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Eliminate All Debt Forever

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

A few months ago I sat with a man who’s made over six billion dollars in his lifetime. He has homes in three countries and lives life with gusto.

Yet, years ago he was in the hole in a big way. People thought he wouldn’t make it, but he did.

He followed a proven, systematic method of getting whatever he wanted, whether he had the money or not – and three years later he was a millionaire.

When I first got started in info-publishing, I was also in debt. So I followed what this man advised and guess what? I got the same type of results he got.

Whether you’re in debt or not, I advise you to take a good look at the program I created with this man.

It’s called Think and Live Debt Free, Forever.

Check it out NOW. You’ll be glad you did, for an entire lifetime.

Matt Furey

Can You Do Hindu Pushups Several Times a Day?

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Today I’m going to answer one of those frequently asked questions as well as one that is ‘less’ frequently asked – but darn good.

Many people write to ask me whether or not they can do the exercises in Combat Conditioning on a daily basis. My answer is the same today as it was 10 years ago, when the first edition came out.


‘But in weight training they say ….’

Yes, I understand what they say in weight training. We’re not talking about that. We’re talking about Combat Conditioning, and … just like gymnastics, it can be done daily.

You can choose to do it two or three times a week if you’d like. Or you can do it everyday. I believe you get optimum results when you do something everyday. Some days you do a hard workout. Other days you go light – but you do something everyday.

Now, with that in mind, let’s look at an email from a man who lives in the ‘Windy City.’

Hello Matt,

My name is Richard and I have a couple of questions for you. First I purchased your Combat Conditioning package and I love it. My question is can I do the Royal Court more than once per day? Or can I do Hindu squats throughout the day before or after the Royal Court? I am currently up to 50 Hindu Squats and 15 hindu push ups and I wall walk for three times almost touching my chest to the wall. Do you think that this will slow me down because I train the same exercise throughout the day?


Chicago, IL

M.F.: Richard, the answer is ‘yes.’ Here’s the deal: When first starting out with the Royal Court, your maximum repetitions are not very high on any of the main exercises. So one of the ways to build up strength and endurance is doing a set of Hindu Pushups or Hindu squats – or both – several times a day. It does not have to be a maximum rep set. In fact, tis better if it’s just a good push. If every hour on the hour you do 10 Hindu pushups and 25 Hindu squats – and you do this eight times during the day, you’ve increased the overall workload and you will improve. This is one of those secrets Karl Gotch taught me when I started. Key thing is that you don’t max out each day. Just train and enjoy the journey and go for a maximum goal a couple times a month. You’ll find this method quickly accelerates your progress.

Well, my friend, that’s all for now.


Matt Furey

P.S. Get your copy today of my International Best Selling, Combat Conditioning by going here.

P.P.S. Someone asked me about strengthening their hands and wrists when they’re hurt. My answer is do the same exercises in my Carpal

Tunnel Fix program – for information on that go to www.carpaltunnelfix.com.

Does 5 Second Abs Work?

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Testimonials on the effectivenes of the Farmer Burns Stomach Flattener, as seen in my best-selling book,Combat Abs are pouring in.

One man wrote to say he’s dropped four inches from his waist inside of three weeks – and just as I wrote, his digestion has shown a marked improvement.

In Farmer Burns 1914 by-mail course, Lessons in Wrestling and Physical Culture he said the same thing. In fact, Burns also, referring to the subject of deep breathing, said – ‘Deep breathing alone has made many a weak man strong and many a sick man well.’

The whole reason why the Farmer Burns Stomach Flattener works is because of the deep breathing combined with flexing and tensing of the abdominal muscles. Simply flex and tense the abdominals and you don’t have much. The whole key lies in the mixture.

The greatest thing about this exercise is that you can do it virtually anywhere and no one else has to know. It’s your little workout secret.

You can do it at your desk. In a car. On a plane. In the shower. Even while doing other exercises.

It truly is remarkable.

Be sure to make Five Second Abs part of your everyday routine.


Matt Furey

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5 Second Abs for More Energy

Friday, July 24th, 2009

In previous messages I’ve written about doing the Farmer Burns Stomach Flattener in the shower, the car, the bedroom and so on.

When I write about this incredibly effective exercise, I normally speak about how it reduces the waistline and strengthens your core.

But yesterday, Dave, a Furey Faithful member, put up a message about how he’s been doing this abdominal exercise in the shower – and how he’s found it energizes him in a big way.

He’s absolutely right.

One of things about the Farmer Burns Stomach Flattener is that is rapidly ramps up your energy and awareness.

And it doesn’t matter where you are when you do it. Any time you need to recharge or re-energize, you

simply do the breathing and flexing exercises I teach in Combat Abs and you’ll go into a different realm very quickly.

Dave says he’s been doing very short workouts with this exercise and a number of others throughout the day, routines that take only a few minutes – and he’s liking the results he’s getting.

This goes to show, once again, that you do not need to engage in long, long, long workouts to get the

results you want. If you take a couple minutes, every hour on the hour to do some Hindu pushups, Hindu squats or the Farmer Burns Stomach Flattener – you’ll be amazed at what it will do for you throughout the day.

So never let time be an excuse for inactivity. All of us have the same 24 hours each day. Make a decision to find the time. Schedule a little mini-workout into your day – and do it no matter what.

Get Tough,

Matt Furey

P.S. You can find more energizing products by going here.

Oh, My Aching Back … and Other Fitness Stories

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Got up this morning and stretched like a cat – looked through some of your emails that got forwarded – and I’m ready to rock the day with some good ole fashioned QnA. Here goes:

Dear Matt,

I am 40 and a Army Reservist. I work for a highway dept. I do alot of bullwork. I ended up with 3 protruding discs. After dealing with chiropractors and physcial therapy, and with a Physical Training test looming I finally ordered Combat Conditioning. I did the Hindu Pushups, Hindu Squats, and finally the dreaded Back Bridge. As I raised up into the bridge it sounded like twigs snapping. I must have been

sublaxsaded and it put me in alignment. I felt like a new man!!! Thanks to you I’m now kicking butt!

Marty S.

M.F.: Marty, that is awesome to know. Keep up the fine work.


I am an Instructor for the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. I’m sure you are aware that we use many of your Combat Conditioning exercises every day we practice MCMAP. I personally have made it instrumental to my own work out regimen – with the Royal Court being key. Surely enough can’t be said about the value of your program and methods. It’s the best thing going as far as combative fitness and strength is concerned.

My question: I have a very close friend who has just ‘made her peace’ with the fact that she is woefully out of shape. If she doesn’t do something about it soon, she is bound for some serious health problems as a result of being so overweight. My wife and I have been bringing her to the gym with us for about a week now and she’s been very positive about the commitment to get in shape and I know she can. I realize that starting slowly and setting gradually progressing goals is a sound way to help her begin to ‘dig herself out’ of this hole that she’s in. At this stage doing anything is better than doing nothing.

She has been attending water aerobics classes with my wife and doing some low intensity cardiovascular work on the elliptical trainer. I wonder, though, would it be advisable to incorporate some Combat Conditioning exercises into her routine? If so, to what extent and which exercises would be the most effective in our battle to bring her back to the world of the able? I could really use your advice here as I’m not sure if the exercises are too intense or stressful for her at this current level of fitness.

Please Help!


Nick H.

M.F.: Hi Nick. Glad to know you’re spreading the word. Regarding your friend, don’t think of her as if she’s any different than a recruit. Naturally you’ll train her different, but she is not to be babied. Expect her to succeed just the same as you expect those you train to succeed. How she does is as much your emotional state of mind as hers. If she’s ‘open’ then you can have enormous impact and influence on her. If she’s not open – no one can.

If this woman is doing water aerobics and using an elliptical trainer, there is no reason why she cannot begin doing Combat Conditioning. I would start here on a modified Royal Court, if need be – but the workout is the same. By modified I mean Hindu squats (halfway down), Hindu Pushups from knees and bridging over a Swedish ball. These are some basic tips. It would also be well worth your while to be a part of my Furey Faithful because you will get your questions answered promptly and in a ton more detail. Those who are on board are raving about it. For more information on it go to http://www.FureyFaithful.com


I want to thank you for the emails.They are informative and motivating. I had purchased Combat Conditioning awhile ago, the Handstand Pushup program, Kick A<$, Take Names more recently. I was on the right track, gaining endurance and functional strength. I have always had a strong upper body-mainly triceps, shoulders and chest. I have yet to really apply the Handstand Pushup program, let me tell you and other readers why.

Like several people who have written to you, I too pulled a blockhead move one day and grabbed some heavy dumbbells after a perfectly good pushup/pullup workout, and wrecked a tendon in my forearm. The injury (medial epicondylitis-‘golfer’s elbow’) is now over a year old. I cannot do more than three pullups per set (I used to do three sets of 15). Parallel bar dips are minimal (used to do three sets of 25). I can do Hindu pushups but at 15 or 20 my injured arm begins to give out.

I went to a doctor, went through physical therapy and still have the injury. I am going to bite the bullet, have the surgery and recover so I can continue to train ‘properly’. The doctor says it will be at least 6-10 weeks until I can try to continue the kind of workout I want to do even though the surgery is fairly simple.

Anyway, I am looking at this recovery time as a great chance to really improve my Hindu squats. Going to shoot for 600. ‘Out of the seed of adversity comes something good.’

Again, thank you for the motivation and information. I will always train the Combat Conditioning and not do anything dumb in the future. Please continue to do what you are doing, you are helping many people gain strength, health and fulfillment.


Oceanside, CA

M.F.: Jim, all of us have adversities and I’m grateful to you for the reminder to turn them into something positive. All the best to you.

Well, that’s all for now.


Matt Furey

P.S. A set of my Combat Conditioning dvd’s, along with a free copy of my international best-seller is waiting for you in my office. Be sure to claim yours today by going to here or here.

Breathe Deep – Live Long

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Whenever you see someone oozing health and vitality, you’re seeing someone who understands the power of deep breathing.

In China, traditional practitioners of tai chi, gong fu and chi kung will tell you that any exercise program that doesn’t incorporate the breath is ‘incomplete.’

The Chinese Long-Life System begins with deep breathing. Not only that – it incorporates exercises designed to open the meridians of the body, thereby increasing the flow of ‘chi’ in the body.

Disease and illness come when the ‘chi’ is stagnate.

Keep your chi flowing by doing a series of simple exercises that put everything in flow: the breath, the blood and the chi.

Order the Chinese Long-Life System today by going here.


Matt Furey

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Why You Must Adapt and Improvise

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

One of the first lessons I learned from Karl Gotch in relation to Combat Conditioning and to combat sports was the importance of being able to ‘adapt and improvise’ – To change course on the fly and still come out ahead.

In today’s message I am going to take you back to an article I wrote a couple years ago – but have just revised, because I think it explains why this concept is critically important, not only to the combat athlete, but to anyone who wants to be at the top of any profession.

Here goes:

‘It was the day after a dual meet with the University of Northern Iowa. Iowa head wrestling coach Dan Gable stood before us with a legal pad in his hands – giving each wrestler a brutal evaluation in front of the entire team – something you’re just not supposed to do in today’s politically correct ‘feelings first’ world.

A couple wrestlers received a boatload of praise for their performance; others were told what they needed to do to improve; two were deeply criticized. Don’t know what it was about Gable, but he could pretty much say whatever he wanted and you would listen.

Yet, nothing he said was ever sugar-coated or communicated in order to please. The good thing about Gable was we always knew where we stood.

After critiquing the first few wrestlers, Gable began evaluating a two-time All-American, Jeff, who lost a close match to a former Marine – who also happened to be an All-American.

“You know Jeff,” said Gable. “You’re one of these guys who goes out to wrestle with a plan. And then when the plan doesn’t work, you fall to pieces. It’s okay to have a plan – but when the plan doesn’t fit – you’ve got to be able to change gears and do whatever you need to do to win.”

When I heard this I was stunned – mostly because I, too, was one of those wrestlers who put together a plan. And like John, if the plan didn’t work – I was s-o-l.

In combat sports we are taught to practice various moves over and over and over again. And we train in such a way so that “what we know” becomes second nature.

As 1984 Olympic champion Lou Banach once told me, “You’ve got to know your moves like the back of your hand. You’ve got to be able to do them in your sleep.”

What Lou was talking about is being “programmed” to react in a certain way to specific situations. And he’s right.

On the other hand, what Gable told Jeff was equally right. You’ve got to be prepared and able to change gears, to adapt and improvise –

and be able to do so right during the heat of battle.

This is something that may not come easily – but it is possible, regardless of your endeavor. It’s all a matter of training, confidence and the willingness to flow into something else – on the fly.

Some months ago I witnessed a perfect example of how this philosophy of “having a plan but being flexible” is NOT simply a martial arts or combat strategy. It applies to everything.

It even applies to a business meeting or seminar.

One of the things I have noted about many seminar speakers is their reliance on “Power Point” presentations when they talk.

Occasionally I will use one – albeit with blank slides in between the actual content, – so that I am forced to communicate based on the audience feedback, not based on ‘what does my next slide say.’ But most of the time all I want is a microphone and that’s plenty, in my book.

There are a few reasons why I don’t like Power Point and they tie nicely into this concept of planning what you’re going to say, but being willing to adapt and improvise.

One of the biggest reasons I don’t like to rely on Power Point is simple: What if suddenly, during the middle of your talk, the computer shuts down?

Well, if it does, can the speaker immediately adapt and improvise? Most of the time, when I have witnessed this happen – the speaker is totally clueless about what comes next.

You feel bad for the speaker the same way you feel bad for an athlete who is stumped by an opponent who comes out to fight with techniques and strategies you have never seen before, haven’t prepared for and cannot defend.

Like Gable, I believe the ultimate level of skill is being able to flow with whatever is happening, whether you prepared for it or not – yet still come out smelling like a rose.

Only a handful of speakers or fighters can actually do this. But every speaker or fighter has it within himself to do so.

Study the top people in any profession. Note how relaxed and calm they are when performing or competing. This is critically important.

Then think back to the times in your life in which you are able to adapt with ease. I’m betting you’ve had the experience and the first thing you’ll recall about it was that you were totally relaxed and having a good time. You weren’t stressed out or worried about how you were going to do. You simply went with the flow.

Having a plan can help you relax. I know it helps me.

But knowing I can adapt and improvise if the plan isn’t working – that’s a level of skill worth fighting for.’


Matt Furey

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The Secret of Simple Weight Loss

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Late last night I began looking through my top secret files – and was amazed at what I found. Buried with the confines of the Furey Faithful – I found a secret my students have used to blow torch fat off their bodies faster than anything I have ever told you before.

In fact, the greatness of this secret is that you really DO get to eat MORE than you are currently eating.

What’s more – I am only asking you to make ONE change in your eating habits. Just ONE. Not a complete overhaul.

And if you listen to what I reveal – and ‘do the thing’ I’m recommending, you are going to be absolutely stunned when you look in the mirror each day.

Old clothes that you haven’t been able to wear in years will suddenly slide onto your body like they once did.

People on the street are going to approach and ask what you’re doing to have dropped so much weight. Double-takes will be the order of the day.

Now, if you’re uncomfortable with dropping all the excess flabbage, if you’d rather not be bothered by people complimenting you, then – hey, no argument from me.

Maybe you’re not motivated by an improved appearance. Maybe you’d rather have me scare the hell out of you, telling you that failure to follow my suggestions may result in a heart attack, or cancer – or some such disease.

But I won’t do that because I cannot prove such assertions.

However, I can tell you that those who follow my suggestion, especially this ONE suggestion, will greatly reduce the chances of heart attack, stroke, cancer and so on. I’m talking about a DRAMATIC reduction in your chances for any of the above.

So make sure you enroll as a member of the Furey Faithful right now. At present we can only accept another 198 new members. Make sure you’re one of them. Enroll NOW.

Here’s how to get the job done:

Go here and sign up on as a monthly test-drive member.

That’s it, my friend.

Matt Furey

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* Special Report: How to Eliminate Seasonal Allergies, Body Odor and Bad Breath

• Special Report: Deep Breathing and Athletic Performance – this one can help anyone greatly increase vital energy, whether you’re an athlete or not

Deep Inside the Royal Court Video – Streaming 30 minute video that shows you the closely guarded secrets on getting maximum benefit from Hindu Squats, Hindu pushups and bridging* Matt Furey Exercise Bible Video – Another streaming video that hows you how to use your Matt Furey Exercise Bible (a deck of cartoonized playing cards that you also receive ‘on the house’) or an incredible total body workout that makes your routine something that family as well as friends will engage in.

• Special Report on The Furey Fat Loss Diet – a program I used before winning the world title in Beijing, China, in 1997 – wherein I increased strength while dropping weight.

• Special Report: 7 Keys to Fitness Success – follow my instructions in this report and you will achieve your fitness goals – guaranteed!

• And much, much more

The value of what you will find in the online portion of the Furey Faithful alone boggles the mind. But – in addition to the above, each month you’ll be sent, by mail, the latest, greatest special report long with an Exercise DVD or motivational CD.

And all you’ve got to do to see if this program is for you – is say, “Okay, let me give it a test drive.”

Start Your Day With a Donut, Coffee and a Smoke

Friday, July 17th, 2009

Ya know, about a year or so ago I see an advertisement for this doctor’s newsletter that says, ‘Start Your Day With a Cup of Coffee and a Cigarette.’

In terms of arresting attention, it’s not bad … but I dare say that MY headline for today’s email is a tad better.

And although I am not in agreement with a cup of coffee and a cig for breakfast .. much less a donut – I am in favor a six pack and a couple joints.

Let me explain – now that I have your attention in a MachiaFurian** sort of way – the explanation you’ve been waiting for:

When you train your abs first thing in the morning you energize yourself for the day, you help your digestion, you crank the voltage on your metabolism and … in a nutshell, you ‘take charge’ of your day.

The Farmer Burns Stomach Flattener and vacuum – as taught in Combat Abs accomplish all of the above – and they begin to do so in just ‘five’ seconds. Yes, you heard that right. In five seconds you can begin to take charge of your life by tightening your abs.

Both exercises listed above are just two of the daily abdominal exercises that make up The Magnificent Seven in Combat Abs.

The other five exercises are really a series of extraordinary stretches for the lower back and waistline that help eliminate lower back pain while strengthening the ‘core.’ None of them are difficult – but if you don’t do them each day, or at least a few times a week – your body becomes stiff and rigid. Not a good thing.

But when you begin your day with the Magnificent Seven – you’ll feel so good afterward that you’ll understand the meaning of ‘a kick start for the day’ … with a healthy dose of morphine.

Yes, morphine.

Truth is your body is like a living, breathing warehouse of pharmaceutical drugs, ready to be released at any time … if … you simply get off your ass and … do something.

No kidding.

You hear all this yapping about ‘runner’s high’ and an ‘aerobic high.’ Fiddlesticks. That high ain’t nuthin compared to the high you get from following the Magnificent Seven every morning. And I should know because I’m high as a kite right now … naturally.

You, too, can feel as good as I do.

And you can feel this good every single day. But I understand that some people would rather feel miserable – and I have no objection if that is what someone wants. Tis not my job to change someone’s mind.

I only want to present my point of view.

In so doing, allow me to present a recent email I received that I think you’ll enjoy:

Dear Matt,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the Royal Court of Combat Conditioning. I had lifted weights regularly for the last 3 years and loved the benefits in strength, health, etc. But, I hated how my back always hurt and how all my muscles seemed ‘tight’.

I have been doing the Royal Court for about 6 weeks, and I get as good of a strength workout as when I used to lift weights, but I knock out my workout in less time, and my body feels more flexible and loose.

My back hurts much less, and for the first time in 5 years I can actually believe that I can eventually get to be pain free. I have never believed I could be pain free in my back. Also, as for the Farmer Burns Stomach Flattener, this might be the best exercise in the world. I think everyone wants to shrink their gut, but they believe they must do a crapload of cardio or starve themselves. I have been doing the stomach flattener for 7 days, and my pants are already starting to feel looser, without changing my diet … and it only takes a total of 3-5 minutes a day to do the stomach flattener. AMAZING!!!

I have a question about the uphill sprints and the Hindu squats. Do you believe that these two exercises work all the muscles of the legs well enough by themselves (for example, do they work your quads hard, but not hit your hamstrings enough?). I want to make sure that I can do just these 2 exercises a majority of the time and build strong, balanced, healthy legs, without having to worry that my quads are getting too strong for my hamstrings.

Thanks so much,


M.F. Ranjay, first off, I’m thrilled to hear of your progress with both Combat Conditioning and Combat Abs. Keep up the fine job you are doing. In regards to your question, understand that in both Hindu squats and uphill sprints you are working the entire body as a system. You need not concern yourself with every single itty bitty bodypart. I have never worried about working my hamstrings since the day I learned these exercises, especially when you toss in the Hindu pushups, which work your legs as well as your upper body. If you need further proof that your hamstrings are getting worked during the Hindu pushup, then put your feet together when you do them and push as far back as possible on each rep. It will stretch your hamstrings, calves and shoulders big time. In my opinion, that’s plenty and you’ll get stronger and more flexible at the same time. All the best.

Well, my friend, that’s all for today’s tip.


Matt Furey

Int’l best-selling author of Combat Conditioning, Combat Abs and a ho bunch of other programs.

New Word for Today – MachiaFurian** – taken from a combination of that which is Machiavellian and that which emanates from the brain of Furey. The effect of the combination balances out the evil and restores it to its otherwise harmonious nature.

It’s All A Big Bunch of Hooey

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Walk through the self-help section of any bookstore and the vast majority of what you’ll find about success, positive thinking, achievement and so on – is all a big bunch of hooey.

Almost without exception, the authors of these books tell you the exact opposite of what winners really do to succeed in this game called LIFE.

For example, if you’re overweight, they tell you to say, ‘I am thin.’ If you’re broke, they tell you to say, ‘I am rich.’ If you’re a lousy athlete, they tell you to say, ‘I am a champion.’

Absolute total nonsense. The road to success doesn’t begin with the words ‘I AM.’

It begins with the words ‘I WANT.’

I Want to Be Fit.

I Want to Be a Champion.

I Want to Have a Successful Business.

And so on.

I’ve been teaching this process in my Magnetic Mind Power program for a few years now. The process in this program is what I have used to win a national collegiate wrestling title, a world kung fu title, become an international best-selling author and build a business that serves customers in more than 127 countries.

Here’s what a few of the proud owners of Magnetic Mind Power have to say about it:

‘Several months ago, I bought Matt Furey’s Magnetic Mind Power Program. I devoured the course and immediately began to put into use the techniques Matt suggested. In just a few short months, I have seen amazing results. For years I wondered how I would ever be able to pay the cost of my kids’ college education. In the past year alone, using the techniques Matt taught me, I was able to pay, out of my check book, the costs for my three college-age kids (over $50,000 this past year alone)… and I’m taking the family on a dream vacation to Disney World. All I can say is, ‘Thank you, Matt Furey,’ for these amazing materials.’

— Bill

‘In my line of work I have read and heard a lot of material on Mind Power but Matt Furey’s Magnetic Mind Power is the best I have seen yet. He takes the best of all the information that is out there and makes it practical so anybody can use it and get results NOW. Most programs have only parts of the whole picture, but Matt puts it all together without New Age language or mystic riddles. Like all of Matt’s products, it gets the job done in the quickest and simplest form with the biggest return. Thanks again!’

— Clark

‘Matt, your Magnetic Mind Power is great! In the first four days I accomplished two of my athletic goals. But get this: for the past three and a half years I was at a job that I absolutely hated, but I wouldn’t even dare dream about getting a new one. I’d just complain about it and no matter how much all of my family and friends would tell me to get a new one, I just wouldn’t budge. The thought of even trying to get something better was too frightening and didn’t even seem realistic. So I resigned myself to the fact that this was just the way it’s going to be. Only until I started Magnetic Mind Power did I actually realize that only I had the power to change my life, and I finally took action. I had tried other ‘self-help’ programs which were fine, but yours is the only one that really got me to change my ways. Now thanks to this course, I have a much better and higher-paying job, and most importantly I have the confidence that I can accomplish anything. It truly is magnetic because you become magnetized to achieving the things you desire. Thank you,’

— Andy

‘I was a disabled individual who thought that I’d never return to normal life. My only weapon was to believe that I can walk again. And a year after with the help of your excercises, I am now a new person. Better than I was before the vehicular accident. If I had known Magnetic Mind Power during my recovery months, I could have shortened the time. Many people who are suffering from the same pain will need this course. And just imagine how much it can do for those who are already well.’

— Daniel

Well, what about you?

My friend, you can have what you truly desire. All you need to know is how to get it. Magnetic Mind Power will show you the way.

To find out more, go here.


Matt Furey

P.S.: There’s no B.S. in my program. No hooey. Just what works. So don’t put success off any longer. Go here and rocket launch your ideas into reality.

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