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My October Seminar

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

Two weeks ago I held a 2-day seminar on the Furey

Method for Making a Fortune With Email.

As it was a “practice-shop” with each student writing

and reading emails, the size of the seminar was limited

to only 60.

Before noon of the first day I dismissed two students and

issued them refunds as they weren’t in the room with an

open mind and didn’t really want to learn. Can you imagine

paying $5,000 and showing up with an attitude in which

you are totally convinced the method “won’t work” before

you even try? Strange indeed.

Anyway, after booting the two recalcitrant students the

rest of the attendees came together as a team and within

48 hours we created an entire room full of men and women,

who despite their fears and worries and LACK of experience,

were writing stellar, sweet and magnifico emails in which

they could now begin a new career helping businesses earn

more chips.

Two days after the event I began to come back down to earth

and take note of what happened. I promised the attendees

the unthinkable. That all it would take was 2 days and I

would create a life-changing experience for them.

And you know what – that’s exactly what happened. At the

end of the event the atendees were either teary eyed or

flat out balling. They weren’t just moved in the direction of success

– they were moved without “resistance.”


Well, the first evening they were in Tampa I gave a Zero Resistance

Writing talk – it lasted 3 hours and 15 minutes – with no break.

Everyone was riveted the entire time – except the two I had to

toss the next morning. They, naturally, got “nothing” out of it.

But the rest of the group did. They rose to the challenge, followed

my instructions and their self-images changed from “I’m not a

writer” or “I’d like to but I can’t” or “I’m not very good at this” – to

self-images that told the world, with their own words – “HEY, I can

do this. Listen to what I just wrote.”

As I watched the scene unfold I decided to change the initial

focus I was going to have at my October seminar, which is

normally an Internet Marketing event.

Not this year. At least not completley.

It’s going to be a LIFE-CHANGING EVENT. It will be the Zero

Resistance Marketing seminar – and it will be unlike anything

you have ever attended.

If you’re tired of seminars with 500 low energy people in the room;

if you’re tired of boring speakers or an onslaught of speakers who

came NOT to teach but only to sell you something; if you’re tired of

being taken advantage of at these seminars, led down a prim-rose

path with high hopes but no game plan – then let me tell you this –

it’s obvious you’ve never been to one of MY seminars. Why. Because

I deliver on my promises.

So let this be fair-warning.

Details on my October Zero Resistance Marketing seminar will

be forthcoming in a few days. This event will combine the best

of business and self-realization in a way never seen or heard


You won’t leave the seminar unchanged. I will not allow that to


The event will not be cheap – but it will be limited to only 150

people and many of the slots are already filled by members of

my MasterMind who signed up a few weeks ago when I made a

pre-announcement offer to them at one of our trainings.

Also, I am planning on bringing in a MEGA SUPER special guest –

and once his identity is announced the fee for this event will

immediately DOUBLE in price.

Not kidding.

So be watching your in box for this message. It will be

coming very soon. Right now I’d estimate 3-4 days – but

it may be sooner.

All the best,

Matthew Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

The JFK Birthday Curse

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Sometimes people do things to others that are

received as if they are curses and death wishes.

Sometimes the curses are deliberately sent – wherein

someone is truly trying to hurt someone else. At

other times this isn’t the case.

Either way, though, the person who feels cursed has to do

something to turn the “spell” into something harmless.

Let me give you an example of what I mean by telling you

a story about something called the JFK Birthday Curse.

Some years ago Mark had a birthday party with a lot

of honored guests.

During the party, however, instead of being treated to a group

rendition of “Happy Birthday,” – something else happened.

Like a cloud of milky smoke, a gorgeous Marilyn Monore

look-alike and sing-alike pranced to the front of the room

and began to swoon, “Happy Birthday, Mr. President.”

Mark took a step back and faked an approving smile but

inside he was cringing. He absolutely hated the song and felt

disgust for what was happening. He hated the song because

of the negative associations it has – including the tragic ending

to the lives of both Monroe and Kennedy.

Mark desperately wanted to scream, “STOP.” But he kept mum because

he didn’t want to embarrass the guest, whom he wasn’t sure fully

understood what a bad move she was making.

Afterward, Mark gave a half-hearted pretend “thank you” – then

removed himself from the party and took a walk with his wife. As he

walked off everyone could feel how the energy in the room had gone

flat. Before it was “up, up, up.” Now it was “down, down, down.”

Instinctively, most people could feel that a spell had been cast. The

key question was, “Could it be removed.”

As Mark walked around his private grounds with his wife she

immediately knew that something was wrong. She could tell that

he felt badly – and being a student of Psycho-Cybernetics, she also

knew she and her husband had the tools to help reframe the wrong,

to remove the curse.

“The images running through my head right now are horrible,”

said Mark. “I can’t stop them. I can’t believe this just happened.

How could someone think this was a positive thing to do for

my birthday? Ugggh. You might as well have brought a shot


His wife said: “Listen, you’ve got to remember that you’re not

JFK and she’s not Marilyn Monroe. I know you didn’t like it –

but give yourself emotional space between what happened.

Use your mental umbrella and push the curse away – then it

won’t bother you.”

The man listened to his wife, followed her instructions and

within what seemed like seconds the sting of the song was

removed. He let go of the pain he felt. He intercepted and

eliminated the curse. He changed the mental movie from

a solo Marilyn Monroe show to Bette Midler leading the

entire party in the more palatable “Happy Birthday to YOU.”

He heard the whole room singing – not just one person. And

when it was over he heard cheers from the audience and

walked around getting pats on the back, hugs and hand

shakes. This adjusted mental movie totally changed his

feelings as well as his feelings toward the person who sang

the song.

The curse was lifted. Mark was free.

My friend, this is an example of what you can do with any

curse, hex or spell you think someone has cast on you.

Especially those you have cast on yourself.


Why yourself. Because the truth is, if you were the one who

believed the curse – then you are the one with the power to

change it into something much more pleasureable.

You can learn how to do this very thing, beginning today, when

you become a member of the Psycho-Cybernetics

Success Group.

Even better, if you’re a member of the FEARLESS group of

DOERS in the Psycho-Cybernetics Coaching Program who

meet with me in person four times per year and by phone on

other months – then you’ll be able to take this skill I’m writing

about to a level you’ve never dreamt possible.

You’ll not only have the power to remove curses and destroy

spells – you’ll become a bright, shining light in the lives of

those who are around you.

Think about that. What could be better?

Rise UP!

Matthew Furey

How to Eliminate Moochers and Beggars from Your Life

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

I’m currently in Shanghai, China, preparing for a trip to Ningxia, a place that is famous for producing some of the finest goji berries on the planet. Before I go there I want to tell you about a new discovery I came up with in Shanghai.

If you’ve ever visited this city you probably know what it’s like to be accosted by beggars, mooches and con-men. As I walk through the shopping district every twenty steps or so, someone comes up to me and says, “Want to buy watch? Rolex? Handbag?” Typically I respond in Chinese, saying, “Bu Yao.” This means I don’t want it. When I say this phrase it is not uncommon for the person to continue following me for another 50 feet or so. Finally, after raising my voice and making the facial expression of anger the person will leave me alone.

The other day, one of the most grotesque things I have ever witnessed happened to me and it changed my life. A mother who works the streets around the hotels with her 5 or 6 year-old son, came up to me with her little plastic container and began begging. Often times, depending on my read of the situation, I will give these people money. Sometimes the person begging has only one leg. Or he is deformed in some way and it’s obvious to me it would be very difficult for him in China to find a well-paying job. But most of the beggars with 5 and 6 year-old children don’t need a donation. They need a real job.

Anyway, as this lady kept nudging me to give money – and she used those words – “give me money,” her son who was eating came up to me and began to join her. Together they were singing one hell of a duet. Then I looked at the boy and nearly vomited. Why? Because as he was moaning for money he had a mouthful of chewed food hanging on the outside of his mouth covering half his chin. At this point I didn’t walk away, I ran. Once I crossed the street I bent over some bushes and nearly puked. Thankfully, it was a dry heave. I then walk ten more steps and had to bend over once again. Another dry heave. I then mentally adjusted the picture I had in my mind of this young boy and the dry heaves immediately stopped. At this point I decided to come up with something new that would put an end to all this begging and mooching.

The next day, where I went for a walk in the shopping district, I surprised myself. When I was accosted to buy watches and handbags instead of saying “Bu Yao” in Chinese, or “No” in English, I said “Wakarimasen.” This is Japanese for I don’t understand. To my delight and shock, the man stopped talking to me, turned around and walked away. 15 seconds later another person approached wanting me to buy some pirated computer software. I said: “Wakarimasen.” He immediately stopped talking, turned and walked away. At this point I said to myself, “Furey, make a note. This is a great technique.” So if you don’t know Japanese yet, just say this phrase when you visit China and it will eliminate 99% of this annoyance.

The true moral of today’s message is – you can always find a way to transcend a circumstance. Either with a change in words or a change in mental images.

Rise Up!

matthew furey

Matthew Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

Did I Make a Mistake

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

A couple days ago I sent you information about a trading

program – and as a result our offices have been drenched

with emails.

People want to know if the offer is legit. If I sent the email.

If I’m off my rocker. If I use the program. If I truly endorse

the program. If you can get your money back if the program

doesn’t meet your expectations, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

etc. etc. etc. etc.

Although I could go on and on about what I do or don’t do –

here’s the only answer I’m going to give – and it IS

completely factual and it is the only answer that matters:

The company who is promoting and selling the product –

the one I gave the link to – is literally accosted day and

night from people around the world who hope they will

do a promotion for their product or service. This company,

Early to Rise, Inc. – refuses almost everyone who wants

a helping hand with their products.

I, also, am approached, day and night, by people who want

my help. Once again, I refuse almost all as I have a group of

over 150 men and women whom I coach and THEY get my

help and attention.

And so, if this opportunity crashed through the doors of

ETR as well as mine – with all the barriers we have erected

to keep virtually everyone out – then it MUST be one doggone

good thing.

One person asked about refunds and what if everyone who

bought the product felt scammed and ripped off and ALL

wanted their money back immediately.

Good question.

And the answer is simple. You would get a refund.

Furthermore, if for some reason your were NOT refunded

the money you paid for the program – I will go on record

to say that you can contact me and I, Matthew Furey, will

refund your money for the purchase of THEIR product.

Now, how is THAT for a vote of confidence.

First off, if you’re unhappy, I have 100% assurance that you

will be reimbursed 100%. Second, if for some unforeseen

reason you weren’t, then count on ME to handle the situation

for you.

And so, I think this is all you really need to know.

If the program doesn’t work – send it back and get a refund.

But if it does, then perhaps you’ll be happy as hell that I made

this recommendation.

Sure, I’ve gone out on a limb here. Sure, some people only want

me to recommend fitness – but the fact is that based on the

sheer volume of emails – as well as ORDERS for this program –

I take it that a lot of people are damn glad.

Once again, fitness is not just physical. Get fit in every way,

physically, spiritually and financially. They’re all the same

in my book.

And so, if you’re interested, click below for all the details.


It’ll only take a few minutes to read, but I assure you, it’s like

nothing you’ve ever read.


Matthew Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

This is Completely Factual

Monday, May 21st, 2007

Can I speak to you in confidence…

Thank you.

It’s one of the conditions I was asked of by an insider I’d like

to introduce you to in just a second.

So he’s an insider…

Yes. But although that in itself means there’s money to be

made here, it goes a LOT deeper…

Once in a blue moon, you have a revelation. Something which

makes you kick yourself and ask: “I can’t believe I’ve been so

blind! How could I have missed this.”

I’m talking about a whole new trading ball-game here… if

you’re interested in setting up an AUTOMATED extra few

grand a month in your spare time, this will undoubtedly

be the most important report you read.

So you think this might be about trading shares or commodities…

Think again! You’re about to walk into a whole new investment world;

the LARGEST and most amazingly uncomplicated trading on the planet.

A mountain of solid-gold has passed us by for a long time… but not


This insider slapped a brown paper envelope on my desk- a highly

confidential report. I read… and realized I was about to make a select

number of my friends the proposition of a lifetime… so here I am.

I must warn you though, what you’re about to read is… well, a little

stirring. Just remember though, it’s ENTIRELY legal (or I wouldn’t be

mentioning it to you) and completely factual.

Just click below for all the details.


It’ll only take a few minutes to read, but I assure you, it’s like

nothing you’ve ever read.


Matthew Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

What’s a Zero

Monday, May 21st, 2007

Here’s today’s Zero Resistance Living quote for the day:

“A zero represents nothingness and everything at the

same time. It represents emptiness and infinity. It

represents perfection and wholeness. It represents

taking the time to enter the quiet space of your mind

and coming up with life-changing answers to your most

pressing questions. Zero Resistance irepresents moving

energy forward, getting what you want from life – but doing it

without handicapping yourself in any way.”

Matthew Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

Fureyous Quote for Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday, May 21st, 2007

As I’m putting together a number of products, including

a couple of books, I’m going to begin doing a lot more emails

that are powerful daily Fureyous-isms.

I’ll be doing the same most of the time for the emails I send

through the Psycho-Cybernetics and Knockout Marketing sites.

You can subscribe to those quotes at the following URL:


Anyway, here goeth today’s Fureyous quote for the day:

“Think of all the people who have told you that you’ll

never make it, that you don’t have the talent or ability

to live your dreams. Yes, think upon them. See their

words forming pictures in the sky. Then make a

decision to be the emperor of the images that go into

your mind. Block their images from entering your domain.

Light their images on fire and let them disintegrate into

vapor. Then remember that no one can make you see a

negative image and believe in it unless you give the green

light. Same is true of the positive. You are the ‘chooser.; No

one else.”

Matthew Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

Living Your Dreams

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

Look for things to do in life that give you joy, that give you a feeling of juice running through your veins. Look at what you’re doing with your life and ask the question, ‘How much of what I’m doing each day do I LOVE to do?’ When you can say ‘all of it’ – you know you’re living your dreams.

If much of what you’re doing in your day involves doing things you do not want to be doing, things that you don’t love – then think of the old man sitting in his rocking chair overlooking the valley from his front porch. In his hands is a stick and a pocket knife. He puts the blade to the wood and begins to scrape shavings of it onto the ground until there is nothing left but a single sliver.

This is a good way to look at life. Continually refine yourself. Give up doing what you do not like to do and replace it with what gives your life meaning. Figure out a way to get to the end of the stick. Whittle it down to a single sliver. And when nothing is left – everything is available to you.

Matthew Furey

Matthew Furey

author of Combat Conditioning and a Plethora of Powerhouse Life-Changers

P.S. Want to know more? Then go here and see the program that will change your life for the better.

How to Get Into the Flow

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

When you feel that you have much to do with so little time, remember that you can only do one thing at a time. And if you make a conscious choice to do the one thing with great focus and a feeling of calmness, the one thing will get done sooner than it will if you attempt to do two or three or more things at once. You will accomplish MORE by trying to do less. Do one thing at a time. Focus on one thing at a time. Take the time vampires and stress-monkeys off your back. Remain calm no matter what you have to do. Breathe deeply and relax. See what you are doing as ALL you have to do. And when you’re done, take a break and celebrate. Then move onto the next important task.

If you begin each day with Theatre of the Mind you will develop what Mark Twain called the “quiet confidence of a Christian with 4 Ace’s.” You’ll go through the day with a Zen-like patience and focus. Nothing will bother you. No one will bother you. Resistance to success will be gone. Resistance to yourself will be gone. You’ll stop fighting yourself and the world and simply live peacefully inside it. You’ll have a feeling of being above it all even though physically you’re still connected to and part of the physical world in which you live.

Continually monitor how calm you are. And if you don’t feel calm, ask yourself if you’re trying to kill five birds with one rock. One bird at a time is good – especially when you successfully hit each bird you focus on. Meanwhile the do-do trying to hit five at a time still has nothing done. Don’t be a do-do. Remove the tension. Remove the resistance.

Get into the flow and you will know.

Rise Up!

matthew furey

Matthew Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

P.S. Got some people on the path to doing 100,000 Hindu squats this year. You’ll find you how to join them in their practice when you’re a member of the Matt Furey Inner Circle.

Power Quote of The Day

“The more tranquil a man becomes, the greater is his success, his influence, his power for good. Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom.”

— James Allen

1864-1912, Writer, Poet

The REAL You

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

The REAL You

Show me the mental picture you have of yourself and I'll show you how to make it bigger, brighter and more powerful. I'll introduce you to the REAL YOU – your BIG SELF – and when I do this you'll instantly recognize how you've limited yourself, how you've resisted yourself, how you've cheated yourself of the success you deserve. Once you change the mental picture, the mental movie you have of yourself, nothing in the Universe can stop you from living your dreams.

Matthew Furey
Matthew Furey
author of Combat Conditioning
Zen Master of the Internet®

P.S. Many of you have been asking about my October seminar. When will I have information for you? The answer is: I'll tell you all about it in June. And when I do, be prepared to enroll immediately as this one is HOT.

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