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Japanese Proverb

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Here’s one of my favorite proverbs. It’s worthy of posting where you’ll see it often:

“Vision without action is daydream.
Action without vision is nightmare.”
—Japanese Proverb

Good one, eh?

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Matt Furey



Furey’s Law

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

“Your mind and body will make adjustments to achieve an objective – or they won’t and you’ll fail. Most fail because there’s more of a mind-body disconnect than a mind-body connect.”

Matt Furey

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No Tomorrow

Friday, October 25th, 2013

“If you think you have tomorrow, you’re avoiding the NOW. Even though you’ll probably have many more days left on your journey – act as if all you get is now. Play like it’s your last game. Practice with adoration and love in your every step. Work with others in a harmonious way. Talk to others with kindness. Now may be your last chance to make a lasting positive impression.”

– Matt Furey

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Thursday, October 24th, 2013

“Don’t ever think you cannot do something just because you haven’t done it before. if you made all your decisions that way, you’d never learn to walk, talk, eat, ride a bicycle, paint, draw, sing, dance or watch t.v. It’s perfectly natural to go after things in life that are totally new to you. New experiences, new friends, new activities, new places, new jobs, new, new, new. New is fresh. New is enlivening and invigorating. Nothing great about the ‘same-old same-old.’ Life is meant to be lived fully in the NEW NOW. Not the old now. The NEW. Keep this in mind today as you take in a new breath in each available NOW.”

– Matt Furey

Note: The material I’m going to cover at The Flow II is off the charts. Anyone who thinks they’ve seen it all or heard it all or experienced it all when it comes to what I have to teach is sadly taken. Not mistaken. Taken. Two days at The Flow II in Clearwater, Florida, this November, will be looked back upon years from now as the pivotal moment in time where your life got better and better and better. Believe me NOW and experience it later.


Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013


“It’s been said that to live fully you must detach from all worldly desires. But how can you do such a thing? You do it by enjoying your desire while not being attached to it. You love your work. You love your play. You love what you’re studying or practicing. You’re grateful for your rewards and awards. You’re pleased with your compensation. You enjoy the journey of going after what you want. Yet, you need none of these to be happy. You’re happy NOW – for one reason and only one reason. You are in flow – you are in harmony with nature. Every wonder under heaven is possible for the one who is in flow. That, my friend, is the unspoken truth on this matter.”

– Matt Furey

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Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

“When it comes to the art of living, you are guaranteed nothing. There is no guarantee you’ll live to see another day. There is no guarantee you’ll be granted another five more minutes of anything. We make goals and plans as if we have guarantees, and that’s important, yet, at the same time this can lead to ingratitude and a feeling of scorn toward the precious moments we are living NOW. We assume we have forever to get focused and really go for what we believe in. But this is wrong thinking. You only have NOW. That’s it. This is your life. It doesn’t begin tomorrow. It’s happening this very instant. If you choose to squander your time, do so consciously while adoring your inhale and exhale. If you choose to use your time wisely, do so with calmness and serenity. Either way, be conscious of your breathing and grateful for the moments you have. This will lead to an effortless change inside, whether you currently realize it or not.”

Matt Furey

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Now is All You Get

Monday, October 21st, 2013

“When you focus on NOW and fill it with the idea that this may be all you get, you give yourself power. Immediate power. The power to change, shift and grow. The power to do what you’ve been putting off to the day that ‘never arrives.’ You give yourself the power to live fully in this very moment regardless of who or what or when. Now is all you get. And if tomorrow comes, it’s just another NOW.”

Matt Furey

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Your Last Chance

Friday, October 18th, 2013

“Your greatest surge of intestinal fortitude and focused power will be there in abundance when you come to the realization that NOW is all you have, that NOW is your last chance,  that statistically speaking you will never get another shot at the title. With this in mind, quantum leaps in progress become the norm and your chances of winning are off the charts.”

– Matt Furey

Note: Fees for The Flow II are going up within 24 hours. Enroll now and change your life. It’s your last chance to make a quantum leap into the life you truly want.

Predictions, Decisions and More

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Every year I like to make private forecasts as to whom I believe is going to win each round in the playoffs, as well as who will be the winner of the World Series. I also do this with football on occasion, as I have friends who ask.

Almost every year I get the grand majority of picks right. In 2010 and 2011, I nailed so many games correctly that I won steak dinners at expensive restaurants.

Last year was not so fortunate. I got almost everything wrong.

At first I couldn’t figure out how I went from such a high hit rate, to such a low one. Then I caught a couple flaws that interfered with my ability to predict.

This fall, with a bit of reluctance, I decided to make my predictions once again. I texted them to a handful of people. To say my predictions were mocked, derided and lampooned would be accurate.

One friend told me, “Dude, I’m telling you, these predictions are just flat out wrong.”

Another, who played in the MLB, laughed at me three nights ago, saying, “It looks like you’re only going to get one of of four picks right.”

My reply, “You may be right. I don’t care either way. It’s just fun for me.”

Well, last night I was texting both of these guys with lines like, “Well, I guess three out of four ain’t too bad.” And, “Doesn’t it hurt when you see how I out-picked the pros?”

Being able to sense the future is a skill all of us have. Most have this skill turned off at a very early age, and go the rest of their lives thinking that they have no intuition. Some even go so far as to say there is no such skill.

Oh, okay. So carry on, making far more mistakes than you really need to.

Personally, when I analyzed my level of intuition as a collegiate wrestler, it rated unsurprisingly low. I was a grinder. I worked harder than everyone else and when I competed, my job was to pound you with massive amounts of aggressive force. I gave almost no thought as to what YOU were going to
do. It was all about what I was going to do. Period.

This approach helped me win a national title. So, it works. But it’s a far cry from where I was in 1997, when I won the world championships in Beijing, China, in the art of Shuai-chiao kung fu.

At that time, I was much more intuitive about what YOU were going to do and what was the best course of action for me to take – but this sense was still not a highly developed strength. Far better than when I won a national title in 1985, but nothing to write about.

Then I looked into my approach as an entrepreneur and as a writer. In doing so, I discovered how I found a WAY to tap into my intuitive side – and how I did so on a daily basis.

First, I cleared my mind with specialized deep breathing exercises that I learned from my study of martial arts.

Second, as I breathed, I cleaned out blockages in my thinking to the point that there was “no thought.” Ironically, this created a free flow of words and ideas, coming to me from out of “nothingness” – then being acted upon without hesitation. It was just “sense and do.”

Recently, while going over various time periods in my life, I got to see an overview of how I went from being barely intuitive to so-so to highly. And the coolest part of it all is that I NEVER set out to develop this side of myself. It simply came to me as a consequence of “doing the work.”

Every day, I practiced deep breathing, Theatre of the Mind, Chi Kung and more. And I let the energy from these practices flow into whatever I was doing AFTER practicing.

Awhile back I got an idea to begin testing various athletes and entrepreneurs on their levels of intuition. The results I’ve come up with are both astounding and revealing. And it goes to show that we commonly think that the people who rise to the top are the most highly skilled “physically.”

And although this may be true, the real question is HOW did they get to a level above and beyond the others with their physical skills? Or, said differently, did they use their intuition to get more out of the physical aspects of their lives?

The answer is a resounding YES.

This leads me to YOU.

Ponder this question for a moment, “How much better could or would your life be if you were able to ‘tap into’ the right answers more often than you are right now?”

Let’s say you currently analyze the data, do research and still make decisions that are wrong in your business 80% of the time. Or 50% of the time.

What if you could be right more often. A lot more often.

What would that be worth to you.

That’s just part of what THE FLOW II is all about.

At my seminar I’ll show you how I make a lot of my decisions – and why my method is reliable MOST of the time.

Is it 100 percent. No. But what method is.

The key is not being perfect. It’s about being “on target” a helluva lot more often than you’re off.

The more you’re “on target” – the more you will command, in all areas of your life.

Come get some of that, my friend, at THE FLOW II, in Clearwater, Florida, this November.

You will remember and talk about this event for the rest of your life because it’s going to be a marker that shows how your life took a big leap for the better.

See you there.


Matt Furey

P.S. This email was written without almost no correction or editing. If there are typos, they’re going to have to stay, for now. Just wanted to give you a sense of FLOW, when it comes to one of the most difficult tasks that many people face: a blank page.

Children in Flow

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Two weeks ago I gave a talk to baseball players about improving their performance. My daughter was there, appearing to be reading a book in the back of the room. My son was there, too, appearing to be scribbling drawings in a small notebook.

I say “appearing” because some people listen better when their mind is engaged doing something else. And some people who are staring right at you – well, they don’t hear or take in a single word you’re saying.

Interesting truth, eh.

Well, about an hour after I finished, I called and spoke to my son. He gave me a full run down on my talk, what he liked and what he thought I didn’t need to cover (and all of it was self-serving).

A day later, my wife told me how our daughter started incorporating the deep breathing techniques I taught – into her stretching routine for dance. Last night I sat in awe, watching her do the full splits in every direction, with ease. She then told me where she used to be stuck before adding the deep breathing.

Gotta love that.

Two nights ago, in the bottom of the 9th, Jose Lobaton, an MLB player I’ve worked with – walked to the plate with the score tied and one of the top closers in the game on the mound.

Two pitches later, the ball he smacked sailed over the center field fence and landed in the water tank. It was one of the more beautiful swings I’ve ever seen. Picture perfect. Effortless power. Aaaah. I texted Jose after the game, saying, “Now that’s the kind of deep breathing I’m talking about.”

We go through our lives, oftentimes filled with stress, strain, tension and pressure – none of which help us achieve anything faster or easier.

It’s the removal of the tension, the tightness and the strain that give you POWER, flexibility and strength.

Problem is we THINK we need to push to get where we want to go in life. We think we need to grind, create friction and make things more difficult than they are.

Yet, it’s the elimination of these very things that helps us achieve what we want far faster than we can currently fathom.

Show me a writer with tension and I’ll show you someone who’s copy is stiff, mechanical and boring.

Show me anyone in any profession who is filled with tension, and I’ll make him better by removing it.

I dare you to prove me wrong.

And I’ll reveal how at my seminar, The Flow II – in Clearwater, Florida, this November.

Come join in the fun – and take your experience of life to a level you’ve never known before.


Matt Furey

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