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Put this in your suitcase

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Later today I’ll be traveling to a hotel for three days of coaching.

I don’t have to travel far. Just a 40-minute drive across town.

But to eliminate the back-and-forth, I stay overnight at the hotel.

Packed inside my suitcase is something I use in my room to stay ‘lean and mean.’

It’s called the Power Wheel. Many of you have recently written me to say you received yours – that it kicks butt – and to thank me for the recommendation.

You’re very welcome.

And pleased to hear about your progress with the Power Wheel and know you’ll continue to improve. And that’s why I’m recommending it again today.

Whether you’re at home or traveling – make sure you have a Power Wheel at your side so you can roll off the pounds and be Super Fit.

Matt Furey

P.S. The other day a guy wrote me to say there was no way to increase resistance while doing pushups – and this made the bench press an absolute must for upper body strength. Wait til you hear my answer to this one – coming at you next week. If not sooner.

Read This FAST!

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Let me tell you about a letter from a friend who uses an easy-to-learn process to zip through reading at a mind-boggling 25,000 words a minute.

At that rate you can read a success book in just a few minutes. Can you imagine what this ability to absorb information can do for your business AND personal success?

You have got to read how he does it, especially if you want to:

* read much faster than you can now

* increase your productivity — which means Make More Money

* gain a significant competitive advantage in your business

* propel yourself to new levels of personal performance

* improve your memory and sharpen concentration

* enhance your intuition (using this system, you use your brain in a way that stimulates intuition)

* create more time in your day

* catapult yourself into a bright future

* get through information at least three times faster than you can right now!

…then use the link below to download this letter and an informative booklet.

The booklet contains:

* a description of how the program works, and why it should work for you,

* how this is not speed reading, and why it is better,

* a scientific “picture” of what actually goes on in your brain at the super-high speeds,

* thoughts from a university professor who marvels at the process, and

* page after page of mind-blowing testimonials from everyday people and experts such as Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Harvey Mackay, and Ken Blanchard. These are very inspirational and will get you wondering about the amazing things you can accomplish.

I’ve done it myself, and I have to attest, it is what what my friend says it is. Enjoy.

(If you have any problems downloading the booklet, email Webmaster@LearningStrategies.com for assistance.)


Matt Furey

P.S. I first found out about this program eight years ago and it changed my career. And most of the top guns I’ve met have this course, too. If you want to move to the next level – reading faster and comprehending more is one of the biggest keys to doing so.

Bench Pressing Destroys Your Shoulders

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Today the Zen Master is going to answer some questions, rattle a lot of cages, give a few slaps and whacks – and smile like a deeply breathing Cheshire cat the entire time. Take a look below and you will see what I mean:

Hey Matt,

I tried the Power Wheel and it’s no joke. I thought my stomach muscles were OK but my core is weak. I couldn’t do that movement that makes you look like a bent banana and I always max my situps on the PT test so what do I need to do to pull myself out of this delima.


ZM: Glad you got the Power Wheel and are feeling how great a tool it is. Now, in response to your question, I must say I love your spelling for the word dilemma as well as the way you’re using it out of context. What do I mean? I mean that you are not facing a dilemma – you are simply confronted with a better way to train your core. Stop doing the dumb stuff that everyone else does and do what works. And start doing that which you really FEEL more often. Getting to the next level requires nothing more than the willingness to practice each day – or several days a week – as well as the willingness to SEE YOURSELF the way you want to look before, during and after you train.

Good Morning Mr. Matt,

A while back my husband ordered Combat Conditioning and placed it in on the counter. I just HAD to know what this was all about. Started browsing through it, was blown away by your techniques. Stated to him that there is NO WAY a guy could do this, especially the Bridge.


As I have tried it myself, I am amazed at your DVDs, where I have seen YOU fall into a bridge with no spotter, no help, no hands, yet such CONTROL.

I am truly amazed therefore, I keep on trying to do this every day, as I hold on to the door jam and let my hands walk down backwards.

Sounds crazy, yet works for me.

Am working on the husband to try this also, as he is much bigger than I and there is no way I could support him etc.

Yet, I do have to know this one question, Did you get your ideas from the Potato Sisters – as they display the Furey Technique with complete control.

Love your work and your emails.



ZM: K.M., thanks for the words of awe about my unreal skills – hu hum – cough, cough. I admire your desire to follow what I’m doing, but you really do want a good spotter. Perhaps some day you and el hubbo will come for a private session and I can get both of you doing things you once thought impossible. Another way is to find a local gymnastics instructor who can assist you.


You may be interested to know that it is now established that bench presses are injury prone because the bench underneath your shoulder splints your shoulder blade and stops it from moving physiologically with your effort.

As a result the rotator cuff unit remains in a position where it is more likely to get impinged and damaged. If you must do bench presses, then find a very narrow bench which has the width the same size as your vertebrae, which will improve your balance as well as allowing your shoulder blades to move freely. As for me, I swear by your “Hindu pushups.”

Thanks for you mails. I always enjoy your mix of advice and philosophy.

Best Wishes,


ZM: Alistair, thanks for the enlightening email. When a person gets the urge to use the bench press, the best thing for him to do is go take a nap and get back up when the urge passes. Even if you can get a bench that is more suitable for injury-free bench pressing, why bother. It’s a rum dumb exercise.

When you do pushups, how often do you need to find the right surface beneath your hands in order to keep from hurting yourself. Unless you have a fetish for training where there’s broken glass, the answer is NEVER.

You can get more real world functional strength pushing against the ground, your own body – or a tree than you ever will against a barbell.

All for now.

Matt Furey

P.S. How much of your mind is connected to your body? Make sure you strengthen the most important link in the chain by subscribing to my tips at psycho-cyb.com.

QnA for Today

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Hi Matt,

I’m not in a situation where I need to lose weight. I’m actually quite fit I try and train Tai chi for 90

minutes/day. but I would like to eventually have a six pack.. is Combat Abs for me?


MJF: Hi Mark. Yes, I think you can benefit from Combat Abs in a big way – and I would also recommend the Power Wheel – which is pure dynamite.


Hindu Push ups, bridging, and especially the Hindu Squats work exceptionally well just as you said. Today at work, I had to put a fire all the way out in the parking lot. As soon as I heard the news, I called in central security, grabbed the nearest fire extinguisher, and ran about 400 yards with a large, heavy ABC fire extinguisher.

Now, before I ran, I expected isolated muscles to burn more and not really be in sync with each other. Instead, I felt everything working together on the same level, nothing was weaker than the other. I made it there before security in their vehicle and I extinguished the fire myself. I wasnt even fatigued neither. WOW.

I was put to the test and did it in a fast amount of time. I have been working on the Royal Court for almost a year now, and i do 70 Hindu Squats currently.

I love it. Matt, without you, I would be in worrysome shape.

Thank You.


MJF: Awesome, Larry. You’re a life saver and a great example to others. Keep it flowing.

Matt, my name is Jim and I’m 47 years old and have been in the construction industry for well over 26 years and for most of that time doing suspended ceiling work that is of course primarily overhead work that involves a lot of repetitive wrist work.

I was diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome well over 15 years ago and just wore a wrist brace or hung my arm off of the side of the bed to relieve the pain so I could get some sleep.

Also in that time frame I took up archery as a competitor and a hunter. In the last four years my shoulders began to hurt so bad that the CTS seemed to be a thing of the past as well as my competitive shooting. I had tried a new mattress, chiropractic help, Cortisone shots, and massage therapy to little avail.

I remembered that sometime ago I had ordered your DVD How to Eliminate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in 30 Days as well as a DVD for shoulder rehab. WOW. What a difference it has made.

I’m still early in my rehab (2 weeks) and the flexibility is doing so much better that I just had to write you. Granted I’m not ready to throw a baseball with any muster on it yet but I can sleep without waking all through the night in pain and am looking forward to dusting off my bows and familiarizing myself again with my Zen Archery techniques and breathing.

For a person of my age that would like to keep some of the flexibility of our lower back and legs (I can feel the loss and lower back and gluteus strains that go down the hamstring) what routine of exercises would you recommend?

Thank you,


MJF: Jim, glad to know your Carpal Tunnel and shoulder pain is going away. If you’re feeling this good in two weeks – then you are right on schedule to be pain free.

As for your tight hamstrings and lower back, I could recommend Combat Stretching – but I think because you’re into archery and such – which have a highly meditative quality – that you’ll benefit more, physically as well as mentally – from the Dao Zou program. Go check out the video on this page and see if it’s for you.

All for now.

Have a brilliant day.

Matt Furey

5 Reasons These Exercises Work Like Magic

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

When someone is resistant to a new idea, one of the things he will do to stall, procrastinate and delay is ask the question ‘why.’

I know this tactic very well .. and so does my wife.

We went through the ‘why’ stage when we were learning each other’s language.

When I was learning Chinese, instead of simply absorbing the material like a child would, I wanted to know ‘why.’

Why does the person’s name have to come first, followed by the time, followed by the verb, and so on.

‘Wo mingtian chi fan tai duo.’ Translated literally, I yesterday eat too much.

I’d much rather say it my way, ‘Wo chi fan tai duo mingtian.’ I ate too much yesterday.

Zhannie went through the same, only in reverse. ‘Why do I have to put an ‘s’ on the end of some nouns but not on others? Why not just put the number before the noun so we know how many of something? Isn’t saying five car the same as saying five car(s)?’

When you think about it, we don’t need the doggone ‘s’ at the end to understand. But we insist on it in English. Why. Who the hell cares. Just the way it BE (yes, twas an intentional Furey mistake). We accept it and move on.

Whenever something is NEW, many people literally demand to know ‘why, why, why.’ Yet, deep down, they really don’t want to change.

Here are some examples sent to me by email: Why are bodyweight exercises better than weights. Why does excess fat on your waistline disappear with Combat Abs. Why does back pain go away with bridging. Why does your metabolism crank up the heat so much more when you train this way instead of with weights or aerobics.

Why are pushups safer for shoulders than the bench press. Aren’t they really the same thing.

And so on.

Often, trying to explain ‘why’ is futile because the person asking ‘why’ doesn’t really want to know the answer. He simply wants to argue and hold onto a current belief.

And so, the only real way for someone to be convinced of the validity of Combat Conditioning or Combat Abs to get the programs, use them and discover the truth for yourself.

Even though that is the real truth, I’d like to give you a few reasons why the exercises work so well and so fast anyway – so here goes:

5 Reasons Why Bodyweight Exercises Work Like Magic:

1. When you do Hindu squats and Hindu pushups, or variations of them, you are working major muscle groups. Most people who train with weights do isolation exercises. The person who works major muscle groups beats the isolation exercise dodo 16 ways from Sunday.

2. Because bodyweight exercises are ‘natural’ movements that require deeper self-concentration, neurological connections are stronger than they are when your focus is on something other than yourself, i.e. ‘weights.’

3. Bodyweight exercises allow you to train your body from virtually any angle or position. The same cannot be said of weights, especially all those ridiculous machines.

4. Bodyweight exercises simultaneously increase strength, endurance and flexibility. Hindu pushups and bridging are a textbook perfect example of this.

5. Bodyweight exercises attack the muscle at a deeper level than weights, thereby giving you greater ‘functional strength.’ The person who does a set of pullups, for example, works the muscles of the back and arms far more than the person doing a lat pulldown on a machine.

There are more reasons ‘why’ – but again, none of these reasons mean a doggone thing if a person is resistant to the idea.

It is not my job to pound through the mental and emotional debris that stops someone from making the decision to go ahead. All I can do is present my point of view and move on.

On second thought, tis probably a good idea to end today’s message with a hearty ‘thank you’ to all the Furey Faithful, who now occupy some 139 countries – we just added ‘Ghana’ to the list – and have been kicking butt and taking names with my superior programs.

You are the BEST,

Matt Furey

Will Hindu Squats Stunt Your Growth?

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Here’s a great question from a youngin:

Hey, Matt,

im 14 years old and am sort of “self-training” myself for MMA. Im starting at a real gym in october. But as im sure you know, you need long arms and legs for fighting so my qestion is does hindu pushups squats and bridges stunt your growth? I work out three hours a day so this is a big issue for me.



MJF: Cody, first of all, where on earth did you hear that you need long arms and legs for fighting? That’s absolutely not true. Long limbs can help – and they can hinder. Some of the

greatest fighters of all times had short, stocky builds.

Now, your question. No, Hindu pushups, Hindu squats and the other body weight exercises in Combat Condiitioning will not stunt your growth. They will, however, simultaneously give you strength, endurance and flexibility.

In addition to the three hours you say you’re training each day, make sure you balance it with a good chunk of reading.

Matt Furey

P.S. Have you gotten your Power Wheel yet? If not, be sure to watch this.

Exercise Like a Snake

Monday, April 20th, 2009

One of the whispered secrets of strength and power is learning to move like a snake; in circular s-like fashion, from head to toe.

It’s the most natural way for everything in the Universe to move because nothing truly moves in a straight line. Everything zigs and zags. Yet, as humans we do everything but move in the most basic and powerful way.

Exercising like a snake requires that you stop focusing on nothing but push and pull. You learn to gather power with ‘S’ movements and coiling movements – then, like a pit viper, strike with explosiveness.

Knowing how to move this way will strengthenand stretch your entire body and give your core the ultimate workout. People will be totally in awe of how much energy and force you generate when it doesn’t look like you’re doing all that much.

I have an all-new program coming out very soon about these coiling movements – and last weekend I presented bits and pieces of it at my two seminars.

To say attendees were shocked would be an understatement.

Look for this program soon.

Matt Furey

P.S. By the way, Hindu Pushups, as shown in Combat Conditioning

are one way of doing a S-like movement. Begin doing this exercise now and you’ll know the benefits go on and on.

Two Seminars This Weekend

Friday, April 17th, 2009

Today’s message will be brief. Why? Because I have a couple seminars this weekend.

The first is tonight. It’s a Dynamic Power event that I may be releasing in the near future on CD.

The second one is tomorrow – all day. It’s the first Catch Wrestling seminar I’ve given since 2002 – so I’m really excited to show what I’ve whipped up in the last seven years.

A couple more things:

If you’re not subscribed to my self-development tips at www.psycho-cyb.com – you’re really missing out. Especially now, when I’m covering ground that can really get people stirred up.

Also, sales for the Power Wheel have exceeded all expectations after I put the video up at so make sure you grab one before they’re out of stock.

All for now.

Have a kick-butt weekend.

Matt Furey

Stretch Like a Tiger

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

What you do in the first few minutes of your day sets the tone for the rest of it. Tis a fact.

This is why it is important to begin your day with thoughts of happiness, success, great health and prosperity.

As soon as your feet hit the deck, you want to be launched into the realm of success – the ‘get something done today’ realm.

No more putting off til tomorrow what you can and should do today. No more dilly-dallying.

One of the key ways to help set you on this course is to always have a daily goal – especially a daily fitness goal. And if you achieve that goal first thing in the morning, the rest of the day is going to be awesome.

Yesterday when my son Frank and I arose from slumber, I asked him how many pushups he wanted to do. He chose the number – I counted. Then I asked him how many Hindu squats. Again, he chose the number and I counted. We did the same for situps.

Then I went to work on some Hindu pushups and other stretches. I not only stretch my body – but my mind, too.

The Hindu pushup is a bit like a cat stretch – as well as a dog stretch. I’m not a big tee-vee watcher, but contrary to what some think, there are some good stations. Animal Planet is one of them.

I love that show.

Last night I watched the special they had on wild cats. Everything from lions to tigers to cheetahs to leopards to mountain lions and a lynx.

Watched a mountain lion nab a deer, drag it throw the forest, latch onto to its neck and PULL it up a tree to hand over a branch (for safekeeping). Now, let me tell you, that’s some major league strength.

So watch how these wild – as well as domesticated cats (and dogs) stretch. They stretch backward hundreds of times per day. And they do it as soon as they wake up.

You, my friend, would be well advised to do likewise.

Doing so will not only increase you strength and flexibility – but it will ENERGIZE you for hours.

I’m betting you’d like some of that good old fashioned ENERGY. Well, get it the old fashioned way. Move your body the way it wants to be moved. Stretch like a cat and you’ll know why cats stretch the way they do.

By the way, you can learn all about this form of exercise in my Combat Conditioning book and DVDs. Go gobble them up NOW by sprinting over here.

Matt Furey

How The Power Wheel Will Tighten Your Waistline – MEGA FAST

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Last week I told you how the Power Wheel was far more than a tool for advanced muscle heads.

It’s a tool that can help the total beginner make progress really, really fast.

Below is a short video clip to prove it to you. Watch me work with a 50-year old lady in my private workout studio.

Read more about The Power Wheel.

Matt Furey

P.S. This clip is taken from an all-new DVD, Coil and Strike, that I’ll be releasing soon.

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