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28,000,000 Reasons to …

Friday, August 31st, 2007

It took til early morning but I finally

finished. I’m giving you 28,000,000

reasons to listen to me about this

vitally important issue.

Be sure you go take a look at what they

are. I think you’ll be blown away. You’ll

see it all at http://www.knockoutmarketing.com

Time is short on this. Get in now while you still



Matthew Furey


Vision Update: May Hit 20/20

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

I’ve been back in Tampa for the past

few days and although I avoid the sun

and the glare of lights – I have some

good news to report.

My vision may come back to 20/20. In

fact, based on what I’m able to do “off

and on” – it may already be at 20/20.

Here’s how I know: Last night I grabbed

a newsletter written in 8 pt. font and put

on some “readers” to give it a roll. At one

point I covered my left eye just to test myself

and was blown away to note that I was reading

the 8 pt. font with my surgically repaired right


I removed the spectacles and was still able to

read the fine print.

This isn’t all day long yet nor is it easy for me to

read or type on a computer because of the glare –

I often wear sunglasses while looking at the screen –

but I think it’s significant.

Yes, my emails will have typos as the glare is hard

to bare at times – but you can see I’m going in a

nice direction – and this is less than 3 weeks form the

date of surgery.

The breakthrough began three nights ago. I went outside

around 9 PM and went for a walk. But not a normal forward

walk. No. It was my Dao Zou walk – the one I learned in China

over the past few years from a 75-year old man who looks 60

and never stops smiling.

I felt uneasy about doing this type of training in NYC late at

night – if you get my point – but here in Tampa – no problema.

I started with 1008 steps the first night. Then two nights ago

went to my standard of 2008. When I came indoors Zhannie

looked at me and said, “My god, your eye looks great.”

So last night I got out there again and once again, when I came

indoors – energy streaming off me and through me like a light

saber – she once again says, “Wow, your eye is getting better

and better. What are you doing outside.”

I told her and she nodded. Nothing more said.

Well, since I started back on my Dao Zou program I am now

energized big time. I still need a good 12 hours of sleep – but

man, when I’m awake I’m awake big time. Not only that, but when

I’m sleeping I’m mostly watching movies and playing around. More

on that some other day. For now let it suffice that I’m both sleeping

and using my mind at the same time – an interesting thing I must


Anyway, tomorow I’m going to do a more formal launch of the Dao

Zou product – but if you want to jump on it now and get it for half

the price it oughta cost – and will cost in the future – then go on

over to http://www.mattfurey.com/dao_zou.html and place your

order NOW.

More to come.

Rising Up,

Matthew Furey

P.S. Again, the link is http://www.mattfurey.com/dao_zou.html

Copyright, Gold Medal Publications, Inc 2007

Oh, What a Bizness

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Earlier today I got up and checked a few emails.

As my eyes are still very sensitive to sunlight – or any

light, for that matter – I only go through a few and let

Carol handle the rest.

Well, today I got an update on how we’re doing this

month. To say I was delighted would be an understate-


I’ve been flat on my back for a good part of this month.

I’ve written and done next to nothing – and the business

continues to flourish.

Last week, a number of people wrote to tell me that the

business I am in has hit the “true wealth” stage.

In case you think these people were only talking about

finances, think again. Here’s what they meant:

1. While in Finland I suffered a detached retina. A simple

phone call to George Thurber, M.D. – a member of my

MasterMind, helped line up the finest surgeon in NYC.

2. I immediately booked first class tickets back to the U.S.

for myself and Eddie Baran, who was watching out for me.

I paid for both tickets.

3. We arrived in NYC and immediately went by Lincoln town

car to Dr. Fine’s office at Columbia Hospital. It was nearly

7 PM when we arrived. He was there, alone with another

surgeon, waiting for me. No one else was in the clinic.

4. Baseed on what Dr. Thurber relayed to Dr. Fine I was

already scheduled for surgery on Saturday at 10 a.m. After

a brief exam it turned out I DID need the surgery, and fast.

5. Ed and I left the clinic and I booked two hotel rooms, right

on Times Square. The price of the rooms did not figure into

my thinking – nor did I worry about missing work.

6. On Saturday, once again, I was the only person in the clinic.

And I was the only person scheduled for surgery.

7. On Sunday I returned to have my patch removed and to be

examined. Again, I was the only patient.

8. Meanwhile, thousands of people throughout the world sent

their heartfelt requests for a successful surgery and speedy


Everything listed above BEGAN and happened because of the

business I have on the Internet. Dr. Thurber, for example, came

to me thru the Internet – has attended my seminars and is a

member of my MasterMind. He is also a very accomplished Lasik

surgeon in Mississippi who has done over 4000 operations without

a single person losing a line of vision.

Since this happened I’ve often thought about the fact that a good

many people would not have been given the care and treatment I

have been given; nor could they afford it. If they were staying in a

$500 per night room on Times Square in NYC, trying to recover

from major eye surgery, chances are excellent that they’d be

worrying about moohlah while also trying to heal.

It’s very hard to heal when you’re lying around in fear about lost

work, missed opportunities, bills not being paid, and so on.

I’m fortunate to be in the position I am in and believe me, I’m

extraordinarily grateful. At the same time there is a reason I’m

in the financial situation I am in and it has more to do with being

willing to take a risk, being willing to learn something new, being

willing to be laughed at and spoofed, being willing to set aside FEAR

and march toward what I truly desire – than anything else.

Yesterday Carol forwarded me an email from a man who attended

my seminar last October and is coming back this year. Here’s what

he had to say:

“I’ve sat down a couple of times today to send you an email and

stopped shortbecause I didn’t want to bug you, however,

something is compelling me to share this with you. It took

me totally by surprise.

I had an interesting yet highly unusual conversation with my

wife last night that I will briefly summarize. We were out on

the porch just taking in nature & relaxing and started to

compare our upcoming schedules. I mentioned the dates of

the October conference to her and she said “that’s great, I’m

aware of how much you’ve been looking forward to that

seminar and at least this year I will know much better what

to expect”.

I asked her to explain.

She told me that she had never mentioned it before but when

I returned from last year’s show I was “a completely different


I asked her how so and she said that I was still the same loving

husband and father, still the great provider, and still a silly

knucklehead kid, but I was doing everything in my life at a whole

new intensity and on a whole different level.


In amazement I asked her why she had not shared this with

me before and she said that she was SCARED. She said that

she had never seen anyone change so much in such a short

period of time and that initially she was wondering if I had

done the right thing by attending. But when she got to know

the “new me” and she caught on to the new vibration level

the fear she felt went away. She also said the new vibration

level is one of the most fun and exciting feelings that she

has ever experienced.

Amazing, I knew the event had changed me on the inside,

but I sure didn’t realize that it was so obvious from the

outside. Maybe Matthew needs a warning pamphlet for

spouses and family members of the attendees. Heh heh.”

See you in October,

Steve K.

South Bend, IN

What Steve is referring to in terms of “vibration” should not

be overlooked. Raising your level of vibration is fundamental

to your upward and onward success. You cannot achieve

goals further up the ladder without also going up the same

ladder “internally.”

Those who attend my seminars immediately sense a change

in the energy of the room as soon as I enter. And this change

continues to grow and grow all week long as I speak and pour

my heart and soul into what it takes to become successful on

the Internet – and in life.

By simply listening to an audio or watching a video clip of me

speaking, those who are open to change and growth will note

their batteries being charged. Perhaps you will expereince

something stirring inside you as well when you go watch the

clip we have up at http://www.knockoutmarketing.com

This seminar will be filled to capacity very soon. Make sure

you don’t miss out.

Go to http://www.knockoutmarketing.com for more information.

Rise Up,

Matthew Furey

P.S. This seminar will not repeat. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

It’s not everyday that you can bring in the celebrity speakers I have

selected. And it’s not everyday that you can say, “The Zen Master of

the Internet changed my life.” You will say this if and when you attend

my seminar in October.

The Update

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

This morning I had a check-up with Dr. Fine. Went there with my brother, Sean, whose been watching over me since last Friday.

Over the past couple nights I’ve felt there was a marked improvement in my vision – and today I had it confirmed.

The latest is this: 20-50 vision in right eye – retina attached and getting stronger.

As far as vigorous exercise – I am to wait until September 15.

And … as far as getting on the mat and knocking someone around – October 15.

I’m thrilled to hear an update like this – and once again want to thank all of you for pulling for me. In a crisis we are given an opportunity to showcase our attitude toward the crisis itself, as well as our care and compassion for others. Oddly enough, sort of as a bonus, the person enduring the crisis comes to discover who his REAL friends and allies are.

I’ll be having a celebration special within a day or two – as a bonus for all you’ve done for me. Stay tuned.

Rise Up,

Matthew Furey

P.S. Here’s a new video clip that is also up at www.psycho-cybernetics.com – be sure to go to a ‘rook’ right away.

Slaying Demons

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Last night I had a couple fights. With demons.

There I was, lying merrily in my bed, resting my limbs and pondering a brighter future. Then, sometime before the stroke of midnight – a demon appeared before me.

“Furey, who do you think you are?” it questioned. “You’re never going to recover from your eye surgery. You’re never going to regain your vision. You’re never going to rise above this. Face it, you’re finished.”

Twas stunned to hear such a thing said to me. But it was there and it was real.

“Look at you, you can’t even fight back, can you?” railed the demon. “All bed bound and helpless, needing others to take care of you, needing to take medicine to ease your pain. I thought you were supposed to be some kind of master. I thought you were the guy who teaches others to be strong – and look at you NOW – in your weakness.”

At this point I struck back. I stood up in bed and wrist locked the demon. He tried to punch me in the head as I did this – but I was ready for him. I stepped forward and hip tossed him, separating his elbow in the process and making him shriek in anger.

I remained calm, still doing my Zen Master deep breathing, even in the midst of a fight.

The demon then drew a sword and took a whack at me. I evaded his strike by falling on my matfress. Then I grabbed my bathroom towel as he was preparing his fnishing strike. I snapped him in the eye, kicked him in the nadz and pulled away his sword. Then I went to town on him in a way that would make a Samurai proud.

I laid back down – still doing my breathing exercises. Still calm.

18 minutes later another demon showed his ugly mug. As he started to yell and shriek I simply used the power of imagination to fight him. I didn’t even bother to get out of bed. I drew an imaginary sword and began slicing him to bits.

Amazingly enough, he was even easier to beat than the first evil predator.

No, I am not hallucinating. I am not delirious. I am alive.

At the same time I have told you these tales because, whether you realize it or not, each day the demons of self-doubt, fear, worry and so on are looking for resting places. They’re looking for souls to disturb, souls to drive mad.

No, I didn’t physically fight any demons last night – but I did fight them in my imagination – and I won both times.

Today, I want you to remember this. Whenever anyone human tells you that you “can’t” – draw your imaginary weaponry and reduce this insult to the gutter realm where it belongs. More importantly, whenver you have self-doubts, fears, worries and so on – be not afraid. Picture them as demons and draw your weapon.

Nothing – and I mean NOTHING can defeat you but yourself. And if you are on YOUR side – then you’ve joined forces with the stranger within who wants to see you make the most of your life.

Friend, what I have illustrated for you is merely a taste of what you will learn at my October seminar – be sure to take a very serious look.

matthew furey

Matthew Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

P.S. I have more fights to tell you about in the future – and they’re far better than today’s lesson. Stay tuned.

LIVE Video – Never Seen Before

Friday, August 17th, 2007

I’m typing with my eyes closed most of the time right now so hope thus message comes through alright. Trying to focus with two different eyes doing two different things is a bit rough, but I’m making a way around it by closing the lids and letting my inner eyes do the yob.

Anyway, I had a video clip from one of my events put up for you to see. This one is mega huge as it covers Law of Attraction and Law of Attraction in Reverse – or Law of Repellling. This is MUST view material..

Or go to http://mattfureydownloads.com/free/flash2/KnockoutMarketing2.html and watch it now.

Matthew Furey

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Matthew Furey

Psycho-Cybernetics Daily Inspiration

Friday, August 17th, 2007

“Make your burning desire stronger than the fault-finding and criticisms of others. When your desire burns brighter than the sting of criticism, then criticism has no sting, and nothing can or will stop you.”

Matt Furey

President, Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation, Inc.

… from the offices of

Matt Furey – http://www.psycho-cybernetics.com

Psycho-Cybernetics Inspiration – it’s free!

Be sure to forward to a friend.

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Vision at 20/70 …

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

20-70 …

Note: If you’re on more than one of my lists – you’ve already rec’d this update.

I am happy to report that I am typing this message to you. I am doing so with blurred 20-70 vision in my right eye and 20=25 vision in my left. The two don’t work that well together right now – and so at times I close my right eye and read and write while only using my left – which used to be my “bad” eye.

Last night I talked to Dr. Thurber who did my Lasik last summer and he recalled our conversation prior to the work he did on me.

Dr. Thurber said: “Your left eye isn’t worth a damn but let’s see what we can do with it anyway because if anything ever happens to your right eye you won’t be totally blind.”

I agreed and with this in mind he took my vision from 20-400 in the left to 20[25. The best he thought he could do was 20/50 – so both of us were ecstatic with 20/25.

Well, his decision to “try” and fix the left eye turned out to be saving grace for me in Finland last week – as well as right now.

It will be 4-6 weeks before everything is clear in my right eye – according to the surgeon, Dr. Howard Fine. Perhaps I’ll beat that timetable. We shall “see.”

Right now I am still in NYC where I will remain for another week or more. During my time here I am taking good rest while simul- taneously moving forward on a number of fronts.

In a day or so, for example, I am going to do something I have never done before. I am having LIVE video footage of me, in seminar and coaching group format, put on the web for all to see and experience.

I think you’ll be deeply moved by what you witness – and you’ll come to know why thousands of people sent their best thoughts, wishes and prayers for me when I went into surgery – as well as when the possibility of me needing a gas bubble hung in the balance.

I am immensely gateful for all that has taken place in the last week. As odd as it may sound I am even grateful for my retina being detached and the surgery that took place. All of this collectively has led me to SEE you, myself and life itself in an elevated and expanded way.

As Eddie Baran – www.eddiebaran.com read so many of your emails to me – with my eyes closed I could see you speaking to me. I could feel the warmth of care and compassion in your voices. Again, thank YOU.

So you know I am now able to move around. I can walk and do very light stretching – just nothing that could or will increase pressure to my head. I enjoyed a fine walk yesterday through the streets of Manhattan. What a wonderful place. Truly. All around me people were so kind, warm and friendly. That’s saying something, I think.

A couple other things in the works:

1. Very soon I will having a $1.00 offer for the Psycho- Cybernetics Success Group. This means you’ll be able to try it for one month for only one buck and if you don’t want to continue – let us know. Look for this special and jump on it as it will be availabe for a short time only.

2. As of now we have only 17 seats left in my Zero Resistance Internet Marketing seminar, being held October 17-20. I would love to see you in one of those remaining seats. Furthermore, I would love to look you in the eyes and shake your hand. You can enroll NOW – http://www.knockoutmarketing.com/fearless.html

That’s all for now – be on the look out for those updates I mentioned.

Rise Up,

Matthew Furey


P.S. Tonight I’m going to an Off-Broadway play. Won’t be able to see much very clearly but will be enjoying the feel. The moral of this is that we can always find a way to enjoy something. If one way doesn’t work – use another tool.

The Verdict

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

Note: This message was dictated to Eddie Baran.

This morning when I got up I had only one thought in mind. As I took my shower I thought about what clothes I would wear when I went to see the surgeon for an update on my situation. When I looked in the closet I saw hanging before me the same reddish black shirt I wore on the way to Finland. It was the same shirt I was wearing when my retina began to detach. I decided to wear the same shirt today. Doing so communicated two things to my mind:

1. I am not afraid to go where I’ve gone before.

2. In wearing this shirt I want to rewind my mind back to the point in time before the retina detached. In doing so I am recalling and reliving moments when my vision was at its best.

Two days ago when I spoke to Carol Brown in the fulfillment office, I told her of the surgical options I was facing. I mentioned to her the possibility of a gas bubble being injected into my eye if the excess fluid didn’t drain on its own accord. I told her if a gas bubble were used I’d need to spend a month on my stomach in bed, and whenever walking or sitting, I’d have to keep my head down. As soon as I said this, she proclaimed “THAT is NOT happening!”

Then she repeated this same sentence two more times with even greater conviction. I smiled through the phone while thinking: the lady done read my mind.

At no time did I ever allow the gas bubble mental picture a resting place in my mind. I mentally envisioned the doctor giving me the report I wanted to hear. And today was what my coach at Iowa Fan Gable referred to as “Zero Time.” It’s the day of reckoning, a day that all you can do physically and mentally is put to the test.

As I sat in the chair being examined, I knew that in my bones that I wasn’t going to get a gas bubble. I knew this not just from my thinking, but from the collective thoughts and prayers of thousands of people around the world. Dr. Fine examined my eye in detail, and said “Wow, this looks great. The retina is totally attached and 99% of the fluid is gone.”

I asked “Does that mean I’m not going to get a gas bubble?”

“I think so,” said Dr. Fine.

Although I wanted to jump out of my seat and celebrate, I restrained myself. So I did the next best thing and asked if he would take a picture with me. He agreed.

matthew furey
Matt Furey ® with his eye surgeon, Dr.

Howard F. Fine.

I am grateful to have had such a fine surgeon operate on me. I am grateful for the care and concern shown to me by so many. I am even grateful that my retina detached in the first place. Yes, it has brought me to a new level of being.

I have been given the green light for walking and light stretching. More importantly, I have been given the green light to move forward with a number of goals that I will accomplish whether my eyes are opened or closed. Whether I can see or not plays second. Being able to see doesn’t necessary give you vision. Having vision can help you and others see.

A few people whom I coach wrote me to say “I can’t believe how someone who has so much physical and mental strength can be taken down by such a small tear. As I always tell my students, I am human and just as capable of failure and setbacks as anyone else. The difference is I also know I’m capable of rising up, meeting challenges head on and succeeding.

Some months ago I sent a postcard to all the members of the Matt Furey Inner Circle. On this postcard was something I wrote 10 years ago. I reads as follows:

I never go into anything expecting to lose. I go in expecting to win… and WIN I DO!

I believe if you’re humble enough to ask for health, determined enough to focus enough on what you want and willing to do whatever it takes to win – you will. I have a few more weeks left to fully recover from this surgery and I have a very good feeling about this. My wish for you is that you capture some of my optimism and use it for a greater good in your life and the lives of those around you.

A few of my students who are attending my October seminar on Zero Resistance Internet Marketing told me that because of what has happened over the last week, my next seminar will be better than all others combined. I believe they are right. And in celebration of the successful surgery, I have lowered the price and enhanced the offer considerably. Only 19 seats remain.

I will consider it an honor to see you in one of those remaining seats, to look you in the eye and shake your hand.

Rise Up,

matthew furey

Matthew Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

I Can See Again

Monday, August 13th, 2007

This morning I had the patch removed from my eye. Upon examination, Dr. Fine noted that 90% of the unwanted fluid had already drained out of my eye. My vision tested at 20/80 – which is remarkable a day after surgery. I told Dr. Fine:

“20/80 is a helluva lot better than blind.”

He liked that one.

Tomorrow morning I go in for another checkup in which the fluid level in my eye is reexamined. Once again, I have spent most of the day on my back. Eddie Baran has read many of your emails to me and they have been a wellspring of encouragement. Thank you for your continued support. I want you to know I consider even the smallest expression of positive energy to be as having great meaning. After all, you can very easily direct your attention elsewhere.

One of the things I was informed of before and after the surgery is that there is to be no working out for the next month. For a man who has done something physical each day for his entire life this may have been a tough order to obey.

matthew furey
Matthew Furey in bed, mastering

the art of physical relaxation.

Yet it is not such a big thing.

When you want something it makes sense to do whatever it takes to get it. It makes no sense to want something yet be unwilling to do what it takes to have it. Michelangelo said that: “If people knew how hard I worked to achieve my mastery they wouldn’t think it worthwhile at all.”

I am considered a master in many things – but lying on my back all day with my eyes closed is not one of them. Very soon it will be, perhaps, a new product at work here, heh heh.

I’m not one to use the words “I love you” for people who are not family or close friends. But right now those three words are the only thing I can say that accurately describe how I am feeling. And so I love you and thank you for thinking of me.

Rise Up,

Matthew Furey

Zen Master of the Internet®

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