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End Hand and Wrist Pain NOW

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

If you sit before a key board much of the day – or if you do any type of highly repetitive hand movements day after day, chances are you’ve experienced pain in your elbows, wrists and hands.

It happens to writers, musicians, carpenters, construction workers – you name it.

I’ve met people who sleep in braces at night to curb the pain. Others who thought they may have to give up music or writing because they could no longer handle the pain.

Yet, when these same people gave How to Eliminate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Within 30 Days a try – something amazing happened.

No more braces. No more pain.

I originally created the course because carpal tunnel syndrome is almost epidemic in this country.

But I quickly realized the program works for all sorts of hand, wrist and elbow pain. Not just carpal tunnel syndrome.

So, if you’re putting up with aggravating pain and symptoms and you think you have to live with it – think again.

Get my program and see and feel what a tremendous difference it makes FAST.

Go here and place your order.

After you’ve used the program and have felt the positive results taking place, in some cases almost immediately, be sure to drop me a line and let me know how you did.

Matt Furey

Bench Pressing

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

I gotta lay it on the line here. From the time I was a teenager to the present – the hype surrounding the bench press has gone wild.

People are now conditioned to believe that how much weight you can press while lying on your back counts for something.

And it does.

It counts for a lot of torn rotator cuffs, a lot of blown pecs and big useless pecs that don’t contribute a whole lot to being functionally fit or strong, much less a great athlete.

Making matters worse – because many people fall in love with “benching” – it’s almost all they do. The whole workout is nothing but taking turns
on the bench.

A far, far, FAR better measure of your strength can be summed up with the following question that the farmers in Iowa used to ask me:

“Hey feller, how much weight can you lift over yer head.”

That one used to stump me when I was busy building my bench press. But it was the right question.

How much you can pick up from the floor, hoist to your shoulders, then press overhead – sounds a lot like what a farmer might have to do when he’s working the hay fields or doing other chores.

Doing the old fashioned clean and jerk and snatch – although true measures of overall body strength – are pretty doggone hard for many to learn. Moreover, they’re just not the best exercises for a lot of people to do because of age, previous injuries, overall coordination, etc.

This is why it’s a good idea to begin with Combat Conditioning wherein you are building FUNCTIONAL strength with nothing more than your own body weight. Just like animals in the wild.

Bodyweight exercises build strength, endurance and flexibility simultaneously. And Combat Conditioning starts you off with the Royal Court – the Big 3 of exercise: Hindu squats, Hindu pushups and bridging.

Once you’re doing these fairly well – then it’s time to reverse things. By this I mean that instead of seeing how much weightyou can “put over your head” – you kick into a handstand – lean against a wall and work on pressing your entire body weight up and down.

It’s better than using a barbell with weights. It’s more challenging.

And when it comes to creating FUNCTIONAL strength – it is truly magnificent.

Bodyweight exercises are the way to go. Become part of the revolution by ordering the Combat Conditioning System NOW.


Matt Furey

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