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No Tee Vee – No Workout

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

The summer in between my freshman and sophomore year of high school, I worked up to 1,000 pushups per day.

Not in a row.

In sets of 25 – then 50.

I achieved this goal, in part, because I’d watched a boxing champion on tee-vee talking about doing 1,000 or more pushups per day. On top of this, Joe, a friend from my hometown, was doing 1,000 per day as well – and he told me first hand how to
accomplish the feat.

“Start with sets of 25,” Joe said. “And do them during commercial breaks at night when you’re watching television. Start with 100 a day in sets of 25. And when 25 in a row is easy – bump the sets up to 50.”

Within a couple weeks 25 pushups in a row was easy, so I started doing sets of 50.

Before I realized it, I’d get up in the morning and start doing pushups.

And this would continue throughout the day

When evening came around, I’d already done 250 or more.

As the summer progressed I found it easier and easier to knock out a set of 50 pushups. Doing 500 a day was no longer difficult because I was fully recovered within five minutes and could do another.

This lead me to really go for it in the evening. Watch a ball game – and at the end of each inning, when the commercials began – use the time to tune into a good set of pushups.

Using this method I reached 1,000 pushups a day and my body changed a lot.

My pecs got bigger and my triceps and shoulders began to really pop.

Eventually, I moved on to one-arm pushups, handstand pushups, diamond pushups and other varieties.

A year later, I was doing a lot less in terms of pushups as I was primarily lifting weights and running for my training.

I’m glad I did so because I learned the how’s, what’s and why’s of that method – but in the end, I always sensed there was a different level of bodyweight training that went way beyond the pushups I was doing.

Indeed, there are a number of levels of bodyweight training. Just like weight training, you can make progressive changes in your strength as well as in your appearance.

Today, the bodyweight training I do is very different from what I did as a youth. It’s also very different from what I taught in Combat Conditioning – my international best-seller, that literally started the bodyweight fitness craze we’re seeing today.

How is it different?

Well, for starters, I no longer do 500 or 1,000 reps of anything.

Not pushups.

Not situps.

Not pullups.


Instead, I do a lot of focused, concentrated bodyweight exercises that develop internal power, flexibility and relaxed strength.

Some of the exercises are done slowly. Others are done super slowly. Then there are those I do fast and super fast.

Regardless, being physically and mentally relaxed while doing is a large part of the training.

Training yourself to stay relaxed while doing something vigorous trains your mind and body to relax throughout the day, when stresses and tensions of the whirld can pull you apart.

Going through each day feeling stressed and tense is no way to live. And that’s one of the main reasons why I created my online member’s site – to give you instant access to exercises that do far more than strengthen your muscles.

Through specialized breathing exercises combined with rhythmic movements using Chi Force, students make great progress in not only feeling physically better, but emotionally as well.

Things that once bothered you can be swished away with a light movement of the hands. Areas of upset or concern can dissipate by changing your  breathing as you train.

It’s a wonderful whirld to be a part of – in the world but not of the whirld.

Come join me.

There’s nothing else even remotely close to it on the Internet.


Coach Matt Furey

P.S. Later this month members will get to listen in on a teleseminar on the Unrevealed Secret of Strength Feats. It’s going to be a mind-bender, that’s for sure. Enroll today so you’re on the call.

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