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Retired Army First Sergeant Agrees

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Last week I sent out an email about the benefits of the Chinese Long-Life System. I’m resenting the same message in case you missed it – but first I thought I’d let an Army First Sergeant comment. See below:

I agree with Nigel. I have purchased several of Matt’s products over the years to include the Chinese Long-Life System. I am a 53 year old retired Army First Sergeant with bad knees and shoulders. As a matter of fact, I’m considering knee replacement. Still, I HAVE to work out every day. I start every morning with the Long-Life routine. Regardless of how much sleep I had or how bad my joints hurt, I feel so much better after slapping and massaging myself in conjunction with controlled breathing that it cannot be described. My wife and kids make fun of me, my high school students think its hilarious, and an elderly couple at a campground I was staying at a few summers ago had to come over to see what the hell I was doing…but it works. I don’t know why or how, but the effects are so noticeable that they cannot be denied.

Steve Burczyk

Thank you, Steve. Now, in case you missed it, the original email I sent last week:

One of the fittest 63-year old men you will ever meet, Nigel Stewart, of Bermuda, recently said the following about the Chinese Long-Life System:

If any of you guys out there have not got this program you are really missing out. (NO I’m not touting for Matt and I don’t think I’ll receive a commission for this e-mail).  I received the DVDs 10 days ago and have held off writing until I have something to report.

I use it in the early morning when I get up and before I do my Combat Conditioning workout. I just cannot fathom how something so subtle can be so effective.

I always workout early mornings and being human there are days when I would rather not, however after doing the various massages and slapping movements it is like I have switched on from inside out. Tiredness and the early morning feeling just go .

It is difficult to describe but I think Matt puts it best on the DVDs when he says it will ‘ease’ your passage through life. It gets everything inside working the way it should.

Once again Matt a huge thank you for bringing this wonderful art to us. No wonder the Chinese were experimenting with gunpowder when our ancestors were still living in caves.

I say the same thing I said when I bought the original Combat Conditioning book… It’s Magic.

Best to you all

Nigel Stewart

M.F: Thank YOU Nigel. This is a huge compliment coming from you. Afterall, how many men at age 58, much less ANY age can do what you do. For those of you in the ‘dark’ on this, Nigel regularly gets up and pounds out 500 Hindu Squats, 250 pushups and runs several miles per day. He is an animal, through and through. No greater testimonial than his – yet.

Order your copy of the Chinese Long Life System NOW.


Matt Furey

P.S. By the way, my mother-in-law is in her late 60′s and used to have no interest in exercise other than walking, which she did reluctantly. But upon seeing the Chinese Long-Life System, she jumped on it immediately. She’s been following it religiously for years and she literally glows from head to toe.

A Push Without Pushing

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Four years ago, when I began training with Master Liu in China, he challenged me.

Not your normal challenge. In this challenge, he put his hands at his sides, spread his legs and dared me to kick him in the groin.

I was understandably reluctant. When you’re interested in learning from a teacher – you don’t usually strike him – even if you’re invited to do so.

But he insisted, so I let loose. I punted him in the gonads several times, and when I realized nothing hurt him, I stopped. Master Liu then gave me the thumbs up, complimenting me on my “power.”

Then it was his turn.

Thankfully, he didn’t kick me in the groin. Instead, in the midst of conversation, he put his palm on my chest – and before you can say “chop suey” – I was flying backward.

My chest caved in when he pushed me. My head snapped forward as if I was in a car accident. And I was unable to stop my backward movement until he pulled some invisible puppet strings and allowed me to move forward.

As I staggered back to him, I had a delirious smile on my face – along with a whole lot of curiosity.

I wondered, how do you push someone back 20 feet without actually pushing him?

And how much power or force was he using?

I asked him the second question. In response, Master Liu, put his index and thumb about 1/4 inch apart and said, “Yi dian, dian.” Translation: A little, little bit.

Now let me get this straight, I thought. You send a cannon ball through my chest, without effort, and you only used a “little, little bit” of your potential power. Holy sheet, Batman.

Although I have studied and practiced internal power methods for years, this was the first time I experienced someone doing it to me with that kind of super human power. And I take great honor in knowing I’m one of only a handful of people whom he’s taught; as well as the only American to learn from him.

In our society today, those who want to rise to the top, those who want to be better at whatever they do – are definitely interested in knowing how to increase concentration, focus, athleticism, strength and health. They’re interested in improving their lives by getting more chi or vital energy flowing through their system.

Internal Power is much more than being able to push someone across a room without pushing him. It’s about being able to get the most out of your body/mind.

Most forms of exercise address the body primarily. The mind just goes along for the ride.

But in my Internal Power training, your mind and body get connected at such a deep level that you become a transformed human being. You become calm and serene. You concentrate at a level you could never fathom before.

If you’re an athlete, this mind/body training translates into effortless ease.

In the business world, this type of training turns stress into power – frustration into triumph – and all the while, it happens with peace of mind.

The greatest port in the world is peace of mind. Sadly, most people, regardless of how successful they appear on the outside, don’t have peace of mind.

Power (and a whole lot more) comes with peace of mind.

Come get some at my Internal Power Seminar this April.

Only 30 people get to partake in this training. That means you’ll be getting a ton of hands-on guidance from me.

Implement what you learn from me at this event and your life will become the masterpiece you’ve always wanted it to be.


Matt Furey

63-Yr Old Doc Loses 60 Pounds

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Physician, heal thyself.”

Truth is, healing yourself ain’t always so easy. Most of us need help along the way. A lot of help.

Now imagine you’re an overweight, 63-year old retired surgeon who broke his back and was unable to move anything like the good ole days. And on your own, you healed your condition. By yourself.

That’s right. Even with your ailing back, you found a way to recapture your health and vitality while dropping over 60 pounds.

Find out how this M.D. did it with his very own Rapid Fire Fat Loss program, that I give a double thumbs up.

Yes, it’s truly awesome. Go check it out now.


Matt Furey

7 Home runs in One Week

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Last Spring I was given the opportunity to work with an MLB slugger who was in a major slump.

Before heading off to China for the seminar, I taught this man a few internal power exercises – like those I’ll be covering in detail at my seminar next month.

When I finished helping him, I made the following comment: “If he practices what I taught him, I believe he’ll be slamming the ball within a week.”

As it turns out, he did far more than slam the ball. He crushed it. Day after day, he lead his team to victory.

And then the HR’s came to a halt almost as quickly as they began.

Want to know why.

It’s simple. Once the player got back on the winning track, he stopped doing what catapulted him out of his slump. He stopped doing the internal power exercises that were working.


This is a tendency all human beings have. We do something that gives us a super human edge, then we get complacent and forget to keep doing what we were doing.

Last week I got together with a man who’s coached at the Major League level for years, working as a scout and pitching coach. He spent a couple hours helping my son – and the next day we filmed a product together that will be HUGE for anyone who wants an edge on the baseball field.

Just so you know, what I teach for baseball can also be applied in any situation, sport or endeavor – and it will give you a HUGE advantage – even in the business world.


Because most people lack calmness. They lack concentration. They lack stillness.

Their cage is easily rattled. Their forces are scattered. And they have no techniques or training on how to harness the power of their body/mind and use it to succeed.

Hitting home runs is a whole lot easier when you know how to balance, harmonize and strengthen your internal forces. If you know what pitches to swing at – and which pitches to leave alone.

The same is true for anything you do.

For the past year many parents have come up to my wife and I and complimented my son’s baseball skills. Many are stunned when they find out he’s only been playing for a year.

Some have asked, “What other sports did you have him in?” Or “What type of training does he do?”

When I reply that I teach him energy exercises from Chinese martial arts, their minds go blank and they spin around and walk away. They have no context of relating to what I said. And it’s sad because I just gave them an answer worthy of deep exploration.

Thankfully there are others who are listening, including the coach I told you about – as well as my son’s travel ball coach. Yes, he made a travel ball team after playing the game for 11 months – and these boys play way beyond your typical Little League.

Anyway, the coach who visited with me last week – whom you’ll be hearing more about soon, has been doing the exercises I taught him every day since we got together last week.

Today he wrote me, begging for more. I’ll be teaching him more in person, when we get together again.

But what about other people who want to learn. What about you.

Well, if you want to hit home runs in baseball, or in life itself, then I strongly urge, suggest and command that you enroll in my Internal Power Seminar – taking place next month.

It’ll be the closest thing to private instruction you’ll probably ever get from me, at an amount that’s incredibly reasonable.

Unlike previous fitness seminars, where I’ve had over 100 in the room – this event will be limited to no more than 30. That way each and every person will get a lot of direct help from me.

Enroll in this event NOW, my friend, and your life will be changed forever.


Matt Furey

Come Train With Me

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Here’s your chance to….

Come Train With Me

At my all new, never before held Internal Power Seminar next month.

This event is limited to those who really want the insider secrets on what I’ve been doing in my training over the last few years.

This seminar will blow away anything I’ve ever done, including my best-seller, Combat Conditioning, totally out of the water. Go here now to enroll.


Matt Furey

Your Age Doesn’t Matter

Monday, March 7th, 2011

In China, many people retire at age 50. Yet, unlike those who retire in the U.S. – most Chinese people don’t sit around bored to death. Many older Chinese are actively engaged in doing something to improve their lives.

One of those activities is daily exercise. In fact, in many ways the younger people get their exercise from walking and bicycling to and from work. Once retired, however, the REAL training begins.

Yes, many people in China begin studying tai chi, chi kung and other methods of exercise, like the Chinese Long-Life System, well into their 50’s. They don’t sit around and say, ‘I’m too old. I can’t do that anymore. I started too late in life.’

No – they start long after most people in our culture have given up.

This proves that your age is NOT the issue. The issue is your willingness to get off your arse and DO SOMETHING.

One of the reasons why so many people in China are doing the long-life exercises is because they’re so easy to learn and do. But the main reason is because the exercises open the meridians of the body and create greater chi flow.

This is most important. As I’ve said before you – no matter how strong your external muscles – your internal organs are MOST important. Even a minor problem with your liver, stomach, heart, lungs, kidneys and so on will do much more than get your attention. This is why it’s important to have a system of exercise that opens you from the inside-out.

Working hard for the appearance of health is fine – maybe even dandy – but nothing beats the overall feeling of health that comes from within when you do the exercises that simultaneously recharge, rejuvenate and revitalize your internal circuitry.

Yesterday morning I left early to return home. Because I was in a hurry I skipped the Chinese Long-Life exercises – and let me tell you, I felt like crud all day. Until I got home, that is. Once inside the walls of my abode I went through the routine and I instantly felt like a billion bucks. Woke up feeling great, too – but, not wanting to repeat the mistake of yesterday, I trained first thing. Right now I’m feeling AWESOME and I’m saying to myself, ‘Next time you have to leave early, get up earlier and train.’

When your body is used to training and you don’t train, you instantly recognize how awful you feel.

Funny thing is that those who don’t train feel like crud all the time – and they think that crud is their natural state. Pretty sad, huh.

Health and well-being, high energy and a calm, peaceful demeanor is your natural state.

And the fact of the matter is that you can experience all these good feelings as being natural when you follow the Chinese Long-Life System.

Get the program and discover this truth.

It’s a simple program. It’s so easy to follow. Yet it proves that the best things in life aren’t difficult.

Get your copy of the Chinese Long Life System NOW.

We’re almost sold out of the course at the introductory amount. Don’t delay. Kick butt today.


Matt Furey

59-Year Old Menopausal Woman Burns Fat Fast

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Here’s an email from Susan, who started gaining weight and inches even though she worked out regularly. Then she got on The Fastest Way Humanly Possible to Burn Fat and the inches started to come off immediately. She then took further action to get rid of some pounds – and now people swears sees 35 years young.

Hi Matt,
I’m a 59-year-old woman, well into menopause, and was getting discouraged because I gained six pounds last year that I couldn’t seem to lose. All my old methods didn’t have any effect at all: I guess my body chemistry has changed. I got The Fastest Way Humanly Possible to Burn Fat in mid-December and began following it every week…  Even though I’ve been working out for several years and was in great shape already, The Fastest Way Humanly Possible to Burn Fat really put the finishing touches on my health. I feel younger, stronger and better than when I was 35, and no one has guessed my age in a long time.

Thanks for all you do to help us keep in great shape, and on the cutting edge.

Best always,

MJF: Great work, Susan. You’re living proof that my program works. You starting burning the fat off first – then when you experienced the results – you got excited and went after the junk in the diet – instead of trying to do both at the same time. Superb work. Keep me posted on your progress.

Matt Furey

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