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Fixes Shoulder Pain Now

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Yesterday I told you about the high school catcher who could no longer throw or hit a baseball without excruciating pain.

And how, after applying the simple “muscle rolling” technique I openly teach in my course on eliminating shoulder pain, he was pain free in 3 minutes.

Well, the next day a 30-year old young man came to me with pain in both shoulders. Ironically, he was reading and recommending a book to me on being pain free forever.

Well, the techniques he read about may be valid, but this young man’s pain persisted. He’d been living with it for six months. No one was able to get him out of pain.

I worked on both of his shoulders for a total of five or six minutes then asked him how he felt. He stood up, moving his limbs in ways that used to cause him great pain.

And voila, he was pain free.

Why not learn what I know to get yourself and others out of pain? You’ll change lives for the better, that’s for sure.

Order my shoulder pain fix today and start living without pain.


Matt Furey

Bum Shoulders Fixed In 3 Minutes

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Over the weekend I fixed three banged up shoulders in a grand total of nine minutes.

The first shoulder belonged to a 15- year old high school catcher.

A volunteer assistant coach was teaching him the wrong way to throw a baseball. Despite years of training the right way, he felt compelled to listen to his “coach.” He went home that evening nursing a very sore shoulder.

Making matters worse, after a few days he could no longer swing the bat without excruciating pain. So throwing and hitting hurt him.

When I showed up at my academy on Saturday, the boy’s father asked me if I had any recommendations for getting rid of shoulder pain.

I said, “I sure do.  Let me take a look at your son’s shoulder.”

He nodded, so I began to work on the boy’s shoulder in the exact way I teach in my course How To Eliminate Shoulder Pain.

3 minutes after I began, the boy tested his arm and to his amazement, he was completely pain free.

I asked if he could now throw and hit without pain. He tested his shoulder with his bat. After drilling the next 20 tosses, he said he had zero pain.

The boy’s father was stunned and kept saying, “This is a miracle.”

I smiled and said, “It probably feels like one.”

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the two other shoulders I fixed recently. Again, I accomplished the feat incredibly fast.

In the interim, get the details on my remarkable healing method by clicking here.


Matt Furey

Who Blocked Us From Succeeding

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

When we were young and uneducated, we did almost everything right in terms of flow.

We breathed from our bellies, we kept our bodies relaxed, we learned with ease and without ceasing, and we moved from one facial expression to another with ease.

And so, it was no accident that we had boundless energy.

Then we went to this place called school and as the saying goes “all bets were off.”

We learned to be filled with stress and tension without anyone telling us to be that way.

We stopped breathing from our center. We started to slouch in our seats. We were easily bored studying what we were told to study – and we began to stop believing in ourselves.

If we got involved in sports, chances are excellent that no one ever explained to us how to relax, move from the center and focus on a target. We were merely taught what to do physically with almost zero instruction on the mental game.

Yet, those same coaches who taught us the physical occasionally told us that sports were a mental game. Many even said things like, “This game is 90% mental.”

So why no instruction in the mental part?

One, the coach didn’t know the mental game – or didn’t believe in it.

Two, the coach didn’t understand that the mental game IS the physical game. The two are inseparable. Physical. Mental. Same, same.

In the classroom, instruction was far worse than on the ball field.

Zero instruction on how to use your mind to achieve a goal.

Zero instruction in how to be confident, courageous and fearless.

Then we enter the so-called “real world” of business – and once again, there is no instruction on how to handle stress, much less how to stand, sit and move with relaxed authority.

Not only that, but we’ve had very little instruction on how to think creatively so how are we supposed to do so in a business.

We’ve been taught to memorize and recite, to do as we’re told. But none of these are thinking or being creative.

Perhaps more importantly, we get zero instruction on how to clear the mind, how to STOP thinking, how to get into the zone – how to really enter the flow of life, asking for and getting what we want, what we demand and expect.

And then people wonder why so many people in our society today are pill poppers.

Since the age of four or five, what have most people done to regain their natural state of being, the one B.S. – before school?

The answer: Nothing.

Here’s the good news: You can learn to be a child again – and from this childlike state, regain your courage, your confidence and your creativity.

You can learn to get back into the flow. You can re-enter the zone where all things become possible. You can step back into the time when everything you imagined was real.

The only difference is that NOW you can make the imagined thing the real thing.

I’ll show you how at my seminar in Clearwater Beach, Florida, next month. Make sure you’re there. It will be a life-changer in ways you cannot yet believe.

Believe what doesn’t seem possible and you’ll do what others believe incredible.


Matt Furey

The Prosperity Secret

Friday, January 13th, 2012

There is a Law operating in the Universe that the success gurus don’t want to talk about. They either don’t know it themselves (very common) – or if they do – they don’t want to tell you about it because they secretly fear that you’ll become more successful than they are.

And they don’t want THAT to happen.

Many of these “gurus” don’t think you’re worthy of knowing their “secret” because you don’t have the right “genetics.” And one of the ways the elite have hid information for eons is to play the genetics card.

If you’re not successful, you can’t be because you don’t have the same “genes” as those who are successful.

The elite know that success is largely environmental – but they don’t want YOU to know that. They know that “who you’re being instructed by” has a LOT more to do with how great you become than genetics – but they sell the genetics theory as if it is 100% fact.

It’s not.

Then there are those who are NOT the elite, and they buy into the genetics theory because they never made it. And those in the know are laughing to themselves.  “Ha ha. That fool believes it’s genetics. Ha ha. So we don’t have to worry about him.”

I cover this and much more in my seminars – and everyone who uses what I teach reaps major rewards.

Fact: You can believe in the Law of Attraction all you want – but it will not and cannot work Unless you understand and  follow the “prosperity secret.”

No, this prosperity secret is not hard work. Nor is it emotion, belief, feeling, allowing, visualizing and so on.

All of the above are important – yet, once again, without the Prosperity Secret – without the Real Law – nothing much in your life is going to change for the better.

One of my students found this out recently. He told me he didn’t believe visualizing worked. He said that he had tried it and he got far better results just taking action.

Upon further questioning I led this man to discover that he did not “just take action” of any sort. Without realizing it, he had an elaborate mental process of seeing himself  doing something first. And after he saw himself doing it, he  did it.

But… and this is the key, I told him there was still another secret for him to learn that was more important than the Law of Attraction.

I said, “With this secret, you can become great. Without it, you will always be doomed to frustration, mediocrity and failure. Without it you will always believe that visualizing doesn’t work – that it’s another con sold by self-help gurus.”

He took my advice. One month later he was a changed man. He didn’t “just take action” or “just do it.” He did something else first – and it amplified his results like magic.

Here are some examples:

First, he wrote a book within seven days.

Second, he dramatically increased his income.

Third, he completely changed how he related to other people. He became open, friendly and happy – and people liked him.

Previously, he was closed, unfriendly and gloomy – and people didn’t like him.

What a turnaround. And not simply because he learned the prosperity secret I wrote about. The turn around happened because he Used the secret.

My friend, you owe it to yourself to put this secret to use in your own life as well. No matter how good, great or rough things are for you right now – you can improve if you use the Real Secret each and every day.

At my seminar next month I’ll be teaching the “real secret” – and many other success principles and laws that the gurus don’t teach – either because they don’t know these secrets themselves, or because they don’t want you to know because you’d be “competition” for them.

Enroll NOW
before it’s completely sold out.

This seminar may never repeat – make sure you’re in attendance. You may never get a second chance to learn this material. Seize the day – NOW.


Matt Furey

Reverse the Flow NOW

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Located within your brain is a mechanism that you feed instructions to everyday, whether you realize it or not. Feed this mechanism success instructions and it grows so big you naturally begin to attract what you desire.

On the other hand, feed this mechanism failure messages – or allow others to feed it (with your consent, of course), and you get what you don’t want.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz referred to this mechanism as your Servo-Mechanism. Essentially, your brain doesn’t care whether you give it “success” instructions or failure instructions. Whatever you feed it the most is what you are drawn to… as well as what is drawn to you – and it’s all based upon the physics of how you vibrate.

You think therefore you vibrate.

Whatever is in harmony with how you vibrate is what you pay attention to and attract.

Simple as that.

Now, when a person figures out that his vibration is off, he can go to work on changing it by changing what he thinks about.

The problem is that most people are unconscious of what they are thinking about most of the time. Or, when they are, they’re so used to ‘the familiar’ that it is often scary to think the opposite, even though the opposite is far better for you.

The person starts to picture what he really wants… and guess what – the image terrifies him.

Oh my, I might actually get what I want. Oh my. Then what will I do?

Strange but true.

Thoughts of being fit and healthy are far better than thoughts about ill-health, overweight and disease. Mental images of prosperity and abundance are better than pictures of poverty and lack. And so on.

So, how do you reverse the flow?

And how do you go about making a shift to the positive sort of life you want to live?

Well, for starters, you stop fighting the negative images.

There’s a Zen koan, “How do you escape from hot and cold?”

Good question, isn’t it?

Everywhere you go there is hot and cold.

Everywhere you go there is positive and negative, rich and poor.

So how do you escape them? Or can you?

Truth is, you CAN, but only if you do like Einstein and realize that you cannot solve a problem on the same level that it was created.

You take your SELF to a new level – then, instead of focusing on the problem – you focus on what you want and how to create what you want.

You go to another level via deep breathing – or what I like to call my Zen Master Deep Breathing Exercises – which I’ll be teaching at my seminar on Februsry 3-4, in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Essentially, you inhale the good and exhale the negative. Then, after doing this for a spell, you naturally begin to vibrate at a different level.

And, once at this level – you take a sneak peek and begin to preview all the coming attractions.

Key thing is that you do NOT take sneak peeks when you are NOT vibrating at a higher level. To do so keeps you stuck where you are.

After you reverse the energetic flow, which takes about 15 minutes (or less), you get into a state of cybernetic flow.

Everything seems to go your way. Luck becomes common place. You get healthier, wealthier and happier.

How do you get the ball rolling?

Well, you just begin, on your own and do it as best you can. Or, if you want to get the ball rolling a lot faster, you go meet someone who knows and receive “the transmission.”

At my seminar in February, I will not simply be teaching a course on how to succeed.

What I teach is much more profound than that.

I show you how to get your life into a magnificent state of flow, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s a far greater and much more valuable gift.


Matt Furey

P.S. Enroll in 101 Ways to Prosper on the Internet in Any Economy NOW as the fee increases with each passing day – and no, this is not a marketing ploy. It’s a reality.

Get Flowing

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Your life and your results are flowing in one of two directions.

If you’re flowing in the wrong direction, how’d you like to change course?

And if you’re heading in the right direction, how would you like to increase the flow so that life gets better and better?

If you answered “YES” to either of these questions, I have good news for you.

Next month I’m having a seminar called 101 Ways to Prosper on the Internet in Any Economy. It’s being held in Clearwater Beach, Florida, and at this event, I’ll show you how to reverse the flow and increase it so that those things you want and desire can become a reality.

Right now the fee for this event is set at a ridiculously low amount. You’ll get 2 days of training with me for a fraction of what it would normally run. Plus I have two special guest speakers, one of whom has generated billions of doll-hairs over a lifetime. The other young man tripled his income in the “worst economy since the GD.”

Wouldn’t you like to know how these men got flowing and kept it going.

Then make sure you come to this event.

The fee is going up every day from here on – until the seminar is officially sold out.

So jump on this NOW, my friend. Enroll in this life-changing seminar and get ready for a ride that will catapult you to the next level regardless of where you
are right now.


Matt Furey

P.S. Here’s the link again. Enroll NOW.

Where Are All the Jobs?

Monday, January 9th, 2012

I’m sure you know quite a few people who’ve been unemployed for quite some time. Perhaps two or three years.

And you probably know even more people who go to bed each night “hoping” they don’t lose their job.

It’s an unfortunate state of being: To wake up worried and go to bed hoping.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are so many ways a person can prosper in this day and age it’s not even funny. In fact, during tough times, opportunities abound.

Not opportunities wherein you’re looking for someone else to hire you or “give” you a job. I’m talking about opportunities for YOU to employ yourself and give yourself the job you’ve always wanted, doing the things you love to do.

Last week I wrote an email entitled, “Straight A’s and College Degrees Not Required.”

And they’re not.

I was not a straight A student. Neither were most of the prosperous people I know. Yet, many people believe me to be a genius.

Now, how can that be? I thought “geniuses” were those who got straight A’s and advanced degrees. I thought geniuses were people who got the highest marks on their SAT’s.


Truth be told, almost everyone is a genius until he goes to school. In school you’re taught to study what other people decide you should study. And all the joy of learning is sucked right out of you.

Some time ago I had an important conversation with my son. When he was four years old, he loved to write and draw – and did both of them at home, all the time, with no prompting from me.

By age six he no longer enjoyed these activities.

When I asked him what happened, it was an eye-opener, and I took it upon myself to reactivate his natural creativity in these areas.

How do you kill a child’s love for writing?

Make him write about things he has no interest in.

How do you destroy a child’s love for drawing?

Give him things to draw that he doesn’t care about.

Why not begin with where the child is and grow from there.

One of my secrets for public speaking is very simple: I never give a talk on anything other than what I’m interested in.

The same goes for writing. I never write about subjects I’m not interested in.

Believe me, it’s easy to be a genius if you only speak and write about your own interests.

A couple years ago, after nearly 40 years of believing I could not draw, I got some lessons.

Guess how the teacher began our lesson?

By asking me what I wanted to draw.

Smart teacher.

The way I see it, virtually anyone can learn to work the internet to prosper – if you begin with what you’re interested in and grow from there.

That’s all I’ve ever done. I don’t create products about things that don’t interest me – nor do I recommend doing so.

Truth is I have over 100 super-smart recommendations I’m willing to give you at my seminar, 101 Ways to Prosper and Grow Rich on the Internet – being held this February 3-4, in sunny Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Make sure you’re there, as I’m going to help you rekindle your natural genius for creating things – especially those things that put “bank” in your wallet.


Matt Furey

Straight A’s and College Degrees Not Required

Friday, January 6th, 2012

My newest seminar is now LIVE.

And there’s a HUGE incentive for you to join me. Why?

Because you’ll discover how to prosper in a big way – even in tough times with or without a college degree.

Join in the revolution of savvy and internally educated entrepreneurs who haven’t bought into the out-dated notions that getting straight A’s and graduating college is going to make you successful.

Tis not.

The unemployment lines are filled with college degrees. including Masters degrees and more.

Believe me now and listen to me later, the richest guy in the room is rarely the guy with the most formal education.

It’s almost always the guy with the most specialized knowledge.

Get your specialized knowledge NOW by enrolling in my seminar.

See you there.


Matt Furey

P.S. This offer is as good as it will ever get right now. So make sure you go to this page now.

101 Ways to Prosper in Any Economy

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

The time has come to put aside the moaning, groaning and complaining and get down to brass tacks.

The time has come to realize that you cannot wait for things to get better. You’ve got to take the bull by the horns and make the “me, myself and I’ within you a success, regardless of all the shenanigans and foul play going on in this world.

This is not the first time in history that B.S. and chaos were the order of the day, nor will it be the last.

Likewise, just as success stories were created during the not-so-great depression – they are also being created today, as in NOW, during rough and tough economic times.

How? you ask.

I have at least 101 Ways I can answer that question.

And I’ll be doing just that next month in Clearwater, Florida, at my seminar: 101 Ways to Prosper and Grow Rich in Any Economy.

A maximum of 100 people will be allowed to attend this extraordinary event – make sure you’re one of them by enrolling NOW.


Matt Furey

How Many Meals Per Day

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

The question remains: How often should you eat each day, if you want to maximize your metabolism.

In the olden days, the maxim was: “To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals.”

But today, you hear and read a lot about making sure you’re always eating, every couple hours, otherwise your body will down, you’ll go into starvation mode – and you’ll end up getting fatter instead of leaner.

Okay, so how’d that work for you over the holidays? Chances are excellent you ate five or six times per day. Chances are excellent that the five or six meals left you feeling bloated, tired, sluggish and downright miserable – if not sick.

Granted, much of the food was of the sugary, greasy, starchy kind. But even so, shouldn’t your metabolism kick in when eating so often?

Alright, so now it’s time to clean up your diet for the New Year. Whatcha gonna do if you want to get positive results least as fast as you added holiday blubber?

If you think the answer is five or six small meals of celery sticks and broccoli, think again.

You’ll be far better off NOT eating for a spell than you will eating five or six “health food” meals a day. Don’t me, then give it a try, if you dare.

Oh, I hear you saying that “scientific research” has proven your metabolism slows when you eat less often. To that I what is metabolism?

Metabolism is a fancy word for “hormones.”

And the dirty little secret you’re not being told abut hormones, especially human growth hormone (which your body naturally), is that your system increases it’s production of these hormones when you stop shoving so much food in your hole.

“To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals.”

Let’s start with breakfast. One of the fastest ways to blast fat off your body is to stop eating this so-called “most meal of the day.”

Not easy to do, I know. It’s my favorite meal of all times. I love breakfast. But the fact remains, if I want to get ‘n mean fast, I either cut breakfast out completely or I eat a couple pieces of fruit until noon.

Now, depending on how many meals you think you’re supposed to eat per day, if you skip breakfast or only eat fruit, already down a significant number of calories.

So you’ve already lessened your meals – and your body loves you for it. Within a day or two you notice the results.

My friend, the tip I have just given you, in and of itself, can and will dramatically change your health for the So let’s go to metabolic makeover maneuver #2: How do you move?

Do you move like a person who is getting older – or a person who is youthful and vibrant?

How flexible are you?

How quick and nimble are you?

How much strength-endurance do you have?

If you’re not as flexible as you once were, if you don’t feel you can move quickly, with agility, grace and ease, if you less strength-endurance than you did years ago, then I have very good news for you.

If you lessen your meals and change the way you move your body, you can astound your friends and family – not to mention I cover how to move your body in The Fastest Way Humanly Possible to Burn Fat and how to stretch your joints as well as muscles in Combat Stretching. Both programs will do you a world of good this year, and beyond. Latch onto them NOW and a few surprises.


Matt Furey

P.S. I’m holding a 2-day seminar in Clearwater, Florida, February 3-4. Stay tuned for details. This is one you want to attend.

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