Thank you, A.M. More important though, congratulations on seeing

reality for what it is. When you’re in success mode – you interpret the so-

called negative as leading you toward your goals. It may hurt, it may sting –

but it is all for the best.

I have two people in my Fearless Success Coaching program who have

experenced or gone through very similar circumstances and BOTH will

tell you they are all the better for it. In relationships, it is tough when

one person wants to grow and the other wants to cling.

Grab a hand full of water sometime. Then squeeze your hand tight and see

how much is left. This is an important metaphor to remember about most



Matthew Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

P.S. The link to the Psycho-Cybernetics Fearless Success Coaching Program is

at http://www.psycho-cybernetics.com/fearless_success.html

Why Five Second Abs Works

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

Testimonials on the effectivenes of the Farmer Burns

Stomach Flattener, as seen in my best-selling book,

Combat Abs – http://www.mattfurey.com/combat_abs.html

are poring in.

One man wrote to say he’s dropped four inches from his

waist inside of three weeks – and just as I wrote, his digestion

has shown a marked improvement.

In Farmer Burns 1914 by-mail course, ‘Lessons in Wrestling

and Physical Culture’ – http://www.mattfurey.com/farmerburns.html

he said the same thing. In fact, Burns also, referring to the subject

of deep breathing, said – ‘Deep breathing along has made many a

weak man strong and many a sick man well.’

The whole reason why the Farmer Burns Stomach Flattener works

is because of the deep breathing combined with flexing and tensing

of the abdominal muscles. Simple flex and tense the abdominals

and you don’t have much. The whole key lies in the mixture.

The greatest thing about this exercise is that you can do it

virtually anywhere and no one else has to know. It’s your little

workout secret.

You can do it at your desk. In a car. On a plane. In the shower.

Even while doing other exercises.

It truly is remarkable.

Be sure to make Five Second Abs part of your everyday routine.

Kick butt – take names!

Matthew Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

To Watch or Not to Watch T.V. – tis the question

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

You’ll hear a lot of positive thought writers saying you should

NOT watch television. What is my take on the matter. Read on

and you may discover something interesting.

First, most television is negative. Most of it offers very little value

and detracts from you playing an active role in life. Instead of

being a DOER – you passively watch “other” DOERS.

Second, some t.v. is fantastic. A number of programs for kids –

and adults – place you in a state of wonder and excitement to

learn new things. My daughter, Faith, has learned most of her

English watching this little girl named Dora and her brother

Diego. And the few times I’ve watched Sponge Bob with my

kids I’ve been amazed at the number of references to concepts

like the “power of your imagination” – visualization, mental movie

theatres, and so on.

Third, the news is almost always something to avoid watching. Your

goal for today, this week or this month is probably not a worthwhile one

if it is nothing more than getting the latest scoop on Anna Nicole Smith

or Britney Spears.

Fourth, if you’re in the entertainment business, the info-

marketing business, the copy writing business – or anything like

that – then you CAN watch the news. But – you watch it not so you have

an excuse to be negative. Not at all. You watch it to turn the negative

into a positive. You watch the so-called “idiot box” for one reason

and one reason only – it gives you fodder for what you need to write or


Because so much of society IS tuned into the the latest about Rosie, Anna,

Britney, Madonna, J. Lo, Janet, Michael Jackson, Tonya Harding and so

on – it’s an easy way to come up with something to write or speak

about that will pull the average reader or listener in. And so, in this case,

although you’re supposedly doing something passive – you’re doing it in

an active way.

The above represents what I consider a balanced view on the subject of

television watching. The key questions to ask yourself about your watching

of t.v. are as follows:

1. Is what you’re watching inspiring you to become MORE than you are right

now. If so, you’re watching something useful. My son gets mega excited

watching NFL football. It’s kindled a desire in him to learn more, be more

and do more. The same goes when he watches Animal Planet or Discovery or

the History channels.

2. Is the time you’re spending watching tee-vee leading you closer to or

further away from your goals.

3. How much more could you accomplish in life if you cut back on the time

you spend before the tee-vee.

What are my tee-vee habits? you ask.

Good question:

On MOST days I don’t watch a single minute of t.v. Not one. I have never

watched a single minute of The Sopranos – and don’t care.

If you begin talking about your favorite shows, chances are I will not have

a clue as to what you are saying.

Last point: Our home has a big screen HDTV with 500 and some channels. The

size of my library, however, makes the large black box seem like a sheet of

paper. If you were to offer me a few thousand bucks for my t.v. – I’d sell it to

you. If you offered me the same sum of money to borrow a few books from

my library, the answer would be “no.”

Jim Rohn is noted for saying you’ll know the direction someone is heading in

life by the size of his t.v. when compared to the size of his library. I think he’s


I also think you’ll know the direction someone is going based upon how much

time he spends reading compared to time spent watching t.v.

Something to think about, eh.


Matthew Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

P.S. The best thing you can watch will always be the movies you play in your

imagination – in the Theatre of the Mind. Those in my Fearless Success Coaching

program know how true this is. Be sure to become part of it today, yourself, by

going to http://www.psycho-cybernetics.com/fearless_success.html

7 Benefits of Bridging

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007


Last night, before hitting the rack, I went through a simple

bridging routine. I alternated the back bridge and the front

bridge and the gymnastic bridge (see pic).

You may wonder, why do I do these bridging exercises. Here’s my 7-part answer:

1. It puts me into a euphoric state – nice to feel that before bed,

don’t you think

2. It energizes me – just not the type of energy that interferes with

sleep – more like the kind of energy where you KNOW your brain is


3. It increases electrical charge and vibration throughout my entire


4. It makes me aware of energy at a more subtle level – this comes

in handy whether you’re a competitive athlete or someone who deals

with people for a living.

5. It increases sexual energy. If you’re interested in THAT topic I also

suggest you check out my Chuang Shang de Gong Fu course on the

Art of Chinese Kung Fu Style Love Making – www.chineseculturesecrets.com.

It’ll keep your woman up all night long.

6. It helps burn off belly fat as well as the turkey fat on your neck. If you

don’t want a bunch of loose skin hanging from your neck as you age, then

be sure to bridge.

7. It increases feeling of being grounded.

Now, the above represents only seven benefits of bridging – there are more.

I’ve written about many others previously, such as elimination of back pain,

and so on. Yet, the key is DOING the bridge. Anyone can read about


Reminds me of a saying I learned long ago, before people started calling me

Zen Master of the Internet®.

It goes like this: ‘The study of Zen is not Zen.’

So many people today think they’re DOERS if they ‘read.’ And reading is really

important. I read everyday. But I do more than read. I get off my buttocks and

do something with what I read. That’s the hallmark of the high achiever.

To give the Zen saying a twist, “The study of exercise is not exercise.”

Make sure you take time to bridge today. Don’t just read about it.

Don’t just look at the picture of me doing it. Join me.


Matthew Furey

P.S. Anytime you want to know ‘what’s new’ in terms of my products – go to


The Secret of Living 100 Years in Supreme Condition

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

One of the fittest 58-year old men you will ever meet, Nigel

Stewart, of Bermuda, recently said the following about the

Chinese Long-Life System:

‘if any of you guys out there have not got this program you are really

missing out. ( NO I’m not touting for Matt and I don’t think I’ll receive

a commission for this e-mail).

I received the DVDs 10 days ago and have held off writing until I have

something to report.

I use it in the early morning when I get up and before I do my Combat

Conditioning workout. I just cannot fathom how something so subtle can

be so effective.

I always workout early mornings and being human there are days when

I would rather not, however after doing the various massages and slapping

movements it is like I have switched on from inside out. Tiredness and the

early mornning feeling just go .

It is difficult to describe but I think Matt puts it best on the DVDs when he says

it will ‘ease’ your passage through life. It gets everything inside working the

way it should.

Once again Matt a huge thank you for bringing this wonderful art to us. No wonder

the Chinese were experimenting with gunpowder when our ancestors were still

living in caves.

I say the same thing I said when I bought the original Combat Conditioning book…It’s Magic.

Best to you all

Nigel Stewart

M.F. Thank YOU Nigel. This is a huge compliment coming from you. Afterall, how many

men at age 58, much less ANY age can do what you do. For those of you in the ‘dark’ on

this, Nigel regularly gets up and pounds out 500 Hindu Squats, 250 pushups and runs

several miles per day. He is an animal, through and through. No greater testimonial

than his – yet.

Go to http://www.chineseculturesecrets.com/long_life.html and order NOW.


Matthew Furey

P.S. By the way, my mother-in-law is in her 60’s and has no interest in exercise

other than walking. But upon seeing the Chinese Long-Life System, she jumped

on it immediately. She’s been following it religiously for months and she literally

glows from head to toe. It has given her physical strength as well as internal.

She truly looks at least five years younger already. She keeps this up and

there’s no telling how much benefit she’ll derive. Order NOW by going to


Hurrah – You Screwed Up

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Two weeks ago, John, a man in my Psycho-Cybernetics Fearless

Success Coaching group wrote to give me a progress report.

He told me that he was doing much better as a result of the coaching,

but at times felt himself getting discouraged, sinking back into

negative thinking. Because he’s in sales, whenever he would lose a

sale he would get down on himself and he didn’t see any other choice

as the mistakes he made that cost him money.

In his email, he asked what to do to keep himself from sinking into a

pit of despair every time he loses a sale.

I wrote back with a few words of advice – which I’m happy to say, he

followed. Earlier today he wrote me an updated progress report. A

portion of what he wrote appears below:

Hi Matt,

Quick note to say that things are progressing well. I am doing a very

good job at changing states when I get negative thoughts or images.

The “HOORAH” really does work when I get a negative image in my

head. Business is picking up. I manage my 12 person company using

6 week periods. Period 1 was a disaster. Period 2, which ended Saturday

turned it all around and Period 3 looks to be even better.

I’ve come up with an idea that I am having the engineers implement

immediately that should sell 3-5 million units over the next few years.

Really good stuff.

I had dinner with a friend last night and all I could talk about was Psycho-

Cyb Coaching and how much I am learning from you, how great the concepts

are, how this is the best class I’ve ever taken (and I’ve done all the other guys’



incredibly strong – I’ve never experienced an energy level like this before.

I had to write right away and tell you. AND THANK YOU SO MUCH. I actually have

tears in my eyes as I write this. The day I met you at the Info Summit last November

is going to change my life. Thank You.

John S.

M.F. Great work John. Next time we meet you are going to be catapulted to a

whole new level of confidence, courage and raw power and you’re going to

use it to take your business and your life further up the ladder. And it’s going

to be fun watching you climb.

My friend, this is the sort of energy you can be sending me when you’re part of

my Fearless Success Coaching Group. We have about 8 spots left as of this

writing, so do take a serious, concerted and courageous look into your bright

future – http://www.psycho-cybernetics.com/fearless_coaching.html


Matthew Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

Fear of Change

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

When you reach a certain level of skill or success, you may

come up with the notion of ‘holding onto’ or maintaining your


My opinion of this is similar to that of General George S. Patton,

who once said in a speech:

“I don’t want to get any messages saying, “I am holding my position.”

We are not holding a Goddamned thing. Let the Germans do that.

We are advancing constantly and we are not interested in holding

onto anything, except the enemy’s balls. We are going to twist his

balls and kick the living shit out of him all of the time. Our basic

plan of operation is to advance and to keep on advancing regardless

of whether we have to go over, under, or through the enemy.

We are going to go through him like crap through a goose; like

shit through a tin horn!”

How’s that for graphic?

Keep this message in mind whenever you feel that you’ve made it.

You may have reached a certain milestone – but success is a journey.

Once you cross the finish line – if you stop moving, you’re soon dead.

You need NEW finish lines. New goals. New aspirations. New ways of


Never rest on your laurels. Challenge yourself. Exceed your previous best.

Reinvent yourself – over and over again.

Never fear change. Never fear becoming something better or different.

The only thing to fear is the erroneous notion that you can succeed by

maintaining what you’re doing. You succeed by constant forward movement –

not by sticking your feet in quicksand.

You may feel secure when you’re trying to maintain your position – but I assure

you that you’re losing ground. To stay above ground you must be continually

thinking, planning and moving.

And that, my friend, is the BOTTOM LINE.

Now, a couple quick notes:

1. If you want to really move up the ladder of success and experience the THRILL

of FEARLESS SUCCESS – then be sure to look into

my coaching program at http://psycho-cybernetics.com/fearless_success.html

2. If your body feels like it’s ready for the scrap heap, then do something about it

today by going to www.mattfurey.com/conditioning_book.html

3. If your sex life is going limp – then you must correct course by looking into the

Secrets of Chinese LoveMaking – http://www.chineseculturesecrets.com


Matthew Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

Britney Didn’t Do It Alone

Monday, March 26th, 2007

If you look at where you are in life right now, you’ll note

that you didn’t get here without help. Whether you think

you’re moving upward or sliding downhill – you’ve got

someone helping you out.

In Hollywood, we only need observe obvious cases in

the media, like Britney Spears, to make a case for the

negative or the positive. I just went through a magazine

where Britney Spears was on the cover – depicting

whether she is suicidal or not.

Unlike so many, I take no delight in reading about the

rough time she’s having. It’s obvious she’s being influenced

by people who don’t have her best intentions at heart.

Ultimately she is responsible for what she does or doesn’t

do – but there’s no denying others played a role in her

rise and her fall – and if she is to rise again, others will be

involved in helping her.

All of the above leads to an important point about how

we succeed or how we fail. We don’t do it alone – or in a

vaccuum. We absolutely do need others involved in the

process of shaping us into successful people.

If you’ll recall the Rocky movie with Mr. T. – who played

the role of Clubber Lang – he had a line that was

unforgettable. “I live alone, I train alone and I’m going

to win the title alone.”

Unwiser words were never spoken.

To rise up you must get advised up.

No champion fighter enters the ring alone, trains alone or

wins the title alone. No presidential candidate would dare

run without advisors and a TEAM.

And no truly successful people ever stop listening or learning

from others. Ultimately, after hearing advice – YOU have to

make the decision and accept the consequences. You’ll have

to agree or disagree with what you hear – but to completely

tune out advice is a mistake.

In 1988, while listening to a series of Brian Tracy audios – he

said that you could read posiitve books, attend seminars, listen

to videos and audios – but if you do just ONE thing wrong, this

alone will derail all your efforts for the positive.

And this one thing was … “associating with negative people.”

What this means requires you to take a serious look at who

you are spending time with. I have a very simple rule I live

by. It goes like this …

“If you’re interested in MORE Success – then we can spend time

together. If you’re interested in blaming others, staying stuck,

whining, complaining and so on, then we will not hang out


Simple as that.

Now, why do you think I have this rule. I have it because I

have witnessed what happens to me when I am around

successful people. I get charged up. I get excited. And I

succeed even more than before. But if I hang out with

people who act and think like losers – then I start going


Keep this in mind today. Make a list of all your friends and

associates. Then ask yourself a simple question: Am I

getting positive, success-oriented, abundance-driven

energy from this person, or am I bombarded with negative,

poor-me, life is woe energy.

If the person ranks on the positive, then keep associating with

him or her; if not, then ask for guidance in finding someone

else who is better for you.

Now, in the rare event that your current associate wants to grow

with you – then by all means continue the relationship. If not, then

look at opening the door to a life of abundance, a life where you

have a LOT of everything. A Lot of opportunity; a lot of contacts

and friends; a lot of capital – and so on.

Live life straight-up, with gusto and enthusiasm and you’ll be delighted

at how life’s rewards begin showing up with great regularity.


The following is a message sent last week about my success

coaching program. We still have a few spots left, so if this

opportunity looks and feels like YOU – then jump on it.

– M.F.

In January I started coaching people in the truly secret

powers of Psycho-Cybernetics – and the first session was

so powerful people have not come down from it yet. It

truly was a life-changer.

Normally, those who attend seminars or coaching programs

come home from it high as a kite – but then, over the course

of two or three days, all the positive gradually slips away.

Not with this program. The positive vibe sticks – like glue –

and continues to accumulate more just like the way a

magnet draws bits of iron.

At present I am expanding this coaching program by allowing

18 more people to come aboard.

If what you’re reading here sounds like something you might

be interested in, then I suggest you high-tail it to the following

page – http://www.psycho-cybernetics.com/fearless_success.html

and see how this program will work for you.


Matthew Furey

P.S. There’s a reason why the good get great. And that reason has

more to do with their minds than anything else. It’s not talent, or

smarts, or who you know. It’s who you are inside your own brain.

Successful people get this and want more of it. Those on the road to

failure don’t get it – and that is why they continue to fail. Make a choice

which road you want to travel on. Make a choice to launch yourself like

a torpedo to the destination of YOUR choosing. Check out the Psycho-

Cybernetics Fearless Success Coaching Program now by going to


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