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Green & Gold For You

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

A Happy St. Patrick’s Day to YOU.

And to make it even better than what you may have planned, today you can join forces with me in an unprecedented opportunity to spread the message of physical, mental and spiritual health – and be financially rewarded for doing so.

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Matt Furey

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St. Paddy’s Day Announcement

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Being of Irish descent, I thought tomorrow would be the perfect day to make a major announcement that can positively effect your bank balance.

So tomorrow when you’re wearing your green and gold – look for a message from me about having more green and gold – and how I’m prepared to help you get more of it.

Look for the “Green and Gold” email tomorrow morning – and make sure you’re one of the first in line, ready to

act quickly.


Matt Furey

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The Best Thing About Losing

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Last Saturday afternoon my son’s baseball team was leading 7-3 in the third inning. Both sets of grandparents were watching the “sure-thing” victory.

Two innings later, the game ended 11-7. The kids were crushed.

But their coach knew just what to say to lift their spirits – and I took note.

“Men, the best thing about losing games like this is you get to forget about them. But when you WIN – you get to remember those moments FOREVER.”

WOW. What a great message. Focus on your victories. Forget about your losses.

Two weeks ago when I was coaching a group of men and women in Phoenix, Arizona, I put everyone through an exercise where you go back into your past and find your “winningest moment.” Once found, you relive it with even greater emotion and glory than the day it happened.

Before doing this exercise, a 53-year old Canadian man came forward to tell a story about “the hit” he got in a baseball game when he was 12.

His team was down by a run – with two outs and the bases loaded. As he took the plate he overheard people in the stands saying, “Ah, we got this one. This guy’s our home run hitter.”

And he was. That year he’d slammed 14 home runs.

He swung and missed the first two pitches. Then on the third pitch he connected with all his might and the ball sailed into the outfield. Deep, deep into centerfield.

As he was telling this story I noted water in his eyes, 41 years after the fact.

I wondered why. Then he revealed the rest of the story…

The ball sailed and sailed. It was going to be the game winning walk-off home run. He would be the hero of the day.

But at the very last moment, the outfielder leaped high enough for the ball to hit his glove.

And caught it.

Game over.

“You told me you got a HIT,” I said “In the U.S. that’s not a HIT – that’s an OWT (trying my best to speak Canadian).”

The man smiled for the first time – but was still a bit choked up about his memory.

“How many home runs did you hit again,” I asked.

“Fourteen,” he said.

“Could you tell me about the best one you hit.”

“Actually, I can’t remember any of them.”

“Huh? You hit 14 home runs in one season and you can’t remember any of them?”


“Well, your assignment for right now then is to remember your home runs. ALL of them.”

I then turned to the others and said, “And the same assignment applies to you. Remember your home runs – and create more of them. Stop focusing on the losses – unless you want more of them.”

Over the next few hours our Canadian brother began to recall his REAL hits – his home runs – and then he relived them in his Theatre of the Mind. And when he left the meeting he was all the better for having done so.

Focusing on your victories is basic and fundamental to your success. And like anything, the basics and fundamentals are the keys to victory.

If you haven’t updated and/or reviewed your WIN LIST – do so immediately. Then focus on your victories and forget about your losses.

The best thing about your losses is you get to leave them behind.

The best thing about your wins is that you get to remember them for the rest of your life.

Matt Furey

P.S. In Zero Resistance Living you learn how to focus on your victories in a way that will catapult you onto success, day after day. Year after year.

Discover how by going to here.

Are You a Natural?

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Last weekend my son struck out the side in a Little League baseball game.

On Sunday a friend came over to work out with me. He asked how the game went and I gave him the

scoop about how my youngin’ whiffed three batters in a row.

He then turns to my son and says, “You’re a natural.”

I immediately recoiled and said, “He’s a natural at knowing he better practice if he’s going to be good.”

There are two extremes when it comes to coaching kids – or adults, for that matter.

One is to criticize severely and never offer anything positive.

The other is to flatter and praise too early and too often, which can and often does cause the person being stroked to lose interest. After all, if you’re being coddled before victory, what’s the point in striving to succeed?

I prefer the middle path. It’s called teaching those you love and those you coach to practice, practice,


Regardless of who praises you and for what – you practice.

Regardless of who criticizes you and for what – you practice.

I believe in praising others for that which deserves praise and can be duplicated. Telling someone he’s

a natural is not one of those situations. It’s feedback that does nothing to move you along the path. It

makes you stop and think, “Am I really?” instead of thinking, “What can I DO to get even better?”

Earlier in my life I was told I was a natural writer.

Later on I was told I was a natural speaker.

Neither statement led to anything positive. Neither statement helped me grow in either field. Neither

helped me succeed in the slightest.

“You’re a natural,” someone says.

“So what?” I reply.

Show me how you practice – and later still, how you play – and even more so, how you react to victory –

as well as defeat – then we’ll see how ‘natural’ you are.

When you are at your best, when you’re most natural at what you do – that’s the day when you know you’ve put in your time and paid your dues via the power of repetition.

That’s the moment in time when you know what it really feels like to be Unbeatable.

Fortunately, I’ve seen those moments – those unbeatable times. And I’ve written about how I got there in a way that will inspire you or your children to overcome the odds and make more out of yourself than any ‘natural’ label can ever bestow.

When you order a copy of my new book you’ll never forget the day you pick up the book and begin reading. You won’t be able to put it down until you’re finished. And afterward you’ll keep thinking about it – and passing this powerful message on.

Order now and as a special bonus I’m going to toss in a copy of an audio CD entitled The Power of Thought Vibration – a $39 value – yours gratis because you went for it NOW.


Matt Furey

P.S. You may be born with natural gifts and talent – but as Mark Twain once wrote, “Talent is useless without training, thank God.”

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