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Last Call for A New You

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

Today’s the last day of September – and it may be the last

chance you ever have to say “yes” to a new you.

Each day you receive messages that are meant to guide you

toward a life of improved health and peace of mind. And each

day you have an opportunity to change your life – or to refuse.

Saying “yes” to a better life is ultimately a better choice – but

some people are afraid of having a better life. Why? Because

it requires some sort of shift in how you live, what you do, the

way you think, and so on.

Tis always easier, albeit more painful, to stay with the familiar

than glide into a better way of living. Making a choice to move

in a new direction, however, will help unravel the pain, remove

the kinks and bring greater energy and well-being into your life.

And I’ve done everything I can to make things as easy as possible

for you to make a shift toward the positive. I give away my international

best-seller, Combat Conditioning, for nuthin, as well as other gifts

that are destined to become classics.

All you have to do to receive them is reach out and say “yes” to a

better life. All you have to do is let the good to flow your way. Anyone

can block the good from flowing into his or her life. It takes guts, courage

and a feeling of self-worth to allow what you really want to happen.

So now the question remains, when are you going to display the guts

and courage to reach for what you want?

Why not today.

Go to http://www.mattfurey.com/furey_inner_circle.html

Or come along with me in a different way by going to


Again, lots of gifts for you. Get ’em now.


Matt Furey

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Inner Circle Member. We now have video clips in the online, member’s

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Financial Humps

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

When it comes to the subject of money, it is astounding

how much people simultaneously desire it while holding

negative feelings of guilt and shame about it.

And the truth is that you attract things into your life in

accord with how you feel about them. Money is no exception.

You can say that you want more of it. You can say

affirmations for more. You can visualize having more.

But … if you don’t FEEL good about having it, if you feel

guilty or ashamed and undeserving of having it – you won’t

be able to attract it.

Money is a good thing. It’s important. Those who say

otherwise are merely paying lip service to a cliche

that they themselves, via their actions, don’t really believe.

Those who say money isn’t important are the first to ask for

a handout or a discount. Those who say money is not important

are also the first in line to cash their checks.

On the other hand, those who have money are in a position to

help themselves AND others. Hence the saying, the best thing

you can do to help the poor is NOT be one of them.

All around you there are people who want more of the abundance

available, even though they may claim otherwise. Many people,

when they sense you have more than they do, will get jealous. And

they will showcase their envy in a variety of ways.

Some years back a man told me how he reacted to those who

were jealous of his financial status. He said, ‘No one tries to

tear down somebody who already is. The fact that they’re trying

to tear me down is a good sign.’

How true.

One of the things that helped me over the emotional money

hump was when I placed financial success on the same wave-

length as sports.

As an athlete, no one ever criticized me for trying to win too

much (although that can happen, too). And I never felt bad

about winning championship after championship. I never felt

that I was ‘greedy’ when I won five blue ribbons in a swimming

meet while others got none. I never felt bad about myself when

I won a wrestling tournament while my teammates lost.

And so, why would it be okay for me to win tournament after

tournament, and be rewarded for doing so, but it was somehow

not okay to be rewarded for improving my financial status.

When I reflected on the issue this way, I changed my emotional

money hump to a financial launching pad.

You can, too. If you want to.

What I have just described is the crux of Psycho-Cybernetics.

I looked at previous successes, namely those I had in sports.

I noted all the good feelings I had in the athletic arena. I noted

that my feelings about money were the opposite of those I had

about sports. Once I ferreted out the negative, I went into the

Theatre of My Mind and I transformed those feelings to positive


In short, I changed my self-image about money.

Want a financial blueprint for success? Then convert negative

feelings about money into positive ones. Do this and money

will beat a path into your wallet or purse.

If you can imagine it, it will come.

To strengthen your Imagination Power and bring the future positive YOU into

the present, go http://www.psycho-cybernetics.com/success_group.html


Matt Furey

P.S. Got an email yesterday from a customer who plays the Psycho-

Cybernetics Subliminal CD’s in his car on the way to work. Says he

LOVES them. Find out why by getting a set yourself. The info on them is

at http://www.psycho-cybernetics.com/subliminal.html

A Moby Dic Visualizations

Friday, September 29th, 2006

All of life is a metaphor for change, for

growth. Even the reading of a book that

you might think is for “entertainment.”

I’m not one of those who read Moby Dic

as a youngin. Nope, I read it as an adult –

and it is one of the most profound and

inspiring books I’ve ever read.

Yet, the inspiration I get from a book like

this pales in comparison to the meditations

and visualizations I create from it – mixing

them with Psycho-Cybernetics techniques

and principles.

I can assure you, my Moby Dick meditation

is something that Dr. Maltz would be proud

to see used in conjunction with the principles

he championed.

Make sure you get this visualization sent to

you by becoming a member of the Psycho-

Cybernetics Success Group. There are another

49 other meditations, too, for NOW – and you’ll

get another life-enhancer each month as part

of the team.

Go to http://www.psycho-cybernetics.com/success_group.html

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Matt Furey

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P.P.S. Yes, I know the correct spelling of the word ‘dic’ – but some

email filters think I’m talking about sumthun else.

Copyright 2006, Matt Furey Enterprises, Inc and

Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation, Inc.

Members Only Sale

Friday, September 29th, 2006

As I mentioned yesterday, Zhannie and I are

celebrating our 13-year wedding anniversary

this week.

To do so in grand style, we’re have a sale – but

this one is ONLY available to members of the

Matt Furey Inner Circle.

It will expire tonight at midnight, so if you’re an

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All for now. Time to go party – by, uh, working out with the boys.

Tis true.


Matt Furey

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My Wedding Anniversary, Baby

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

Yesterday my wife was gracious enough to remind me

that TO-Day is our wedding anniversary. So when I woke

up this morning, I was wise enough to start the day with

‘Happy Anniversary, Baby.”

13 years ago today I got off a plane in Guiyang, China.

I flew there by myself – after spending a few days in

Guangzhou with the man who helped translate letters

back and forth.

Then, when I boarded the plane for my wife’s hometown,

I did so with three dictionaries in tow. The first, a small

pocket-sized, the two others were considerably bigger.

And boy, did I ever need them at that time.

When I got off the plane I had to walk from the runway

to the baggage claim. No big deal, right? Well, it was when

you consider the baggage claim was OUTSIDE. In 1993, China

was a very different place than it is today.

I spotted my wife and her sister waiting for me, along with their

Uncle, who had some English speaking skills. The ladies faces were

caked in white makeup, signifying a very special event.

One week later we were married. I wrote in my journal that day,

“Today was the wedding – now on it’s the marriage.” Two

very different things, eh?

Anyone can put together a wedding. But staying married, even for

a year, is an accomplishment these days. Staying happily married

is even more challenging.

My parents have been married for 55 years.


We’ve got 42 years to go to catch them. Double wow.

In a few minutes I’m taking Zhannie out for breakfast. I’ll be eating

according to the revisions I make each month in my monthly newsletter

and CD that are sent free to members of the Matt Furey Inner Circle.

The September issue was already mailed – but there’s still time for you to

get one. It contains a valuable secret on what meats to eat for strength,

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Matt Furey

P.S. I may be having a belated wedding anniversary event tomorrow, so

stay tuned.

50 Most Amazing Visualizations

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

It’s one thing to sit back and visualize.

It’s quite another to be led, one thought at a time, one

breath at a time, by a MASTER who not only puts you

into a deep, DEEP state of relaxation; but through his

words helps you connect your internal Success Mechanism

to the invisible but all-powerful force of the Universe – the

very force that can help you achieve every goal you ardently


Now imagine that this Master has a library of 50 Amazing

Meditations & Visualizations – all of them designed to bring

out the BEST in YOU. All of them designed to help you create

greater health, wealth and peace of mind.

Now imagine that this very library of his is sent to you, month by

month, until the entire collection is yours as well.

THINK of that. Think of how much your life will have changed by

having these mega-powerful guided meditations and visualizations

not only in your library, but in your subconscious mind, where they

will do you the MOST good – literally catapulting you to success.

Want to know more?

Then go to http://www.psycho-cybernetics.com/success_group.html

and see the program that will change your life for the better.


Matt Furey

Fear Not

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

How do you eliminate fear. I can tell you in one

paragraph – but you’ll probably forget – so let me

tell you a story.

There was a teenage boy who began selling life

insurance with his mother several decades back.

He was told by his mother to go into a building

and try to sell a policy to every single person

he met.

He was scared to do so. But he learned early on

to follow instructions – and he did so.

The first day out in the field he made two sales.

The second day four. The third day – six.

As he improved he began to note what he did to

succeed and what he did when he failed. He realized

that when he was afraid he hesitated and didn’t give

it everything he had.

So he set out to conquer his fear. At first he tried to conquer

his fear through THINKING alone. This helped some –

but not enough. He then realized that if he moved forward,

greeted a prospect, puffed out his chest, spoke loudly, smiled

and so on – that something mysterious happened to the fear.

It disappeared.

Where’d it go. Don’t know. But it’s gone.

At that moment the young boy understood that fear is not

always subject to reason – but it always subject to action.

This young boy went on to become a billionaire. He also lived

to age 100 in very good health. His name, W. Clement Stone.

Now this story can become YOUR story.

Think of something you’re afraid to do when it comes to health

and fitness.

Perhaps you’re afraid to lose weight or get fit. Your mind has

reasoned, erroneously, all sorts of stupid scenarios. And you’re

trying to reason with your mind to rid yourself of the fear.

Dumb idea.

Instead of trying to out-wit your fear – get off your ass and


Lead with your chest. Breathe deeply. Walk fast. Begin

talking with enthusiasm. Tell yourself, out loud, ‘Today I’m

going to get myself into better shape than I was in yesterday.’

Get into position and knock out a set of Hindu Squats.

Then do a set of Hindu Pushups.

Then do some bridging.

Then do the Farmer Burns Stomach Flattener.

Followed by the vaccuum.

Followed by the Power Wheel – http://www.mattfurey.com/powerwheel.html

Follow along with me on the Combat Conditioning DVDs each day, first thing –

http://www.mattfurey.com/conditioning_book.html – and the death of fear

is certain.

Remember, there are no rewards in life when you sit on the sidelines paralyzed

with fear.

Your ticket out of the paralysis is simple. Stand up. Stand tall. Breathe deep

and MOVE.

Once you’ve done this you’ll understand that the story of the teenage salesman

can be applied to any fear you have.

Lose your fear and get fit fast.

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

P.S. One more time: The emotion of fear is not always subject to reason – but it

is ALWAYS subject to forward movement. I’m talking about moving your body

through space and time. Do it and you’ll know that this is true.

No Problems – No Solutions

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Last week I contacted a couple Internet

technicians who’ve done work for me in the

past. I gave them my vision for a couple

more ‘member’s only’ websites.

Yesterday I heard back from the most

technical of the two. In the title of his

email he used the word ‘solution.’

Bad move.

Reluctantly I opened the email. Then I

read the first sentence. It said: Here’s

the solution.

I immediately hit reply.

‘Solutions is a problem solving word,’ I

said. ‘I’m not solving a problem here.’

To be fair, this ‘geek-speak’ is very common

in the computer industry. Even so, I avoid the

terms because creating something appeals to me

much more than finding a solution, solving a problem

or dealing with a ‘situation or issue.’

I simply want to create the result I want – and that result

is independent of problems.

Why? Because those who focus on solving problems are usually

doomed to a never-ending battle with the same problem.

Problem solved. Problem returns. Problem solved. Problem

returns. And so on. The perfect illustrations of this scenario

are weight loss and weight gain.

Yet, what about transcending the problems you face by creating

what you want instead? Creating what you want can be independent

of problems and circumstances.

If you’re overweight, instead of focusing on the ‘problem’ of your

weight – you focus instead on becoming vibrantly healthy while

attaining your ideal weight.

If your house burns down, for example, you wouldn’t focus on turning

the burnt wood into useable wood. You’d toss the burnt wood aside,

get out a set of blueprints and – most likely choose to create a house

that was better than the previous one.

I know a man who lost his home in Hurricane Katrina last year. He showed

me the now vacant space where his home once stood. The hurricane didn’t

leave a sliver of wood or a block of cement.

Yet, when he showed me the site he said, ‘I have a builder making me

a new

home. I told him I want to CREATE a home that is hurricane-proof.’

When it comes to money, so many people are caught trying to solve a


when they’d be better off leap-frogging the problem and creating the


they want, independent of their problems. When you do this you will


as I have personally, that the so-called financial problem disappears.

Back in 1996, when I first got started on the Internet, I did NOT do

so in order

to solve my financial woes. And I had a lot of them back then.

Instead, I got on the Internet and focused on using it to create an


Overtime my wife and I figured out the thoughts and actions that would

help us create the abundance we sought. We didn’t figure it out


but when we look back upon the speed at which ‘time flys’ – it sure


like it happened overnight.

Perhaps the greatest joy of creating what you want is that you get to

live in

your ‘right brain’ most of the time. When you’e in your right brain

there’s no

such thing as time; there’s no such thing as competition; there’s no

such thing

as not having or not being enough – and best of all, problems don’t


The old song, ‘Don’t worry – be happy’ is right.

You don’t need to figure out how to stop worrying. You just need to

start living.

You don’t need to stop worrying – if you will simply ‘be happy’ you

cannot and will

not worry.

Want to transcend your worries, your problems? Well, I’m sorry BUT

there is no


There are only shifts in orientation. The shift I champion is one

that asks you to

be creatively alive and involved in a project that you love.

What’s your project? What’s your goal for today? What do you want?

What do

you really, really want?

Answer these questions and you’re further along the path to creating


you’re proud of than the person who’s fretting over his problems.


Matt Furey

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seminar –

The Science of Super-Human Marketing. After that your only chance for

a seat is

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‘standing room only

passes.’ And so, if you’re ready to leap-frog worries, self-doubts,

fears and phobias,

if you’re ready to transcend problems and circumstances, then come

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Your Goal for Today

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

When most people talk about goals they usually refer to their

one-year, 5-year and 10-year plans.

Nothing wrong with that.

However, in order to have a constant feeling of success coarsing

through your veins, I always advise having ‘daily’ goals to


By daily goals I do not mean your ‘to do’ list. Not at all. I mean

something you can do each day to be creatively alive; something

you can point to and say, ‘Look what I accomplished today. Look

what I achieved. Look what I created.’

It might be a fitness goal. You make your goal of walking 5 miles.

It might be a writing goal. You start and finish that article you’ve

been thinking about.

It might be a painting; or the closing of a sale.

As a college wrestler I realized that when I went to practice with

a specific goal, I ruled the room. The same opponent in practice

whom I would struggle to beat would be mince-meat if I had a

goal to throw him, for example, 20 times. I proved this over

and over.

Your mind loves something to focus on; a target to hit.

And every day that you hit at least one target – that’s a day in

which your confidence soars.

At the beginning of each day, ask yourself, ‘What do I want to

create today. What goal do I want to accomplish today.’

Write down the answer – then get going.

Throw yourself into action and watch how the hours go by.

Why. Because you’re creatively alive. And that’s a good way

to live.


Matt Furey

P.S. To move yourself to the next level of success, be sure to get

Dr. Maltz’ advanced course on Psycho-Cybernetics called Zero

Resistance Living. Go check it out by skating on over to


P.P.S. We’re almost sold out for my October seminar on the Science

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Walk and Chew Fat at Same Time

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

Here’s a great question from a Lieutenant Colonel in the

U.S. Army.


I have your Combat Conditioning videos, Gama fitness, Combat

Abs, and now your Farmer Burns course and Combat Cardio Tele-

Seminar – http://www.mattfurey.com/products.html

Let me just say as a member of the Armed Forces I believe your

teachings are fantastic. I’ve contacted the Army Fitness School

and told them to go to your website.

Anyways, here’s my issue and question. I was in a fairly serious

motorcycle accident over here in Korea about a year ago. I took

some damage to my left leg, and although the bones have healed

and the stitches are long gone I still have some pain in my calve.

It is by no means debilitating, but it does hurt quite a bit when I run.

As a consequence I’ve cut back on my running and now walk every

night while only running 2-3 times a week (I also plan on using your

rope skipping, rowing, cycling programs from the tele-seminar).

In Combat Cardio you mentioned incorporating the Qi Gong breathing

into your own walking and the website had a picture of you doing it.

Can you offer some tips on incorporating the breathing into your walking.

I know it seems obvious; breathe deep (down to your feet) and exhale,

but do you breathe in for a specific count or number of steps and exhale

the same?

Do you shorten your walking stride to accomodate the breathing (I have

in my ‘experimental’ walks)? Any tips would be useful and me being the

pragmatist I am. I’m thinking this would be useful for soldiers conducting

road marches. Just a thought. Please provide any info you can and keep

up the great work!

LTC Van R. Sikorsky


M.F. Lieutenant Colonel, first thanks so much for the kind words – but more

importantly, thanks for your service to our country. Glad to hear you are

mending well after the accident. To strengthen you calves, you might consider

the wall chair position, albeit with heels elevated. This will make your calves

quiver and quake like the San Andreas fault.

In regard to Qi Gong walking (also Chi Kung walking) – there are

many varieties. Today I will give you one of many favorites.

I normally don’t divulge something this good in my emails – it’s the

sort of thing I reserve for students in the Matt Furey Inner Circle


but today I’ll make an exception for YOU!

While walking with normal strides, inhale from your feet up to your head. Pull the

energy up your body to energize. After doing this hold your breath and pull your

abs back toward your spine. Hold for a 2 count … or whatever you’re comfortable

doing. Continue on with your normal stride while walking this way. Exhale when

you cannot hold any longer. Catch your breath and repeat.

Believe me now and listen to me later, it won’t take long for you to be swimming in

energy. This technique is very powerful indeed.

By the way, the benefits of being a Matt Furey Inner Circle member continue to


First, you get discounts on all of my products that no one else gets.

Second, you will be able to purchase products that NON-members will NOT

hear about.

Third, as of last night, we are adding “Underground Video” clips of me demonstrating

exercises no one has seen before – or exercises that many think they know just

from having my book or previous DVDs. Not so. This Fure-cat has many tricks up

his sleeve. And the first clip we put up of me doing Hindu Pushups will blow your

mind. Several details to this movement that I assure you NO ONE else is teaching

because they don’t know them.

So make sure you become a member of the Matt Furey Inner Circle so you don’t

miss out on these “Underground Video” clips. We will be adding more content in

video form each week. Go to http://www.mattfurey.com/furey_inner_circle.html

and enroll NOW.

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

P.S. One more thing: When you ENROLL in the Matt Furey Inner Circle today,

you’ll also receive 7 best-selling gifts from me absolutely gratis, including my

int’l headliner, Combat Conditioning.

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