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Bruce Lee’s Written Goal

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

A good friend sent me the following goal, written by the legendary

Bruce Lee:

“I, Bruce Lee, will be the highest paid Oriental superstar in the United

States. In return, I will give the most exciting performances and render

the best quality in the capacity of an actor. Starting in 1970, I will achieve

world fame and from then onward till the end of 1989 I will have in my

possession $10,000,000. Then I will live the way I please and achieve

inner harmony and happiness.”

Pretty amazing, isn’t it.

Unbenownst to many, Bruce Lee studied self-help literature in a big,

big way. He visualized. He set goals. He imagined the life he wanted.

Yet, as I look upon Lee’s written goal, I want to make a couple comments

that I think will prove helpful to you:

1. The first part of his goal is definite and clear. This gives it power.

2. Following the advice of Napoleon Hill, Lee states what he will render

in return for the money. This is key.

3. Lee’s final statement, however, “Then I will live the way I please and

achieve inner harmony and happiness” – might not be something you’d

want to repeat in your own achievement process.

I’ll reveal why to members of the Psycho-Cybernetics Success Group in the

March 2007 edition of their newsletter and CD. This edition is NOT something

to miss. It will give you the secret to harmony and happiness NOW – not in

the future.

Be sure to subscribe right away so you don’t miss this.

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Matt Furey

100 Years of Grrrreat Health

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

One of the fittest 58-year old men you will ever meet, Nigel

Stewart, of Bermuda, recently said the following about the

Chinese Long-Life System:

‘if any of you guys out there have not got this program you are really

missing out. ( NO I’m not touting for Matt and I don’t think I’ll receive

a commission for this e-mail).

I received the DVDs 10 days ago and have held off writing until I have

something to report.

I use it in the early morning when I get up and before I do my Combat

Conditioning workout. I just cannot fathom how something so subtle can

be so effective.

I always workout early mornings and being human there are days when

I would rather not, however after doing the various massages and slapping

movements it is like I have switched on from inside out. Tiredness and the

early mornning feeling just go .

It is difficult to describe but I think Matt puts it best on the DVDs when he says

it will ‘ease’ your passage through life. It gets everything inside working the

way it should.

Once again Matt a huge thank you for bringing this wonderful art to us. No wonder

the Chinese were experimenting with gunpowder when our ancestors were still

living in caves.

I say the same thing I said when I bought the original Combat Conditioning book…It’s Magic.

Best to you all

Nigel Stewart

M.F. Thank YOU Nigel. This is a huge compliment coming from you. Afterall, how many

men at age 58, much less ANY age can do what you do. For those of you in the ‘dark’ on

this, Nigel regularly gets up and pounds out 500 Hindu Squats, 250 pushups and runs

several miles per day. He is an animal, through and through. No greater testimonial

than his – yet.

Go to http://www.chineseculturesecrets.com/long_life.html and order NOW.


Matt Furey

P.S. By the way, my mother-in-law is in her 60’s and has no interest in exercise

other than walking. But upon seeing the Chinese Long-Life System, she jumped

on it immediately. She’s been following it religiously for months and she literally

glows from head to toe. It has given her physical strength as well as internal.

She truly looks at least five years younger already. She keeps this up and

there’s no telling how much benefit she’ll derive. Order NOW by going to


Serious as a Heart Attack

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

Two days ago I wrote, ‘You can have a lean, ripped 3% bodyfat with bulging

biceps – but put just one of your vital organs in a compromised state and your

look does nothing.’

‘The Chinese figured this out eons ago. Strengthen the internal organs and you

also strengthen the external body. Simultaneously strengthening the internal and

the external body is the key to life-long health.’

When my brother Sean read the above he said, ‘Ain’t that the truth.’

Sean knows this very well because a few years back he had a heart attack.

Anyone who has ever passed a kidney stone, contracted a stomach virus,

gotten the flu – or anything of the sort – these people know that you are virtually

incapable of doing much at all.

The exercises I teach in Combat Conditioning and Combat Abs strengthen you

internally and externally. They build the muscles and they strengthen the internal


But the exercises in the Chinese Long-Life System go a step beyond in terms of

their development of your internal system. They help open all the meridians in

the body, thereby invigorating and rejuvenating everything from your brain to

your heart, kidneys, lungs, spleen, stomach, liver and so on.

Who among us can claim that he doesn’t need strong internal organs.

Only a fool.

Who among us thinks he can live to be 100 in great health without strong internal organs.

Only an imbecile.

The other day I man wrote and said he wanted the program but wasn’t going to pay

the $249 I’m asking. I didn’t respond personally but I will now. If you follow the system

and live another 10 years in superior health, that’s only an additional $24.90 per year.

If your health isn’t worth that pittance, then pinch your pennies and take your chances.

You will not hurt me by refusing to get my product; but you very well may be hurting


In China, throughout all the parks you will find men and women in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s

exercising each day. The 89-year old lady that I trained with on my most recent trip

could still run and move her body like a youngster. That doesn’t happen by accident.

She never misses a day training in the Chinese Long-Life System. And she’s not alone.

When I’m 89 I want to be able to train just like she does. I want to be able to walk and run

like the wind. I want to be vibrantly alive. And I want to be the same way when I’m 100.

That’s why I train every morning, first thing, with the Chinese Long Life System. Like all

my other products, this system is not just something I sell. It is something I LIVE. If I

didn’t believe in it; if I wasn’t absolutely convinced that this was something that would help

many, many people – myself included, I wouldn’t have put it on the market.

And that’s the truth.

If I wanted to I could sell the plethora of junk seen on infomercials (by the way, some of

it is GOOD – it’s not ALL junk); but I don’t. If I wanted to I could be selling drugs; but I


I only put forward that which I wholeheartedly believe in. And the Chinese Long-Life

System fits that bill.

If you’re not interested in this new system, then begin with Combat Conditioning or

Combat Abs by going to http://www.mattfurey.com/products.html

If you ARE interested, then go to http://www.chineseculturesecrets.com/long_life.html

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

P.S. We’re down to close to 50 sets left of the Chinese Long-Life System

at the current price. So get in while the getting is grrrrrreaat. Surf on over

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Too Busy for Exercise

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

I’m too busy for exercise. That’s the line

I used to hear when I was a personal trainer

in California.

I’d love to work out today but I’m too busy; got

too much to do. Strapped for time.

I can relate with this excuse. It’s an insidious one.

It creeps up on you, gets a hold of you to miss a

day or two – and pretty soon a week, a month, a

year – even several years go by.

Meanwhile, this entity called ‘your body’ is rusting

out from lack of use. You’re getting unhealthier by

the moment, but you think it’s okay because you’re


It’s not a good idea to make this excuse. And believe me,

I must be on guard on this topic, too. Especially this month

and next.

Right now I’m preparing for three big seminars. Not only

that but I write three monthly newsletters, make two monthly

CDs, coach over 100 people, write a couple daily emails – and so on.

Yesterday I was up early and moving. Had so much to

do. Got a lot done – but there’s always more – and when

it was time to train, I thought about taking the day off. But I

didn’t. I fought off the temptation and as a result, got

MORE done, not less.

For every 15 minutes you spend following my fitness program

you get a couple hours of increased productivity in return. Sometimes

even more. That’s why I don’t like to miss. That’s why I like to

terminate any excuse my mind can manufacture.

Sometimes we think we’re doing the right thing when we blow

off training for some other purpose, but there is rarely ever

a good reason. And you’re made aware of this truth when your

workout is over and you feel the positive results of taking a

minute for yourself. Negative stress gone. Endorphins rushing

throughout your body. Good feelings overall.

I say ‘Let the rest of the world wait.’ When it’s time for YOU – it’s time

for YOU. Stop making everyone else more important than your-

self. You’re important, too. And you come first.

Follow my Combat Conditioning program so you

can truly appreciate the wonders of exercising like a champ. There’s a

reaons why I say you’re not too busy for exercise. Follow my program

and you’ll understand.

Go to http://www.mattfurey.com/conditioning_book.html

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

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nuthin when you enroll in the Matt Furey Inner Circle. Go to

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it out.

How Nothing Can Stop You

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

Just returned from the Wealth Cruise – hosted by

friend and fellow MasterMind member, Todd Dotson.

This was my first-ever cruise – so I took my wife,

kids and in-laws. Figured it would be a great way to

celebrate Chinese New Year – and twas.

One of the greatest moments of the cruise is sort of

an “inside secret” – but it has to do with that familiar

phrase I use so often – “rise above” circumstances.

One of the speakers, Loral Langmeier, author of the

best-seller, The Millionaire Maker – spoke before

we boarded the ship – and did so with great skill, in

spite of having something urgent that needed her

attention back home.

You wouldn’t have known she was having something

ELSE going on. She’s a true professional. Brought in

to do a job and do it she will – no matter what.

She was unable to board the ship as she had to rush

back home – so her assistant, Rebecca, who NEVER

speaks in public, filled in for her. And she didn’t just

fill in – she WOW’d the crowd. It was truly awesome to

witness this.

Kendra Todd – the first and only female winner of

The Apprentice was magnificent. One of the many,

many brilliant things she did was address an objection

many people have about her, right away.

Kendra is only 28. Young, gorgeous and spunky – she’s

still wise enough to know that people in the crowd will

right her off as “too young” – just another pretty face,

and so on.

So she admits her age right off and let’s everyone know

that in spite of her age – she KNOWS what she’s talking

about and has the goods to prove it. Her best line of all

was when, with her back turned, she began showing the

visual proof on the screen, while adding, “Check out my


Todd Dotson was masterful, not only as the host, but in

his talk about “How to Win in 2007.” He outlined a step-

by-step procedure for moving up the success ladder – and

it wasn’t just thinking about moving up – it was “doing some-

thing to move up.” Combining vision with movement is the

key to success.

My first talk on Friday went well – but some in the audience weren’t

too receptive to the ideas I was speaking about. They were getting

hit from left field.

What they heard took them out of their comfort zone. It was too hard to

imagine. Self-image wise, they couldn’t even entertain the possibility of

what I was saying. The numbers were too big.

I left the room after my first talk feeling that I had completely bombed.

What was normal and ordinary for ME – was too much for the others to


I regrouped. I began to look for another way to explain myself.

Over dinner Saturday night I discussed a new plan with Todd. He liked it.

So did someone else at the table – who went right out the next morning

and used the idea during a question and answer panel discussion. Literally

swiped the idea in a ruthless, cut-throat manner.

This lit a fire inside of me.

I went back to my room and regrouped a second time. I pictured what I

wanted and asked for another idea that resonated with what the group


It came to me instantly. The idea was BOLD. It was really, really BOLD.

In private I ran the idea by Todd – a mere two minutes before I was to

speak. To his credit he nodded, giving me his okay.

I stood in the hallway waiting for my turn. A few of my long-time students

walked past me. Afterward they told me what they experienced. One said,

“We better get in the room fast. This is going to be good. You can feel the

sparks coming off him from across the room and he hasn’t even started

speaking yet.”

Todd introduced me. I walked into the room. Took about 30 seconds to

pull a few items out of my bag – turned around to face the crowd – went

into another orbit and began speaking. Two hours later, after holding

everyone spellbound, I pulled out my big idea and ran it by them.

Then I closed.

The response was gargantuan. I earned my keep and made Todd happy

to have brought me aboard.

One man, John, told me that he went up to Todd, two-thirds of the way

through my presentation to say, “Well, it looks like the dark horse just

stole the show.”

The bottom line is that I did not give up. I did not get discouraged when

things didn’t go well. I used everything to my advantage. I turned each

and every negative into a positive.

I stayed focused on my vision.

The result was that I not only fulfilled my goal for the Wealth Cruise – I

did far better than I expected.

I channeled the disappointment I felt into something powerful, constructive and

positive. I transformed my disappointment into a victory. I rose above

what happened and made something ELSE happen. And when all was

said and done, I could hold my head high for doing what I had set out to

do and not allowing anyone or anything to stop me.

There’s a message in this for you – and for me – as this won’t be the only

time I will have hurdles to leap over, knock over and go around.

Thanks goodness for Psycho-Cybernetics Zero Resistance Living Course. The

tools in this course gave me all the mental resources I needed to rise above

the situation and make the best come from it. You can learn how to do this to

by going to http://www.psycho-cybernetics.com/zrlcourse.html

Matt Furey

P.S. Big announcement coming in a day or two about a special email writing

seminar I’m having this May. Stay tuned.

5 Fitness Mistakes to Avoid

Monday, February 26th, 2007

Walk into any gym in America, or anywhere else in the

world, for that matter, and you’ll see so many mistakes being

made, not only by the people working out – but by the idiot

personal trainers who taught it to them.

So fitness mistake numero uno is going into a gym in the first


Recently my wife and I were given the run-around at a new facility that

opened in town. The chickedy giving us the so-called tour had no clue

about discovering ‘hot buttons.’ She was so intent on giving us her

presentation that she missed the body language that revealed the ONLY

purpose we would even consider going – the sauna.

Instead she gave us the schtour – taking us past the weight machines –

state-of-the-art, mind you – that now come equipped with, get this, a

place to put your cell phone, your drink and your workout program.

Therein lies mistake numero dos – When it is time to workout – don’t bring

your friggin cell phone. Come on. You can leave it behind for a half-hour or

hour, can’t ya.

After seeing the weight room we followed the girl up the stairs. As I was behind

her – which was the best view of the facility – she ruined the moment by saying,

‘Gawd, I’m soooo sore. The personal trainers here have been putting me through

KILLER workouts lately.’

As she said this I was reminded of the old Wayne Dyer line, ‘Ask me how little I


But her comment did bring to mind fitness mistake #3. And that is, never complain

about being sore. Being hurt is one thing. But being sore is quite different. And the

more you p*ss and moan about being sore, the more you are distracting yourself

from the true value of the program you’re on. Not only that, but no one really wants

to hear you complain. Keep it to yourself.

Once we reached the top floor the girl quickly whisked us by the empty hard wood

floor room that had – well, nothing but hardwood floor. ‘This is where people do yoga,

pilates and other bodyweight stuff,’ she said.

‘Really,’ I replied. ‘You mean stuff like that Combat Conditioning program, where

you increase strength, power, endurance and flexiblity all at the same time.’

‘Supposedly,’ she schmirked. ‘But those exercises are dangerous, you’re better off

pumping iron because it helps reduce injuries.’

‘Have you ever done body weight exercises,’ I inquired.

‘I don’t waste my time trying that sort of thing,’ she answered.

I laughed to myself while my wife did an eyeball roll, then mumbled to me in Chinese,

‘Bai shi.’ That’s code for, ‘Idiot.’

Iignorance’ – represents fitness mistake #4. Because this lady has never tried bodyweight exercises, she doesn’t KNOW that they are superior to weights.

Now, for the finale. We followed Ms. Lilac into the ‘cardio’ room. Before us were dozens

of treadmills, steppers, and other equipment, each of which costs several thousand bucks.

‘This is a stepper,’ she says, as if I have no ability to discern the obvious.

‘And this is a treadmill.’

Nah. You don’t say.

‘And all of these pieces of cardio equipment are state-of-the-art.’

Oh-boy, there’s that mega-powerful catch-phraseology again. Imagine if it was


‘Now, if you’ll look at each of these machines, you’ll see that there’s a place for your

cell phone and your drink and your workout program.’

Oh boy, gooody, goooody, goooody.

‘But there’s more. At the top of each machine is a tee-vee screen. And on this tee-vee

screen you can watch tee-vee.’

‘Are you serious,’ I said.

‘Yes, I’m tooootaleee serious,’ she replied. ‘What’s more, you can also play your

favorite DVD or MP3.’

‘But aren’t you supposed connect your mind with your body when your exercise,’

I questioned.

‘You don’t want to do that,’ she replied. ‘It’s better to be distracted.’

‘I see,’ I said.

‘But hold on, there’s more,’ she said. ‘Look at the sides of each of these machines.

There is a FAN on each side. This way you can train as hard as you want and not sweat

at all.’

What a concept, I thought to myself. Your skin is your largest eliminative organ.

Your body loves and, in fact, craves a good sweat. It’s a very healthy thing for

you. But it’s ‘unnatural’ in today’s modern gym. Uggh.

As you can see I’ve just given you mistake #5 – as well as a bonus mistake,

for good measure. And there are plenty more.

The purpose of exercise is to ‘strengthen the mind-body connection.’ It is

not supposed to reduce it even further via the latest on tee-vee, DVD or

an MP3.

Combat Conditioning and my other fitness programs work like magic because

they strengthen the mind-body connection.

My good friend, Kim Wood, once said, ‘Strength is nothing more than how

much of your mind is connected to your body.’ He was right. Yet the same

is true about flexibility, endurance, power, speed and reflex. All fall under

the mantle of ‘how much of your mind is connected to your body.’

Want to strengthen the connections in your body – then be sure to get my

programs right away. You’ll find them invigorating from head to toe.

Special Alert: Today I’m giving 7 of my best-selling programs away for

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Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

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Bodybuilders Have Counterfeit Muscle

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

Today I’m going to reveal even more reasons

why it’s not a good idea to become part of the

sub-culture of bodybuilding.

Before I do, let me be perfectly clear about one

thing. I am NOT a bodybuilder – nor do I teach

bodybuilding exercises. Yes, the exercises I teach

can and do BUILD and improve your body – but they

are NOT bodybuilding from the standpoint I’ll be

elaborating on today.

The exercises in Combat Conditioning and Combat

Abs – just two of my international best-sellers, are

fitness, conditioning and health exercises. They can

and do strengthen your arms, legs, chest, shoulders,

back, neck, abs and so on. They give you endurance

galore. They improve your flexibility. They greatly

improve your physical appearance.

But they are NOT designed with the primary intention

of making you look like you’re fit, healthy and vibrantly

alive – when you’re really not.

There you have it, my friend. The above paragraph gives

you the way most bodybuilders think – and the way they

want YOU to think.

They want you to be obsessed with every morsel of body

fat. They want you to count the number of veins you can

see when you flex. They want you to to have symmetry

and a host of other artsy-fartsy terms.

And they could care less about how strong you are, how

athletic you are, how healthy you are, how flexibile – nor

how intelligent.

Shave body. Apply lotion. Stand before mirror – primp and


Get into tanning bed.

Workout with weights that would embarrass a five-year old.

And when you train – remember, pump is more important than


Build your muscles as big as you can – but never ask yourself

questions like: How strong am I, really. How much endurance do

I have. How flexible am I. And most importantly – what can I do

with this body I’m creating – other than pose and flex.

I am not embellishing the truth in the least when I tell you that there

are champion bodybuilders who cannot walk up a flight of stairs without

being out of gas.

One of my favorite eye-witness accounts was when I spoke to a

bodybuilder in a gym. He was pedaling an exercycle. It was a

computerized device made by a top company. Yet, the amazing

fact was the bodybuilder was pedaling without it being turned on.

I asked him what he was doing. I thought the machine might be

broken. But it wasn’t. This was the man’s ‘cardio workout.’

‘I burn more fat when I train this way,’ he said.

‘Yeah, I’m SURRRRRRE you do,’ I replied. ‘You just better hope

that you never have to be fit enough to save your own life someday.’

And therein lies another truism exposing the fallacy of bodybuilding.

These guys are not fit enough to save their own lives. They’re not

fit enough to even fight. Yet they’ll take enough roids that they can

growl and groan and scream as if they’re tiger-claw tough.

Believe me, they aren’t.

Most bodybuilders are massively insecure; have weak self-images –

and all you need do to make one upset is say, ‘My goodness, your

arms are looking a bit smaller. Are you okay.’

Men who get fit the Combat Conditioning way love to compete against

bodybuilders in a functional way – especially in a combat sport or

martial art. When we do, we quickly discover what we already know:

All those big muscles, rips, cuts, nips, tucks and striations – they don’t

amount to a hill of … well, anything.

Despite the size, the striations and the low, low, low bodyfat – the truth is

that bodybuilder muscles are ‘counterfeit.’ They’re the antithesis of

functional strength – of core strength.

All of the above represents reason after reason why you’ll love Combat

Conditioning. You get fit in a natural way. You acquire strength, endurance

and flexibility that you can USE.

You don’t need to shave your chest. You don’t need a tanning bed or a

set of posing trunks.

Much of the time, you don’t even need a mirror – even though from time to

time the mirror can and should be used as a training guide and measuring

stick – just not in the obsessive/compulsive way that bodybuilders use it.

Most importantly, with Combat Conditioning, you build the internal and

external strength and health that can save your own life. And along with

this comes confidence and courage.

So reach out and grab the authentic, the real, the genuine training that

truly DOES improve your life. And leave the counterfeit muscles to those

whose bodies gradually become so racked with pain that they can barely

move at all.

Take the next Combat Conditioning flight. Ride first class on your way to

real health and fitness.

Come fly with me – NOW – today.

Go to http://www.mattfurey.com/conditioning_book.html and make this

summer the season you turn back time.

Kick butt – take names,

Matt Furey

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Recharge Your Body

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

Two June’s ago I posted a kick-butt report that details 3 Chinese

Secrets for Rejuvenating the Mind and Body.

Recently a number of people have asked if I could resend

the link to that report. So here it is:

Go to http://www.mattfurey.com/tuesday_tip060705.html

This report will prove to be one of the most important lessons

you ever learn.


Matt Furey

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and discover the answer.

Obliterate Worry and Frustration

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

Imagine you were given a tool to handle all the moments

of anxiety, frustration and anger you feel when you have a

goal and you’re struggling to achieve it. And this tool didn’t

just help you get over the negative feelings – it literally

helped catapult you to success.

Imagine you had a tool that would obliterate worry and

self-doubt – everytime.

Well, this month, members of the Psycho-Cybernetics Success

Group are going to receive this tool. It’s going to come on a

very special CD. This one is part of the 50 Most Amazing

Visualizations and Meditations I am putting together.

And this particular visualization is called The Tale of Two Self-

Images – a spin-off from the Charles Dickens novel.

I first got the idea for this visualization while listening to an

old speech given by Dr. Maxwell Maltz – wherein he spoke

about Psycho-Cybernetics being the tale of two worlds, an

inner world and an outer world.

Later on he talked about the two selves – the little self who

lacks confidence, who is easily frustrated and anxious – and

the BIG SELF – the person in your mind and memory who is

larger than life, bigger than problems and stronger than you


Let me introduce you to the BIG YOU. The person who teaches

you how to succeed over and over and over again.

Enroll in the Psycho-Cybernetics Success Group today by

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and together we’ll make it happen.

The door is open. Why not walk through it and change your life.

Matt Furey

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Computers Make You Fat

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

In a recent visual schtudy of computer-using

men and women, I discovered they have a

much higher rate of buttock fat than those who

simply watch tee-vee.

Not only that, but those who use a computer for

more than eight hours a day are quite likely to

suffer from higher rates of buttock fat than those

who watch tee-vee for the same amount of time.

The reason for this is simple: Those who watch

tee-vee for eight hours are more likely to get

up every hour or so and go to the fridge for

something to eat. Strange as this sounds, this

little bit of exercise makes a difference.

Computer people, on the other hand, are more

likely to make a phone call or send an email –

asking someone else to bring them food. They’re

LESS likely to get up and go get it themselves.

This slight difference in preferences leads to a 9%

greater chance of being prone to buttock fat –

whereas the tee-vee group is 32% less prone

to having back ache, knee pain and cancer.

Further research into this phenomenon is forth-coming

after I get a grant from the U.S. government for 5

million smackeroos. I’m also looking into accepting

bribe money from some of the food and pharmaceutical


Now, perhaps what you’ve read made you laugh. I hope

it did. Here’s why I wrote it: Most of the studies we do are

pure BS. They tell us almost nothing. They’re an utter waste

of time to read. What’s worse, many so-called experts cannot

produce a shred of original thought on anything without first

consulting the latest study, quoting another source, repeating

what someone else said, and so on.

You’ll note that el Fure-cat is different.

If you follow nature’s laws – which are usually NOT put on the

scope of a ‘scientific study’ – you’ll get along in life far better

than you will reading schtudies.

Here are a few of Nature’s Laws:

1. Practice deep breathing daily – preferably in fresh air

2. Move your body through space – walking, swimming, doing

bodyweight calisthenics, practicing martial arts, dance, etc.

3. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables

4. Get plenty of rest

5. Stretch your body after long periods of sitting or lying

6. Avoid processed foods that come in a bag, box or wrapper

7. Think good thoughts

You can study the list above all you want and the conclusions will

always be the same. These laws work.

There are more I could list. Not necessary right now. Do the above

and you’ll know you’re on the right track.

Most importantly, if you sit at a computer during the day, make sure

you get up and move around every hour or so. Stretch your neck and

lower back. Loosen your joints.

I show you how to do all the above in great detail when you’ve got my

Combat Conditioning book and DVDs. Go get ’em NOW by surfing over

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Matt Furey

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