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The Law of De-traction

Monday, April 30th, 2007

We hear a lot about Law of Attraction these days. Well, how about a change of pace that may be of immense help to you or someone you know?

It’s called the Law of De-traction. Or the Law of Repelling What You Want. It could also be called Law of Attraction in Reverse. Here’s a common example of how it works:

A few months ago a client sent me an email to tell me he was working hard to create his new business – BUT he was encountering a great deal of frustration. I asked him about the frustration and he said he kept losing clients and money in his existing business – and this was preventing him from moving forward in the new business.

“I keep visualizing myself in my new business and the more I do that the more money I lose in the one I’m in,” he said.

I asked: “And you need the money from the current business to feed the new one, right?”


I said: “Okay, tell me more about the images in your visualization. Tell me exactly what you’re picturing and how.”

He began describing how he was celebrating being out of the old business; retired from it. I cut him off as soon as I heard this.

I said: “Wait just a second. Why are you celebrating being out of the old business? What you want to be doing is celebrating all the money in the current business that allows you to easily move into the new one.”

“Ooooh,” he said. “Never thought of that. So I’m visualizing the wrong thing.”

I said, “That you are.”

I then gave this man many other suggestions on what he needed to be doing to reverse the negative trend he’d started. Two weeks later he and I spoke by phone.

“It’s a miracle,” he said. “I started picturing my current business the way you said and the money is pouring back into it. I had no idea I was driving clients and money away with the image I had. I thought I was doing it right. I thought this was just a phase I had to go through. But I was creating the phase. Now I can easily transition from one business to the other without all the frustration.”

I said: “You’ve removed the resistance, haven’t you?”

“That I have,” he said.

I smiled: “Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Absolutely,” he said.

In business, in sports, in relationships – in everything we do – we form mental images in our minds and these images lead us in the direction of what we’re picturing. Whether we realize this or not, it IS taking place. Many have come to realize this as true – and they’ve gone to work putting new images into their internal monitor – but their images are flawed in some way – and so, instead of getting the results truly desired, they’re getting results that are lined up with what they are picturing.

The other day I read an email from another client who was thrilled with the positive feedback I sent him on a project. He told me he printed the email and posted it in his office to read during moments of frustration.

I wrote: “Why are you planning on moments of frustration? Why plan on only reading these positive comments at that time? Why not read them daily, first thing, so you’re always nourished with a powerful and positive outlook on life?”

He got the message and began reading my comments each morning. Normally this person experienced deep frustration on an almost daily basis. But after three weeks of reading my words, he rarely encounters it anymore. Why? Because he’s not expecting it. Before he expected frustration and so he got it – A LOT of it. Now he gets something else; something much more positive.

So make sure your mental images are the best you can make them. I’ll work with you on this when you’re a member of the Psycho-Cybernetics Fearless Success Coaching Program. We have our next LIVE meeting on Sunday, May 6, in Tampa. Maybe I’ll see you there.

In the meantime, make sure you see yourself at your best – as a person who attracts success – not as a person who pictures frustration and gets it.

Rise Up!

matthew furey

Matthew Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

P.S. A couple seats remain for The Furey Method for Making a Fortune With Email Seminar – held May 16-18. This is a powerful event for entrepreneurs and copywriters. Be sure to jump on this right away if you’re interested because it will be sold out very soon.

Unlock Your Muscles

Monday, April 30th, 2007

It’s funny to watch people “try” to stretch. And how they do it all wrong.

Before getting started, for example, you’ll see the familiar frown etched upon the face. This is the first indicator that the “stretchee” doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Then you’ll see the breathing stop. This is the second indicator that the stretchee is clueless. Most people stretch like they’re afraid something is going to break. When this fear circumnavigates the brain, breathing comes to a halt. As if this will help.

It won’t.

After this the stretchee locks his muscles and refuses to give them a command that will let them unwind. This third indicator is how the muscles freeze. You want them to relax and let go – but your frown, lack of proper breathing and emotional state cause you to accidentally send the wrong message to your central nervous system. So despite trying to gain flexibility, you get nowhere.

All of this can be corrected in minutes.

If you simply paint a smile on your face, breathe deeply and see your muscles letting go, that will get the ball rolling. You’ll start to instantly drop the excess tension and go where you’ve never gone before.

I teach all this in great detail in my Combat Stretching course. In the promo for the course I promise that you can double your flexibility in one evening. The truth is this: You can double it in 20 to 30 minutes if you follow what I teach. But people will think this is hype, so I dumbed the copy down and said “one evening.”

While in Tokyo I met with an American man, Brad, whose also in my MasterMind. He told me how he didn’t believe it was possible to double his flexibility at all, much less in one evening. Yet, when he followed the program, he was shocked at how quickly the improvements came.

Another man, Bob, began making fun of what he calls the “Famous Furey Couch.” When the DVDs for this program were made I sat on a green couch when I explained the details of the program and how it works. Although he liked the down home feel of me doing this, he said he laughed out loud at the awful ugly green color. “I couldn’t quit laughing,” said Bob. “I figured you could afford something a bit more upscale than THAT.”

Then Bob commenced making fun of the shag carpet I sat on to do the stretches. He didn’t call it the “Famous Furey” shag carpet – but he did say that after buying every one of my DVDs he noticed how the carpet got thicker and thicker with each new product. Sure, he was exaggerating a bit, but it was funny.

One of the drawbacks, or selling features (depending on your point of view) of the Combat Stretching series, is my use of colorful language throughout. There have been a few people who’ve taken offense at my carefree use of the English language – especially because they bought the series to listen to it with their young kids. If this is the case for you as well – and you don’t want to blame me for your child’s swearing habit – then it’s probably better to not get this series. Probably also a good idea to not let your child out of the house.

I learned my swearing back in Iowa, where I’m from. I’ve curbed the habit during almost all of my products, but Combat Stretching, for whatever reason, was a series in which I unlocked more than a few tight muscles. I unleashed the profanity and expletives as well. I’ve often thought of coming out with a ‘G’ version of the same program, but always decide against it at the last moment. In the Book of Furey, there’s a time and place for all forms of language – even that which is off-color.

So you know, my swearing habit is not quite a bad as General George S. Patton’s – you can’t go beyond possibility, me thinks. And I think if you keep this in perspective when viewing the DVDs, then you’ll find a way to forgive me for the few times where I let ‘er rip.

Anyway, remember the three keys I gave you in this tip when you have the program playing in your home or office. Paint a smile on your face. Breathe naturally. Don’t hold your breath. And see a mental image of your muscles opening up and letting go.

You might even want to visualize yourself jumping up and down shouting out a few expletives when you finally have a breakthrough. It feels good to let it all out once in a while, and that’s part of what I’ll be teaching you in this series.

Unlock those tight muscles. Inhale – exhale and …

Rise Up!

matthew furey

Matthew Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

P.S. In next month’s edition of the Matt Furey Inner Circle – expect to read about the simple posture you can hold while breathing deeply, and how this will bring you to the next level of success.

P.P.S. Next month I’m having my world famous email seminar. For more information on this program, go here NOW.

Power Quote of The Day

“There is no joy but calm.”

— Alfred Lord Tennyson
1809-1892, English Lyric Poet

How to Get Everything Done Faster

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Last week I was riding the Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo to Kyoto. It moved at a speed of over 300 km per hour – and strangely enough, the high speed is accomplished via magnetic force. As you’re cruising in this train, however, you’re totally relaxed and calm. You are neither stressed out nor telling yourself or the train to go faster. You simply sit back and let it happen.

Today we live in a society in which we’re encouraged to move faster and faster – but the thing is when we give ourselves the “faster, faster” command, we tend to stop relaxing. We don’t move around as if we’re being pulled by a magnetic force. Instead, we act as if it’s our body that must do all the work, so we tense our faces and flex our backs. Next thing you know, the rest of our body becomes tense and we feel rundown instead of uplifted.

And while we’re tearing ourselves down with physical stress we’re still telling ourselves “faster, faster.”

This is not the best way to move through life, and in fact, the method I have just described slows you down more than you’d like to know.

A faster way to get things done is accomplished by relaxing, breathing deeply, focusing on exactly what it is that you want, then allowing your energy to be pulled in the direction of the very thing you want until you’re done. Again, think of the bullet train. It’s moving at super fast speeds, yet it is relaxed and so are all the passengers. The job is getting done quicker than ever – yet no one is stressed out about it. This is the image you want to keep in mind as you go through life.

See yourself zooming toward what you want like a bullet. As you zoom, stay relaxed, centered and calm. Don’t let a frown occupy space in your mind or your face. If you feel your neck and shoulders raise, feel them relax and drop down to the natural resting position.

Breathe deeply as you move. See yourself at the end of the line – at your predetermined destination. See yourself getting where you want to go without friction, without resistance.

In your business, observe this same system of thought and action when you answer the phone or handle correspondence. Take a deep breath before each call. Pause for a moment and breathe deeply before reading or replying to each email. No matter what you read, take a moment to gather some power, then reply.

When making a sales call, never rush. Confidently stride into an office as if it’s your own domain; as if you own the place. See those you’re talking to in a positive light. Even if you’ve only got 10 minutes, relax and let everything flow. All will get accomplished faster when you relax.

You can tense up and take a whack at a golf ball, thinking this will help you hit it further. The pros will tell you otherwise. They relax and let the club do the work.

If you’re a writer, don’t fret over what you need to put on paper. Relax, breathe deeply and let if flow. Remove the resistance from your mind – and from your body. Let the magnets pull you along the tracks.

Keep these images in mind and you can achieve whatever you want with far less effort than ever before – as well as far greater speed.

Rise Up!
Matthew Furey
Matthew Furey
Zen Master of the Internet®

P.S. A couple seats remain for The Furey Method for Making a Fortune With Email Seminar – held May 16-18. This is a powerful event for entrepreneurs and copywriters. Be sure to jump on this right away if you’re interested because it will be sold out very soon.

Doctors Who Won’t Kill You

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Some years ago Dr. Jack Kervorkian made headline news almost daily for his role in helping terminally ill patients commit suicide. Many believed him to be evil while others felt he was performing an honorable service to humanity.

I have no comment, one way or the other, about Dr. Jack – but I do have a comment to make about a great many medical doctors living today. Instead of becoming the “healers” they most likely wanted to be when they attended medical school – they got spun around a time or three and turned into drug pushers for pharmaceutical drug companies. And this has happened, in large part because much of America is sick – and instead of looking for natural ways to get back in tune with nature, they’d rather take a pill that will supposedly do it for them.

Truth is, quite often the pills you’re given by a doctor to eliminate an illness … do NOT eliminate the illness. What’s worse, they cause another one. Oftentimes they contribute to further deterioration of the body – often at an alarming speed.

For example, I know a lady who suffers from headaches which are caused by swelling in the brain. Upon seeing the doctor she was given a prescription for prednisone. She was told to either take this drug or go blind. She took the drug. And during the time she’s been on this drug, her bone mass has decreased so quickly you’d think she had someone inside her skeletal system with a jackhammer. It’s gotten to the point where she can fracture a vertebrae by leaning forward to open a window. Now what kind of “healing” is going on with this drug? What kind of drug eliminates the symptom of one thing while causing more problems elsewhere?

Next time you see a commercial on tee-vee for a drug that lowers cholesterol, high blood pressure … or supposedly eliminates another disease – don’t listen to or watch the silly images of happy people doing tai chi or other forms of vigorous exercise. Instead, focus on what is said very quickly at the very end of the commercial. I’m talking about when all the side effects of the drugs are rapidly mentioned in a low voice.

The other day I was talking to a 64-year old man who looks 40. I asked him if he goes for an annual medical check-up.

“No,” he said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Listen,” he said. “When I wake up each morning, I’m happy and I have a hard-on. That tells me about all I need to know.”

Based upon Chinese medicine, the man is telling the truth. [This is something I cover in my Chuang Shang de Gong Fu course on China’s Secret Lovemaking Regimen.]

Am I saying you should forego an annual check-up or “never” see a doctor? No, I’m not. But I am saying that your emotional state of being as well as the strength of your sexual organs tells you a great deal about your health.

In Chinese medicine, for instance, when a man begins to suffer from impotency, it may be a sign that all his internal organs are beginning to droop, sag and lose energy. Naturally, the sex organs fall into line as well. They just happen to be the last link in the chain.

Some decades ago, Dr. Paul Bragg wrote extensively about the most important health doctors in the world. He listed seven of them. I will give my own version of who these DOCTORS are:

Doctors Who Heal

Doctor Positive Thoughts – most of being physically healthy is governed by optimistic thoughts and feelings

Doctor Deep Breathing – clean the lungs with deep breathing and you’ll never go wrong

Doctor Exercise – move your body and the river within will never become stagnant

Doctor Fresh Air and Sunshine – a walk in the open air will do wonders for the soul

Doctor Fresh Foods – eat foods that are organically grown and filled with wondrous nutrition

Doctor Massage – the power of another human’s loving touch can work miracles in your life

Doctor Rest, Rejuvenate and Recharge – all work and no rest makes Jack a sick catNow, if you’ll take a look at the Seven Doctors I’ve listed above – you can oftentimes determine the direction another person’s health is going. Think of someone you know and ask if he or she is spending time with all seven of these doctors.

All are important – yet the fact is that most Americans don’t eat properly, don’t exercise very often, don’t have a clue about deep breathing, rarely get fresh air and sunshine and would rather die than think positively about life.

Is it any wonder why so many people are sick today? The most basic and fundamental of Nature’s Laws are never followed. And when you refuse to follow Nature’s Laws – you begin to feel unnatural inside.

I believe it is best to begin each day with mind clearing and body cleansing exercises. Start with some form of meditation or visualization. I recommend the mind-expansion exercises taught in the Zero Resistance Living program as well as the physical exercises contained in Combat Conditioning.

If you cleanse your mind and body each day you’ll be way ahead of the pack when it comes to living a vibrantly healthy life. And when you combine these things with proper nutrition, deep breathing, fresh air, massage and so on – it’s hard to go wrong. It’s hard to go downhill.

Why? Because you’re not taking your health for granted. You’re continually looking to expand the good you feel inside.

Yes, doctors do serve a valuable and important function in society and we owe them a lot. At the same time, we also need to know when to draw the line; when to listen to Nature’s Doctors and tune the drug cartels out.

Listen to your body and listen to the doctors of natural living. Follow a healthy regimen of right thought, right food and right exercise – and next time you go to see your doctor he may be shocked at the amazing turnaround you’ve made.

Rise Up!

matthew furey

Matthew Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

P.S. In next month’s edition of the Matt Furey Inner Circle – expect to read about the simple posture you can hold while breathing deeply, and how this will bring you to the next level of success.

P.P.S. Next month I’m having my world famous email seminar. For more information on this program, go here NOW.

Power Quote of The Day

“The greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases is that there are physicians for the body and physicians for the soul, although the two cannot be separated.”

— Plato

Greek Philosopher

Remove Your Resistance to Wealth

Saturday, April 28th, 2007

It’s a funny thing. Most people will tell you they’d like to experience greater wealth, prosperity and abundance – but while entertaining this idea they get hit from left field with their emotional resistance to success – and this resistance knocks the “better life” idea out of mind.

Strange but true. And it may cause you to wonder WHY someone would resist the very thing he says he wants.

Much of the resistance comes from beliefs you were hypnotized into accepting as facts. Hypnosis is NOT too strong a word, either. Just like a subject on a stage is being told he is now a doctor, if the trance is deep enough, he’ll believe he is a doctor and start acting like one. The same thing happens to us in regard to money and success – the only difference is we don’t realize it is happening. We didn’t volunteer to go on stage while the hypnotist dangles a pendulum before our eyes. Instead, we grew up in an environment where the pendulum was ALWAYS in motion, and without realizing it, we took on the same ideas about life that we were shown.

If, for example, mom and dad always ended up with more bills than money to pay them with, then this is probably your reality, too.

Or let’s say that your mom and dad always complained about money – made negative remarks about it and cursed it and those who have it. Well, if they did so, chances are excellent that you do, too.

Yesterday, when I was preparing to board my plane in Tokyo, a man recognized me and struck a conversation. I stood listening to him go on and on about the work he has been doing overseas, and almost all of it was complaining.

12 hours later, when I was catching my connecting flight back in Houston, I sat next to a man with a 50″ waistline. The plane approached the runway then stopped. 20 minutes later the flight attendant informed us that there were delays due to weather and that there was a long line in front of us. The big-bellied man sitting next to me looked at me and began to explode, “They always do this here. This is the worst airport in the world. They have six runways here and they only use one or two. We’ll be sitting here a couple hours, I just know it.”

I put my book down for a spell, smiled and listened. It was fascinating to see this man go off.

Now, what I have just described might not sound like it has anything to do with wealth, but it does. Why? Because almost everyone you meet complains about money most of the time. They speak of being “buried in debt.” They talk about bills “piling up.” They even say they’re “drowning” in debt or barely able to “keep their head above water.”

When I hear or read these sort of statements, I think to myself, “What great metaphors you have, Watson.”

It’s amazing to me how someone can take a stack of bills and pile them up so high in their own mind that they’re “buried” beneath them. Or how your bills become an ocean that you’re drowning in.

Wow! How do you drown in debt?

I know you can be swimming in money – but how do you drown in debt?

And how far do the bills need to stack up before you’re buried in them?

Most importantly, where’d you get these mental images about money or the lack thereof? And where are you going in life if you keep these images in mind? Where are you going in life if you don’t take the time to de-hypnotize yourself from false beliefs?

The good news is that regardless of the financial environment you grew up in, regardless of the beliefs you learned, you can change them – and the process is rather simple. It will require one thing though. You must have the desire to rise above the old beliefs and replace them with the thoughts, habits and zero resistance attitudes of those who have already succeeded. If you let go of the resistance, if you give up the struggle, if you stop forming mental images of drowning and being buried and replace them with images of everything good coming to you in waves – then you can succeed.

Since 2003 I’ve been teaching this in seminars wherein I integrate marketing know-how with a Zero Resistance Attitude. You can observe this for yourself in one of two ways:

1. Go to KnockoutMarketing.com and order the DVD’s from the first seminar I ever gave on How to Build an Info-Publishing Empire on the Internet – from a spare bedroom in your spare time. They’re a steal for $497.00 and along with this order I’ll make you a monthly member of my all-new Zero Resistance Wealth Club.

2. If you’d like to learn from me LIVE – then enroll in the seminar I’m having May 16-18, in Tampa, It’ll be awesome and you’ll leave the event with a skill so dearly needed in today’s world.

Take either one of these actions and you’ll be leaving the old beliefs behind as you move to a whole new level of being. Look forward to seeing you move up the ladder.

Rise Up!

matthew furey

Matthew Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

P.S. If you don’t already own a copy of the 35 million copy best- seller, Psycho-Cybernetics, or the Zero Resistance Selling book, you can get them by going here.

You Cannot Live Without It

Friday, April 27th, 2007

When you exercise in a way that integrates mind with body – good

things start to happen in your life. Let me list five of them for you:

First, you begin to feel energized. Fatigue goes out the window as

cells filled with purpose and passion circulate through your entire


Second, you lose track of time. There is only the here and now.

Concern for what you “should have done” or “could have done” are

replaced with an appreciation for this very moment. Worry and fear

about the future doesn’t exist.

Third, you start to see your breathing as the real “staff of life.”

After all, you can live forever without bread, you can live for a few

weeks without food and several days without water. But you cannot

live very long without air. Keep this in mind whenever you catch

yourself breathing from the upper chest instead of from the belly.

Fourth, as you begin to appreciate the very air you breathe, this

feeling extends outward and energizes other areas of your life. Your

energy field changes and people pick up on it. They feel different

around you and don’t know why. YOU, however, do.

Fifth, when you get into an energized breathing rhythm, whatever you

think about is given “rocket fuel.” Whether you’re walking,

stretching, swimming or doing Hindu Pushups and squats, once you get into a groove, once you catch the rhythm of success, this feeling

extends to whatever matters most to you. You can literally make

seemingly miraculous things happen in your life when you consciously

breathe as you exercise. You enter an altered state of being – and

once in this state – if you think about the things that matter the

most to you, they will be given so much energy that they may take on

a life of their own.

Now, you may wonder HOW you breathe while you exercise. For example,

if you breathe the standard way taught in weight training, will you

enter the zone the way I have just described?

While it is possible, the truth is it probably won’t happen for you

this way A simple inhale and exhale with no real focus on the air

you’re breathing and what to do with it won’t do much for you.

On the other hand, if you pay attention to the way you are breathing

and the way you are feeling when you breathe; if you pay attention to

how you’re moving your body as you breathe, then it is possible for

you to make progress so quickly that realities can shatter before

your eyes.

When you combine focused deep breathing to your exercise regimen,

it’s pretty hard to say afterward, “I don’t like it.” The only way

you could say this is if you don’t have a pulse.

No matter what type of exercise you are doing, be sure to pay

attention to your breathing. Forget the extraneous and superfluous

thoughts of yesterday and focus on making TO-DAY the best day of your


Rise Up!

matthew furey

Matthew Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

P.S. In next month’s edition of the Matt Furey Inner Circle – expect to read about the simple posture you can hold while breathing deeply,

and how this will bring you to the next level of success.

P.P.S. Next month I’m having my world famous email seminar. For more information on this program, go here NOW.

Power Quote of The Day

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

— Buddha

My New Secret

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

I discovered it by accident. Seems like this is almost always the

case with me. Here’s what happened:

I got up in the morning and began doing my routine of

mind/body exercises. One of them is a simple visualization

I do from a specific posture that stretches my hips and


For whatever reason, on this particular day, I decided to put

myself into another position, simply hold the posture and

focus on my breathing. The result of doing so quite literally

shocked the becrapsus out of me.

A half hour later I went to eat breakfast – and I noticed that

my legs (and the rest of my body) were vibrating and pulsing

like never before. I was not only stretched out – but my body

was springing with new life and energy.

I repeated the exercise every day for the next week, right here

in Japan, and it got better each day. My metabolism took a turn

for the better. It went into super-drive.

As you know my legs are huge. Like redwood trees – just not as

tall. In spite of having thick, muscular legs, I am also very flexible –

but fitting into my jeans can be a problem at times when I’m on the

road and unable to eat what I normally eat at home.

Well, it’s not a problem now. My jeans are fitting looser than ever –

and that is even when I’m not following the perfect diet.

This coming May, when I send out the next edition of the Matt Furey

Inner Circle newsletter, I’m going to reveal this secret. Whether you

have thunder thighs or not, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind revving up

your metabolism.

So make sure you enroll in the Matt Furey Inner Circle NOW so you

don’t miss out on this powerful, ground-breaking, metabolism-cranking


Go to http://www.mattfurey.com/inner_circle.html and choose either the

one-month test drive or the annual membership.

Back tomorrow with more.

Rise Up.

Matthew Furey

Secret Power of Email

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

I’m in Tokyo, Japan, right now putting the finishing touches

on a 12-day trip with members of my International Millyunaire


The training I did with these men lasted a week – and now I’m

getting a few business projects knocked out before heading

back to the U.S.

This year I will be overseas, relaxing as well as doing business,

a full four months. In the future it will most likely be even more

as I love to move around.

The good news is I have a business where I can do this. Why.

Because much of my job is nothing more than the of writing

daily emails – and I can write them anywhere, then push a button

to hit send.

This skill is extraordinary because of its speed and its simplicity.

And it is not only a tremendous asset for any entrepreneur who

has a website (or is planning to have one) – but also for those

who’d like to “freelance” and write emails for others.

A couple years ago I held a $10,000 per person email writing

workshop and nearly every person who attended is cleaning

up today with what they learned from me.

Recently, due to the urging of American Writers and Artists

Institute, I am holding the event again, but at a greatly

reduced amount

On top of this event I am also having a special seminar on

Zero Resistance Wealth & Writing. You can attend this at

no charge when you enroll in the Email workshop right


Through my own MasterMind and the plugs that AWAI has

done for this event, we are nearly sold out. I promised to

make this event available to YOU as well, so here is perhaps

your only chance to EVER learn what I teach on this lucrative

and important subject.

I have only taught my unique and powerful method once

before – and after this event – may never do so again – so

I urge you, if this even remotely smells like a worthwhile

opportunity to you – to jump up and down, then click the

link you see below to read all about it.

Again, only a few spots remain. So be the early bird who

gets in while the getting is good.

Go to http://www.knockoutmarketing.com/email_success.html

All the best,

Matthew “Matt” Furey

P.S. The opening workshop I am doing as a bonus for those who

enroll now has a two thousand dollar value. Within a couple hours

I will obliterate the tensions, worries, frustrations and blocks you

may have felt when you tried writing before. Have no fear – Zero

Resistance Writing is here. So dive right in and swim with the

current – http://www.knockoutmarketing.com/email_success.html

Zero Resistance Writing

Friday, April 13th, 2007

Imagine, having something to write and there’s no

such thing in your mind or body as “writer’s block.”

Imagine there’s no such word, term or image in your

dictionary, mental encyclopedia or mind for this condition

– so it doesn’t even exist in your reality.

And so, any time you need to write a letter to a friend – or

a salesletter – or a book, a short story, a novel – ANYTHING –

you simply sit at a table and begin writing and what you need

to say POURS onto paper like water cascading over Niagara


Now, let’s go a step further and imagine you can put yourself

into a peak state before you write – on command – and because

you’re able to do this – virtually everything you write has a

mysterious and mystical “zzzzzzz” coming from it.

Truth is, wverything you write, whether a simple note to a

friend or an advertisement for your business, or the chapters

going into a book carries a vibration.

Yet, no one ever teaches how to INFUSE your writing with a level

of vibration that is so positive and potent that people can literally

feel the energy pouring off the words you’ve written.

You could be a writer who put his words in print today –

and a couple hundred years from now, when you’re no longer on

this physical plane, the words you wrote couldl still carry a “zzzzzz” that

others feel.

Let me give you an example. The other day I was in a bookstore. I had

a stack of books in my hands and was walking down the aisle toward the

cashier. As I was walking past a bookcase of hard back novels, my eyes

and head were pulled to the left – as if I was being magnetically pulled

in that direction.

I took note that this was the third time in less than a week that I was

being presented with an OFFER to look at and purchase this author’s


This time, however, instead of saying, “I’ll look into this later,” I stopped,

put my books down and picked up a copy of “Evil Under the Sun” by Agatha


I opened the book and turned to the first chapter. Before I began reading

I was getting zapped. “Zzzzzzzzzzz” was hitting me so hard I was getting

knocked backward.

“This is powerful,” I said to myself, out loud.

But maybe the book I picked out first was an exception, so I picked up

another, and another, and another.

All that I picked up and began reading carried a HUGE positive charge.

I bought two of the novels I looked at and took them along with my other

books to my condo on the beach. This was more difficult than you may

realize because “Matthew Furey does NOT read novels.” I can count on

one hand the number of novels I read per year – and that is being


Once at the condo I pulled out my laptop and Googled “Agatha Christie”

to see what I could find out about her. Before buying her books I had no

idea she’d penned 66 novels – but I quickly discovered this fact as well as

many other things about her – including the fact she’s sold over one billion

copies of her books – second only to Wilhelm Shakespeare, whom in my

opinion, never even existed. I’m of the Mark Twain-ish belief that

Shakespeare is a figment of peoples’ imagination – but I digress.

Here’s my point: You cannot be the author of books selling over a billion

copies UNLESS you are operating at a highly-charged frequency. The

chances that you are vibrating at a level way beyond the norm are 100%.

Agatha Christie is an example of what I call Zero Resistance(tm) Writing.

She’s the type of person who can sit before a pad of paper – or a typewriter

(she wrote before computers) and pound out words that captivate and intrigue.

She’s the type of writer who writes without fear and without resistance.

Although I haven’t sold a billion books YET – I’ve been told that my writing is

also contains this fearless, zero resistance quality.

Astute readers can tell via the mere reading of my words and the energy that

comes from that that I write without resistance, without blocks and without

concern for what “everyone else” thinks.

I’ll be the first to tell you the quality of being emotionally free to write this way

is the hallmark of success in the writing field. Whether we’re talking about copy

writing, email writing or book writing – to succeed at the highest levels you need

to have Zero Resistance.

In May I’m going to be doing a special workshop on The Furey Method for Making a

Fortune With Email – and as a special bonus I’m going to have a free first evening

seminar where I teach, for the first time ever, The Secrets of Zero Resistance

Writing. This workshop will give you the mental tools and Zero Resistance thinking

that will put a ton of “ZAP” into your writing.

Stay tuned for more. I’ll have information availabe to you in a day or two.

There are only a few more seats available for this exclusive training – so when

I make the announcement be in position to move, and move fast.

More to come …

Rise Up.

Matthew Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

No Fatigue – No Jet Lag

Friday, April 13th, 2007

Yesterday afternoon I stepped onto Japanese soil for the first

time. It is good to be here and I feel right at home.

Despite the time change and the 13+ hour flight, I was up at

6:30 this morning and, just like all my other world travels, have

immediately morphed into a different culture and time zone.

No fatigue. No jet lag. No whining about being tired. Not of that

so-called “normal” stuff.

At least 80% of the reason people get jet lagged has to do with

negative expectations. Long before taking a trip, you’ll hear people

telling their friends how they’re “going to be tired” and “going to be

jet-lagged” – then they give a time frame by adding, “I’ll be pretty

worthless for a week.”

What kind of a mental movie is this, my friend.

The mental images you allow into your brain literally control your

moods, feelings and behavior.

Why not, instead of playing reruns of days gone by in which you

were tired – why not play movies of the days in which you were

at your most exhilarated. If you do, I guarantee you’ll not only

feel different but you’ll perform far, far better.

There are a few secret exercises I do on the plane to continually

recharge my internal batteries when I fly. I also do these in the

evening, before bed. These exercises require no stress, strain or

movement. They are as simple as knowing where to place your

hands on your body to rejuvenate and recharge your system.

No, this isn’t self-massage. Nor is it pressure point massage.

It’s even simpler than those things – which I am totally in

favor of.

I’m thinking about doing a special report on this – let me know

if you’re interested. By the way, you can use any time, whether

you’re flying or not. These are daily recharge exercises I do that

I have never taught to anyone before.

More to come.

Rise Up.

Matthew Furey

P.S. Oh yeah, I did do some physical exercises this morning in my

hotel room. I don’t need a gym to train. I travel with the best gym

on earth – my body. It’s always with me and allows for total freedom.

Go to http://www.mattfurey.com/conditioning_book.html to find out


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